Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail with Refill Bags, 10 Count

Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail with Refill Bags, 10 Count

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail withRefill Bags A Fresh Perspective on Odor Control Dirty diapers: the great parenting equalizer. But while nobody can escape that offensive smell, you certainly don’t have to live with it (and neither does your sweet, unsuspecting babe). Enter the Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail by Munchkin, the award-winning diaper disposal system with the odor-busting duo of Arm & Hammer baking soda and a patented, self-sealing lid to capture odors and lock them away. One Handed Use: gently push diaper through seal. Patented Self Sealing System: seals the bag when the lid is closed and when reopened. Snap, Seal and Toss: bags are easy to seal and replace without cutting or tying. A built-in dispenser sprinkles baking soda each time the lid is closed to eliminate odors. Sleek, gender neutral design blends in with home décor. Each refill bag holds up to 25 diapers. Additional refills sold separately. Preferred by moms two to one over Diaper Genie Essentials, the Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail by Munchkin relies on the time-tested power of baking soda to absorb that dreaded dirty diaper smell. It offers dual defense: each time you insert a diaper, a sprinkle of baking soda is dispensed onto the bag. The self-sealing lid locks the bag and keeps it locked when you reopen – preventing that familiar burst of foul air emitted by other pails. The disposable refill bags hold up to 25 diapers and snap shut for easy tossing without letting odors escape, while the side door allows for quick and convenient removal. The pre-filled, vented baking soda dispenser continuously absorbs and eliminates odors even when your diaper pail is not in use, so your nursery smells sweet, like babies should. Set Includes: (1) Diaper Pail (10) Refill Bags

Main features

  • Powered by odor eliminating baking soda
  • Patented self sealing system seals the bag as the lid closes
  • One handed use
  • Just snap, seal and toss bags to dispose
  • Includes 10 bag refills and comes assembled

Verified reviews


Get the Diaper Genie Elite

After using both theDiaper Genie Elite Diaper Disposal Pail with 270 Count Refilland the Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail, I have to say that I vastly prefer the Diaper Genie Elite.The first shortcoming that I encountered with the Munchkin was literally its shortcoming. At what feels like close to twice the height of the Munchkin, the Diaper Genie Elite is much easier to reach from a standing position.The second big advantage that the Diaper Genie Elite possesses over the Munchkin is operability. The Munchkin claims one handed operation. While this is true, the activities required of the one hand are more extensive than one would imagine. To place a diaper inside the Munchkin, one has to bend down, lift the lid against counter resistance, physically push the diaper into the pail against more resistance resulting from the self-sealing system, and then push the lid closed. This might not sound like a big deal, but it is. In contrast, to dispose of a diaper in the Diaper Genie Elite, one needs only to step on a pedal which opens the lid, drop the diaper in the opening, and release the foot pedal. Trust me when I say that if a squirming baby is involved the simplicity of the process applied to the Diaper Genie Elite makes a world of difference.The nail in the coffin of the Munchkin is capacity. The Munchkin claims than it can hold 25 diapers at a time, while the Diaper Genie Elite claims that its capacity is 38 diapers. I have never actually counted how many diapers went into either product prior to emptying the respective units, but I can say that I feel as if it takes substantially longer to fill up the Diaper Genie Elite.It seems as if the Munchkin has been designed around a desire to reduce odor from the unit. It has achieved this goal. There is no discernable odor that emanates from even a fully loaded unit. Unfortunately, the desire to reduce odor has put the unit at a functional disadvantage in many other areas. To achieve the same level of freshness from the Diaper Genie Elite, we dropMunchkin Arm and Hammer Nursery Fresheners, 5 Pack, Lavender or Citrusin the bottom of the unit. With the addition of the Refresher Disk, I can confidently say that the Diaper Genie Elite is just as odorless as the Munchkin.The last point of consideration is each unit’s disposable bags. The Diaper Genie Elite requires that knots be tied at the bottom of each new length of bag pulled from the dispenser, while each Munchkin bag is a separate self-contained snap-to-seal bag. I have looked at a couple of sources, and it appears that the Munchkin refills are approximately .002 cents cheaper on an average per-diaper basis. So for every thousand diapers disposed of, one would save an average of $2.00 by utilizing the Munchkin. Considering the extra step required to set up a new bag in the Diaper Genie Elite, and the average per-diaper cost savings of the Munchkin, the comparative advantage in the disposable bag department goes to the Munchkin… unless the frequency of necessary refills is considered, in which case the Diaper Genie Elite might take this category as well.If I had only ever used the Munchkin, without anything to compare it to, I would probably believe it to be a totally decent and effective product. However, in comparison, the Diaper Genie Elite, particularly when utilized with the Arm & Hammer Nursery Refresher Disks, is the superior product by a wide margin.

