Munchkin Auto Seat Protector, 1 Count

Munchkin Auto Seat Protector, 1 Count

A sturdy, cushioned seat protector that prevents slipping so your child and your car can be more safe, secure, and sanitary.

Main features

  • Non skid textured surface helps prevent hazardous slipping
  • LATCH lower anchors
  • Stabilizing Wedge keeps Auto Seat Protector securely in place
  • Front storage pocket

Verified reviews


Works, with some caveats

We’ve had one of these installed on one seat for a few years and the condition of the seat without the seat protector versus the one with the seat protector is obvious. This works.There are two drawbacks, however:1) the protector doesn’t go high enough up the back. There is still lots of wear on the seat back because of the lack of protection there. This is the biggest disadvantage for me.2) it makes the seat slipperier. Tight installation of the carseat is more difficult to achieve, although that may be less problematic with newer carseat latch system. I do have the best method for tightening those seats that still use straps for installation. If you have the captain style chairs, install the seat tightly with the chair reclined and then push that seat back up as far as possible and your carseat will not budge, not even a millimeter; and the slipperiness of the seat protector is moot.

Delores Elberon, IA

Spend the extra money on a nicer product

Whatever dye is being used on these protectors ends up rubbing off on the upholstery. Your seat may be protected from wrinkles and creases but they’ll end up discolored if you have a lighter color interior.

Melissa Earling, IA

Good cover for the price

I had to get three covers and this was one of the most inexpensive covers I found. They could be a little wider, but when using three the majority of the seat gets covered. The little pockets in front are a nice thought, but the kids can’t access them when they are buckled in.

Pamela Greenbackville, VA


I wish I had gotten these sooner! I have 2 children both under age 3 and these have been wonderful! I ended up spending lots of time and money trying to clean my fabric seats. Between bottles and sippys leaking or being dropped and snacks being “lost” I had my work cut out for me. Since installing these under the carseats clean up has been quick and easy. They also protect my seats from the indents caused by carseats. The pockets on the front have come in handy for storing smaller items that we carry in the car, like kleenex packs and headphones.These are well worth the money spent.

Wilma Bernardsville, NJ

So far so good

I didn’t want my new car to get too dinged up by my kids’ car seats. It’s nice and thick to protect the upholstery from the car seat digging in when you tighten it down. The pocket is helpful, too.

Charmaine Eatonville, WA

Good seat protection for the price!

I got the 2-pack for my infant & 4 year olds’ car seats to put in our Toyota Sienna. I LOVE that my cloth seat upholstery hasn’t been ruined by messy little boys! The front flap w/pockets is nice for a little extra storage space (gloves & hats go great in here without taking up too much space!) and it protects the seats well from muddy little shoes.I’d agree that the back protector doesn’t quite go up high enough, and it does slide around a bit when placed underneath a booster-style seat (that isn’t anchored down with a LATCH system) but otherwise I’m happy with what I got for the purchase price.

Freida New Lebanon, NY

The item can protect the car seat is right

The item can protect the car seat is right. Meanwhile, it did not use my own regret. Good item. I have a child to protect it, and also protects the vehicle seat.

Lina Edgerton, OH

mat protector

So far works just fine. The car seat doesn’t shift. I haven’t used the pouch in the front as of yet. But no complaints.

Aurora El Monte, CA

Necessary for saving you car’s upholstery!

A little awkward, but works just fine. Saving my 10 year old leather seats, for sure! I guess it is really more like a 5 star if you consider that it has to conform to many cars and car seats.

Leann Hufsmith, TX

Seat saver

I bought 2 of these when we got new seats for our girls. I love them! They keep our seats from being completely dirty. They also help the seat grip better when being installed. We’ve used them on cloth interior and leather. Both work like a champ. My only minor irritation is that the part that stuffs into the fold of the seat is hard to get in…of course, part of that is my car. Overall, it is a very good buy!

Rowena Green Castle, MO

Mediocre at best

I bought this to put under the car seat in my new car. I had hoped it would help alleviate dents in the seat, as indicated on the product package. It did not. The car seat was in place for about 3 weeks and has left indents in the seat in spite of the protector. It is also not really large enough to catch spills. I use a Diono Radian, so the seat is about as narrow as you can get. Only a couple of inches stick out on either side. I also find the mesh pocket useless. The kid cannot reach it. And anything I might store in it, such as tissues, would get soggy and gross from dirty shoes. I am sure this is true of any protector, but installation can be tricky. It takes time and patience to get the car seat installed snuggly while keeping this protector in place. I usually have a good experience with Munchkin products, but I would not recommend this. I don’t know if it’s a case of "you get what you pay for", but it definitely did not do the job stated on the box.

Sybil Clawson, UT

Seat Protector

Excellent quality made product. Provides good coverage for my leather seats with the grand children’s car seats. It also provides front pockets for storage of snacks or toys. My vehicle stays organized and the kids always have what they want or need.

Tamra Henderson, NY

We have one in every car!

