Munchkin Arm & Hammer 3-in-1 Potty Seat withPotty Wipes, 72-Count

Munchkin Arm & Hammer 3-in-1 Potty Seat withPotty Wipes, 72-Count

Designed for use at multiple stages of toilet training, the Munchkin Arm and Hammer 3 in 1 Potty Seat is comfortable for your child through the many stages of potty training. A built in splashguard prevents splatter, while side grips are easy to grasp for stability. The potty seat’s bowl removes for easy cleaning. As a sit down potty chair, it includes built in wipes that are safe to flush and is designed to help your child with toilet training. The top of the Potty Seat can be used on a regular toilet, and the whole seat converts to a convenient step stool. The 3 in 1 Potty Seat integrates the power of baking soda for a safe way to eliminate odors. The Munchkin Arm and Hammer 3 in 1 Potty Seat is the winner of the 2011 Innovation Award given by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). Set includes (1) potty, (1) snap in baking soda freshener and (2) 36 count Potty Wipes.

Main features

  • Functions as a potty chair, removable trainer seat and a sturdy step stool
  • Powered by odor eliminating baking soda
  • Includes two 36 count built in flushable wipes and 1 baking soda freshener disc
  • Potty Wipe Refills and baking soda fresheners sold separately
  • 18 plus months

Verified reviews


Very comfortable for our toddler and lots of good features

We are currently potty training, and this potty has really worked extremely well for us. The height and shape of the seat seem to be really good for our daughter, and the fact that it looks similar to a normal toilet is a plus as well. She gets excited about using it. The wipes fit nicely into the side of the potty and are at a place where she can reach, so that it makes it easy for her to help wipe. Of course, you have to buy the Arm & Hammer wipes to use that feature, but it’s still not bad. The bowl is a good shape for emptying fairly easily as well.I also really love the fact that this will eventually become a training seat that attaches to the normal toilet. Personally, we haven’t found the step stool option to be particularly useful, primarily because we already have a step stool for hand washing and there’s no real reason to switch to moving the seat back and forth. However, I’m sure the step stool could come in handy for some folks. The fresheners are not something I plan to continue using. They help a little bit, but honestly, this is potty training and it’s not going to smell like flowers no matter what you do.Overall, I would recommend this to parents gearing up for potty training. Our daughter likes it and we’re happy with the way it’s been working for us.

Kitty Loretto, VA

We’re making progress

The potty comes conveniently already set up and the first thing I noticed when we opened it was the smell. Not a nasty smell, but a very nice smell that smells almost like something I can eat. It turned out to be the Arm & Hammer Deodorizing disc with odor eliminating baking soda which is used for odor control. I don’t think I’ll need an air freshener with that around. I love the fact that it can be used as a step stool and when my daughter stepped on it there was no fear of it tipping over. I must say that it is indeed sturdily made.Once it’s opened it comes with this handy convenient toddler flushable wipes. Yay for your bathroom toilet because we all know you’re not supposed to flush baby wipes down there. The great thing about these is that these comes as refills which can be purchased separately but it does come with 2 and each contains 36 wipes.The deodorizer was a very simple install. Just click and its in. Right above the potty seat. The only problem I really had, and it was a very small problem was getting the flushable wipes in the side where it belongs. I love where it is located. My toddler can grab it easily and when she finally understand how to properly wipe she can do this for herself.The white removable trainer seat can be used on the toilet when she’s big enough to use the adult toilet like a big kid. The green bowl is where everything is collected and is very easy to clean. It is relatively small compared to some we’ve seen but not too small to be considered unusable.We love that it is a complete potty training system. Now you longer have to buy a potty training seat for the toilet. You also don’t have to buy a step stool either. The deodorizer is a very nice added touch. No one really needs to leave the bathroom smelling stinky. This will clearly clear up all that stinky smell. You will surely be saving money in the long run by buying this and to be honest you really don’t need to buy the flushable wipes refill, they’re really just recommended.So yes we love our new potty and we recommend it! It gets my toddlers Two Tiny Thumbs Up! You can find a full review with photos on our blog