Janie Little Hocking, OH

A baby MUST HAVE!!!

So, when our first daughter was born we were given a Diaper Genie for a baby gift and told that it was going to be a lifesaver for us. It was a great addition to the nursery and it did save us from smells, but the whole loading and unloading was rather gross, especially when it came down to splitting that thing in half and taking out massive bags of dirty diapers. For me, the Munchkin Diaper Pail is a step above all things Diaper Genie, and while it could use a few convenient touches, I have to say that I am wholly impressed with this and recommend it heavily over the newer editions of the Diaper Genie itself.Some have complained about the lack of a foot pedal, and while I do contest that a foot pedal would make loading dirty diapers into this thing a tad easier while in process of actually changing a diaper, I can’t really complain about this lid because it is FAR more efficient for keeping out odors. One of the problem I had with both of our diaper genies (we got a new one with each child) was that over time the door just wouldn’t close all the way and so the room always smelled like poop. Sorry, it just didn’t work well. There was no latch and so the hinges got weak and eventually there was always a slight gap where the lid should have been sealed closed. Here, there is an actual latch and so the door closes shut and stays there. The fact that the bag locks in each diaper when you close the lid is a major bonus as well. I also have to say that removing the bag of dirty diapers is far easier with this pail than with the Diaper Genie. The side door is a wonderful asset and the fact that I don’t have to stumble all over with a gigantic bag while folding my Diaper Genie in half all over the floor is a great thing in itself.My only issue here is the height, which is a shame since if it were just a few inches taller it would be more practical. Especially when you are eliminating the floor pedal and requiring the user to use his hand to unlatch the door, it would be nice to not have to bend over so far. Still, it is a minor complaint for how great this product is.

Loraine Cataldo, ID

Useful, but not absolutely necessary

This is useful for sealing out smells. And the refills are not crazy expensive, at about 50 cents each.This is overkill for newborns. If they’re still breast fed, they don’t smell much. You can just use a regular trash can. Once they switch to solids, this will be much more useful.You can save money by emptying the bag into another trashcan and reusing the bag, avoiding the need for refills. But with the refills being cheap, it’s not really that helpful.

Cecile Jet, OK

Decent pail with a few shortcomings

I received this diaper pail as well as a diaper champ. This particular pail was a mixed bag for me – there were some things about this pail that I liked and some I didn’t.Pros:-Odor control: This pail is really great at minimizing diaper odor in the nursery. When you close the lid the bag actually seals shut. The unit also releases a sprinkling of baking soda each time you close the lid but this is neither a pro nor a con as I don’t believe it increases the effectiveness of odor control (I used the unit both with and without baking soda in the resevoir and experienced the same results).-Bag removal: Removing the bag from this pail is really easy. You just fold the plastic ring in half to close the bag and slide it out.Cons:-Refill bags: The bags have a plastic ring attached to the top of them and specific refill bags must be used (unlike the diaper champ which allows you to use any bag you’d like). The refill bags are rather pricy and for this reason I found myself favoring the diaper champ.-Size: I wasn’t overly impressed with the capacity of this pail. It holds about a dozen diapers and the pail is rather short. With the cost of the refill bags it would have been nice if each bag could hold more diapers.Conclusion:Overall it’s a decent diaper pail. If you are looking for a pail with superior odor control and don’t mind the pricey refill bags or small size this might be the one for you. For me, I’ll be sticking with the diaper champ.

Melisa Grampian, PA

Good, but would be so much better with a foot pedal

This product pretty much does what it claims. When you close the lid, it doesn’t just cap the pail, it pinches the bag shut too. It seals tight enough that somewhat stinky diapers do not stink up the whole room, it can mostly be operated one-handed, and it’s pretty easy to load and remove the bag. We’ve found that about 10-12 size 3 diapers fit into a bag before it gets too full to use easily. (You can cram a few more in, but then it’s hard to get the bag out of the plastic stand.) I’m not convinced that the baking soda helps, but it doesn’t seem to do any harm.What frustrates me about this is that there’s no foot pedal. When i’m in the middle of a diaper change, i have two options: set the balled up used diaper aside, open the diaper pail, retrieve the used diaper and shove it in, and close the pail, or hold the balled up used diaper in my hand while trying to open the diaper pail, shove it in, and close it.The latter is possible, but awkward. The former is just annoying. A foot pedal would not only save me time, it would mean i didn’t have to touch quite so many things before washing my hands.So, in terms of reducing diaper stink without having to take each and every dirty diaper out of the house as it’s removed from the baby’s backside, this is a winner. In terms of basic usability, well, it needs a foot pedal.

