Munchkin Arm & Hammer Natural Fit Potty

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Natural Fit Potty

Natural, comfortable fit helps make potty training easy. The arm and hammer removable freshener controls odors and is easy to replace. Simply push up on the cartridge and replace with your favorite scented arm and hammer nursery freshener. Removable potty basin is easy to clean. The natural contours of the seat keeps little ones in place.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Removable basin is easy to clean
  • Natural, comfortable fit
  • Includes 1 odor fighting Arm & Hammer removable freshener

Verified reviews


A throne not fit for my princess…

I have a couple issues with this potty training potty. It appears that it is rather popular, with all reviews being in the 4/5 star range, but personally I’m not as impressed as the others seem to be. First off, the deodorizing scent is not very prominent and might as well not even be there. Second, this isn’t a potty that really instills any sense of urgency with potty training. It doesn’t get the child excited to use it. It is a plain white potty with the Arm and Hammer logo at the top. The only colors are a murky orange and a green stripe. It just isn’t much to look at, and despite what some may want to believe, children react to the way something looks. Third, it is very small. The seat isn’t all that comfortable (my daughter even complained about it hurting her butt). We have another potty that has a cushioned seat, which she prefers far more. Yes, this is gender natural (which seems to be something reviews have responded to) and it is easy to clean, but then again many other potties are easy to clean. This, to me, isn’t worth it. It is cheap feeling and looking and doesn’t inspire my child to want to try.

Jenny Fairfield, TX

Simple, Effective and Practical

This is a great potty for infants.Pros:-Good size-Gender neutral-Unadorned-Easy to clean-Easy to storeCons:-None

Stella Hanover, IL

Arm & Hammer Potty

I liked the Arm & Hammer Natural Fit Potty as soon as I took it out of the box because it is very light weight, small, and only has 2 parts. The potty seat we previously owned was bigger, bulkier, and had three parts that had to be cleaned and maintained. We haven’t yet used the Arm & Hammer Potty, as our daughter is not ready to be potty trained, but it seems to be easy to clean, since there are not a lot of different parts. I like the feature on the back of the potty where there is a snap in deodorizing disc, to help eliminate odors. (I have used these discs before in the diaper pail and bathroom garbage cans, and I can say that they really help eliminate odors.) Our one year old daughter got excited when she saw it, and while is not ready to potty train yet, she sat on the potty (fully clothed), and it seemed to be a good size for her, and comfortable. We’re looking forward to trying it out in the near future!

Addie Breese, IL

Using pre potty training

My son is only 9 months when I introduced him to this, I wanted to start him early. I saw this thing on pinterest about teaching your baby potty training early and one of the steps was having a potty always around so they can get familiar with it. So, this potty sits in his room and he plays with it some times and gets familiar with it.It is a simply white design, the arm and hammer freshener smelled as soon as it came out of its packaging, but I have smelled it since. So, it really isn’t needed. The basin is pretty shallow, but I haven’t used it for potty yet. What I do, is when I see he has the urge to go poop I ask him are you going poo poo? And I will take off his pants, but leave his diaper on and put him on this potty to become familiar with it. If I put him on it without his diaper right now he cries I think because the plastic is cold to his bottom. And he will sit on this potty and grab at the splash guard in the front and try to poop. At 9 months, he is only 27 inches high, so when he sits on it his legs don’t quite touch the floor. But, I think when he is a year old this potty will be the right size. But, I have done this numerous times and he doesn’t mind sitting on the potty while he is pooping.I think it is great to start potty training pretty early, and with the simple design of this potty it helps.I will update as my son gets older when he is really potty training.

Tasha Tripoli, IA

Helps with potty-training

I got this for my granddaughter Gabi, who’s 2. I wasn’t sure if she’d use this but she never hesitated. It must be comfortable as she never complaints that it isn’t. I like the Arm and Hammer removable freshener which is easy to replace. The basin is removable and easy to empty and clean (my granddaughter loves to empty it into the big toilet and flush). It’s a nice size, not overly big and bulky, and fits into a corner of the bathroom. And best of all, it’s a very stable potty – I never worry about it tipping over.

Tamika North Westchester, CT

Great potty for the price…

Excellent potty. It is all white and resembles a toilet. Anti skid bottom: No need to worry about your kid trying to move this potty when he is seated. Splash guard: Prevents unnecessary mess and cleanup. Removable basin: Easy to remove and clean. The removable air freshener is a big plus. It really does help fight stinky odor. The natural contours of the seat will make it very comfortable for you little one as he is learning to potty. An excellent potty with all the necessities without all the unnecessary bells and whistles.

