Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail

The Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail by Munchkin uses the odor-eliminating power of baking soda, combined with the patented self-sealing system to lock odors away. The pre-filled, vented baking soda dispenser sprinkles baking soda each time the lid is closed and continuously absorbs and eliminates odors even when the pail is not in use. The patented self-sealing system automatically seals the bag when the lid is closed and keeps it sealed when the lid is reopened. The disposable refill bags, each of which can hold up to 25 diapers, shut tight with a snap and can be easily tossed and replaced without cutting or tying. Includes 1 pail and 1 refill bag. Measures approximately 21″ height x 11″ depth and comes fully assembled.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Powered by odor-eliminating baking soda
  • Patented self-sealing system seals the bag as the lid closes
  • One-handed use
  • Just snap, seal and toss bags to dispose
  • Includes 1 bag refill and comes assembled

Verified reviews


Ok diaper pail, but not the best

We have 2 kids and over the last three years have owned or used at least 6 diaper pails including this one (ranked in order of preference):Diaper Genie II Elite Pail SystemDiaper Dekor Plus Diaper Disposal SystemBaby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe, BlueDiaper Genie II Pail SystemMunchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper PailPlaytex Diaper Genie Twist- Away Pail SystemTopline:- It’s an OK diaper pail, but I wouldn’t buy another.Pros:- The baking soda is an interesting concept for odor control- It is great that the baking soda cartridge is refillable vs. having to purchase another one.Cons:- ** The lower compartment is maddeningly easy for babies/toddlers to open (and apparently fascinating) which allows them access to the plastic film bag underneath. This seems like a serious safety issue. ** (see note below)- Despite the baking soda, there is no real difference in odor control (plus since the bags are a set size so you can’t do a “short bag” if you drop in something really stinky)- Pail is very short (just above knee level on someone 5′ 3″) and when you have to push the diaper through you have to bend even farther- Top hatch is difficult to open with one hand that is also holding a diaper (since the other hand should be holding the baby on the changing table)- The “squish” factor involved with pushing a wet (or poopy) diaper through the chute is pretty gross and you can’t get a diaper in without touching it.- Base is wider than most (so it takes up more floor space in apartments and/or small nurseries)- you go through the baking soda very quicklyAside from my concern with the safety of the accessibility of the lower compartment to small children (maybe I just have a dud pail), I would say this pail is OK. It does the job, but it would not be my first choice. If the baking soda really works I wish Arm & Hammer (or Munchkin) would just sell the refillable dispenser to stick in the top of my regular diaper pails.UPDATES – 12/21/09 – Munchkin was very quick to respond to my concern regarding the door and said that they had improved the design to make a truly child-proof lock.10/20/11 – I have received comments from other parents that this door issue is still not resolved.

Reyna Lakeville, CT

Good concept, needs better design….

This has a great concept of using baking soda to help eliminate odors from dirty diapers, although the way the bag design is set up I’m not entirely sure that the baking soda is necessary. Once you drop the dirty diaper down into the bag and close the lid the neck of the bag is squeezed shut so it’s fairly effective at keeping odors at bay, even when you open the lid to drop another diaper in.I liked that this diaper pail was slimmer and sleeker than the pail we were currently using, this one takes up a little less space. I like that the lid doesn’t easily pop open when little fingers like to play with buttons, however as another reviewer has pointed out this can also be a hindrance when you’re trying to get rid of a dirty diaper with one hand, and hold onto a squirming baby with the other hand.The pail came completely assembled and loaded with a bag, all I had to do was insert the little baking soda cartridge into the top which was super-easy, and replacing the bags is easy although I don’t like how easy it is to open the little door at the bottom to access the bag full of diapers. My daughter figured out the little door in no time and I’ve had to turn that side towards the wall so it’s not easily accessible to her. They really should have designed this with a much harder to use latch or something, since it’s not something that would need to be opened all the time, only when the bag needs to be changed.Another feature that I like is that you can refill the little cartridge that holds the baking soda on your own, you don’t need to buy a new cartridge every time, so that helps save some money.As others have mentioned – there is the ‘squish’ factor when disposing of a dirty diaper – you really have to push a diaper down into the bag to get it to go in. I like this in that my daughter can’t easily drop stuff in there or access the stuff that’s already in there, but at the same time it can be messy and a bit time consuming when you can’t easily just drop a diaper into the pail.Overall I like the design of the pail, I just think it has room for improvement. Hopefully they’ll update it with some new features soon and make it a little safer and more user friendly.

