Munchkin Bottle and Nipple Brush, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Bottle and Nipple Brush, Colors May Vary

This bottle and nipple brush has a soft bristles and a strong sponge tip for scrubbing hard to clean places. The nipple brush is conveniently stored in the handle so you never have to look far for your favorite little brush. Both brushes have soft, durable nylon bristles to sweep away residue easily. The nipple brush conveniently stores inside the handle of the bottle brush when not in use.

Main features

  • Ideal for standard and angled bottles
  • Strong sponge scrubbing tip
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Non slip grip handle
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: Blue/Pink/Green/Coral/Teal

Verified reviews


The Best Bottle Brush for the Money

We have 3 kids and have used a lot of different bottle brushes before. Some of them even cost $10+ which is a rip off. Although this one is a little better than the others, none of them really lasts. There is actually no reason to keep bottle brushes very long because they collect bacteria and germs that you want to throw them away after a couples of months or less.Available in different colors.It has a screw-in nipple brush inside the handle.Pros:-The biggest plus about this brush is that the foam on the tip is strong and durable. It has a rougher texture than ordinary foams.-Value wise, I am very happy with this product. Available at some popular local stores around 2$-Very simple design-Good handle grip

Gracie Garland, ME

Its hidious, why did they make it pink

Its hidious, why did they make it pink? Its always out on my counter mocking me for buying it. It taughts me daily with its nipple pink color. I cant wait to let me dog destroy it.

Bertie Huntington Park, CA

Sponge tears easily

This brush does the job of cleaning bottles and nipples. The small nipple brush works great. However, the sponge tears easily. The sponge cannot withstand repeated everyday use. Mine started to tear by week 2. By week 4, only parts of the sponge remain. My previous brush was the Dr. Brown brand. The sponge on that brush lasted much longer. I will go back to that brand.All in all, the Munchkin brand works. It just doesn’t last long enough for me.

Jami Falcon, KY

Sponge falls apart, metal rusting is unsafe

Pros: Let me first say I am usually very fond of the Munchkin line of products, especially the sprout drying rack. However, the bottle brushes have a lot to be desired. I started by buying the swivel bottle brush (loved the swivel feature). Then later I switched to the regular bottle/nipple brush so I could reach the bottom of the Dr. Brown bottles when my son began using the larger bottles. I like the width of the bristles for cleaning and the comfortable thick handles with good grip.Cons: I don’t use the brushes for more than a month each but still I’ve found that on more than one occasion the sponge at the end always tends to fall apart. Initially I mistakenly blamed my husband thinking that he didn’t realize his strength and cleaned it too aggressively, breaking the sponge! Later I had to apologize to him when I realized the brushes were poor quality and that he hadn’t really broken them. I followed the instructions about how to care of the brushes and yet it’s broken 3x but what is ultimately convincing me to try another brand is that I noticed the nipple brush rusting…again the brush was used less than 30 days and has been stored outside, next to the sprout bottle drying rack, so it’s not as if it was stored in an unreasonably moist area. The rusting is very unsafe and caused me to lose trust in this product.

Sheila Iola, TX

Good brush but…

I really liked this brush except I have no where to put it after I’m done using it. Next time I will buy the kind with the suction cup on the end of the handle.

Trisha Owings Mills, MD

No thanks

I am not a fan of this Munchkin brush. The bristles are stiff and spray the soap everywhere when you run the brush in and out of the bottle. Another thing I don’t like is that the nipple cleaner needs to be screwed out of the bottom; it’s inconvenient when you’re in a hurry trying to make a bottle for baby. Lastly, the sponge portion fell apart after a month of use. I ended up buying the Dr. Brown’s brush to replace this one and I like it much better.

Lacy Brownville, NE

Best bottle brush we’ve found for Dr. Brown’s.

Cheap and does the job. The sponge comes apart within a month or so, but bottle brushes are supposed to be replaced frequently for the first few months, according to our peds. The nipple brush is great, just wish Munchkin made those wire-bristly-things to clean the reservoir and top.

