Munchkin Click Lock 2 Count Flip Straw Cup, 9 ounce

Munchkin Click Lock 2 Count Flip Straw Cup, 9 ounce

Munchkin’s new line of Click Lock Cups are just right because they just click. These cups feature a simple click-and-lock lid to securely close for a leak proof seal guaranteed. Parents will see, hear and feel the cup lock, so they have triple assurance against dribbles and drips.

Main features

  • Click Lock leak-proof design
  • Soft, flexible spill-proof straw
  • BPA free
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • 12 plus months

Verified reviews


Top of my list

I have a 15-month-old, who went straight from bottles, to sippy cups with straws. She never cared for the sippy cups with spouts, which saddened me somewhat because the few that we have, never leaked. I made it my mission to find the “perfect” straw sippy – so far, the Munchkin Click Lock Flip Straw Cup is at the top of my list. Pros: The “click lock” is solid. I’ve experienced no leakage from under the cap. Also, the “flip” is a nice feature that keeps the straw clean when not in use. The shape is perfect for my little girl’s tiny grip, and she’s had no issues drinking from them. Con: Occasionally, if/ when she shakes the cup, a few drops of liquid will spill out. This is nothing compared to the experiences I’ve had with other cups. The best part is, this cup cost me about $2. You definitely get more than you pay for, and at that price, I can afford to have a whole cabinet full of these.

Evangeline Mint Spring, VA

A little annoying to take apart, but this mom thinks these are great

Easy to pour liquids in, and easy for my toddler to suck it out. Very little mess involved and I can carry in the diaper bag. The first time we took it apart in the dishwasher was a bit annoying to figure out how the pieces come out, but you get the hang of it. Would buy more (and I just might right now).

Lakesha Luana, IA

Not always leak proof – but great first straw cup anyhow

The short version: These cups are user-friendly for babies. They have a lot of parts but you can get the hang of assembly fast. They’re no more trouble to wash than bottles & nipples. The real down-side is they will eventually start to leak, especially when jostled in a bag (i.e. when taken out for dinner). Still, they’re cheap and may be worth a short for you.The long version: I started my twins on these straw-cups around their first birthday. Having drunk breastmilk exclusively through bottles for a year, they were very accustomed to their bottles and hated every sippy cup we tried. It took a few days, but the girls managed to switch over to these straw cups. The seem to like the flexible straw tops and I liked that they have a valve preventing major spills when the cups get tossed from the high chairs. The cups easily fit their hands, though the ridges that make them user-friendly can get slimy when we’re eating messy food.The ridges extend to the inside, making it so you definitely have to use a bottle-brush to wash these cups. The straws and lids need special attention with a mini brush, too. But, you’ll get onto that!We’ve used 8 of these successfully for more than 2 months. For most of that time, we didn’t have leaks. Now, though, I’ve tossed out 3 of the bases because of major leaks. I don’t mind the little leaks caused when a baby throws a cup down (there’s bound to be a little liquid left in the straw) but I drew the line when the cups started leaking milk everywhere in the cooler bag I use when we’re going out. I suspect the leaks are related to the click-lock feature wearing out (so the tops aren’t as secure).So, I’m certainly not entirely satisfied with these cups. But, I’d still recommend them for these reasons:1. These are cheap and readily available.2. They’re baby-friendly. Transitioning a baby to a straw is hard enough — good to start with a cup babies like.3. The tops are interchangeable with sippy-cup tops for more flexibility should your child not want a straw.4. They contain basic leaks when thrown from a high chair. (Yes, a little liquid comes out, but not a major spill.)I’m sure we’ll try some other straw cups soon – these aren’t great, but they’re not horrible either.

Nannie Allen, KY

hard to reassemble and breaks easy

A nightmare to re-assemble after taking it appart for cleaning.Great idea but poor execution from Munchkin. I love their products but this one is by far their worse.I found it very hard to pass the straw thru the hole back up to the top of the lid and then have it hook without bending out of the upper little part that allows it to "pop" out. It’s not only time consuming but also frustrating trying to reassemble all the pieces after washing.

