Munchkin Baby Bath Ball, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Baby Bath Ball, Colors May Vary

Baby will keep entertained during bath time shaking, straining, rattling and rolling this colorful bath ball. Designed with a soft, holed top to be easy for little hands to grasp. Great for play both in and out of the bathtub.

Main features

  • A colorful ball that shakes, strains, rattles and rolls
  • Stimulates baby’s senses
  • Floats on water, rolls on land
  • Soft, holed top is easy to grasp
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: Blue, Pink or Yellow

Verified reviews


My boy enjoys looking at it

My 6 months boy enjoys looking at it and trying to bite it. Although as always… I wish Amazon has not sent me a girlish colour.

Helga Cedarhurst, NY

Nice toy and good idea but my son doesn’t like

My 10 month old son was getting bored with his bath toys so I bought this since it had the cool shower feature. My son hates getting water poured over his head so I thought this would do it more gently, and it does, and it “rains” at a pretty good rate to get soap off but he still doesn’t like it. It’s also pretty big for him in his munchkin inflatable duckie tub. It’s not huge but just takes up more space than his other toys. I tried getting his interest with it outside the tub but he still doesn’t care about it. Overall it is exactly what I expected, maybe a little bigger than I thought but not a problem, my son just doesn’t care for it.

Kayla China Spring, TX

My 5-month son loves this toy!

My son never fails to reach out to this ball. He enjoys grabbing the openings that are an easy grab for his little fingers. Bath time is more fun as we can make mini showers by pouring water into the ball. Water comes out at the bottom via small holes. This is one of e toys I am glad I purchased. IT will last a while as it can be used in many imaginative ways.

Keisha Roosevelt, NJ

Nothing special

This is an average toy. Nothing really special but not awful. Its a good toy just to let your kids play with while they take a bath. There may be other toys you would want more than this one.

Stacy Sandisfield, MA

Cute in the bath or out

This is a great toy. Inside is a jingle ball (like a cat ball) and the top blue part is soft (silicone maybe?). We’ve played with it out of the tub, chasing it and shaking it. In the tub it floats but you can also put water in it and have it run out the bottom of the green. My baby loves to run his fingers through the streams of water. Very fun toy!

Cleo Ramsey, WV

A strainer ball

The baby likes this ball a lot. And when you fill it with water the water strains out. Actually quite useful to get some water on the baby’s head as well.

Araceli Grantsdale, MT

Great ball, but color is inconsistent

I love this toy for my kids — I bought it for my infant son, but my 4 year old loves to play with it in the meantime! I ordered 2 because I saw other reviews that said the color varies….sure glad I did, as I received one blue and one pink. I’ll save the other one for a gift.

Anita Yorkshire, NY

Fun bath ball

This ball is great. It has a number of "sprinkle" holes in the bottom which are fun and practical for tub use. It floats and makes noise. Great toy for in the bath or out.

Pauline West Augusta, VA

Fantastic bath toy

This ball makes bath time so much easier! The vents make it easy to grasp and the holes allow water to shower from the bottom, not to mention the jiggly ball inside… I could go on and on.

Rene Three Lakes, WI

Fun and useful bath toy!

This is such a nice bath toy. No worries of mold growing like other bath toys because of plenty of holes to drain water. One side is really soft and easy to grab with large slits. The others side has lots of small holes that make draining water fun and useful for rinsing baby’s hair and body. The jingle balls inside also make this a fun and musical bath toy. I highly recommend this ball bath toy for making bath time even more fun!

Alicia Mullen, NE

lots of fun!!!

My 16 month old loves when the water comes down above his head. always a favorite toy during bath time. just wish it held more water.

Ramona Santo, TX

broke really quickly

My son was under a year when we bought this. It got mold on it very quickly (even with a light bleach rinse after a few uses) Within 5 uses it had mold on it and broke apart.. Not impressed.

Gayle Elmira, WV


Love this ball! My daughter plays with it all the time. It has rain holes in the bottom so if she dips it in the water and lifts it up, it is like it is raining. She really enjoys playing with it and I enjoy watching her!

Fran Bemidji, MN

fun, light and easy to use in the tub

This cute toy is great for the bath. Easy to grip, dries well when upside down, and lots of fun in the tub. Great toy to have floating in the tub!

Monique Killona, LA

Appearances can be deceiving!