Shawna Bolton, MS

The WORST possible REVIEW: This is a MUST READ before you buy….

I would recommend in the strongest possible way no one ever buy this product. The other reviews of this product are all too kind and they say so in their descriptions. All of them point out that the product does not work smoothly or seem to do anything magically different, they also seem to give 3+ stars without comparing the product to anything else. I have compared the product to something else…a regular trash can…and the regular trash can was better. And the regular trash can didn’t even have a lid on it. A family friend also purchased this thing and has the exact same complaints. Namely that the lid gets stuck, that you have to hunch over and shove the diapers into the pail, and that you have to buy replacement bags every month or few weeks. In the end this thing is a waste of money and is simply worse than a regular old trash can. Detailed descriptions below…The Munchkin:1) There are major issues with the lid. The lid is supposed to keep out odors while sprinkling a tiny (really tiny) amount of baking soda as you close it and initiating a mechanical twist of the bag to further seal off the odors. However, the lid is constantly fighting with the mechanics that twist the bag creating, starting when then bag gets about half full, a series of sounds reminiscent of small arms fire. Crack…crack crack…crack… You will live in constant fear of a late night gun battle playing out in the child’s room leading to a screaming sleepy cranky baby. Closing the lid twists the top part of the bag in a ring of rubber shark-like teeth thereby closing off the bag as well. However, the lid will often simply get stuck open because these rubber teeth put too much pressure on the mechanics of the lid. This forces you to stick your hand into the pail itself and move the bag around to relieve the pressure so the lid will close. Think about it…you have to stick your hand into the very closure intended to keep odors out. Very often you have to decide between fixing the lid or picking up a now grumpy baby.2) The rubber teeth are a pain. Often the rubber teeth create to much counter pressure to the closing of the lid and the entire process comes to a plastic cracking halt. Even if the lid works correctly you still have to shove the diaper through the rubber teeth. You can not just drop a diaper in, instead you have to jam it through the teeth. Every time you change a diaper you have to bend down and shove your hand through a set of rubber teeth two feet off the floor. And two feet off the floor is correct. This thing barely comes up to my kneecaps. Think about it…even when working 100% correctly you have to bend over two feet and jam your fist partially through a set of rubber teeth. How is that better than dropping a diaper into a bucket?3) What’s the deal with the bags? I mean..for serious? A bag lasts you maybe 4 days at a max and more like 48 hours. Munchkin wants you to fork out whatever bucks a month for replacement bags? I think this is the entire reason for the mechanical twisting of the bags and not to keep in smells. The tops of the bags have plastic ring you set into the top of the pail and which then snaps into place. The replacement bags are only 5-10 bucks a box but it seems like a real scam. I have tried two things. A) I wondered what would happen if I re-used one of the Munchkin bags. Nothing bad happened at all. I dumped the diapers into the outside trash and put the bag back. No smells, no nastiness, nothing bad happened at all. I used the same bag for two weeks rather than two days. After two weeks of us there were still no smells. B) I then decided to try a regular trash bag. It worked fine. You just have to leave a bit of the bag sticking out beyond the lid to make sure the rubber teeth don’t pull the thing completely into the pail when you close the lid.4) The baking soda does nothing. A novel idea sure. But, like the twisting of the bags, it seems like a gimmick. The level of baking soda dropped into the bag when you close the lid is minor and the baking soda compartment is totally closed off. I do not see how either is doing much to absorb odors.Alternatives:The only alternative I have used is an old plastic trash can with an open bag in it and no lid. I dropped diapers in it for 5 days without emptying it. No smells whatsoever. Half the time it was nice out and we had the windows open. The other half of the time it was 90 degrees and the air conditioning was on. In both cases it worked out fine. No smells.Conclusions:Do not buy this munchkin monstrosity. Every time you use it you will wonder if the lid will close or start making cracking noises as it struggles to twist the bag. Buy a trashcan with a lid. Maybe one with a step lid. And if your kid makes a smelly one. Empty the trash can. Why would you want to keep that stuff inside a nursery anyway? The munchkin is a gimmicky thing and not worth it at all. It seems like a great idea but in actuality the thing does not work!

Leigh Melrude, MN

Simple and Stinkless!