Joan Danvers, IL

Looks like a toilet, not a toy

I don’t really like how so many potty seats look like toys. The bright colors and music is just a distraction from the task at hand. This potty seat looks like a small toilet. When the cover is closed, it looks like and can act as a small step stool. I appreciate this; it means that when you walk into the bathroom, it doesn’t scream BABY TOILET!!!My daughter just made 1, and while we are not full on toilet training we are getting used to the potty. It seems comfortable enough and she doesn’t mind sitting on it. The toilet has a built in “splash guard”, which does get in the way a little when she is getting on and off the toilet. It isn’t removable, and I’m sure I’d be glad for it if I had a little boy. But I don’t, so I’m not. The lid has a built in spot for an air freshener. It’s a cute idea, but if I’m being honest I doubt I’ll ever refill it after the one that came with the seat runs out. However, who knows. Maybe I’ll find that it makes so much of a difference I’m willing to pay for refills. I feel the same way about the potty wipes. They are very convenient and fit nicely on the side of the potty, but I probably won’t buy those refills either. They are considerably more expensive than the wipes I use right now. I’m not sure why I would pay more for these.The top of the seat is removable and fits on an actual toilet. It is designed as a generic fits-all-toilets topper. This means it fits all toilets poorly, although I don’t know that any devices of this type would fit any better. I tried it on both toilets in my house. One is a normal seat and one is elongated. It fits MUCH better on the normal seat.

Nadine Herkimer, NY

Munchkin Potty Seat

We gave this to our niece who is two and half years old and is being potty trained. We are reviewing as a potty chair, we are not using it as a training seat just yet. The potty chair is comfortable enough for her to sit on for 15 minutes at a time when we were training her to sit on it with a good book on hand. It sits solid and stable on the floor. The lid is a nice feature that makes her practice closing it when she is done, just like the adult’s toilet. Aesthetically it also looks better in the bathroom too with a closed lid compared to the ones we had before (Baby Bj**n) which is open in plain sight. It’s easy enough to clean and put back together after each use. The baking soda on the lid is a nice touch, but we do clean and disinfect it after every use so no smell really comes from it to be functional for us. The wipes are not being used by the little one just yet, mom is still the one who cleans her, maybe in a few months she’ll get her turn on it.

Roxanne Wenatchee, WA

Overall Good but I Have Concerns

I like this 3-in-1 potty seat but I don’t love it. It is sturdily made, it has nice bottom grippy feet that keep it from moving on the bathroom tile, and it is just the right height.It is easy to empty the waste catch tray. I would like to see liners for the catch tray offered however, I mean even my cat’s litter box has liners available.The deodorizing disk and wipe cartridges that come with the seat are convenient and very pleasant smelling. There is no mistaking a baby lives in this house. That said, the deodorizing disk and wipe cartridges can be very enticing toys to your potty training sweetie pie. So, don’t leave the potty in a bathroom your little one can access on their own. I can see them pulling those wipes out just for the fun of it.The seat itself seems fairly comfortable. To me it could use a bit more contouring. Also maybe taller side handles and a somewhat padded backrest?The removable seat that transitions to the adult toilet concerns me. It doesn’t fit securely. Kids are squirmy. This one moves around too much for my liking when placed on the adult toilet seat. If you have an elongated toilet seat it REALLY won’t fit well. I think when grandbaby gets ready for big girl toilet I am going to have to dedicate a toilet for her (thank goodness we have 3) and secure the seat underneath with double sided tape or something.Not a bad product overall but as I mentioned, there is room for improvement.

Ashlee Roselle Park, NJ

Lots of perks on this potty. But why no handles? And, it does leak more than our other potties

We have 3 toddler potties – and none of them have handles so you can lift & move the whole thing. Why don’t manufacturers put handles on these things? Ugh!(The handles that you see in the photo are to lift the seat off – for emptying, &/or, for putting the seat inside the adult potty).Also there is no bottom to the potty (i.e., there is nothing underneath the cup). So if aim isn’t just right, fluid can get between the cup & the lid, and pee dribbles on the floor.That’s a pretty big grievance – the one thing you really want in a potty is no leaks on the floor. The built-in wipes are somewhat convenient, mostly a gimmick to get you to buy refills. The air freshener is nice, but again, a trick to get you to buy refills. The wipes claim to be flushable, but we’ve got old plumbing so we don’t risk it.The cup is big enough to hold any “big jobs” your child may have, but not deep enough to avoid spills while dumping out. The round bottom makes it all too easy to splash out while emptying it.I do like that it dubs as a step stool (most potties do these days), and it’s sturdy. The feet grip well, but our child can still slide it over to the sink. And as I mentioned, it “transitions” into an insert into the adult toilet seat – not terribly snug, but functional.The most important factor is that our daughter is very comfortable on it, and likes it. The lid stays open when she’s sitting on it, the seat is comfortable, & she loves using it as a step stool. It’s a better design than our other 2 potties. The price on Amazon today is $30, which is a good deal. However I think the MSRP of $43 is a bit steep.PS – (We also installed a no-slam NextStep Replacement Toilet Seatsimilar to this oneat Home Depot for about $30, which was a terrific investment. The child insert pops out too easily, but when not in use, you don’t even notice the child part. And it’s very easy for our daughter to use – she loves that using the grown-up potty is always an option, and that it’s especially adapted for her comfort)

