Munchkin Baby Care Cart

Munchkin Baby Care Cart

Munchkin Baby Care Cart Having problems managing and organizing all the baby essentials together? This cart provides an ideal compact space where all baby essentials can be organized and stored in one place. The removable wheels make the cart portable and easy to handle. Why You’ll Love It: The cart provides a compact solution to help you organize your baby’s essentials. Features Compact design Removable wheels make it portable Top space for items of regular use Lower four large storage bins for diapers, towels, etc. Easy to assemble

Main features

  • Rolling organizer keeps baby essentials handy
  • Top storage area keeps frequently used items within easy reach
  • Four large storage bins are ideal for diapers blankets or towels
  • Easy to assemble
  • Full size 27″ wide x 32″ high x 14.5″ deep

Verified reviews


Sturdy Frame – Assembly 50/50

Purchased this at another retailer because we had a coupon and it was cheaper than on Amazon. First I will say that assembly was not the easiest but all of the pieces we received did fit together, and screw holes lined up. Everything we had came with pre-drilled screw holes – but you have to use care when screwing in the dowel rods as the wood screws strip easily if you aren’t careful. You also have to pay attention to the wooden support rods as they are all color coded (red dot upper leg/ red dot lower leg) or pieces will not fit as planned!I do agree with another reviewer that said the front dowel rods are a little strange in that they could slip out if you aren’t careful – I think I’ll be sewing these shut or using hot glue to prevent my toddler from pulling them out.As for it’s sturdy factor I’d say it will hold up if you use it for light items. This cart wasn’t meant to organize heavy things – mainly stuff like blankets, diapers, wipes / lotion etc. The material is not “paper like” as stated in another review. I think to describe it best would be like a light canvas maybe? At any rate for light things like diapers, wipes, blankets and baby clothes you’re set. I’ll be adding bins from Ikea for further organize things but for the 20 bucks we paid for it – it will serve it’s purpose.

Bobbi Wingdale, NY

baby care cart

This item was made with very flimsy materials. The dow rods the manufacturers used to put through the material broke. I had to go and buy a heavier one to replace it. I like the way the cart can keep everything organized but the materials are cheaply made.

Mildred Grand Chain, IL

Too many pieces to assemble

I believe the company could have made a mores sturdy design and there can be fewer pieces to assemble. It comes in a small package, which is good but that’s a hassle to assemble. Moreover this is not so strong. But I guess, with the price tag, its worth it.

Lena Patterson, LA

Not as bad as others have stated

I received this as a twin baby shower gift from my mom. I wasn’t sure where I would put it and after reading the reviews here I wasn’t sure I wanted to put it anywhere. With the chaos of a long (50+ day) hospital stay for me and 18 days for the boys it didn’t get returned, but just pushed under one of the cribs. Yesterday I was desperate for more storage space in the livingroom where we do all of the diaper changes (cause, seriously, who it their right mind is going to exert extra energy to carry 2 babies to their bedroom every 2 hours for a diaper change) so I pulled it out of the box and started assembling it. This was relatively easy and I only had one issue when I didn’t pay attention to what was the top and bottom. The directions are plenty clear if you look at them closely. All of the screw holes lined up perfectly and the thing is sturdy enough. We have it sitting against the wall between a chaise lounge and pack n play so it’s well supported if it were to want to tip. I also didn’t put the casters on as I figured they would make it less stable and I had absolutely no intentions of moving it around. I’m sure it won’t be a piece of furniture that sticks around for years, but I’ll be happy with 6 months of use and would buy it again for $20.

Coleen North East, MD

Don’t bother

Waste of money and time in assembly. This product is poorly constructed and screw holes are not even the right size for the included pieces.Do not bother with this item, try Ikea for a space saving solution that is of better quality

Reva Votaw, TX

Cheaper at Target!

I saw this at Target and put it on my registry. It is exactly what i”m looking for and for the price you can’t beat it. They had one there and it is just fine! It is $22.99 at Target vs the $40 here on Amazon! For $22 bucks you can’t beat it. I want it to put diapers and blankets on and that is it. I wouldn’t expect it to hold anything heavy or be super sturdy.