I have owned the Diaper Genie II and the Diaper Champ, both of which have some flaws– the Diaper Genie is excellent about odors, but it’s pretty gross to try to squish down a full diaper, and it’s hard to tell when a bag is getting full (or, sometimes, when a refill is running out). Diaper Champ is much better about the gross-out factor (you don’t have to squish anything– you just put in the diaper and turn over the lid), but it’s absolutely useless when it comes to odor.This one beats both of them, and comes close to perfect.First, it does seal in the odor. It kind of feels space-age in the way it rotates the “teeth” closed each time you close the lid. As you close it, it sprinkles just a pinch of baking soda toward the middle of the bag. I’m not sure how necessary that is… I have had no trouble with odor in my Diaper Genie anyway… but it can’t hurt.Second, I love the fact that you can open the door in the front and see how full the bag is. I’m also storing an extra bag in the bottom.The “you have to squish the diaper in” factor, though, is still there. It’s a bit better than with the Diaper Genie– you don’t have to squish quite as hard, because the opening is a little more “forgiving” than with the Genie’s “I’m-not-giving-more-than-an-inch” feature. But any amount of diaper-squishing is too much to me. I wish the opening were wider when in the “open” position, so the diaper could be tossed in without risking the big nastiness of what might squish out.I like that I don’t have to cut or measure or tie bags. What would make it perfect is if it could widen the opening or somehow incorporate a foot pedal (like Safety 1st).If I were doing it all over again, though, I’d go with this one first. The price is reasonable and it seems like good quality.

Ester Elk Creek, VA

Nice Try Arm & Hammer

This diaper pail really stinks, haha. The lid doesn’t close unless you get into an arm wrestling match with it. Even when it does close, it is so LOUD. The noise scares my daughter. The bags are expensive. The door doesn’t close, which seems like a major health risk to a crawling baby with the plastic bag inside. Overall, definitely don’t recommend.

Leticia Leonardtown, MD

Pretty decent diaper pail, not perfect

As diaper pails go this one is pretty nice. It does come fully assembled with the first bag installed right out of the box. Just take the stay fresh seal off of the baking soda and you’re in business. Overall it’s a diaper pail, but it still has a cool factor to it. Every time you close the lid the bag twists a bit and it dumps in some baking soda. Not sure if it helps, but it is cool. Easy to change the bag and use one handed.Pros:Fair on odor control (Short bag life. I may update after we head back to daycare and our at home diaper use drops and the bag life extends…)Baking soda dispenser is reusable! (It’s also easy to clean)Feels solid and well built.Cons:Holds “~25 newborn diapers” per the box… My 18month old over the holidays was doing about 2-3days a bag or about 15 diapers.The hole to shove the diapers through isn’t really sized for the diapers my toddler delivers so there is a push it through factor on some of the ones you really don’t want to push. It’s part of the odor control gadget but it’s still a bit tricky at times.Lock on the door is NOT kid proof. It’s also about the coolest thing ever to my toddler. As is poking at the bag inside and hiding toys under it…Product improvements I’d suggest for the next version:MUST improve the lock on the door to make it kid proofAbility to put refill box in the door would be nice.

Jasmin Lebanon, GA

Lid sticks and bends. Does not work.

Pros: bags close nicelyCons: The lid on this is difficult to open with one hand (and usually there’s a diaper in your other hand). Also the lid gets stuck when you try to close it, especially of the bag is more than 1/2 full. You have to push very hard to get it to close and I’m worried that the lid will break (the cheap plastic starts to bend). Also, we have to take the bags out of the unit to be able to fill them all the way.Nice idea, but the manufacturing sucks. It doesn’t work at all.

