Munchkin Arm and Hammer Disposable Changing Pad, 10 Count

Munchkin Arm and Hammer Disposable Changing Pad, 10 Count

Now you can always change your baby on a sanitary surface no matter where you are. These disposable changing pads make changes on a bed, couch, and car seat or table a breeze. The pads are even infused with Arm and Hammer baking soda for natural odor elimination. The ultra absorbent layers keep moisture away for your baby’s bottom, but the leak proof liner keeps the liquid from seeping through.

Main features

  • Paper
  • Imported
  • Ideal for safe and sanitary diaper changes
  • Pads are infused with baking soda for safe, natural and effective odor protection
  • Ultra absorbent layers keep moisture away from baby’s skin
  • Leak proof liner prevents liquid from seeping through
  • Great for on the go or at home

Verified reviews


Seem frivolous, but are very helpful!

Definitely NOT an essential baby item. But very nice to have! I was first given the Especially for Baby (Babies R US) brand as a gift with my first son. They sat around for months as I thought they were silly. But after having to wash his changing pad cover multiple times in one week, I started using them. They came in very handy! When I ran out I found these at Target. They are twice as large so I cut them in half, just like another reviewer said.Now almost three years have passed, I have two kids and a another on the way. I keep one of these (half of one, really) on the changing table at all times. I only throw it away when it’s dirty. The soft pad cover is comfortable for baby, but I don’t want to have to wash it every time I get a little poo smear or pee dribble on it. These pads save the hassle. And I don’t feel it’s very wasteful since I’ve only gone through 3 boxes in nearly 3 years. Yeah, I still have to wash the full cover when disaster strikes, but not nearly as often.I don’t use these out and about as I rarely need to diaper changes when out, and I have a pad in the diaper pod. But I’m sure they’d be very handy for that too.

Lelia Keshena, WI


I love these. They’re just plastic-backed paper towels, but I keep a couple in the diaper bag to put on changing pads so I can throw this away rather than potentially getting the changing pad messy. I cut them in half and keep a half-size piece on the changing table at home at all times, in case I make a mess cleaning up my little girl’s messy diapers, or in case she spits up while I’m changing her. Much easier to throw away the Munchkin pad than pulling off and replacing the changing pad cover each time. The Munchkin pad gets wrinkled, but unless it gets wet it often last for a couple weeks or longer. And I keep her crib double-sheeted with two of these next to each other in the middle. When she was younger and wet through her sheet in the middle of the night, I could pull the top fitted sheet and throw away the wet Munchkin pad, and a clean fitted sheet would already be in place underneath. I’d spent a small fortune on various mattress protectors before my little girl was born, and they’re all sitting in a drawer because keeping a couple Munchin pads under the sheet was by far the easiest solution for middle-of-the-night quick-changes.

Deann Speedwell, TN

$$ But Can Be Used Multiple Times

The key with these is not to throw them out when using them unless they become soiled. If you are out and about, changing your child’s diaper and no mishaps happen in the process these can be folded up and used again. Only the plastic back touches outer surfaces… the patterned part is what touches your baby.I love these! You can definitely get your money’s worth provided you do not throw them away every time you use them. They are sturdy enough to use again and again. Only throw them away when they get soiled!!

Rena Lakehurst, NJ

Like but who can afford it on a daily basis?

I was using these to protect the changing pad cover from poop attacks so I didn’t have to wash them every five minutes. Good pads that protect well and nice size. Stopped using them due to the cost. I just wipe the plastic pad down which actually works much better then diddling around with a filthy cover or expensive paper pads.

Nora Shirland, IL

good to have but more expensive than others

I bought both sizes, smaller for diaper bag and larger ones for table at home. I really liked them. They are like Viva paper towels with a thin plastic backing. Baby has peed on them and it did not go through (but it did go off the edge a few times). The smaller ones helped me avoid messes on my diaper bag’s pad which I appreciated when I was out. The larger ones have saved me from washing my table cover as often. They were all that I could find at Target so I bought this brand, and have gone back for more often. Now, I see a cheaper kind so I am going to try them. I reuse these so the price was not a big deal. I do not throw them away with one use if it is not visibly dirty. But, anyway they usually run 60 cents apiece so I am trying other cheaper brand.

Alissa Happy Jack, AZ


blow outs and pee outs could happen at any time, so these are nice in order to protect our changing pad! super absorbent and big enough to cover the entire changing pad.

Sherrie Westlake, LA

Wonderful for diaper changing

I highly recommend carrying a couple of these at a time in your diaper bag. They are awesome- so sturdy I even re-use them if there’s no #2 on them.

Angie Norristown, GA

Worth the money….get a ton of these if possible

We have a changing pad and changing covers, however, these disposable changing pads are worth the money. We save money on laundry and don’t have to worry about changing our covers all the time. These pads absorb a lot of moisture as wel. Highly, highly recommend!

Delia Carbon Hill, AL

Perfect for on the go

These diapers pads are a bit pricey when you consider they are disposable; however, they are truly perfect for their intended use of on the go. As I’ve started to take my son out more to malls, museums, libraries, etc, I feel these pads are the best option for public changing stations, or even to use while at a friend’s house. They are thick so they absorb any accidents, and they fold up very small and conveniently into your diaper bag. A must have for any one squeamish about changing your baby in a public place.

Stacey Eutaw, AL

good product

The price could be better. But they are waterproof so if your baby pees you can save whatever they are on if your fast. They don’t absorb. So be careful. They are long enough though so using in public changing room they are great

Carmen Manakin Sabot, VA

Very Absorbent for Accidents!