Clara Ada, MI

A Potty Station

We’re on the younger side of potty training, not in a hurry or demanding, but wanting our little girl to get used to it. This is a great tool for that. First of all, she liked it right away, as a seat. I pulled it out of the box and she went right to it, opened the lid and sat down. A good sign! The living room wasn’t the place to leave it, so it’s since gone into the bathroom. So far so good. She still likes it, has used it for its intended purposes, and otherwise is getting to know this is where we put that. It’s sturdy and a perfect size for her. I really like the wipe holder, mostly because it allows everything to be right where we need it. Things get moved around a lot in our house for various reasons, but this potty makes sure everything stays handy. What I also very much like is that it’s multi-use, making for a great first potty, that can help with each stage and continue to be a good step-stool. This one is going to get a lot of use.

Kenya Finger, TN

Always a plus when your child loves something!

Though I didn’t purchase this through Amazon, I did all my research on Amazon!I LOVE this and so does my 2 year old son. We bought it this weekend and he is obsessed with sitting on it, and has already been successful. What I love about it:It looks a lot like a real toilet. At daycare, they have the kids use smaller versions of real toilets, so the fact that this looks more like a real "potty" helps my son a lot.It is easy to take apart and empty. I empty it into the big toilet and let him flush. He could even empty it if he wanted to!I LOVE the splash guard! Some splash guards are smooth plastic, which I do NOT understand. That would be like placing a hose up against a wall and trying to aim! So far we’ve had no messes or misses and I’m pleased with that.I like that the seat comes off and goes on the big potty. That will come in handy once my son is fully trained.The only con (that I can see so far):When the potty seat is out, it’s not that great of a step stool. The lid doesn’t have anything to rest against and it becomes kind of iffy.Overall, I am MORE than pleased with this potty chair. A great product, and my son loves it!! Hooray!

Imelda Middletown, CA

Sturdy and Functional

When I opened the box, my son was thrilled to have his own little toilet. (Now we just need to get him trained!) And I think it’s pretty good, too. Here’s what we like about it:-I like the colors, very low-key white offset by the green that my son likes.-it is a sturdy little thing–(good for the step-stool feature)-My son likes the handles.-Bowl removes easily-Convenient wipe storage-I like that the seat removes and can sit on a normal toilet, although we haven’t tried that feature yet. (We’re not to that point in training quite yet.)-There is some traction (ripples) on the top, making the step-stool safer.There is one feature I would change. Make the splash guard a little bigger or the opening slightly larger. He’s got to be positioned on there just right…

Rachel Sanbornville, NH

Has everything you need!

I am in the middle of potty training and it has been challenging. My daughter is good at knowing to go but some days she just does not seem interested and I know it will all take time. I had purchased this potty,Fisher-Price Froggy Potty. She is good at using it but after there is the clean up (wipes) and also then getting out her step stool so she can wash her hands. I have been doing this for awhile now.When I saw this I was thinking it would eliminate a few steps. It is already built so you do not have to do anything besides put the wipes in the side compartment, the air freshener in the `lid’ of the toilet. My daughter helped me and she was so excited so said she wanted to use it. First time out of the box she used it and the fact the wipes are in the side is so nice. I love that the potty area is not wide because when you pour it out it does not go everywhere but yet is wide enough for any toddler that sits on it. She also seems to enjoy the `handles’ on the side to hold onto. After, you put the lid down and move it to the sink and they can wash their hands. It is PERFECT!I really think they thought of all steps when putting this together. I love the neutral colors because you can use it for with gender. I think the best part of this potty is it actually has a toilet seat which a lot of them do not. So your child will feel like a `big kid’ sitting on it. I think that is why my daughter took to it so well; the seat makes it feel like it is a toilet and not some cup under them they are sitting on. Also, the wipes are septic safe so if that is an issue for you, you are fine. I myself am since I live it the woods and was happy to read that.I look forward to when she can us it as the next step which will be when she is ready for the big potty that we use. This is meant to be used as a step stool to get up to the bigger toilet when the time comes. When that time comes you take the toilet off of this unit and place it on your toilet as a training set. I placed it on mine and it fit very well. My daughter was not ready to use it yet but I was happy that it fit and the final part of training will go smoothly.Very impressed and my daughter loves that everything is built in. To boot it smells good which is nice. If you are looking for an all in one and one to grow with, this is it! I am so impressed with it!