Imelda Norman, NC

Better than the Diaper Genie

After having a Diaper Genie that I really didn’t like (was a PITA to change out bags and was a stinking pain to empty. I was taking the whole Diaper Genie to the trash can and dumping the bag out at the trash can there because I was afraid the bags would burst), I resolved to just using a small trash can with a foot pedal. I changed this often and was ok with the stink because it wasn’t worse than the Diaper Genie, but was easier to empty. I saw this diaper pail in the store shortly after it came out and bought it right away to try. I have had it for over a year now and I still love it. The bags that it uses are heavy duty and I have never once worried about them ripping or tearing. When you put the diaper in, just push it past the prongs (or even just most of the way) and close the lid. It will twist the bag slightly to keep the stink in when you add the next diaper. The only time I smell stink from this is if it hasn’t been changed in a long time (meaning approximately 2 weeks), and no one who uses disposables full time goes that long without it becoming full (I cloth diaper my child, but a child that I watch for family uses disposables). I know that most people don’t like the whole “pushing the diaper all the way through part” but it’s really not a big deal, and not messy. I’ve even been known to put just soiled disposable wipes in there and I just barely push part through, and then when you close the lid, the twisting action pulls the rest of the wipe(s) down. I’ve used this diaper pail for well over a year and I’ve only on my third 3 box of refills (as I said, I cloth diaper mainly so my bags don’t get emptied really often). The only two things that I don’t like about this diaper pail is that when it gets almost full, you can close the lid without feeling like your going to break it. At that point, if I can’t empty it right away, I just kind of shake the diaper pail side to side with one hand (other is on the baby on the changing table) and then I’m able to close it (sometimes the diapers don’t fill out parts of the bag and just plop on top of each other so by doing this, it makes them fill those spaces). Also the baking soda “sprinkles” is a good idea expcept for the fact that it needs to sprinkle a bit more each time to be effective. I have yet had to refill the baking soda container (and yes I know I should have switched it out with fresh baking soda by now) because it hardly uses any.

Sonia Clarks Mills, PA

Don’t recommend

Holds a small amount of diapers. You have to push the diaper down the bag-not good if have a full diaper! Only good thing is very little smell when you open the lid. Overall, don’t waste your money.

Anna Sullivan, MO

Much better than our last 2

This was offered to me for review by the Vine program and I was hesitant since my prior experiences with diaper pails have been negative. Now after 4 days of using it here is my take:The first factor I look for in a diaper pail is smell containment. The previous pails I had all failed miserably. (Playtex brands) I have a few smelly diapers in there and the bag is nearly full. So far when I open it I do not get any foul odor.The next important thing I looked for was the hinge durability. Seeing how a diaper pail gets opened and closed an awful lot – especially when you have 2 kids in diapers like me- the hinge has to be able to take a beating. Comparing this to my old playtex pails which had suffered broken hinges I can see the Munchkin is far superior in its build quality.The refills are blue with a ring at the top. Right under the refill sits this plastic part which keeps the bag sealed up so the smell stays in the bag and doesn’t come up to greet you every time you put another diaper in. Upon closing the lid there is a little cup that goes on the bottom of the lid, and it sprinkles baking soda on the top of the now-sealed bag to make sure no smell comes out. The ring at the top of the bag seals when it is full and ready for disposal.At this price I feel the diaper pail is very competitive and a good quality. We had resorted to using plastic shopping bags for our dirty diapers then they went onto the covered front porch until they were put in our garbage in the shed. It looked really messy! I am grateful for Munchkin and Amazon for offering this product and give it 4 stars for durability, odor control and price.That said, if you are on a budget and feel you cannot afford a pail just know you can get by without one. I haven’t had a real functioning pail in a few years and have 3 kids. So it is a luxury and Munchkin has made it a bit more affordable for moms on a strict budget.

Nicole Huxford, AL

Keeps the nursery smelling clean

This pail does a great job of keeping diaper smells contained. I love that it uses baking soda for freshness and it’s easy to use.

Anna Folsom, PA

Superior Diaper Pail Is Easy to Use

This diaper pail is an easy way to keep your house smelling clean. I had a diaper gene and also one that used regular garbage bags. The diaper gene was a pain to set up and changing the bag meant a bit of work. The one that used regular bags didn’t keep the smell down, attracted flies, and smalled horrible when changing. This one is easy to load and easy to change! They all operate the same between changes, just lift the lid and push the diaper down.There is only one drawback, which is why I gave this 4 stars. Whenever you open it, a little baking soda is released into the air. At first this was quite annoying, and it does start to collect on nearby objects, but now I hardly notice it (except having to wipe the table next to it down from time to time). However, baby powder is an inhilation hazard, and baking soda seems awfull similar, so I wouldn’t use this with children right next to it. For that reason, it deserves 4 stars instead of 5.

Rosetta Rock Hill, NY

Something stinks!

We got this diaper pail as a gift when our kid was born. It does what it is supposed to do. If money is no issue then I recommend this system for you. I however, would not buy this again. The bags are far too expensive. 30 bags will cost you $18.49. They hold “up to” 25 diapers per bag. Thats only for the smallest diaper size. My baby wears size 4 diapers. He can fill a bag in 2 days. So, thats about $18.49 worth of bags every 2-3 weeks. The pail does work with regular trash bags. Just cut the plastic piece off one of the bags and fit it over a regular trash bag. Its not ideal.