Eliza Kilsyth, WV

Good porta potty for training babies.

Medical experts have different opinions on how soon should a baby be trained to use a porta potty. Some proponents recommend between birth and six months old while others suggest after 18 months. The pediatrician recommends as early as possible. Our baby is only 8 months old but I want to potty train him soon to alleviate the need for disposable diapers. This Arm & Hammer Natural Fit Potty by Munchkin is just what we needed.Likes:>Simple design with a convenient grab handle in the back and appropriately sized.>Made from durable, almost non-breakable plastic.>Refreshing Arm & Hammer deodorizing disc snaps in to eliminate the pungent smell of baby’s doodoo.>Easy, removable top basin for simple cleaning of pee and poo. We just resorted to lining it with a thick plastic bag and just tie it up and dispose after use.>Four, sturdy, non-slip base pads means the porta potty can be mounted securely on top of a regular toilet so baby can pee directly with the top basin removed. There will be more solid poo when baby gets older and eats more solid foods.Early trials of potty training:>Right now our baby is still nursing so most of the poo is in semi-liquid form but this porta potty is good training for peeing.>Even with a full-time mom, it’s hard to precisely know when baby is going to pee or poo. My gal has good intuition and has learned the elimination habits, routines, and cues from our baby but sometimes it’s still too late to rush to the porta potty when baby had already relieved himself in the diaper.>Potty training takes plenty of time and patience so don’t expect one’s own child prodigy to verbalize or point to the porta potty after only a few tries.>This porta potty is NOT a toy and requires constant parent/adult supervision when using; especially when placed over a regular toilet.Overall:A good porta potty to train baby when nature calls but success heavily dependent on mom’s ability to know when baby is going to pee or poo.

Graciela Coushatta, LA

Perfect size Potty

Nice seat perfect size plain white no decorations on it can be use for boy or girl, perfect size and it looks comfortable, very easy to clean, the arm and hammer deodorizing is a plus if you don’t want to use this option the potty will work great any way.

Melinda Quarryville, PA

The Perfect Size Potty for Toilet Training

I think that the Arm & Hammer Natural Fit Potty is the perfect potty for toilet training. I’ve been using this potty with my two year old son and am very happy with it. He recognizes this potty as a place to relieve himself and because of it’s basic design he doesn’t want to play with it after use. Simple is always good when it comes to product of this nature, in my opinion.This potty has a slim design which is ideal in not taking up space in the bathroom. The bottom base of the potty is slip proof, ensuring safety for your child while in use. The back of the potty has a handle for making it easy to move the potty to desired location. In the top front there’s a place to insert an Arm and Hammer refresher cartridge which is great in removing undesired odors. I found the cartridge (one is included) to remove odor promptly after my son went. The cartridge also easy slips in and out after pushing and pulling up for an adult but would be quite difficult for a child to do so.The potty has a removable basin making cleaning up after use easy to do. There’s also a front splash guard which this Mom is very thankful for in training a little boy! There are no crevices or corners in which could hurt or pinch a child. The potty itself seems very durable.Note that this potty is to be used as is which means that you should not put this potty or the basin on a regular sized toilet at all. It clearly states on the basin of the toilet that it should be used with the potty seat only. So if you are looking for potty that has a removable top to click on a regular toilet seat, I would look for another option. Doing this with the Arm & Hammer Natural Fit Potty would be clearly unsafe and could end up pinching your child or cause a dangerous fall.I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this potty to anyone looking for straight to the point simple potty to train their child.

Frieda Nokomis, IL

A hit with the kids

Simple and well designed, this potty delivers. Our son was thrilled to receive it in the mail and began using it soon after. We have a more elaborate potty but our son actually prefers this one.

Elisha Lincolnville, ME

A Must Have

We have two of these. One is made by another manufacturer though, but serves the same purpose. In my opinion, this is an essential tool when training your child. It teaches them that they have a place to go, just like their parents when they have to “go”. It becomes theirs, so to speak. My child (3 years old) even empties it into the toilet when he’s finished. I wash it out after each use. I recommend placing one in every bathroom of your home for easy access.It is well manufactured, sturdy, and glossy white. It appears comfortable enough as a seat (to the point where we had to tell our child that when you are done going, he doesn’t need to sit there any longer.As I assume happens when training any boy, aim is something to pay attention to. While the removable bowl does raise up in the front to block the urine, sometimes it might spill out over the side if he doesn’t pay attention to what he is doing.

