Munchkin Baby Bath Turtles

Munchkin Baby Bath Turtles

Munchkin Baby Bath Turtles Make bath time better with Munchkin Baby Bath Turtles. Four magnetic floating turtles make bathing exciting. These turtles are colorful and entertaining. Fitted with a mirror for sight, rattle for sound and balls for rolling and spinning fun, kids will have a fun new way to play in the bath. Why You’ll Love It: These turtle toys captivate kids with their sounds and sights. Age: 12 months and up Features Magnets attached to the toy make them stick together even in water Easy for kids to grasp Each turtle is accompanied by an interactive toy Keeps kids entertained in the bath Safe for kids to play with Comes with four different colored turtles

Main features

  • Four easy-to-grip turtles entertain baby to make bath time happier–for baby and mom
  • Floating turtles stack magnets or come apart for individual play with mirror, rattle, rolling/spinning balls
  • Magnets stay together, even in water, yet easy to pull apart
  • Winner of Creative Child Magazine 2007 Seal of Excellence Award
  • 12 months and older

Verified reviews



Got these for my son who loves bath time. At 8 months he didn’t pay much attention to them and at 1 year he still doesn’t. Occasionally he’ll hold them in his hands and shake them-esp the one with little colored pebbles inside the plastic. He really only enjoys them when I do things like toss them in the water and make splashes. Otherwise, doesn’t hold his interest much. Cute concept just for my son he didn’t find them interesting.

Lisa Lefor, ND


Somewhere I read that these toys are watertight, but it’s not true. Condensation has developed inside both the mirror turtle and the rattle turtle in our set. In fact, the rattle doesn’t make noise because the beads are stuck to the side. The entire set also tends to flip upside down when in the water. We still have these next to the tub, and they do provide a little visual interest from time to time, but I would not buy these again or recommend them unless the company makes some design changes. If you are unfortunate enough to have plunked down the money like I did, remember to store the spinning turtles upside down so that the water can drip out between uses. As for the other two, once the water gets in, you may never get it out (just hope your kid doesn’t suck on them…..eeuuuuw!)

Hillary Calhoun, TN

Great bath toy.

My daughters love these bath toys. They still play with them and we have had them for about 5 years. The paint hasn’t faded or come off. Plus they float which makes them easier to find in the bubbles.

Millicent Bluff City, TN

Upside down turtles?

I bought these for my 14 month old daughter. She loves baths and loves toys. These turtles are cute but they all float upside down for some reason. I think that makes them less enticing for her because the cute, playful part of them is hidden when they are upside down.

Miranda Dryden, MI

Cute but not worth it

These are just as they seem – cute! We paid less for them at Target but they are still not worth it. The spinning ball part on one of them doesn’t spin easily. The others are just not fun.

Elaine Lincoln, VA

Water Traps

In the bathtub these will collect condensation in each of the clear domes. After bathtime if you play with them outside the tub they will dribble water for about a day afterwards. Also, they are supposed to magnetize to each other tail to head etc so they can form a chain, the magnets aren’t very strong though so even pulling them gently in the bathtub all linked together causes them to break their grasp.So few bathtub toys so I was desperate and bought them but even DD thinks they are just so so. They have been banished to the sandbox outside instead LOL.

Allie Marion, SC

Great set!

We use these bath toys inside and outside of the bathtub :- ) they are very well done, good quality and grab your Childs attention of you are looking for this kind of activity in the bath tub. They also hold up pretty well. All and all, I would recommend this set.

Beth El Dorado, KS

My son has never liked these

All children are different, and for me this was a complete waste of money. My son didn’t play with them when he was 1, and we brought them out later. He still didn’t. Several times more…he’s still completely disinterested. I think it might be because he had soft squishy squirters first and these hard toys didn’t interest him. They also turn upside down all the time, which is annoying.You never know what your child will like!

Jacquelyn Homer, OH