Mari Bloxom, VA

Almost perfect potty chair

I spent a little bit of time looking for the perfect potty chair and this was the one that met my needs in my price range. The three in one combo and look were perfect (wanted something that looked like a real potty not a toy). The seat is a little small when on average toilets but it has worked fine both at home and outside the house. I think it would even fit on open front toilet seats. My child is just 11 months old but is able to sit on the potty rather well. She is a little small for it but the side handles help to make her comfortable. What I wish this had that would have made me give it five stars would have been a seat more like their comfy seat. I didn’t use the disc or potty wipes. I use cloth wipes and I didn’t see a point in the odor disc when I dump it out and clean if after each use. I am really happy with the product!!

Jasmine Manila, AR

Great Potty Seat with multiple uses!

The Munchkin Arm & Hammer 3-in-1 Potty Seat is a great choice if you’r looking for a potty seat! Here is what I like about the Potty Seat-Comes with a built in compartment on the side to slide in a package of potty wipes (also comes with the seat). This is very handy to have them right there!-There is also a spot to place an Arm & Hammer deodorizer. This definitely helps in keeping the potty smelling fresh-The bowl is easily removable for quick depositing.-We will be able to use this potty for a while. When the lid is closed it acts as a great little foot stool. When my son is potty trained and using the big potty, I’m sure we’ll be using this handy little stool!And the only thing I don’t love about the seat…-The seat portion of the potty is removable so it can be used on the toilet. However, when the seat is placed on our toilet it does not seem sturdy at all. It slides around quite a bit (hopefully not enough to fall into the toilet – but still a little scary). Also the back center of the seat bends down a little bit when pressure is put on it. I’m afraid it might crack over time.

Vivian Glen Mills, PA

Daughter Loves to Stand on it.

I find this to be a great potty, if and when my child starts to really use it. She loves to just sit on it or stand on it. I love that it has all of the necessities within reach. My daughter has just turned one so she has time but it is her favorite place to sit or stand to get my attention in the bathroom. It is easy to keep clean as well.

Anastasia Wallace, SD

Sturdy multi-stage product–but doesn’t fit all toilet seats (better for elongated)

First the potentially bad: The only real negative I have is that the removable training seat doesn’t fit all toilet seats, including the one I planned to use it with, which is a contoured, thinner type standard seat, on which it was much too loose and slid around. However, I live in an old institutional building with a hodgepodge of toilet seats, and to my surprise, it did fit on all of the elongated seats, both old and new, thick and thin. I almost assumed it only fit elongated seats, but it also fit perfectly on another standard seat (this one thicker, and with a smaller opening, that the very new seat it did not fit). Out of 6 different seats, it was only loose one one. So I’d advise you to try out the fit on your toilet of choice first thing. Just as a note, the seat it didn’t fit was very new, one of those cheap dual flush complete toilets from Home Depot.Pros: It’s sturdy, stable, and multi-use. I like that it still has a useful life as a bathroom step stool after outliving its life as a potty chair. Neutral white coloring with spring green accents aren’t objectionable. The waste pan is deep, easy to remove, and easy to empty. While it’s a bit big for my 11-month old (while the Baby Bjorn isn’t), she cat sit comfortably on it and seems to like it and the lack of contour is actually a good thing, as she seems less squirmy on it (though without the armrests, she doesn’t look as cute on it). The description says 18 mos+, and that seems about right. It’s much mor solid and stable than the Baby Bjorn, which seems a bit light and tippy.Neutral on the odor disc and the wipes, which I think she might get into and/or make a mess of or waste. While they’re technically flushable, I don’t trust them with the septic or basement toilet.Overall, a nice useful product–just be sure to test the fit right away in case you need to return it.

