Munchkin Arm and Hammer Nursery Fresheners, Lavender/Citrus, 5 Count

Munchkin Arm and Hammer Nursery Fresheners, Lavender/Citrus, 5 Count

The Arm and Hammer Nursery Fresheners by Munchkin harness the power of baking soda in a portable freshener that can be used just about anywhere. These five deodorizing discs that are filled with odor eliminating baking soda are great for diaper bags, diaper pails, changing tables, hampers, and more.

Main features

  • Deodorizing discs filled with odor eliminating baking soda
  • Ships in either lavender or citrus scents
  • Great for diaper bags, diaper pails, changing tables, hampers and more
  • Baking soda provides safe, effective and natural odor elimination
  • Over 100 uses

Verified reviews


These work great!

I have twin girls and started out with a diaper genie; however, it was too small and smelly – the entire nursery smelled like dirty diapers. Then we switched to using a regular kitchen garbage can and I was trying to find sticky odour eaters to use with it. I couldn’t find any in at various stores that I looked at, but I went on Amazon and found these. They do not stick, but I ordered some velcro tape along with them and the combo works great! No more smelly nursery!

Lourdes Toronto, OH

Absolutely Worthless

There are no redeeming qualities of these. First – there’s no double sided sticky tape on the back, so even if they did work, they wouldn’t be very convenient. Second – they don’t remove odors or even cover them up, not even a tiny bit. Want to know how effective they are? Take your $6.79 in cash and place it where you would place one of these. How did that work? Yup, pretty much the same, except you can now spend that cash elsewhere.

Ladonna Pequea, PA


the smell is nice. BUT you might as well take all out at once and use b/c the scent starts to diffuse and melt away in the package, I just learned. They are small, but I don’t notice them doing anything, and for the price I won’t buy again.

Josefina Chagrin Falls, OH

Light Pleasant Smell

These are smaller than I thought they would be, but work very well. I’m not a fan of lavender scents, but this one is not overpowering, and is actually quite pleasant. I hope they last 90 days as promised.I got these to try out because my doctor’s office doesn’t allow us to throw away wet diapers in the exam rooms, but they always want our newborn in a dry diaper. Since it’s a 35 minute drive to their office, she is inevitably wet every time. So I keep one of these in the diaper bag, and also use theMunchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser, Assortedbaggies, and I never worry about my diaper bag smelling fowl, even if it’s only for a 35 minute drive back home.Added Oct 20: 3 months later, these are STILL fresh. I haven’t replaced any of them in my diaper bags, hamper or diaper pale. These DEFINITELY last 90 days as promised, and today, they still smell like they did on day 1. They’ve helped everything stay fresher. I will be buying these again, once the first pack finally wears off.

Sherri Little River, KS

Don’t buy!!!

These do not cover any smells related to diaper pails or trash cans. I bought them for my diaper pail but it did nothing for the order. They also do not stay attached to their bracket when stuck to the underside of a trash can/diaper pail lid. They constantly fall out and then I can’t find them in the diapers, nor do I want to dig through dirty diapers to find it. This purchase was a waste of my money.

Tommie Sykesville, PA

Yeah…what? No stick? And no resealing package?

Why why why would they make these just “loose” for a kids’ diaper pail? Where am I supposed to put them? Directly in the bag with the diapers? I don’t understand. Secondly, as someone else mentioned, once the package is opened (with all 5 in one package), they start to disintegrate (over time, of course, but they are exposed to air). So, unless you plan on using them all at once, they will all go being used all at once whether you like it or not, because there is no “open/close” plastic casing on the air freshener themselves, like some of them used to have, and they are not individually packaged, so they are now all open and refreshing their own open packaging in a drawer (minus one which is loose inside the diaper pail now). What worries me, too, is that these don’t stick to something like the inside of the pail, so my daughter, who is crawling, might find one and put it in her mouth.Horrible packaging, and needs an option to stick them on somewhere. Didn’t notice that they were helping the poop stench of the pail, but maybe it’s helping and I’m just not keenly aware of it. Either way, I wouldn’t buy these again. Waste of money.

Jenifer Mc Caskill, AR

Did not work

We used these in our newborns room to help with the diaper genie smell in between changes. I first put one out and that did not work. So i tried 2… Then 3…. I could not even smell the fragrance in them. Do not waste your money. Opening a window would work better.

Christian Marysville, WA

Small but Mighty

I was expecting these to be much larger than they actually are (about 2″ across) – but with that being said, they DO work! I have one in my kitchen trashcan, one in the Diaper Genie, and one in my car as an air freshener. The light lavender scent is pleasantly noticeable without being overpowering. The packaging says they last for 90 days so we’ll see how it goes. I found them cheaper than Amazon’s list price locally ($5 on sale at Kmart), so it may not hurt to look around.

Graciela Hastings, MN

Scent radius: 3 inches

I purchased these thinking they’d maybe help with the baby poo smell in the diaper genie and just to refresh the general nursery area.They smell good–however, in order to notice the smell, you literally have to hold them up to your nose. They do not scent an area at all and are pretty much worthless.I even tried placing two in the 1/2 bath (super small are) and still–nothing.Save your money.

Alberta Fairview, OK

Really good idea, but didn’t work

I bought these for our trashcan in our toddlers room that frequently has poopy dipes in it. They didn’t emit any smell and therefore didn’t help the problem. Waste of money.

Nita Coalgate, OK


This is a USELESS product. Can’t smell anything. Doesn’t do anything to contain odors. A complete waste of money! I should’ve listened to the reviews which stated this! Don’t buy it. Period. Zero stars if possible!