Becky Ford, KS

Not Leak-Proof

These companies should really stop marketing these cups as "leak-proof". I have yet to find one that doesn’t leak. My son flips this cup over and it has a pretty steady drip to it.

Mari Longstreet, LA

Very hard to drink out of

The age range on these sippy cups are 12+ months. I have a 5 year old and a 14 month old. Both of which I bought these cups for to limit the amount of spills in my house. They are great for no leak. The only issue is that these cups are very hard to suck out of. Neither of the kids are really able to suck out of the straws.

Katelyn Scarborough, ME


These cups didn’t last twenty-four hours in my house. My thirteen month old couldn’t suck a single drop out of it. So I tried and failed. I couldn’t suck a drop out of either cup that came in the two back. I took it apart and tried to put it back together and unless you’ve got some magical power it’s nearly impossible. It was impossible for me… I cannot imagine how people actually use these things! They’re completely worthless.

Mamie Atwood, IN

Good cup, strange sucking release sound!

This is a pretty good straw cup! I am not going to invest $12-15 in something that I need a bunch of and which will inevitably get lost anyway. I like to have 6 or so cups on hand so I am never out of a clean one. $3-4/each is more like it! Anyway, I originally started my son on a Nuby silicon straw cup. He loved the thing but loved it so much that he started running around the house while biting on the straw to hold it up. This lead to the top of the straws of our entire collection of those cups breaking off in short order. Fine. This is not really their designated purpose but I needed something with a stronger straw to hold up to his straw-biting ways. These do the trick. They are interchangeable, easy to clean (check youtube, people) and cheap enough that it is no biggie if one gets left at the park. My only special note, and I am surprised that nobody else has mentioned this, is that if he has been sucking on the straw for a while and lets go it makes a loud sucking release sound. Like a very squeaky sigh. It really surprised my husband ("what the !#@#@ was that??") when we were driving. Not sure why other straw cups don’t seem to do this but not a huge deal.

Deanne Delmar, NY


I dont know what they were doing… not testing these, just dreaming up a useless cute looking cup! They are impossible to open & close, not easy to sip from. just awful! I just wonder about these baby product designers & manufacturers. I had to throw them out without ever successfully using them! Waste of so much $$!

Noreen Tahoe City, CA


My child has a very strong suck and these cups create the right amount of resistance to keep her from choking back on too much water. They leak a little if the straw is out and they are tossed on the ground, but not otherwise, which is pretty great as sippy cups go!

Alyssa Nineveh, IN

Not a fan

Not really a fan of these cups. The flip piece that closes the straw is very hard to take off of the lid (neccessary for washing), and the straws still leak if accidentally turned over. They are better suited for older toddlers/kids who understand not to throw or dump their cups over, otherwise, you’ll be cleaning up messes and cursing the lid trying to take it apart each time!