Edna Brandamore, PA

Nice potty

The height is good and the little cup to help the boys isn’t so high that it injures them trying to get on or off. I think the baking soda disc is gimmicky, because what kid doesn’t dance to you and let you know he’s done his business right away? Also, it hardly hides the smell. The wipes are a nice touch and make it seem more like Mommy or Daddy but it’s also fun to just pull them out, one by one, before getting caught by an adult.I like the handle to the reservoir and it’s large enough but it would be nice to have a bottom to the inside, in case of a spill, so the floor wouldn’t get soiled. Also, I thought the seat should fit better onto a regular toilet seat. It kind of slides around a little, and in my family, the kids would rather sit on a big toilet than use the potty for long. The stool lid is nice and sturdy so the child can get to the sink to wash his hands properly or use it to get onto the toilet seat.

Aida Williston, TN

Versatile, simple, and clean

We bought this for our 2 your old son. We wanted a simple training toilet that resembled a toilet and didn’t have a ton of bells and whistles (literally…) This seat has a good sized seat (not too small of an opening for mess and not too large for small children to sink in.) The “pee guard” isn’t too high but we didn’t want one that stuck up too far as we are training our son to manually manipulate where his urine flows. We tried other seats and the “hole” was too small and made for #2 mess nightmares. We returned those seats. This one is easy for travel (we do a lot of traveling 3+ hour drives to visit family) so it’s portable for unexpected “pit stops.” We put a small garbage bag in the bowl for easy and clean disposal when traveling. I love that the seat also attaches to the toilet. The step stool isn’t too slippery – I could see if the childs’ feet were damp it may get that way but so far we have not had any issues.I’m not a fan of the arm and hammer freshener – we don’t use it. I use lysol each night so I haven’t seen a need for a freshener and we also don’t use the wipe dispenser. I think both of these “features” aren’t needed.Good luck to you if you are about to embark on the potty training adventure!

Alfreda Bayport, MN

Super pooper. Works well, but others do too.

This particular toilet trainer works fine for my daughter, and has a few features that I haven’t seen on others, like the side-dispensing wipes or the odor-manipulating disk (it’s NOT just baking soda!). While I’m not a fan of adding toxic chemical scents (and have not used that feature), I guess the wipes are handy. Besides those features, here’s how this product differs from a few other items also available here:It’s very similarly built to thePRI 4-In-1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer and Step Stool White with Pastel Blue Seat, but this product has a hard seat instead of a soft cushioned one like that one does. I found that the hard seat insert for this Munchkin product kind of slid around insecurely on my full-sized toilet’s seat, so I’m not sure how much I trust it.TheFisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Pottyseems far more entertaining. If you have a young one that would benefit from interactive toilet rewards (wow, can’t believe I just typed that), it might be a good choice. No stepstool option though.TheBABYBJORN Potty Chairdoesn’t have a stepstool either, but does have the advantage of simplicity. Something to keep in mind if you don’t want to scrub your child’s excretions out of every nook and cranny when things don’t quite go as planned. The high back and sides offer support lacking in others as well. Oh, and the colors! Lots of colors to choose from!Anyway, all are decent options. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them (though some may work better than others for your particular child and situation).

Lynda Nenana, AK

Much needed versatility!

I hate clogging my house up with a billion little necessary toddler tools, so I try to find versatile products that can be used for many purposes. This product absolutely fits the bill! It’s not too big, so it fits well in my small-ish bathroom and my toddler is able to easily seat herself on it. When she is ready, the training seat is already available and it will be something to which she is already somewhat accustomed. The step stool is clever and means that the useful life of the product will long exceed our need for a potty chair.I’m not really sure that I will continue to stock it with deodorizer. While it is a nice touch, a decent cleaning really takes care of any lingering odors. For now I am not ready to stock the wipes because tiny hands love to empty any dispenser they can find. Instead, those precious resources are distributed on an as-needed basis only. Maybe when she is a bit older we can revisit that issue.Altogether it is a nice addition to our home and helps stem the tide of the toddler take-over. It’s size and color fit nicely into our home, and are more in keeping with our style than some of the other options out there.

Marsha Anniston, AL


This is unbelievable! She became so attached to the potty that she would pretend to use it, even when she didn’t need to. I have never heard of a child being potty trained so quickly, and loving it.This product is one step short of miraculous!! Fantastic!

Avis Crawfordville, FL

First Impression – Very Very Good Product

The 3 in 1 features of this potty seat ( functions as a potty chair, removable trainer seat and a sturdy step stool), along with the design and sturdiness of the product make this a good choice for little ones. What we liked about this was:– There is a built-in splash guard to prevent splatters– The bowl removes for easy cleaning– The step stool feature for after potty training has been accomplishedOne complaint was that the removable seat to place on the toilet slides around a bit — not a great fit with our seat.Despite that one complaint – I would still highly recommend this item based on price and other factors mentioned.