Sue Foster, VA

Great Purchase – way better than the Diaper Genie

Great Purchase – way better than the Diaper GenieWe originally purchased the Diaper Genie and were disappointed that it did not twist after each diaper. Not only that, but it arrived damaged and was impossible to put together. This was easy to put together, it’s easy to maintain, and it definitely holds in odors. I like that it’s easy open/easy close (one touch), it actually twists the bags after each diaper. It holds about 15-20 diapers, I’m guessing- we change ours every week (but baby is in daycare during the day). I highly recommend this product. The refill bags are not super pricy (about $8).

Christy Lowland, NC

Gets the job done

Every diaper pail you research has bad reviews, “You have to touch the diaper too much when putting it in,” “It doesn’t cover up the smell as much as they say”…..blah, blah, blah.Fact is, diapers are gross and they stink. Get over it. It isn’t like you have to shove your whole hand through the hole to get the diaper in. And to the people that got a pencil or wooden spoon to get the diaper further in, you should be washing your hands after changing your baby anyway! You think the pail is unhygienic, YOU are the unhygienic one if you’re feeding him/her after changing their diaper without washing your hands.I have had this diaper pail for 1.5 weeks, my 5 month old produces 2-3 dirty diapers per day and about 8 wet ones. She’s in Pampers size 3 diapers, the first week she was in Swaddlers, this week we’re using Baby Dry. The first change held 21 Swaddlers diapers, the second change held 24 Baby Dry. I probably could have fit 2-3 more diapers in each bag. I didn’t fold the diapers into teeny tiny balls, I rolled them tight enough that nothing would come out the sides. We have yet to have a problem with the stench. Then again, for the first 4 months of her life, we were using a simple 5 gallon garbage pail with a foot pedal. Anything smells better than that. There is also room enough to put a small air freshener in the bottom of the pail if we ever do have a problem with it. I also found these refills to be the cheapest. 10 at Wal-Mart are $5 and 32 on are $17 right now, typically $19.I will re-post if I feel any differently about this product in the future. For now, I would definitely recommend it over any other pail. I have used the Diaper Genie in the past while baby sitting and absolutely despise the thing. Not to mention how pricey it and it’s refills are.

Ursula Anchorville, MI

Good product

I have used Diaper Genie which has some flaws, it is hard to tell when it needs emptying or when a new refill is needed. I don’t think it really eliminates odors either.I like this one. It seems to do better with odor. I like the baking soda aspect, and refilling it is easy.I like that you can open the door in the front and see how full the bag is. but it doesn’t take much for little hands to figure out as well.Good quality, well made product.

Genevieve Cambridge, IA

Definitely worth considering.

I never really felt the need for a diaper pail, especially since none of them really got RAVE reviews. Besides, I liked the ease of the stainless steel garbage can with foot pedal that we were using, and it was small enough that a scented stick-up helped with the odor and it was small enough that we were emptying it once a day anyway.So, the Munchkin diaper pail is the first actual diaper pail we’ve used in the 11 months since my son was born, and honestly I only tried it because it was made available to me to review through Amazon Vine.My thoughts? Overall, it’s pretty darn good.I haven’t noticed any diaper smells AT ALL and I love that it can hold 25 diapers (about 3-4 days worth). It also has a somewhat small footprint, and the white color isn’t too bad.However, as other reviewers have mentioned, the “squish” factor is probably my least favorite thing about it. It’s just somewhat disconcerting to have to squish the diaper through a hole, and I now have to take A LOT MORE care in closing/wrapping the dirty diaper so there are no accidental messes. That said, I haven’t had any messes yet.My second least-favorite thing is the way you have to open the lid. It takes some practice to be able to open it with one hand, and becomes a tad more difficult if you’re trying to manage a wiggly baby. My baby (11 months old) has managed to get the lid open multiple times so be aware it CAN be opened by a baby.I haven’t actually had to replace the bags myself (hubby gets diaper duty) but he says it’s easy (and I haven’t heard any swearing while he does it, LOL) so maybe I will try it one day soon.I believe the price point is just about right for this item, so overall I would recommend this diaper pail if you decide you want to use a diaper pail.