Karina Mount Victoria, MD

My favorite brush!

I have used multiple brushes for my sons diapers and this is by far the best one. I love that it’s soft at top it allows you to get in every section of the bottle. The nipple brush in the bottom is also great!

Bonnie Wisconsin Dells, WI

Great brush

I’ve used other brushes but these are great… I really like the top part of the brush.. it really gets the bottles nice and clean. It does start falling apart after a month or so so you have to replace them but they are pretty affordable so it’s not that bad. I have never had an issue with rust on the nipple cleaner… If you read the directions it says to make sure the brush is DRY before putting back together. I normally leave them separate anyways and have never had any issues.

Sonia Monroeville, PA

Make cleaning bottles easy

Great job at cleaning the bottles fast and thoroughly but I am one my 3 brush and my son is only 8 months old. I would have given perfect review if they were a little sturdier. I would still highly recommend this product.

Madge Portersville, PA

Not a bad brush, better than brushes without sponges on top

PROS:The sponge tip on the brush is perfect – it cleans well and dries very fast. The sponge they used is made of plastic, so it the fact that it stays very dry adds to the safety – dish sponges that stay wet can breed an immense amount of bacteria.The rubber grip handle is well designed and comfortable to hold.The nipple brush is very helpful.CONS:The brush always falls over, it is unstable – topples over when placed vertically and rolls when placed horizontally onto a surface. It seems like it’s always rolling into the dirty sink or falling to the floor.The metal part rusts in a matter of weeks

Ashleigh Smithboro, NY

love it

got this to help with cleaning out baby bottles, works great the brush fits in nicely, and the nipple brush helps clean out the inside and outside of the nipples. only complain is I’ve had part of the sponge fall off already, but with using it everyday it’s definitely still up to the challenge.

Darla Johnston, RI

Perfect for breast pump parts!

These are the only bottle brushes that work really well with narrower bottles and breast pump parts! I use lots of the Ameda bottles to store pumped milk. Other brushes wouldn’t fit in the bottles and breast pump parts. These are perfect. Great price too.

Janell Washington, IN

Cleans the bottles well. Lasts until it is time to replace.

This bottle brush cleans bottles well. The foam gets the bottom crevices cleaned. We have used with Tommy Tippee and Avent. You are supposed to replace every 45 days or so and it lasts that long without a problem.

Ingrid Meckling, SD

Good brush if used correctly

This brush works well on bottles…so well that my husband decided to use it to scrub our hard-to-clean blender mugs. It did a great job on those too, but the seeds from the mug got into the sponge and will not come out so it looks a bit ugly now. Since we wound up using the Playtex Nursers with the drop in liners, we don’t really need a bottle brush, so it’s not the worst problem in the world. So, if you are going to use this only on baby bottles for milk or formula, it’s great. 🙂

Casandra Block Island, RI

It is pretty good

I particularly like the nipple cleaner. The bottle cleaner is great, however the sponge at the top began breaking down and I would find small pieces of it detaching. I found that I liked the OXO brand better. But I still keep the nipple cleaner for this one.

April Puposky, MN

Works great

I love that this has the big bottle cleaner and the nipple cleaner. It really get into all the small spaces well and get the whole bottle clean

Genevieve Orient, OH

In the Garbage is 1 use!!!!

I bought two of these and used the brush once and the handle broke away from the brush. It’s junk! Don’t bother. It just throwing away your money.

Kathie Silver Lake, MN

Dreadful Brush

We have owned 3 of this brush and it turned out to be two too many. The first one did okay. It lasted a few weeks – about 4 weeks – before brush separated from the handle. Unfortunately, it cannot be reinserted and it’s too thin to hold so we trashed it. I figured maybe it was a defective one so I replaced it and the second one lasted about 4 days! The only reason we got a third one was because I sent my husband to get a brush and he bought the same one we had at home. It’s very affordable but ultimately a waste of money.

