Munchkin Auto-Close Metal Gate, White

Munchkin Auto-Close Metal Gate, White

Once baby-proofing is done, parents expect and deserve true peace of mind. But not all safety gates are created equal, and closing the gate behind you shouldn’t be yet another worry on your list. The auto-close metal gate by munchkin is the ultimate in child gate technology. Equipped with a unique gravity-fed hinge, the auto-close does exactly what its name implies: it closes automatically when the handle is released. And because it relies on gravity, the gate locks shut from any open position. Ideal for use in doorways, stairways, and halls, this infant gate stands 29.5″ tall and fits openings 29.5″-35″ wide. It’s your right hand in baby safety.

Main features

  • Fits openings 29.5″- 35″ wide, 29.5″ tall
  • Child safety gate shuts automatically with gravity-fed hinge locks
  • Double-locking handle is easy for adults, but difficult for children to use
  • U-shaped steel power-frame keeps gate firmly in place
  • Pressure-fit baby gate with hardware included for added safety

Verified reviews


Damaged our wall

Terrible gate! It’s have and loud. Also, they damaged our walls. The pressre on the wall brackets was too much. The brace actuallly punched a hole in our wall. We lost the brace (through the drywall). much kin doesn’t sell replacement parts so now we have to buy a whole new gate.

Edythe Eunice, NM

Was a good “between rooms” gate for awhile

We currently have four of these gates installed in our home. Personally, no one in our home has tripped over the bottom support rail. I don’t see how you could unless you drag your feet when you walk. These gates do have a couple of potential downfalls. When you allow them to auto close, it’s really loud. Like wake your kid up from her nap at the other end of the house loud. Also, the other day I was a bit aggressive lifting up on one of the gates when I opened it and the screw that holds the top hinge together popped out and the whole gate came up out of the frame. Let me say though, I was trying to open it quickly and jerked the gate up much harder than a person would with normal use. I like that you have to lift the gate to open it. Keeps our smallest child from being able to open it but the older kids can manage it just fine. That lift to open feature is one reason why I wouldn’t recommend it for the top of stairs. It would be difficult.Update: February 2013. I was a fan of these gates in the beginning. After a lot of use, they are losing their auto close function. Not that bid of a deal, my hands aren’t broken, I can certainly take two seconds to close a baby gate. What I am becoming irritated with is the failure that I wrote about in my initial review. We have now had all four gates come completely off their frames multiple times. Other than the instance I wrote about previously, I am not strong arming these gates, this shouldn’t be happening. The problem is that the post on the top of the gate that fits into the frame is made of plastic. The screw that hold said gate post in the frame is metal. The plastic post has cracked on every single gate and the metal screw is popping out, thus allowing the gate to come completely off the frame when opened. The gate comes off, the metal screw goes flying one way, the metal spring goes flying another and I am left on hands and knees looking for these two pieces before the baby finds them and chokes on them. Not impressed.I don’t see a way for this to be fixed. We can’t “uncrack” the plastic post, the only way to fix it is to get a new gate. Unless Munchkin can figure out a way to reinforce the plastic post or make it out of a different material, I don’t see how this won’t happen after time on a replacement.

Janis Blanchard, LA

Auto close means auto close, so listen up!

If you want it to stay open then hahahaIsn’t going to happen.. You have to attach this with one of those drawer strapsto the wall as it auto shuts, just like the company says and if anyone can find an error inmy post then let me know because I WOULD LOVE A FEATURE THAT LETS YOU TURN IT OFF.You know what I mean? I want it open sometimes. Hey I LOVE IT. I will get over it, Would buy again!

Judi Fountaintown, IN

Great for 6 months

ALL TIME FAVORITE GATE, until the “auto” close feature quit. The gate sticks open now. Not sure how to fix it. If I have to replace it every 6 months, this is going to get expensive. We use this gate to keep the dogs contained. Even our quick pups couldn’t beat the gate. And now that we are expecting a baby any day, we were really looking forward to the easy auto close feature. A little disappointed, but AMAZING while it lasted.Contacted company, waiting to hear back… Would like it replaced if possible.

Tracy Outing, MN

Not as sturdy as I would like.

The extensions were very hard to assemble, we needed a hammer. It took lots of patience to install them and get the swinging door to actually close properly. We’re still not 100% happy with the second gate that has the 11" extender attached. It seems to sway quite a bit, even after lots of tightening.

Lula Rahway, NJ

So far, great! Perfect at the top of the stairs.

We have had this in place for a few weeks and with kiddos and adults leaning on it, it hasn’t budged a bit. It is secure, self-closing and we just love it for the top of our stairs (mounted in drywall). It opens either direction and is easy enough for an adult single-handed but since you have to lift the gate to open, kids can’t get it. WAY better than the older model we had that you had to press down with your wrist – that thing hurt! LOVE it. It does make a louder click if closed automatically, but we just manually close when our kids are sleeping. When they are both down for the night, we prop a towl or something under it anyway and leave it open. LOVE for the top of the stairs safety.