Carole Shepherd, MT

The perfect potty chair for us

I LOVE this potty chair. Our old one was messy and forever smelled of pee. This one is great.The narrower size is just perfect for little ones learning to go by themselves. Our old one was too wide and my toddler always knocked the urine shield into the cup. Not only is this one narrower, but the urine shield is built in and doesn’t stick up so far. Also, rather than having a cup that sits under the seat, the “cup” part is one piece with the seat, making it so that the urine doesn’t run off the shield when you lift the seat to empty the cup. The whole top lifts off for easy, mess-free emptying.The scent is subtle but does help cover potty-seat odors.

Erika Laurel Fork, VA

Good, simple design

As potties go, this one is pretty minimalist: A base, a removable bowl, and an air-freshener cartridge. It’s the right size, easy to clean, and a good value. Obviously there will be those parents who want something fancier for their kids, and to be honest there’s no way an air freshener can make a significant impact on that particular odor. But this is an excellent, simple potty for a temporary purpose.

Wendy Park Ridge, IL

Appealing to young ones, not annoying to adults (no noises or whistles or songs)

If you have a young one at the right age and size, this could be the ideal training potty. Check out the features I’ve mentioned below to see if it fits your needs:1. Appearance:This seat is nice and basic with nothing intimidating or unappealing about it. And not only does it have a simple profile, but it has a special holder designed for snapping in an Arm and Hammer deodorizing discs.. The potty does come with one already in place,. I like the nice clean smell of the deodorizer. However, you don’t have to use this option.2. Color:As pictured, it is white and with no special decorations. It is also gender neutral so that both boys and girls can use it.If the white seems too plain for some children, this seat could easily be “customized” by letting little ones add stickers.3. Compact size:If bathroom space is limited, this one is a real space saver. Easy to carry along for travel.4. No annoying noises- music, bells, etcA pet peeve of mine is the obnoxious noise or music – often described as “special features” of some potties. There has never been anything special about those add-ons for me – and my kids never seemed to care either. Besides, sounds or music can boost the price of toilet training seats.When my toddlers were ready to start using a toilet regularly, it was a natural process. They liked feeling independent. Reward enough.5.Safety and comfort:The bottom of the seat has 4 solid rubber pieces to keep it firmly in place on any bathroom floor. It doesn’t move when an older baby or toddler is seated atop it. There are no uncomfortable seams to pinch the skin of little ones. There is a splash guard in the front. Nothing about this is likely to alarm or scare those ready to be toilet trained.6. Easy to clean. The catch basin easily lifts from the rest of the seat to be rinsed and cleaned. It is just as easy to put back in place.I only have a few very small reservations about this seat – but they wouldn’t prevent me from purchasing it, especially since it is so reasonably priced. Again, they are minor issues.First, this potty seems best for younger and smaller toddlers. Actually, the product literature indicates it can be used with babies as young as 6 months but I’ve never had a baby that young who was remotely ready. If your baby or toddler is large for his or her size you will want to double check the dimensions of this seat. One of my boys was a bit older when he was toilet trained and this seat might have been too small for him.The removable catch basin isn’t super deep but would have worked well enough. If it seems small, the inner container can be removed and then the seat fits securely on a standard toilet seat.If you do this, however,I’d strongly suggest you watch your little one closely (although it seems highly unlikely the potty chair would move). But I’d simply never leave a toddler alone with this seat off the floor and on top of a standard toilet. I’m not sure it is even designed for that.The snap-in deodorizing disc is relatively easy for adults to remove and replace – once you get the hang of it. It only takes minutes to learn but at first I thought it was a bit frustrating. Then I realized that if I simply pressed inwards on the top portion it was easily removed. To put it back in place you need to align the side tabs with the grooves and slide the disc holder straight down. It isn’t hard to get the knack of this. Also, keep in mind that the deodorizer is optional. I do like the pleasant smell, though.

Lila Bell, FL

Good potty….but

So, I really like this potty. A simple design. Sturdy. Like the built in air freshener. A good potty at a great price. However, its just a tad small. I have a good size boy who is turning 3 next month. He’s really the height and weight of a good size 4 year old. For that reason while we are starting this potty training, I can tell that this potty is a uncomfortable for my boy. I had to go out and find a different potty. We bought the baby borjn potty chair which is a tad bigger and more supportive. Now, I dont intent to return this potty. I fully think that once my boy gets the hang of the process he will be able to use it quickly and get on with life. But for the initial “training” portion where I’m asking him to sit a little longer and try, it’s not our go to potty.If you have a normal size tot or a younger than 3 tot, this is probably a very nice loo for them. Again, I’m keeping it as I think it will get used, but its not going to be our initial training pot.