Judith Warthen, GA

Great for us before we purchased furniture

I received 2 of these as baby shower gifts. I did not put it together. My grandmother and sister did it for me so I can’t speak of that. It did take them some time to finish. We used these for both babies with no issues.Pros:- Inexpensive- Great if you haven’t purchased baby furniture yet- Very easy to use- Most daily baby items will fit in it- Great for grandma’s house if she keeps the baby a lotCons:- This is NOT real furniture.- It should not be used for adults clothes or products.- The shelves will sink with too much weight on top. The shelves do not have "hard" bottom. A hard plastic is in it so it will warp a little.- You should not move this around a lot. Even though it has wheels I would not suggested a lot of movement from one room to another daily.- Once the child begins to walk she can remove items very easily

Isabel Glenmoore, PA

Not as bad as they make it out to be

If you are seeking a stable, cute place to store diapers, baby towels( not heavy adult towels), receiving blankets and other BABY sized items this will be perfect for you. I love mine. It stores my clothe diapers and inserts and other baby linens perfectly.

Dollie Gracey, KY

Get the deluxe version!

Munchkin makes two versions of this cart. This one and a deluxe version. I bought the deluxe first for my changing area and its been great. Only took me a few minutes to put together and has held up well. I needed a temporary place to store some of my older son’s clothing so I went to buy another. I couldn’t really tell the difference between the two versions at the store. From the picture it just looks like this one is missing the diaper holder. So I bought it to save $10. Boy am I sorry. This one is terrible to put together. It took me 45 minutes of frustration and power tools before I gave up and let my husband finish it. And I am pretty handy with these things. It’s just okay now that it’s assembled. It holds the clothes and when his room remodel is finished I’ll probably toss it. Where the deluxe one will have future uses, just snaps together and it overall a MUCH better product.

Leeann Wilson, NC

Not good.

The cart itself is adorable but it is not sturdy in the slightest and is incredibly difficult to put together. Some of the wood pushes into itself and wont go in all the way without a little hammering which scuffs it up. I would not buy this ever again.

Ophelia Palestine, OH

no major problems here

I received the care cart as a gift from the baby shower and was kind of nervous about it. Baby, daddy, and I share one room and its pretty tight in there, so another big piece of furniture would just be ridiculous. We took it home and daddy assembled it the next day in about a half hour. I can not believe this piece of furniture actually provided us with so much more space, opening up the room. I gave up four drawers in my dresser for baby’s clothes and had to keep mine in laundry bags until I could come up with a spot for them. The cart holds ALL of his clothes from my dresser within the 4 compartments and the top two hold the healthcare kit, nursing pads and q-tips. The material is not exactly high quality(it came with the seam undone about 3 inches on the top storage space), but its sturdy(doesn’t wobble) and rolls with ease on its wheels. I wouldn’t put anything heavier than clothes in it, as it comes with only 4 pads for the inner compartments to provide extra support. For what it was worth to me(as a gift) I like it; it has given us so much more space and has not failed us yet.update (03-22-13)The organizer lasted about a year. wear and tear made it unstable; the 4 pads eventually warped over time from the weight of clothes and/or diapers and the material eventually tore from everyday movement. It definitely doesn’t fill in for a dresser. I say it is better used as a caddy for light items you’d need to have easily accessible.

Lila Jonesport, ME

Practical but unsturdy

I was one of the “unlucky” ones and paid about 40 Dollars for this in store (not sure if I am allowed to mention the store name).. it was put together in about 20 to 30 minutes. My husband had to re-tighten everything but it was still very wobbly. You can not put heavier items in it due to sagging – it only came with 2 cardboard like pieces for the top (which really don’t help much either) – I ended up buying clear, smaller plasic bins to put on the top so that I was able to put more items in it, that would otherwise tilt.. (powder, lotion etc.) so that worked out ok..I used the bottom for diapers, clothes and blankets.. It is rather bulky so make sure you have enough space. We initially bought this as an organizer as long as our daughter still slept in our room the first few months, but I recently tossed it out since she moved in her own room and we have a changing table with drawers..I would say, you get what you pay for, but since I paid close to 40.00 I do not think it was worth the money… For 20 Dollars I probably would have bought it again, but only because there is really not much else out there that compares to this, for the price…Bottom line, if you just need it for a few months and make some minor adjustments, it is worth 20 Dollar, if you are looking for something that will last you longer than 6 months to a year – spend your money on something sturdier..

Rosie Medaryville, IN

Too flimsy

This cart is nice because you can wheel it around the house and we placed it in our living room next to the portacrib, but it cannot hold much weight (the photo is misleading with all that stuff stacked nicely!). I would probably not get this item again if I went back in time. There’s also a lot of parts to get it assembled.If you’re looking for some guidance on what you should buy for your baby registry (vs. what you can live without), visit and look under “preparing for baby.” It’s got tons of down to earth advice for those that like to be prepared when baby comes but don’t want to do all the research on every single baby product.

Bonnie Titusville, FL