Sonya Wrightsville, AR

Traps Smells Effectively

This is one invention that really works. The most disgusting thing is “used” diapers accumulating in a trashcan. This “diaper pail” keeps those disgusting smells from coming out and stinking the place.Putting baking soda into the little container was easy and I think that is the key to odor control. The bag is sturdy and it twists when you close the top. Bags are easy to find in the stores. Also the baking powder is easy to get at the supermarket.I recommend this product. Very useful and easy to use. NO MORE SMELLY DIAPER PAIL!!

Elvia Paradis, LA

The best diaper pail

Before I used this diaper pail I had the Playtex Genie Elite. At first I was in love with that one but the more I used it, the more irritated I became with the system. The smells are not held in well, the bags are thin and tear easily, and taking the bags out was a stinky pain. What’s the point of using it if the smells get out and stink up the whole room anyway? In addition to all of that, there were several times when closing the Genie after taking the bag out that I would have to open and close it again and again because it wouldn’t close correctly. Sometimes the top would be stuck in the up position and let out all of the smells.With the Munchkin Arm & Hammer, I have had none of these problems. I leave the diaper pail in a corner of the bathroom and it emits no smells that I can detect while it is closed. When you open it to put a diaper in, the top opens just enough for you to push a diaper into the bag. As you close the top down, the neck of the pail twist the bag to seal it off. Of course there will be smells that escape but it’s nowhere near as strong as with the Genie because the bag is never completely open. Taking the bag out is a completely different experience from that with the Genie as well. The bag snaps at the top and then you drop it through the neck of the pail and open the front to take it out. The bag’s plastic is thicker and more sturdy that those in the Genie and I’ve had no tears.As for the baking soda in the top of the pail, I don’t know that the small amount that comes out after each diaper is actually helpful in eliminating any smells. You’d probably do better just to pour some baking soda in before a diaper every once in a while. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt the product at all so why not? In my opinion Munchkin has perfected the diaper pail system as much as it can be perfected.

Ophelia Stella, MO

Vs diaper genie

We started with the diaper genie, but had to move on when it broke at 18 months and our replacement one arrived broken and two-tone. Apparently quality is an issue with diaper genie. My sister has this munchkin one and the higher priced alternatives (dekor, etc) were not attractive options, mainly due to the insane price for the refills. We have had it for a couple months and it is OK. It keeps the odor out when the lid is shut, but does not hold nearly as many diapers as the genie. I have not noticed a difference with the baking soda.I also cannot find a subscribe and save for the refill bags. Ugh.We will stick with it, but I am bummed that the diaper genie quality is missing the mark. I prefer that diaper pail.

Bernadette Wykoff, MN

Keeps Odors Out, So Worth It

The Diaper Pail is a must own if you have a baby and use disposable diapers. With a newborn, I was changing diapers every 2 hours and this pail filled up fast. I went through a bag every 2-3 days. The beauty of this is that the bags are designed to be air tight once you remove them from the pail. When you place the bag inside the pail and close the lid, the bag twists automatically. This helps to block off some of the diaper smell and then the cap under the lid drops some baking soda in. The cap is also refillable with regular baking soda, but you can buy the cartridge if you want. Once the bag is full, you simply remove the bag from the pail and clip the blue plastic tabs together to lock the diapers inside and keep out the smell until trash day.Some people prefer a foot peddle, but I did not mind having to use my hand to unlock the lid. The way this is designed, it virtually blocks out all smells. The refillable bags are not expensive (IMO), and are totally worth it. I have mine in my bedroom where my baby sleeps with me and I never noticed any odors coming from it. My dog doesn’t even walk up to sniff the pail so it must not be giving off much odor. I love it and highly recommend it.

