Munchkin Bubble Spout Guard, Blue

Munchkin Bubble Spout Guard, Blue

Keep you little one entertained at bath time while helping to protect against bumps and burns with the Bubble Spout Guard by Munchkin. The adorable blue elephant design accommodates shower diverter and the adjustable strap makes it easy to fit faucets. Dispenses bubble bath for sudsy bath time fun.

Main features

  • Accommodates shower diverter
  • Adjustable strap secures easily to faucets
  • Dispenses bubble bath for sudsy fun

Verified reviews



This thing is huge! Does not fit on the spout at all and the velcro is not tight enough or "sticky" enough.

Edwina Saint Libory, NE

It’s softer than a faucet….

While this product works somewhat, I have two problems with it.1. My faucet may have been too small for this model. My 10-month old can yank it out of the faucet, and I cannot secure this model. I wish the manufacturer provided an ideal spec for size/type of faucet fits the best.2. Legs and body of the elephant is somewhat soft, nose is hard plastic. My baby is tough and he does not cry, but it hurts watching him hitting his head against the hard plastic part….On the other hand, my 9-year old loves the bubble spout feature.

Clara Newport, NJ

Didn’t work for my faucet

So I don’t actually know what kind of tub faucet I have since it is an old house so I might just have on of the incompatible models listed in the listing, but it didn’t work for us. The strap for holding it on was too far behind the lip made by the end of the spout, and the faucet is tapered so it just slid forward and sort of hung off annoyingly. Too bad it didn’t work for us because I like the concept and the bubble bath spout. I don’t know how the bubble bath dispenser works since we didn’t get a chance to test it, so the best I can give is 3 stars, it’s ok.

Roberta Nortonville, KY

Cute concept

I received the bubble spout guard to test, rate, and review from Munchkin. The elephant is super cute and my son loves it. We don’t have a shower diverted on the spout, so I had a really difficult time getting the elephant to attach and stay attached. Also, be sure if you are going to put soap through the trunk, that it is a pretty thin soap. Our bubble bath is too thick and won’t pass through the small hole.

Carly Methow, WA

Doesn’t Fit

Make sure you check what kind of faucet you have. This might’ve been one of those items I should’ve bought in the store. I’m sure it works fine for people with the faucet that has that little pull up piece to turn on the shower but mine doesn’t have that and it wasn’t even close to fitting right.

Miranda Lake Powell, UT