Munchkin Baby Laundry Bag

Munchkin Baby Laundry Bag

Munchkin Baby Laundry Bag Munchkin Baby Laundry Bag makes it convenient to hold baby’s things in between nursery and wash. It zips down the middle to help distinguish kids’ dark’s and light’s. The straps are adjustable, and the bag can be hung up in a convenient way. Machine washable. Features Mesh laundry bag and hamper Easy to hang using the handles with snaps Light and dark zipped compartmentalization saves you time Can be snapped together and hung up for hamper use

Main features

  • A mesh laundry bag that doubles as a hamper
  • Handles with snaps make it easy to hang
  • Light and dark zippered compartments help you sort baby’s laundry
  • Snap together and hang for hamper use
  • Adjustable snaps for multiple hanging options

Verified reviews


Perfect for little items

No more lost socks! I have this hanging on my daughters changing dresser and I just throw her tiny little socks in there every night. On laundry day I just throw the bag into the washer and dryer and voila, all socks are there when it’s time to fold! I’m buying two more for baby shower gifts.

Agnes Verona, MO

perfect for baby’s socks

this is a must if you don’t want to keep buys baby socks as they are very easily lost .. perfect for small items like that

Melinda Floyd, NM

Great for baby socks

I originally used this for wet bibs, but now we use it for baby socks so they don’t get lost in the washer. Perfect size and I love that it can hang on a door knob in the laundry room.

Wilma Proctor, AR

Love love love this

Love this product! I wasn’t aware at first that baby socks could get lost in the washing machine. If you have a front load washing machine check the flange on the front door little baby socks can get lost in there. These little bags keep those little socks from going missing. I use them for socks and mittens and anything else small that will end up getting sucked into the abyss.I like the two pack, one for colors and one for whites.

Ruby Mendham, NJ

Useful but not a necessity

I had added this to my cart on a whim and when the price dropped from about $7 to $4 I decided to buy it (free shipping with Prime). I think you could easily get a mesh lingerie bag from someplace like Wal-mart for less that would serve the same purpose. Having said that, it does have a couple of nifty features: the loops on the corners increase the functionality of this bag by allowing you to hang it from a doorknob or crib post. I like that there are two separate compartments for lights and darks and that the two bags can be zipped together or can be unzipped. Seems to be well-made. It’s a decent size for keeping track of and washing small items like socks/bibs. Don’t expect to be able to wash blankets in here. Did I absolutely need this? No. Will it come in handy? Probably. I wouldn’t pay $7 for it, though.

Cheryl Echo, MN

Great for Playard

I attached this to my baby’s Evenflo playard. At first, we used it to put diapers in because the basket that came with the playard doesn’t hold too much, but we have also used it to put a change of clothes in so we don’t have to leave the baby unattended on the attached changing table. I think we weighed it down a little bit with the diapers, so the straps have become stretched out and the snaps don’t always stay, but it’s the perfect size and shape to attach to the shorter side of the playard. I also like that it zips closed completely and you can wash items in it if need be. I would just recommend not overstuffing it with items so that you don’t have the same strap/snaps issue that we had.

Lillian Apache Junction, AZ

Every mom needs it

It holds socks, mittens and bibs. Really usefull good product. I just put into my laundry and dryer. It can be holded from anything

Earline Harper Woods, MI


I actually don’t use one for colors and one for whites. Typically anything small goes in the bag. One is usually in the wash and one hanging waiting for more.

Graciela Chualar, CA

Great item!

Very handy little double sack. I use this both in the washing machine for small items like underwear, socks, etc. I also use this for my sons nipples, sippy cup tops and straws in the dishwasher. It’s well made and has already been with me for a year.

Robbie Colquitt, GA

Happy with my purchase of Munchkin Baby Laundry Bag

I bought this bag for washing baby items. For socks, hats, mittens, etc., small items that can easily be lost. The reviews saying how small it was almost kept me from purchasing, but I’m glad that I did. The bags are actually larger than I thought they would be.Both bags zipped together measure 18″ across x 15″ tall. Minus the center zipper, edging, and top area where the snaps are; the actual mesh storage area for each side measures a little over 8″ across and 12″ tall.

Kelly Ardmore, OK

great for socks!

I have a similar bag and I love it. I actually hang the little hooks on the laundry hamper and as I take off his little socks I put them in the bag so I don’t have to worry about sorting them out later. It really keeps the socks from getting lost.

Gertrude Smyrna Mills, ME


i got this for socks but it didn’t hold much. it was a waste of money for me. also shriveled up in the wash and was a pain to not lose.

Rhea Elburn, IL

Great Laundry Bag

I use these bags to wash baby socks, nursing pads, and HALO Swaddlers (because the Velcro sticks to everything). These work great to keep those items contained, and prevent the swaddlers from sticking to everything in the wash. So far 2 bags seems to be enough for our purposes, but I would definitely purchase again if I needed more laundry bags.

Cora North Beach, MD

Great product

Very handy for washing all those small baby items like socks that would otherwise get lost. It’s nice being able to keep the bag together and hang it someplace convenient but separate colors/whites when it comes time to wash the items.

Lacy Kit Carson, CO

It’s a good product, but really isn’t necessary

I bought this thinking I would definitely need it to separate babies’ socks…but it’s really unnecessary. It just hangs next to his changing table and could probably be more useful if I remembered to separate his socks in it. Use your money on more important items. If you’re preparing for a baby, I created a comprehensive list of must have baby registry items for the first three months. Just search for “All Moms Are Perfect” in google. It’s in the preparing for baby section.

Wanda Woodbine, KS

Must have

Great option for little baby socks which I’m sure would otherwise be lost! We have also used this to wash little stuffed animals, blankets, & "lovey" so they are a little more protected in wash cycle. I like the 2 separate bags so we can separate colors!

Erika Redondo, WA