Imogene Fort Gratiot, MI

Better than Diaper Champ

After using this for about a month, I am pleased to say that I am overall happy and it is a better diaper pail than my current one, which is a Diaper Champ.Now the longer I am a parent, the more I am convinced that this battle against poopy smells is futile. After all, it is *poop* and its very nature is its stinkyness. I was unhappy with the Diaper Champ because it complicated but it still made the room smelly. Every time you flipped the thing, the smell was so bad your eyes would cross.But this Munchkin pail was a great improvement. I liked the baking soda dispenser at the top. I think that helped a lot. Initially, it kept falling out and caused great frustration but then I figured out I was supposed to screw it into the top, not just pop it in like I had been doing. So once that was remedied, I liked this pail a lot more. I also like that the lid makes a tight seal when it is closed so smells do not escape. I also like that I can throw wipes into it as well without clogging it up. (With the Diaper Champ we had to have a separate trash can solely for the wipes.) My husband claims that this pail is easier to empty out than the Diaper Champ too.But that said there are some downsides. The first being I have to use two hands, one to open up the pail and one to shove to diaper down. Maybe someone else has figured out how to use only one hand but so far, that has eluded me. I also wish it would hold more diapers. The box says 25 diapers before you have to change it but that’s just if they’re newborn size. I have a 14 month old and it seems like we’re changing that thing every 48 hours.But overall, I would recommend this. It has made our changing station area much more bearable.

Beverly Ark, VA

Very disappointed!

I had high hopes for this product with it’s affiliation with Arm and Hammer but have been very disappointed in it. 1) In order to put the diaper in you have to lift up the top with your hand (for some reason I didn’t think about this even though with my first child I had a diaper dekor with a step to open feature) 2. When you put the diaper in you have to push it through the top of the bag adding to the germyness! 3. The biggest problem I have with this which made me just throw it in the garage before I’d even finished using all those special bags was that a lot of times I could not get the lid to close. I do not know why but the lever inside just didn’t work and would not allow me to close the top so I’d have to open the unit in the front, jiggle the bag around, close the front then finally I could close the lid. 4. This does not hold very many diapers, but then that feature may be there so you change the pail sooner so it won’t smell. Still, every other day seemed excessive to me with one baby who was at the time wearing Newborn to size 1 diapers(compared to the diaper dekor). So I am now ordering the Diaper Genie Elite after watching the reviews. I would prefer a diaper pail that took regular bags but there seem to be none out there that good marks on the smell factor. Wish I could get my money back for this product!

Betty West Simsbury, CT

Annoying but keeps the stink away

I’ve only had this one diaper pail so far and I have a love hate relationship with it. On the one had it keeps the stink away (although when it’s open you can smell the poo for about 30 seconds). On the other hand I have to push my hand through the flaps to get it into the garbage can. When the can gets full, it makes it really difficult to close the lid, even though the bag isn’t yet full. It also requires you to purchase the diaper bags and refillable baking soda pods which is just an unnecessary added expense. I would go with the Diaper Champ.If you’re looking for more down to earth reviews and recommendations for your baby registry, visit the website, It’s also got some good advice for how to prepare for delivery, what to expect during recovery, and how sleep training can be more difficult than anything you can imagine.

Catherine Sunbury, OH

Gross pail causes marital strife!

I had a diaper pail on the registry that used any trash bag and had a foot pedal. This was given as a gift so I surrendered to it. Right from the first use I detested this thing. My husband however thinks it works great, hence the marital strife. For one thing our son is 100% breastfed so in my opinion his poos really don’t stink. The entire purpose of this thing is odor control and not for any other convenience.So you finish changing and shove the diaper into the rubber teeth ring of this thing. Most of the time the diaper and wipes don’t even make it all the way in despite the shoving. You then have to close the lid which sounds like it’s breaking half the time. I have rebelled and now leave the lid open as I find having to bend over and open that thing to be a complete nuisance. My husband says that the wipes protect your hand when you shove in the diaper and you’d wash your hands anyway. Okay but you still have to pick up the baby… with your hands covered in poo! By the time the diapers are near the top you have to force the diaper in and the option to close that thing is gone anyway.So here we are it’s time to buy refills, meanwhile all I want to do is take that thing out to a dark alley and beat it up.Here’s to hoping I can get my husband to admit his detest so he will join me in the carnage!

Cindy Palermo, CA

Just Okay

I got this item before my daughter was born. I had heard horrible things about the Diaper Genie so I went straight for this one. In the beginning it worked great. But as my daughter got older, her BM’s became stronger in odor. While the pail is closed, it’s fine but as soon as you open it to put in another diaper, the stench stinks up the entire room. Unfortunately all we keep in these pails now is pee diapers. BM diapers go straight to the outside garbage.