Darcy Sylva, NC

Needs a foot pedal and to be taller, but does contain odors effectively

I set this up next to my baby’s changing table, and it is about half the height of the changing table. Since there is no foot pedal, in order to use this while still having one hand free to ensure my baby isn’t wriggling off the table, I have to do a little dance of bending over, opening the unit, and shoving the diaper in. Do I hold the diaper and try to open the unit with the same hand, or do I set the diaper down, open the unit, then grab the diaper and put it in? I’m not really happy with either solution. If this had a simple foot pedal and was a little taller, it would eliminate a lot of the bending and awkwardness inherent in using this particular design.However, I have to say this is extremely effective in containing odors. Not only does it have a little baking soda dispenser at the top which releases a whiff of baking soda every time you open the unit, it also twists the bag closed every time you close the top. While it says that you can get 25 diapers in here, in my experience about 15 fit in without cramming.Overall, this is a very effective unit in terms of reducing odor, but could use some design tweaks in order to make it convenient to use.

Natalie Eden Prairie, MN

Arm & Hammer > Diaper Genie Elite

Right off the bat let me give you the only negative about this pail. No foot pedal to open the lid. That’s it! EVERYTHING else is better. The construction, the refills, the scent lock, and definitely the disposal. My wife and I bought the Diaper Genie Elite last year and it worked okay, but the levers that open when you pressed the foot pedal would open just barely too small to fit the diaper. This was a huge problem as the baby got older because the diaper and its “payload” got bigger. Finally after a year of finagling the growing diapers into the Genie Elite one of the levers broke making it absolutely useless. Also, the bags in the Genie Elite are supposed to get bigger as you put more diapers in them. This means you have to stuff them into the pail making the foot pedal absolutely useless anyway. It did hold a lot of diapers but the Arm & Hammer holds just enough to ensure ease of disposal and less time for bacterial growth. The Arm and Hammer take up less space and dispenses baking soda after every diaper to help dampen any smell. BUY THIS PAIL!

Debbie Lexington, MO

Love this product!

It makes a huge difference! Works really well, seals any odors in and when it gets full and it’s time to throw the bag out, the bag seals also. Refill bags are not expensive either.

Marcella Kiel, WI

Awesome at masking any diaper smell

We have been using this diaper pail for 3 months, and we never smell any diaper odor. We like it so much that we bought a second one to use in our family room. The lid is easy to open and close, and while there is a feature that sprinkles a little baking powder each time you close the lid, it’s not really necessary since the system contains the diaper smell so well.

Gail Bremen, AL

Simple but works

Really simple can but works really well. I haven’t had it too long so I’m not sure how many trash bags I’m going to have to buy but these bags with this pail really works.

Emma Fort Kent, ME

Hard to close and refill bags are a rip off

This diaper pail is way too hard to close when it starts to get full. And it’ll only fill up about 3/4 – wasteful! And the refill bags are so expensive for what they are and it seems like we use up the box so fast since they don’t hold many diapers. Not recommended.

Marianne Vineland, NJ

Has Pros and Cons

Diapers stink, in many many ways. Keeping the odor in check is something all diaper pails claim to do. Some do it well, and some not so well. They should also be a decent height and be relatively simple to operate with one hand while the other holds a squirmy kicky baby. The Munchkin pail is a fairly recent addition to the diaper pail line up. It has some good points and some short comings.This diaper pail is on the shorter side. I am 5 feet tall and I bend down to put in a diaper. If you are tall, this could be a problem. It is not the easiest diaper pail to open, there is a button you push in on the side to lift the lid up. You then push the diaper in and close the lid. The bag twists as it closes and sprinkles in a little baking soda (there is a refillable cup on the top of the lid). The twisting of the bag and the sprinkling of baking soda work together to keep odors down. This requires special bags. A regular bag can not be substituted.Pros:Compared to our previous pail, the diaper champ, the munchkin diaper is superior for odor prevention. This will keep super smelly diapers from stinking up the house.Cons:Small pailHarder to use one handedSomewhat pricey refills required

Jackie Onaka, SD

Go with a genie

At first I thought this was terrific, then I saw a genie at my baby’s day care. This is not hands free and gets really messy. Also it doesn’t hold many diapers and is a hassle. The genie has a wider opening for diapers and a foot pedal .