Shelby Kerkhoven, MN

Used to Love — Not Anymore

I found this inexpensive brushes to be perfect with my first child. They held up pretty well and didnt have the wierd twirly feature that so many brushes have now. We would use them and sometimes forget to even replace them.With my son we have the same brushes but for some reason we’ve found that this time around they are much more poorly made (the sponge at the top comes out and shreds) and then the brush is fairly useless. Dont know if they’ve changed in quality but we’ve been disappointed in how little time these brushes last.

Berta Perks, IL

Wonderful product, AMAZING value

This is an awesome product, especially for the value. So far (2-2.5 months) it has stayed as good as new with daily use (I don’t have a dishwasher). It doesn’t get all gross like a lot of sponges, and the nipple brush that screws into the bottom is really handy. I let the pieces dry separately so that mold/mildew doesn’t grow. I haven’t had any mold issues, I’m just taking preventative measures. Overall a great product, and amazing given the price.

Benita Atwood, CO

sponge tears, neck snaps and rusts

This brush was not effective for us at all! The wire neck quickly bent and rusted then snapped off. Immediately the sponge ends tore off going into a Dr. Brown’s bottle. The nipple brush kept falling out. The whole thing lasted less than a week before it was useless.

Corinne Dalton, PA

Been using these for a long time!

I’ve gone through a few of these because I use them all the time for bottles, sippy cups, etc. I don’t use the mini scrub brush contained in the base (usually, I have a few times). Good quality for the price, very handy. Stands upright and is easy to use.

Stefanie Byers, CO

Threw it out after 1 use

This did not get our bottles clean. (We use Medelas, our baby is exclusively breastfed.). You could see the smears of attempted cleaning on the sides. Buy the other Munchkin one instead- we go through about one every 6 weeks, but its well worth it.

Janet Alburnett, IA

Falls Apart Instantly

The brush itself works really well, and I love the built in nipple brush concept. BUT, the sponge part on the end falls off in about 2-4 weeks which is the only thing that really makes the brush useful. The first time I bought this brush, the sponge tip broke in 3 weeks, I thought it was a fluke, so I bought another one cause I liked the brush. The second one’s sponge tip broke completely off again in 2 1/2 weeks, so it proved my theory, it’s not a fluke, this brush is just crap. I also use this brush very gently to clean, not aggressively to cause to tear off.

Krystal Cleveland, UT

Good for the money

I find these work well for the money and have ordered them a few times now. I find they “last”. However, like any sponge, I replace them at least once a month. As the mother of a little boy, I am disappointed that Amazon will not allow me to pick colors and always sends me at least one pink brush – silly but, it would be nice.

Mara Auxvasse, MO

Good brush for the money

I’ve tried a few different bottle brush brands. This one is the best one I think, for the money. Yes, the nipple brush is small and scratchy. We just use the sponge on the stop of the brush to clean the nipples, before we boil them anyway. The sponge is finely meshed, so that your soap lasts longer. I’ve had this brush 3 times, and never had it break on me or anything like that. So, when I was buying baby items anyway at, I decided to throw in a new brush, as our current one is due to need replacing soon.

Jennifer Ballston Spa, NY

Love it.

“Colors vary” – mine came in pink. Only brush I have used but I like it a lot. Makes washing so quick and all my pieces look very clean. I end up with the nipple brush always out (not inserted into the handle) so not important to me that it can do that, I suppose it would be nice for travel. The sponge is a little fragile, mine already has some tears (only a couple of weeks old) and some bristles are bent. I keep it on my drying rack.

Melva Annawan, IL

Not good for Madela Bottles

I hate this bottle brush because I use it to wash out Madela bottles and they have a small opening. I can get the brush in and it touches the sides but when I pull it out I get sprayed with water. every. single. time. I have only had it a week and am already looking for a new bottle brush.

Enid Ellisville, MS

Bottle brush is the best!

I love this bottle brush — soft at the top so as to not scratch the inside of my baby bottles and the little nipple brush works wonderfully too. I only had one casualty where I was too forceful with the nipple brush and poked a hole right through the nipple. I’ve learned to be very careful when cleaning the delicate nipple part.

Elvia Ewell, MD