These are great for many reasons. When my baby was a newborn, I would change her wet diaper I would need these for on top of the changing pad cover as there would almost always be another accident mid change. Now that that does not happen anymore they are great to keep in the car for whenever you may need them in public especially in your husband’s car when he almost always forgets to bring the portable changing kit 😉

Hilda Dublin, OH

great for travel

Noticed these while looking for something else. I don’t like to use disposable stuff a lot, but these really are perfect for the airport and other places where you’d prefer to clean your changing pad after use and you’re lugging so much stuff already. I would love a biodegradable one, bleached with nontoxic substances, printed with nontoxic ink and made with paper from responsibly managed forests.

Sharlene Union City, OK

LOVE these for under litter boxes

these work perfectly for under cat litter boxes especially when kitty over-shoots urine or for older kitties who can’t get entirely into box. Easy to clean- pick up and toss out.

Wanda Burbank, SD

Theae are the Droida you are looking for.

These are similar to the large Babies R Us pads. They work great. Just think the price is a little high, compaired to alternative pads. But if the price is not an option, these are the droids you are looking for!

Juliette Jackson, MN

Great for icky places!

These changing pads are great for use on public changing tables. They are large so even when my kids have outgrown most travel changing table pads these have been large and wide enough to cover the majority of changing tables. I love that they are disposable so if they get dirty (like when you have to change a leaky diaper) you don’t have to worry about cleaning off your changing pads. I use these more than anything else when we are on the go! I often use them alone without the reusable pad especially on airplanes or when we are traveling and I know I won’t need the whole diaper bag in the bathroom. Just makes less for me to have to carry in and out.

Shelley Elk Creek, CA

Great for travel and on-the-go

We leave one in the car, one in each diaper bag (my partner and I have our own) for just in case. And we like the fact that it folds thin, absorb well, and we actually reuse it until it gets dirty with poop stain or wet. Of course, diaper pads are more economical, but they just cannot fold as thin as the disposable one if you are on the go and just want to pack light and dash out.

Doreen Arctic Village, AK

These are the best for new babies!

I love these Munchkin changing pads–especially at the beginning. We have gotten multiple uses out of one and then if there is an accident we can just throw it away vs. stripping and washing the changing pad. Great for on the go use as well.

Cheri Clarkdale, GA

A must!

This a must for every parent!! If you don’t have disposable changing pads you are a gross gross person. Now I am sure that most pads are ok so its not as is these are the special ones but these are the ones I bought and we love them!

Eve Glasser, NJ


I take these everywhere. They are very big, so for my changing table at home I cut them in half. If I’m at a public place I use the whole sheet to try and keep my little one from touching anything. I recommend them to any mom who likes to keep spaces clean 🙂

Alyce Merion Station, PA

very useful

i use these all the time! at home i put one over the changing pad so that it doesn’t get dirty. it lasts a week or two, i replace it if any poop gets on it. it keeps things very clean. when out they are useful so you do not have to put your changing pad directly on the public changing station. they are cheaper on amazon than in target or baby stores.

Coleen New Lebanon, IN

The best disposable changing pads

I have been buying these changing pads since I had my first baby 2 years ago. They are a great size and not too thin. I keep one on the changing table on my changing pad at all times. I also keep them in the baby bag.

Corrine Placerville, CO

Must have for those dirty changing tables at public restrooms

These disposable changing pads have been one of the most useful things I’ve purchased for my newborn. Nice sanitary barrier between your baby and those dirty changing tables at restaurants, etc.

Sheri Stanford, IN

Super Sanitary

I hate the idea of putting my changing pad back in my diaper back, once the underside has touched those nasty public restroom changing tables. This solves that problem. Not great for the environment, but sometimes I think this is one of those times it is worth it.

Viola Boaz, KY

they are perfect but…

unless you have an explosive baby, haven’t had luckily any experience in which I have needed to get rid of one yet…

Sofia Tetonia, ID

Worked great!

Bought these for my son and his wife to use with their new baby while visiting me. They loved them so much that they took the leftovers with them when they left for home. Guess that’s a pretty good testimonial!

Mai Dornsife, PA

Sturdy and good for germ freaks like me

These are big enough that you can probably cut them in half and get two out of one. They are sturdy enough that they don’t wrinkle up when your baby squirms. Great for putting over icky public changing tables.

Faith Youngstown, FL


These are great changing pads. They are large and thick and do the job well. I would definitely recommend them.

Kerry Newtown, VA


I like these because I can toss it when it gets soiled. I use this on our changing table. It’s wide enough to cover the entire changing area. When baby has a "blow out" in his diaper and it comes out all over the place, these pads make clean-up a breeze. Just roll up the entire mess and dirty diaper, then toss. Before, it was like a haz-mat situation–we would have to take out all the cleaning sprays, cleaning wipes, rolls of paper towel, gloves, plastics bags, etcI highly recommend this product especially if you’re prone to diaper blow-outs.

Abigail Markleton, PA

A must have staple!

This pad is great! I place it over our changing pad and love that it’s disposable. Instead of washing the changing pad after baby messes (which happens at least 3x a week) you just toss it! Also great for traveling. Highly recommend!

Wilda Elkville, IL

great little pad

I have tried many disposable changing pads and this one I like the most and is the noly one I use now. It’s larger than many other pads and the surface feels soft! only gripe is that it’s not biodegradable.

Miranda Whittemore, MI