Leigh Corbettsville, NY

Great Diaper pail

I have purchased two of these…one for my house and one for my mother’s house. I have had no issues with this…I really don’t think there is a diaper pail out there that will accomodate every aspect of storing a diaper. Even though this pail does not have a foot pedal, I have never been put out by having to use my hand to open the top. It does a pretty good job at containing orders, and you will get somewhat of a shocker on smell when you change out the bag…but what do you expect when you have a 3 day old poopy diaper in there? My husband throws the bad ones away in the trash container when that happens so we can utilize the bag more…which has worked out just fine. If you buy the liners on Amazon you can get a pretty good deal on the 30 pack, versus buying them at the store.

Jerri Laurelton, PA

A great diaper pail…

Arm & Hammer has trumped the Diaper Genie. In my opinion, they have created a great product. The top of the pail contains a refillable cartridge for baking soda to control odors. Just refill with regular baking soda. No need to buy an expensive cartridge. The bags are large enough to hold 20-25 diapers. One box of refills is reasonable and should last a few months. Overall, this is a great product!

John Menlo, GA

Nice diaper pail

This is my first experience with a diaper pail, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I think this Munchkin Arm & Hammer is a good choice.The size is nice and slim. It can tuck easily away in a corner or side at the side of the changing table without taking up much space at all. It sets back nicely in correlation to the changing table. Its design and size does not scream out “trash can” or “diaper pail.”It is easy to set up and easy to use. The lid closes securely to lock in odors. I do feel like a foot pedal for the lid would add a lot more convenience, though. It is a bit low, but I can over look that because I really wouldn’t want something any more larger – it would look too much like a trash can then – kinda tacky – but that’s just me being picky. I really like the current size because it doesn’t draw attention in the baby’s room.The bags fit in easily and are removed easily. Odors are contained. The baking soda addition to this diaper pail does help a bit to control the odor. The pail itself does not seem to retain any odors, which is a very good thing. Even plastic trash cans in the kitchen can retain odors after awhile, but I have not noticed that with this pail.It seems well made and I expect it to last for as long as it is needed – it feels solid and sturdy enough. Refills aren’t too costly and the pail itself is a good price.Overall, I give it 5 stars. It does what it is supposed to, the price is fair and it fits in the nursery without being an eyesore.

Chelsea Durant, IA

Since there is no foot pedal the choice is easy

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail is descend but I like the Diaper Gennie Elite much better for the simple fact that it has a petal to open the lid.Arm and Hammer touts the odor control capabilities of this pail. It does a good job of doing that but not significantly better than the Diaper Gennie. Like others have said the main downfall of the Munchkin is the lack of a foot pedal. With the pedal you essentially have an extra hand which is a huge help when you have legs flying and who knows what else. Also the diaper is a little hard to get into the Munchkin because of the spinning dial that seals the bag. Push to hard and your hand gets stinky diaper moister on it, to little and the lid does not close. With the Gennie Elite you push the foot petal and toss it in. Were the Munchkin does excel is with the bags; no cutting or knotting and you know how much/many you have left. Since you change these once or twice a week versus tossing diapers four five ten times a day, the Gennie Elite easily wins out. (If you compare the price of the bags they are comparable so that is a non issue for me.)If the Munchkin a pedal it would be a harder decision; but it doesn’t so its not.Update: Down to three stars. If you try and fill the Munchkin bags to near capacity they will split at the bottom. I have never had a Diaper Genie bag split, rip or whatever no matter how full. Seems kind of silly that you can only fill the Munchkin bags 2/3 full.

Aimee Milford, KS

Decent diaper pail with some design flaws; only for disposable diapers

We use this particular diaper pail just for dirty baby wipes. The set up was very easy and instructions were simple. It took maybe five minutes to put it all together. When you lift open the diaper pail, the opening gets slightly wider so you can throw the dirty diaper/wipes away. Then as you close it up, it twists the top of the bag close. This design we really like as it would keep out the smell. What we didn’t like is that the opening is very small and when opened, it is extremely difficult to shove even baby wipes through.We use only cloth diapers so trying to shove cloth diapers through the small opening was out of the question. This is why we only use this for wipes. While it does keep the smell out, it is not useful if you are using cloth diapers. Our other issue is that we have to push down and lift in order to open the diaper pail. This means that we only have one free hand while using this. For some reason, the design makes you think you can push a button and it would spring up but that is not the case. It would be better if it was designed that way or with a foot pedal because you literally have to push down and lift up.This diaper pail has some of the right ideas with the twisting closure of the bag but the opening is too small and it is a hassle opening the diaper pail when you’re changing a baby. Maybe this can be improved upon in future models.

Ila Hackensack, MN

Keeps odors out!