Penelope Marienthal, KS

A must have

This diaper pail contains the stink pretty well. You don’t smell the stinky diapers unless you open the top to dispose more diapers. Easy to use product with baking soda attachment to eliminate odors. A must have product.

Olga Phoenixville, PA

Better than Diaper Genie

I absolutely love this diaper pail system.We used the Diaper Genie with my first child, and it was awkward and inefficient. The Diaper Genie had the access door on the bottom of the pail, and you had to lift it up and awkwardly try to dump what my husband called “poopy sausage links” into a trash bag. Plus, there was a lot of moisture retained in the unit, which led to odors aside from the diapers themselves and made me worried about mold and mildew.We got the Munchkin/Arm & Hammer system last minute when I decided not to try cloth diapers. I was intrigued by the design (especially the front door access panel) and decided to try it since the Diaper Genie had given us so much trouble. Man am I glad! The ease of use is fantastic!The pail is about the same size (height/width) as a Diaper Genie, and being 5’9, I don’t mind the low profile at all. The front access door is WONDERFUL, and I can leave it open to easily air our the unit to prevent the smelly moisture.The self-contained bags that snap closed are super-handy. Especially since we live in the country and have to transport the bags to a dumpster in town to dispose of them. One pack of (10) refills costs the same as a (1) Diaper Genie refill, and they last about twice as long. Also, we’ve had the unit for 2.5 months, with one baby in diapers, and I haven’t had to refill the baking soda dispenser yet.Putting the diaper into the unit is fairly easy; the lid is easy to open, and it takes about as much effort to push the diaper through the rubber fingers as it would to push it into a Diaper Genie. Plus, the unit twists itself closed, so you don’t have to manually twist it every time.I would definitely recommend this to anyone who asks, over anything else available. It’s great!

Rosalie Gibson, TN

Easy to use and no smell

I read the reviews on the Diaper Genie, and they said that it was hard to use. The arm and hammer is so simple. You open the door, place the top of the bag through the door and into the hole on top, snap it under the 4 ridges, close the lid and you are done. Taking a bag full of diapers out is just as easy. I don’t have any bad smells coming from my nursery. My baby is 10 months old, and I have used it the whole time. The pail is not big and bulky, but yet it holds lots of dirty diapers. I love it!!

Berta Zimmerman, MN

Great for both cloth & disposable diapers

This pail does the job! It keeps the nursery odor-free & is super easy to use. We were using it with disposable diapers & when we switched to cloth, we continued to use it rather than a wet bag that allows odors to escape. Would recommend this for any parents out there!

Zelma Charlestown, MD

Easy to use.

This diaper pail is really easy to use. The refills are so easy to take in and out. It takes me about a minute to change the old bag and put a new one in. The bags are very sturdy and can be tossed right into your dumpster without busting open, no need to put it in another garbage bag. Hold the stinkiness in well. It also hold a good amount of diapers and I’m using it for a toddler right now. I’m sure with a newborn it can hold a lot more diapers b/c they are so much smaller. I’d recommend this diaper pail just b/c its so easy to use and I like the refill designs much better than the other popular genie brand.

Elsie Lonaconing, MD

Great Diaper Pail!

I bought this after my Diaper Genie II Elite BROKE! I loved how easy it was to dispose of a diaper in the Diaper Genie II Elite however it wasn’t so easy to change out the liners. It also smelled bad and the liners were very expensive!I gave the Arm and Hammer diaper pail by Munchkin 4 stars because isn’t hands-free like the Diaper Genie II Elite and the less I have to touch a diaper, the better. But the Arm and Hammer diaper pail is incredibly easy to change liners, it holds in the stink much better, it’s less complicated, and the liners cost less. I’m very happy I took a chance and got this pail!

Addie Sedan, KS

Easy, inexspensive but lacks foot pedal to open

This pail is priced right snd so arent the refills. I dont have an odor either. My only wish would be that it had a pedal to step on for easy opening when your hands are full.

Jackie Bethel Park, PA

Mostly perfect!

It sure keeps the stink in, but pushing a really bloated poopy diaper through the “sphincter” could prove to be a problem. I’ve had to wrap a second diaper around the first a couple times, if the mess was oozing too much. Sometimes even the best diaper-folders can’t get it all in. We like it though.

Elizabeth Glorieta, NM