Julie Bell Ranch, NM

Didn’t last but a few days

I bought this gate for the top of our steps. There was a door at the top of the basement steps, but it is the way we come in and out a hundred times a day, and my other two children simply wouldn’t make sure they shut the door. So I took the door down, and put up this gate, using the pressure mounting hardware since the door frame would prevent it from falling. For the first couple days, it worked great. The other kids could open it, and it would shut nicely behind them. Then after a couple days, I noticed that the top latch wasn’t actually latching. I tried adjusting it, and no luck. It was like the door was too high for the latch to line up. We tried taking it completely down and starting over, but something wasn’t right. And as others have said, IT IS LOUD!! I mean it really slams. And since there is no way to make the gate stay open, you end up having the catch the gate everytime you go through it after bedtime to keep it from slamming. I am returning it as soon as the other ones I just ordered come. They had better reviews, so I am hoping they work better, although they were a little more money.

Benita Saint Charles, ID

Great bottom of stairs gate

Just what I needed. I had a pretty wide opening at the bottom of my stairs so I had to use the extensions that came with this gate plus extra extensions I ordered separately. I jerry-rigged this thing together with the extensions by leaving one of the bars out the extension and extending out some of the screws. Anyway, it was a must for me to have a wide swing door and a pressure mount so there weren’t a lot of options out there so I made this work.It is loud if you let it slam but it’s not that big of a deal to close it yourself if the baby is napping near by. It’s worth it to have the auto close in other situations. I wish there was a screw-in/mounted auto close gate for the top of the stairs.

Louise Forest Lake, MN

We now have 3

I love this gate. My toddler is tall and strong for her age and I needed to keep her off the stairs. After she promptly ripped down three other types of tension gates I bought this one. It is awesome and works great without me having to drill holes in my wall and bannister. Easy to install and very sturdy as long as you take care to line it up straight across [I used a T square]. She stands there and shakes it and it doesn’t budge. My 6’06" 320 lb husband easily fits through the wide opening and I appreciate the auto-close feature since he can never remember to close anything. We now also have one at the top of the stairs and defending the entry to my office.

Julianne Roxbury, ME

Love this, good price!

This has held up well – we love these style gates. We wish someone would have told us about these kind of gates before we bought the old-style ones that are a pain to take up and down or hop over. We have tried a few – all work well. The only drawback to this one is that you can’t keep it open (at least, I don’t think you can).

Beverley Clinton, IL


We have two of these and I absolutely LOVE them. I could have never imagined how helpful it is to have a gate that swings both ways–it’s amazing! We use the pressure mounting for both the bottom and top of the stairs and have used them for over a year (6 months – 18 month) without a problem. They’re strong and sturdy even when she pulls on them with all her might. The gate opening is wide, which is helpful when you’re carrying laundry baskets up the stairs. At night, we tie the gate open to the railing so that we don’t have to open and close it after the baby is asleep.I tried LOTS of different gates before finding this one. It’s definitely the best out there! Highly recommend this gate!

Peggy Campbell, MN

Overall good gate

Pro: Easy to installSturdy (we are using with just the tension)Cons: Hard to pull up on to openThe auto close feature makes it loud when it closesOverall I would recommend this baby gate. It was very easy to install even with using the extensions. It says it goes to 38 inches, but our opening was 35 inches and seemed to be as wide as it would go.

Jeannette Mills, PA

Poor manufacturing – good concept.

Conceptually these were perfect. I loved the expandable width, the auto close, and the metal rails. In actuality there are soe terrible manufacturing defects – and I would highly advise staying away from this one.For starters, to expand the gate you have to pry some plastic inserts out and then slip them into the expander pieces. As multiple other reviewers have said the bottom plastic inserts are so tight there is no way to remove them without damaging them… and damaging the structure of the gate.More frustrating though, the latch broke 1 year and 5 days after purchase (1 year manufacture warranty)… so I’m SOL. I’ll be looking for a replacement, and it won’t be Munchkin.

Ava La Quinta, CA

Very nice gate!

I chose to pressure mount this gate, and it is very secure! I had purchased a pressure-mounted gate before (for guests who had a child), and it was so flimsy! Not so with this gate; it is not budging! It feels very heavy and looks nice. The part you step over is not high at all. The “lifting” to get the gate door open takes some getting used to, but if it wasn’t for that, it would be too easy for a child to open.The only complaint I have is about the automatic closing of the gate. Wow, it slams shut! While a child is sleeping, definitely keep your hand on it and manually close it to keep down the noise. It does not seem to hit hard when I keep my hand in the way (to test it). I did accidently get a finger pinched, though. I am a little worried about my son trying to follow me out and getting pinched. I will have to be careful about that when he gets a little older.So far, I would definitely recommend this gate.

Alison Randlett, OK

Good buy! Good product!

The best safety gate. My friend’s got pregnant at the same time so we constantly compare our products. Munchkin makes such wonderful products. First Pros:EASY and fast to install, accepts lots of different size and styles of doorways, can buy an adapter for larger entrance ways, I did not need to. Opens without issues compared to the Munchkin east open gate without automatic close where you have to spin and lift and do a dace. Just grab top bar, slide gray button, lift and done. It closes behind with a click. At first I thought it was a mistake, but some days when my brain is not attached I am very thankful for the automatic closure especially due to a previous accident caused by an open gate that had been forgotten to close, no issue of that here! Its strong! Some days I hear my daughter, one year, laughing. She is on the gate leaning forward and back, no worries. This gate feels and importantly is very sturdy and well made. Our 140lb malamute has tested that statement.Cons: Closes automatically so if your hands are full and just need a fast trip you need to open it both ways. But really when it comes to safety I cannot complain! A little pricey, but you get what you paid for. My friend’s gate is already showing signs of wear and is not closing securely after 5 months.Very nice and well-made product.Would strongly recommend!

Mildred Manteno, IL