The diaper pail is quite a nice size – smaller than most others, but good if you are putting it in the nursery room or in the bathroom. The side door is a great feature as when the pail gets too full with diapers, you can simply open the side door and get the bag out.The top of the pail can be refilled with normal/regular baking soda so its not necessary to buy expensive cartridge. This is the feature that keeps the odors out.Only thing though is that it lacks a foot paddle which will make the product more user-friendly.

Lavonne Tenafly, NJ


I purchased this product for an elderly parent who requires a colostomy. Each time a change was made, we used to wrap the colostomy bag in two shopping bags and then carry it down two flights of steps to a designated garbage can in the garage. One day I thought, “Why couldn’t we use a diaper pail?” I decided to try the Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail when I read that you can use your own baking soda rather than buying expensive odor cartridges. The pail does EXACTLY what it claims to do. When the lid is closed, it tightly twists the bag to trap the odor. When the bag begins to get full, you can notice some odor when you open the can; but as soon as you close it, the odor is trapped again. The bag refills are more expensive than traditional trash can bags; but they are very sturdy to withstand the repeated twisting action. All in all, I think continued use of the Munchkin will be less expensive than Diaper Genie. If I could change one thing about the Munchkin, it would be the addition of a foot pedal. I think it would make disposal with unsanitary hands a little more convenient. I am certain the Munchkin would be very effective on diapers. I also think it would work well for pet waste. It most certainly cuts down significantly on the odors created by any unpleasant waste. I would definitely recommend this product to others.

Erma Frankford, MO

Must have!

This diaper pail is wonderful. We keep it in our bedroom for late night diaper changes and daytime poop diapers. There’s no smell at all, the bags are relatively cheap (you can get them on amazon, 30 count for about $16) and it holds a good amount of newborn/size 1 diapers. The only complaint I have is that as the diapers get bigger, it’s less useful. I have a daughter in size 4 diapers, and we only use the diaper pail for poop diapers, since it will only hold 10-15, MAX. Some moms say a special diaper pail is a waste of money, but I’d rather not have my home smell like baby poop and pee. This keeps diapers out of the regular garbage, and disposal is wicked easy.

Juana Leetonia, OH

Great odor control! Easy to change bags!

We bought this for our first baby after trying out some other brands at friends houses. We liked the idea of the diaper genie but this was cheaper. We like the Munchkin brand and the baking soda idea seemed like a plus. We found it very easy to use. The bags are easy to load and change. The lid locks and there is a door in the front that you open and pull full bag out from. What makes it more economical is we only use it for poopy diapers. You can fit quite a few of the newborn, size 1 etc diapers. Of course as with any diaper pail the bigger the diapers the less you fit. Still with only using it for poopy diapers it works great. The odor control is AMAZING! I was able to buy several boxes of refills on a really good sale at another site so watch for the Munchkin brand sales! Especially buy one get one. The bags I got from that sale have lasted a year. If you need to make the bags last longer you can open the door and shake them down in the bag. I can usually get 2 or more extra in but I can’t say it will smell lovely while doing it. 🙂 I am really glad we made this purchase and recommend it. We have not tried other pails in our home so I cannot compare truly but I liked it better than the diaper genie we used in a friend’s home.

Rosetta Marlboro, NJ


I have heard some pretty bad things about the diaper genie so I opted for this one. It works wonderful. No smell! We have a small house and our babies nursery is down stairs, so right now while he is still sleeping in our room we have this upstairs in our room, and not once have we had a problem with odor from this.

Brandie Shelbiana, KY

A little better than Diaper Genie

We also have a diaper Genie and while this is smaller/less capacity (not a bad thing due to smells) it does a better overall job.

Keisha Chester, ID


I have owned two of these pails. I enjoyed my first pail for almost 2 years until the twisting mechanism broke. I decided to buy another one since I was fairly happy with the first one. Now, after having owned the second pail it for a mere four months, the twisting mechanism has broken again. I don’t fill the bags chock full of diapers, so I have no idea why the twisting mechanism has broken twice. I’m really disappointed and have decided to go with a different brand diaper pail for my upcoming baby.

Melisa Racine, WV

Great diaper disposal

I love this diaper pail. For my first child, I previously used one that allowed for your own garbage bags until the smell overwhelmed me (odor blocking bags didn’t help). Now I will gladly pay for the custom bags as I almost never smell anything unpleasant with this pail.

Sandra Brownville, NY