Gwen Ione, CA

Not sure If they work but they do smell nice

I am not sure if these work or not… But they smell Wonderful when I have them ear my face and they most definitely last over 90 days. I have yet to replace them and I still can smell them. But I don’t ever notice the smell when I walk into my son’s room so I am assuming they just smell nice when your nose is literally right on top of it and not for making a room smell better. I did put one in our Diaper genie Elite. You can open up the bottom and just pop one in there. And I have yet to smell any yucky diapers but then again that might just be the actual Diaper genie and its bags working and not this little thing.

Abbie Pep, TX

These do not work!!

I had these in my diaper disposal and now can really smell the dirty diapers. I put back in the plain baking soda and the smell is normal again. I put these in the bottom of the trash like other reviewers said and I just wasn’t impressed with these at all. Waste of money. Will throw the rest away.

Lidia South Fork, PA

No way to turn then on/off

No way to turn then on/off therefore they all come "activated." The package was opened when i got mine so they all just fell out. I think they lost potency by the time i got them as there wasn’t much going on.

Dominique Sugar City, CO

I’m very disappointed and will never buy again

This so-called freshener doesn’t even deserve one star. I’m very disappointed and will never buy again. I used 2 of them near the diaper pail and still smells the awful. Out of curiosity, I opened the freshener container and smelled the bag inside and you can barely smell it (my nose touching the bag).Better to pay more for something that actually solves a problem.

Theresa Coloma, CA

Smell great, stick poorly

Very good at killing odors — use in nursery trash/diaper pail, as well as covered cat litter box.The fresheners’ plastic holder has a sticky backing and is amazingly not very sticky. Have resorted to using 3M to adhere to inside top covers of both diaper pail and litter box.Friend uses them in car (tosses one under driver/passanger front car seat) and seems to like that as well.

Sabrina Chauncey, OH



Kara Hollister, OK

not worth the money

These are not worth the money- at all. They barely had much effect. If you need baking soda, just go buy a few boxes and either make your own sachets with them or use the whole box like one might do for a freezer/frdge.

Rosanna Parshall, ND

work great

I use these in our diaper pails for both cloth and disposables and they work great. They keep the odor down (of course nothing makes it go totally away and you still need to empty the pail regularly!) and the smell is nice and not overpowering. I only change them out every month or so (or longer when I forget).

Lorraine East Pittsburgh, PA

Smells great!

Kills the odors in my diaper pail. Will continue to purchase in the future. Just toss the disk at the bottom of your pail before you put in your trash bag.

Lorene Westport, SD

Good for Safety 1st Simple Step Diaper Pail

These little fresheners are kinda pricey in my opinion, but I couldn’t find anything else to fit the Safety 1st step on diaper pail. They don’t last long and are not very strong, but do work somewhat.

Mina West Kennebunk, ME

Work Okay

These work okay, not great, but they do help with the diaper smells in a nursery. I’m not sure I would buy them again though. Spraying febreeze seems to work better.

Veronica Elmer, NJ

Packs a punch

Made the babies room smell fresh for a few weeks and works great in the diaper bag and drawers to freshen clothes etc…

Barbra Guilford, CT

Doesn’t do anything

I read a lot of good reviews on this product and was very dissapointed that I don’t detect ANY change in the diaper pail odor. We have a diaper champ and threw these in the bottom. No affect!

Lottie Secor, IL

Not sure these do too much

The concept here is great…effectiveness, maybe not so much. While these provide a nice aroma, I’m not sure I’d say they are an air freshener nor would I say they are odor absorbent.

Shirley Prescott, WI


Seriously?! In a nutshell… these thumb-sized pieces of plastic that contain a baby powder-scented mini square inside lost it’s scent after a few days in a very confined location. You would have to put one in each drawer and replace it VERY often for full effect. Total waste of money and time. As if we don’t have enough to worry about 🙁

Maritza Whiteford, MD

Love The Smell – Doesn’t Do Job Though

Wasn’t sure what to expect, I was trying to find something to keep odors down in a diaper pail.Pros: I love the lavender smell, so much so that I am about to start looking to see if A&H; has lavender scented other things. It really is the perfect version of lavender that I find hard to find. It’s not overly flowery smelling, fake smelling, or chemical. It’s kind of vanilla-y.That being said…Con: Doesn’t reduce odors of anything, the piece actually just smells good if you hold it to your nose.

Sarah Addyston, OH

They don’t work!

Even out of the package there was barely a scent, these fresheners do nothing to freshen up my baby’s nursery.

Nettie Nekoma, KS

Poor packaging so they all have to be used right away and don’t last very long anyway

You’ll notice a difference for a couple of days, but not much lasting difference. I mostly threw them in the bottom of the diaper pail after realizing they didn’t do much in the nursery as a whole and didn’t see any difference in there, but that’s probably asking too much of this little product. As others have mentioned, it’s also a huge bummer that once the pack is open, they are all open so you basically have to use them all right away.

Sharon Pala, CA

Cuts down on diaper smell

I keep a diaper pail in the bathroom, and have used a variety of different odor absorbers/deodorizers to try to eliminate any smell. After trying so many different products, I was pleased to find these, and they work great in the lid of my diaper pail. They absorb the odor at the source, and I know it’s doing its job when I don’t immediately smell a diaper pail when I walk into the room. I can’t comment on the lavender, though, since I never lean in to get a whiff of the diaper pail. Very happy with these fresheners!

Jennie Belfield, ND