Laverne Leonard, MI


My son was EBF, no pumping or bottles. We wanted to skip the sippy as well as we didn’t want to introduce something we’d have to wean 6 months later. When it came time to give him sips of water when solids were introduced, we were fine giving him sips of water from a small cup (though he preferred our heavy glass cup) or with a spoon but by 7 months he needed more than spoonfuls and we needed a compact and convenient drink container for when we were out and about. We were leaning toward the thermos foogo stainless straw cup but also wanted a cheap version to try and for when he would need multiples for milk, water, juice, etc.Almost every item we looked at had reviews about either a valve that made sucking horrible or leaked terribly. There was no item that we could truly say ticked off our every preference when we found these for $2 each at Tarjey and decided we wouldn’t lose much trying. For that cheap surely they wouldn’t have valves, just a straw cup? Wrong.Our first attempt at disassembling and then reassembling it was frustrating, they were that hard to pop off and on. Subsequent tries made the parts connect better. The valve and click locking the cap made it impossible to suck liquid out. The valve is literally a stiff silicone membrane that has a cut on it – not a valve by definiton. I spent a day inserting small scissors through the straw hole and slicing out slivers of the flap and managed to get a hole big enough in the membrane that suddenly made sipping very easy. The volume of water that comes up still depended on how loosely or tightly I had the cap on (click locking made water come up slower but also makes the bottle leakproof despite the disfunctional valve), but my baby easily handled the volume of water with the cap on loose. Now I have three all with cut out valve membranes and quite like them. The only issue I see is now there is no valve, so my son’s spittle and bits of food make their way back into the water. there are a million ridges and grooves on the outside and inside of every part, not to mention the deep curves that make cleaning difficult (but also very easy for my 7 month old to hold the cup himself). Also, I have not yet given milk or juice, so I don’t know how difficult this is going to be keep clean.

Kerri Park Ridge, NJ

hard to suck out of

These are really great except for the fact that they require a serious ability to suck! I feel like my daughter has to work really hard to get anything out of these.

Sierra Aviston, IL

Great product

These are fabulous. No leaking and they come completely apart and enable you to clean every piece thoroughly. You just flip the lid down and you can toss these into your diaper bag.

Callie Denton, KS

not leak proof, needs volume indicators

not the best, for sure. still, it’s the only cup my baby will drink out of so what can ya do?cons:-leaks from straw when open and tipped over-leaks from the spout when lid is closed-difficult to feed the mouthpiece through the spout after washing (use a chopstick!)-difficult to open lid so after banging it on the counter every day it’s finally marginally easier to open-you can’t tell how much water your baby/toddler has had throughout the day because there’s no indicators on the side, which is important when you’re trying to keep them hydratedpro:-my baby drinks out of it. yippee i guess.

Jill Shell Lake, WI

Waste of Money

My daughter loves to sip from a straw so I thought this was a perfect inexpensive cup to try. The problem is that it is not spill proof so it defeats the purpose of being a sippy cup.The second problem is that when washing I pulled the straw out so I could soak it and it was almost impossible to put back in. I feel like it is cheaply made and really not worth buying.

Earlene Creighton, MO

the stopper too hard

I was expecting better results from this. Id been using the nuby straw bottles and was happy enough but then I decided to try these out.Wat a waste. The stopper is so hard to open. My 2 yr old cant do it for sure, n it takes me a lot to push it open too. And then when it finally springs open it splashes dots of the liquid inside all over me!I can only hope it gets better with time, but I doubt it. There’s much better options out there.The only pro is the shape of the bottle itself.

Rhoda Cadiz, OH


I didn’t buy them from Amazon, but I did buy them from a local grocery store. So far it’s the only sippy cup my son likes, and it’s not hard at all to get something out. I try each cup I buy him to be sure that at least I can get something out. He’s transitioned so well from bottle to cup with this so I’m soooo pleased, you just don’t even know. They leak a little bit but I think that was just because the straw came a little lose when I was cleaning it. Otherwise, the only time you get something out of that cup is when the straw flip out too quickly and there was some left in there. The design of it too lets my son hold it effortlessly. He can carry it with one hand! Which is great because he takes it everywhere with him. Very impressed with Munchkin this time. Maybe I’ll try more of them soon.

Alma Red Oak, VA

Too hard to suck out of

Honestly, I can’t speak to how well these hold up over time or whether they leak, because we only used them once. They’re a pain to put together, but that isn’t the main problem. They are ridiculously hard to drink out of. My husband and I both tried it and we can get liquid out of it, but it’s difficult and makes drinking unpleasant. They’re going to go straight in the trash.

Dena Coral, PA

These cups are great!!