Greta Hampton, MN

really nice basic choice

This is an excellent basic choice for a toddler potty. It’s sturdy, comfortable to my little guy, easy to clean – no complaints. I prefer its simple, white look. If you want a potty without “bells and whistles” this is a great one.The added feature here is the odor fighting freshener. The good news is that it’s not overwhelmingly scented. Honestly I can’t say how well it’s working; I certainly haven’t noticed any lingering odors, but I haven’t had that problem with our other training potty, either.The size seems right for average toddlers. Because our child is petite and started potty practice relatively early, it might have been too big when he was starting out. (We used a Bjorn Little Potty, which I believe they no longer make. I also like that one for its similarly simple design.) He’s now roughly the size of an average boy turning two and this is a great size for him – which is important because you want them to be comfortable while they’re learning. My guess is it would be a fine fit for all but the biggest and smallest potty trainers.

Rosetta Spirit Lake, IA

simpler is better

This potty chair is pretty basic, and I like that. My 2 year old grandson has autism, and although he’s pretty easy going, I didnt want to get a seat that might overwhelm his senses with noise or visuals. This is perfect for him, and he really likes sitting on it. My favorite part is that the “deflector” is part of the seat, it’s easier to clean and doesnt get lost. It arrived with a deodorizing disc that smells pretty but not overwhelming, although I don’t see it masking a doody smell that well! It’s a bit on the small side, but again for us that’s an advantage as its not intimidating. I have one small issue, there are little spots that show up after cleaning this chair, they sort of look like mold. They wipe off easily, but then reappear. It’s not a huge deal but thought it was worth mentioning.

Kelley Weaubleau, MO

Now if only she’d use the thing!

Ah, potty training. The thorn in my side. At 18mo my pediatrician suggested getting a potty based on some signs my toddler was showing. Those first few days were pretty encouraging if the video of my little one clapping and showing delight in her new found independence is any indication. Alas, it was not to be. Fast forward two years and we’ve run out of ideas. We have tried just about every tip and trick in the book. So I decided maybe trying a different potty would encourage some rekindled interest so I picked the Natural Fit Potty.I love that it’s gender neutral and blends nicely with other bathroom fixtures, giving it a more grown-up feel. It doesn’t skid as badly as our previous potty does, or have an annoying lid that constantly flops down. The base is easy to remove for cleaning and the addition of the removable freshener is a nice touch. (You can pick up freshener refills for a good price here on Amazon:Munchkin Arm and Hammer Nursery Fresheners, 5 Pack). But so far, it really hasn’t won my little girl over, she still prefers her 3-in-1 potty that’s a potty, ring (for the toilet), and stool.If you’re looking for a nice basic potty that’s gender neutral or that can be decorated with stickers as a reward or just to excite them about using it this is a nice one… now if only I could get my little one to use it!

Briana Energy, TX

Perfect for potty training

This is a small, simple potty and is pretty much perfect for our potty training needs. I especially like the splash guard/deflector in front which keeps things where they need to stay — inside the potty.The design is attractive and it is easy to clean. We have not had any issues with movement — the rubber feet keep it well rooted in place. Our son likes it a lot too.The one questionable element is the air freshener, which is, after all, the only part that really makes this an “Arm & Hammer” potty. I’m not convinced it is effective, and don’t particularly like having it so close to my son’s back as I’m not sure what chemicals, beyond baking soda, are in it. Moreover, mine didn’t come with instructions on changing the air freshener, and I can’t really figure out how to get the darn disc out of the holder short of prying it open with a screwdriver. But, the air freshener part really is an optional accessory and needn’t be used.This is a good, solid, attractive potty that should be good for kids up to about 3 years old (I think he might outgrow it by then). Great for early potty training.

Corina Merrittstown, PA

tastefully contoured cute little potty

This little white potty is contoured nicely for the little one.The refresher unit is easy to change,and The arm and hammer is not offensive like perfumed products.The unit is easy to clean.I love the design,and it is very reasonably price.I would recommend it to anyone.

Leonor Stennis Space Center, MS