This bath ball was given to me as a shower gift, and to be honest I ALMOST donated it away before my son arrived (we received WAY too many gifts at our 2 showers and I so I ended up donating a lot of stuff before the baby was even born). I am so glad I held on to this one … It doesn’t look very special upon first glance, but it is SUCH a great toy. Fun for baby, useful for mommy or daddy. All the other 5-star reviews here covered the pros – easy for baby to hold, soft flexible top, sprinkle feature for soap rinsing, etc. This is a toy that we are going to get a lot of use out of, I can tell. More than just a simple “baby toy”. I may need to purchase another!

Elisa Long Bottom, OH

Baby laughs when I use this to pour water over her head!

Great bath toy. It has lots of little holes on the bottom so water can pour out like a sieve. Floats, makes noise, not so big that baby can’t shake it. Plus, my daughter gets super-excited and laughs when I use this to pour water over her head.

Ruby Friendship, MD


Kid loves playing with this in the tub. He is young but can grab it and swing it around quite a bit, perfect for the bathtub!

Nellie Harwood, MO

GET IT! The only bath toy you need.

The best bath toy I’ve ever bought. No more rubber duckies. My baby and big sister love it. Mommy loves that it never gets moldy. All the other bath toys get moldy inside and, at some point, that black yucky starts to float in the tub. This is a a great investment!

Paige Black, AL

Good bath toy

It looks like nothing can beat our baby`s favorite bath toy which is a duck. But this ball is still fun, I think she will love it later. For now she holds her leg above the bathwater while Daddy sprinkles water on it from the ball.Update: About 2 weeks later our baby fell in love with this ball. She is having fun with it only in the tub, but great fun!

Diann Le Raysville, PA

Best Bath Toy

My 5 month old son loves this little ball. It’s also handy for rinsing him off because there’s little holes on the bottom of the ball that water can trickle out.

Goldie Mount Freedom, NJ

Great Bath Toy

Our son loves splashing around in his tub and so we bought this and he loves dunking it in the water and then pulling it out and seeing the water drain out slowly from one side or fast from the others. Then he holds it and flails his arms and the ball inside hits the wall and makes noise and he loves that as well. A great addition to his collection of bath toys.

Mariana Booneville, KY

keep baby entertained

This toy is perfect for bath time. It keeps my daughter happy it is small enough to make it easy for her to grab. I would recommend it.

Alison Higginsville, MO

good bath toy

this was a good find for a bath toy. when you shake it; it makes a sound, but not that loud. and the "shower" like drip from the ball when there is water in it makes my child laugh.

Cheri Holualoa, HI


We have two of these, one for the bathtub and one for the pool. My son has loved these since he was old enough to be interested in toys! A year later he still likes them!

Noreen Labelle, FL

great bath toy!

My son loves this toy. Having the water shower down is so fascinating for him from 6 Mon to now 18 Mon. I just wish it wasn’t a gamble with what color you will receive.

Lottie Lower Brule, SD

Another fun ball

This ball is great for babies who are still curious about everything, otherwise it turns into just another one of his or hers balls that just sits there until they want to toss everything around.

Mattie Vancourt, TX

Great toy!

We’ve had this for a year and we LOVE it! Its the first toy my daughter goes for when its bath time. I love that water can’t collect in it and get mildew stuck in it, all of the water drains out regardless of how its set. I also love that babies can EASILY grip this toy. This was one of the first things my daughter ever gripped when she was a couple of months old. Its definitely a favorite and it is VERY durable. This thing gets clobbered against the tub constantly and its still going strong. I highly recommend it!

Berta Dayton, IA


This is ok but nothing real great but our one year old grandson plays with it but not one of his faves.

Amanda Derwent, OH

Great bath toy!

This bath toy makes the bath more fun and longer! (I have a happy-in-water baby!)This would be a great toy for introducing a baby to baths especially because it can also be used for gentle rinsing.I think this is going to get added to my standard baby shower gift bunch.Pros:Well made, no sharp plastic edgesFun and engaging – she pushes it around while it’s floating then takes it out of the water and loves that it rains water down PLUS it rattles when she shakes it (it’s good to be a baby!)Easy to rinse the suds out of and drain the water so that it doesn’t get ickyGreat for rinsing the baby too as it provides a very gentle shower of waterCons:None other than not being able to pick your own color.

Elizabeth Westport, PA

perfect bath toy for babies

Such a fun toy for bath time or out of the bath. Its great for all stages, my lo will be using for a while. Great gift for new babies

Lakesha Finchville, KY