Dollie Hazelton, WV

Great with a couple of iffy points, especially if you have a boy

Our 3-year-old son has been interested in the potty for about six months, but every time we put him on the toilet (with a kids’ seat on the potty) he didn’t do anything. It was the same thing at preschool, too, where they have a kid-height toilet. A couple of weeks ago he had successes on the toilet there, and they told us to start bringing underwear to school for him. That weekend we resolved to stay home to work on potty-training, but he still wouldn’t pee on the potty. He only pooped there because I sat in the bathroom with him for what felt like forever, singing songs to distract/relax him. Because we have a baby, my hands are often full, so potty-training has really been my husband’s department. He was pretty fed up by Sunday and wanted to buy a potty seat, which I’d really resisted because of the clean-up and the eventual transition to the real toilet.I looked up some potty seats and settled on a ten buck Fisher Price froggy seat, which was supposedly in stock at our local "Fall Cart" store, per their website. Unfortunately when he got there, they didn’t have it, so he picked out this Munchkin potty seat on a whim. It cost about twenty-five smackers, which was a little disappointing, but we went with it.I am so glad he picked it up! It looks like a little toilet, which hopefully will help the transition to the real toilet. The stool is high, so maybe it will help with that transition, too. (The current stool we have in the bathroom is not tall enough for our very tall son to put his feet on while on the toilet.) If the baby crawls near it, it’s ok because it is closed.Our son loves his potty seat! He immediately wanted to use it and did so successfully! Even when he was home sick last week and I put him in pull-ups to make things easier, he still wanted to use it (and did so). He has had very few accidents at home since we bought it. As much as I resisted a potty seat, I’d rather have a child trained to use it who has yet to transition to a full-size toilet than a child who isn’t trained at all only because I didn’t want to deal with a potty.HOWEVER, this potty has two downsides. First, the guard is nice and low, making it easy to sit on, but it does not work well when you have little boys. He’s peed straight out of the potty before, all over the floor and his pants, plus down the front of the potty. It was a real mess! If our son sits and leans forward, it goes in the potty, but he doesn’t always remember to lean forward. Second, the wipes that come with the potty are awful! They fit in the dispenser, which is great, but the little packet is hard to open (the lid doesn’t pop open when you press the button), and, for at least the first 10 or so wipes, they don’t come out easily. They end up on a bunch of pieces, and they aren’t very big to begin with. I really prefer the Huggies flushable toddler wipes or the generic flushable toddler wipes at the big store that rhymes with "Carpet." (The generic’s name rhymes with "Cup and Cup.")Also, I thought the little Arm & Hammer discs would be kind of a scam because I had gotten those at my baby shower during my first pregnancy, used them in my diaper pail, and thought they weren’t very effective. Even though we clean this potty after each use, the little discs really do keep it smelling fresh. I think I will continue to buy them for as long as we are using this potty!Overall, we are very satisfied with our purchase.Pros:-looks like a mini toilet-has a lid-also acts as a tall stool-insert makes for easy pouring in the toilet/cleaning-all smooth plastic makes for easy cleaning-wipes dispenser (if you like the wipes)-baking soda discs really do keep it smelling fresh even if you clean the potty after every useCons:-splash guard not high enough for boys (should be fine for girls, but I have two boys, so UGH)-the lid isn’t "grippy" enough (an issue when used as a step stool)-it slides on our wood floors, so our son can scoot while on the potty-the wipes are terrible-baking soda discs, should you choose to re-buy them, are a little expensive

Tisha Winchester, TN

Munchkin Potty Seat Success

This isn’t just an ordinary potty seat; this is a very thoughtfully designed potty seat. It has a rugged build quality that offers confidence. The top of the seat lid is textured so that when used as a step stool, little feet won’t go slipping and sliding off. With bathroom space usually at a premium, the fact that this potty seat doubles as a stool means that much less clutter. The potty seat has a built in dispenser for the Arm & Hammer potty wipes. The wipes are great too, definitely worth making the switch too if you’ve been using other brands. There’s just something about this seat that makes the little tricycle motor want to use it; makes potty training so much easier. The potty seat also has a grippy base so it doesn’t go sliding around on a tile floor. Another great part of this system is that the seat can be used as a trainer seat for the big porcelain throne, and the base used as a step stool so the curtain climber can get up there without too much hassle. Absolutely a worthwhile investment, get one for your youngin’ and you won’t be disappointed!

Shelby Ida, MI