These are great for protecting leather seats, and cloth seats! It has fit in every car we put it in and it is conveniently and easily moved as needed. It wipes up nice if something spills and keeps its structure well!I wouldn’t put a car seat in without it!

Gail Jeffersonton, VA


These fit perfectly and we’re super easy to put on my seats. I have 4 grandchildren and the backs of my car seats were always dusty with shoe prints. These have eliminated that problem.

Ester New Milford, NY


This pad helps the carseat stay in place/not slide on the leather seats. It also protects my seat from the inevitable crumbs that fall so they are not rubbing on my seats.Easy to install.I do not use the toy pocket–they are small and hard to get something in/out of–but not needed either, so I didn’t mark my score down.

Clarissa Lanse, MI

A Must Have for Parents with Kids in Car Seats

I bought 2 of these, one for each vehicle, for use under our son’s car seat. You never think things are really going to get down underneath the seat, but as soon as you remove the car seat for whatever reason you realize how mandatory this thing is. It has caught so many spills and stains that would otherwise have ruined my gray leather seats. These are a worth investment.

Elisabeth Portola, CA

Love these!

Love these, I’ve bought six now for six different car seats. They tuck into the seat so they don’t move around. They have cuts to make sure they don’t get in the way of the LATCH set up and do a great job at protecting leather and being easy to clean. A must have if you have kids!

Janie Fessenden, ND

Good product

Good product if you want to protect car seat from any accents. It is cheap comparing with other products on the market but at the same time good quality.

Vilma Douglasville, GA

Problem solved at a fair price

I’ve had this in my car a little over a year now (I use it with theBritax Advocate 65 CS Click & Safe Convertible Car Seat, Onyx).I found it was easy to position and has done a great job at keeping the fabric upholstery in my car from becoming badly creased by the weight of the car seat.I have a light color fabric and there has been no problem with dye bleeding onto my car. I think for the price, this is a great product and I’d recommend it. It’s also handy because it has a little bag that you can use for a pacifer (makes it easy to locate a spare while driving).

Ila Shoemakersville, PA

Good quality

These things are great — catches crumbs and crayons and anything that drops, saving your car seats from becoming a mess. This one was a great price and is good quality. We are pleased with our purchase.

Stefanie Point Roberts, WA


This is such a simple idea, and thankfully, effective. It isn’t HUGE but it fits our convertible car seat and also the booster (one seat protector for each car seat). I recommend it if you want to keep your seats in good shape. A towel works well too (but not for boosters).

Ollie Saint Clair Shores, MI

Not what i was expecting but the storage is nice

I like the seat protectors but it isnt really what i thought it would be. I thought they were hard or stiff and they are not, they are "floppy"…i wanted soemthing that would protect my seats from damage caused by my children’s car seats (indents/stains etc) it protects against food particles and stains which i like, it also stops the carseats from sliding which i really like but i wish they were stiff so they could protect the seats a little better.I do like that they have the mesh storage though. I use my daughter’s to store her extra pacifiers 1-2 extra diapers/wipes (in case i forget) and small carseat toys….i use my son’s to store fruit snacks/small bags of pretzels, a capri sun and sometimes I fold his blankie up and stick it in there as well (a very thin flannel recieving blanket)

Lori Manchester, KY


Went 2 years without something under our car seats and now that we bought these I feel a lot better about the condition of the seat underneath. The only complaint I have is the part that slides into the seat joint gets in the way of one of my ‘LATCH’ hooks.

Dolores Villisca, IA

Protects the new seats

We just got leather installed in our new Prius after seeing what the car seat did in my suv, I made sure to get these. So far, so good. Also there is a little pocket to store stuff. Would recommend.

Anita Dimmitt, TX

good quality

material is good quality and the height on the back is perfect (vs the higher ones) because our car seats really don’t touch the back enough to justify a higher back – recommend checking to see if you need a higher or shorter back protector.

Louella Richmond, VA

Love the pockets!

Well-made seat protector! I love the pockets in the front! The black color makes it stylish in any car. I would recommend this seat protector to anyone!

Roxanne Liberty Mills, IN

Good for Booster seats

I have this for under my booster seat that the 7 year old sits in. Its good for protecting the seat when he forgets and puts his feet on the seat or spills something. Only complaint I have is that the toy bag is pretty worthless. The elastic is giving out and he really can put anything in it because it sags and falls out. We’ve had it about 6 months now.

Erna Sale Creek, TN

Great for car seats

We use these under our car seats to protect the leather of the back seat of our car. I don’t use the pockets for anything but the mats themselves stay in place well.

Elinor Winifrede, WV

Fits well even with Latch system

This protects the seat well and is shaped just right for using the latch system. I love the pocket in the front where there would normally be wasted space. It’s high quality, easy to clean and easy to use

Martina Emmett, MI

The Seat Underneath Still Looks Good As New

This has saved more messes than I realized would be coming! I just take it out and spray it off. Perfect!

Marissa Hancock, NY