Ok, for starters…..I can’t believe how many grown adults can’t seem to drink from these cups!!! Our son who is 16 months has been using this cup since 8 months. He loves his water and has never had a problem drinking from them. I tried the cups myself and they are not that hard to suck water out of and yes we have the new version. The cap is not hard to get on, really these cups are by far the best out of 15 sippy cups I’ve bought and they leak the least. Our son only drinks water out of these, he doesnt like juice and will only drink his milk from the born free training cups. Even taking them apart to clean is not that tasking. I think some Americans have just become to lazy these days and expect these cups to magically put themselves back together. Yes, you have to take the straws and vent out, wash thoroughly and thread the straw back through. This takes some effort but would you rather not do this and risk mold and bacteria growing to harm your child!?!?

Kristy Dexter, MO

So far, so good

I bought this cup after having to throw away a leaky Playtex straw cup on vacation. It is a little more difficult to assemble than the Playtex cup, but it works so it’s totally worth the effort! We have not had any leaks or problems so far. It is a good little cup at a great price! My absolute favorite straw cup is theTommee Tippee Explora Easiflow Insulated Boy Cup with Dura Straw BPA Free 9 Oz 2 Pack 12m Colors May Vary. It works similarly to this Munchkin cup, but it’s also insulated!

Diann Wheelwright, MA

Great Sippy Cups!

These are great sippy cups for my son. He began using these around 1 year and still drinks out of them at 18 months. Durable, dishwasher safe, and easy for him to use.

Janice Leburn, KY

Not the same

I have ordered various Munchkin sippys over the years and these are no the same. They straws do not fold down nice and they leak. Maybe I just got a bad batch.

Gussie Newport, MI

toddler cups

i had one of these cups and its old so now i am replacing it. My daughter loves these. she can drink with ease and they dont spill

Teri Mc Millan, MI

Impossible to drink from.

It is near impossible to suck liquid from the straws. I could barely get anything out and my son definitely couldn’t. The parts are near impossible to clean as well. The only positive thing I have to say is no they don’t leak but that doesn’t matter if you can’t drink from it. Don’t waste your time with these.

Casey Jamestown, NM

great cup

don’t spill more than a few drops at a time if any. my son loves them, easy for him to hold. my complaint is that they can be kinda tough to open sometimes even for us. I like and hate that though. lol

Tisha Hallstead, PA

Hard to close

I thought this would be just like the previous Munchkin Flip Straw cups I bought. The lids don’t screw on very easily and the straw doesn’t flip down very well. The other ones I have from Munchkin flip down very easily. I hate taking these apart to wash them because they are so hard to get back together!

Marissa Utica, MO

Love it

These sippy cups are a must. My almost 18 month old has been using them for over a month now without any issues. It took me a couple tries to figure out how to disassemble them to clean, but once you get it it’s very simple. I plan on buying 2 more now.

Rena New Paris, IN

Best sippy cups we have found for our 16 month old

I read recently that straw cups are essential for a 12 month old (or older) for their speech development, so I purchased these when our daughter was about 13 months. She really likes them, and I like them because she doesn’t suck on them like she does other sippy cups (she uses those as a pacifier, and will sit there just sucking on it without drinking). With these, she easily drinks out of the straw. She has a habit of throwing the cups on the ground, and these seldom leak or spill. They might spill a tad if the spout is open or if she throws it super hard, but that should be expected, especially seeing as how this price is fairly cheap. We lose the pieces at day care a lot (usually the straw, which comes in two pieces, or the spout cover) but these can be purchased separately online if needed. We wash ours in the dishwasher and have had no issues with keeping them clean. The spout cover is a little tricky to pop on and off, but I like that as it keeps her from being able to pop it off herself. These are great for the price. I highly recommend them!

Jerri Grimes, IA

Just okay…

I usually use the Zoli straw cups for water but i decided to try these for milk. I chose these because they have a soft silicone straw unlike most cups out there. These cups are okay for the price but I stopped using them. They are annoying to assemble, and after a few uses the straw sprays milk every where each time you open it.

Amber Coweta, OK