Munchkin Arm & Hammer 3 Piece Nursery Fresheners with Brackets

Munchkin Arm & Hammer 3 Piece Nursery Fresheners with Brackets

Add freshness to the air virtually everywhere with the Arm & Hammer Nursery Fresheners with Brackets by Munchkin. Baking soda provides safe, effective, natural odor elimination. Ships in assortment of lavender or citrus burst scents. Wall brackets stick to walls with an adhesive strip. Set includes 3 Nursery Fresheners and 3 wall brackets. Refills sold separately.

Main features

  • Includes 3 fresheners and 3 wall brackets
  • Fresheners can be used all over the home
  • Baking soda provides safe, effective and natural odor elimination
  • Bracket stick to walls with adhesive strips, included
  • Ships in assortment of lavender or citrus burst scents

Verified reviews


Did nothing for order!!!

These didn’t do anything to help the smell of my child’s diaper pail!! Another problem was that they did not stay attached in the clip. Complete waste of money!!

Berta Waddell, AZ

Prevents smells

I placed two of these in my son’s nursery. I have noticed that there is not any foul orders in the room but it does not really give a fresh scent to the nursery either.

Wendi Shoup, ID

Doesn’t stay on or do the job

We have a newborn breastfed baby (which in theory should have the least smelliest poop) and these not only don’t stay onto her diaper pail, they don’t make a bit of a difference in the smell.

Christian Rose Hill, VA

not bad, but maybe not worth the money

They don’t really help, but they do a little. I bought these, because they have the holders that I didn’t have previously.

Elvira Elkins Park, PA

Brackets don’t work but love the fresheners

The brackets do not work, the air fresheners are wonderful. The problem is that the fresheners fall out of the brackets. I put them on the inside lid of my kitchen trash and my diaper pail and they both fell out from the movement of the lid. They fall into the trash/diapers and that is not a place to be reaching your hands into. Bummer since it is a good idea but it needs to be a tighter fit. Again the review applies only to the bracket function, 5 stars for the fresheners.

Gretchen Lockhart, AL

Am I missing something?

Am I supposed to poke the little disks or something? I feel like these have no odor eating ability. I love the idea and the little stick on holder. There is no smell from these and let’s just say the smell from the diaper bin is as strong as ever.

Carissa Oden, AR

OK, but the old "Stick Ups" stick better

The product itself is fine. I ordered this particular set for the brackets. I wanted to stick them in the lid of our diaper pail. Our pail is really a kitchen trash pail and doesn’t have a place for deodorant disks. The adhesive on the brackets is pretty weak. So they fell off after a few opening and closings of the lid.

Essie Cardinal, VA

Don’t do much

Up close they smell really nice… But in a nursery or anywhere, you can only see them. They don’t do much for odor. Next time I’ll buy something else.

Kellie Oakhurst, CA

Works great!

These work great. I have these around my daughter diaper bin and dirty laundry bin and her room is always smelling fresh.

Stefanie Strabane, PA

Waste of Money

Just bought these at Target. First of all, the air freshener does not stay in the clip, it falls right out. Second of all, the fragrance isn’t strong enough to make a difference. Right now I have it sitting on top of the diaper pail, just to see if I can smell it (I put it on the inside of the pail & it fell out) and I smell nothing. These are going back to the store.

Latonya Fraser, CO


It worked for the most part for a little while. But like any other air freshener it starts to lose its scent after a while.Though it worked nicely, the scent went away after a few days.Would recommend.

Jeanne Melrose, OH