Munchkin Click Lock 2 Count Sippy Cup, 9 ounce

Munchkin Click Lock 2 Count Sippy Cup, 9 ounce

Munchkin’s new line of Click Lock Cups are just right because they just click. These cups feature a simple click-and-lock lid to securely close for a leak proof seal guaranteed. Parents will see, hear and feel the cup lock, so they have triple assurance against dribbles and drips.

Main features

  • Click Lock leak-proof design
  • Easy-to-clean, one-piece spill-proof valve
  • BPA free
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • 9 plus months

Verified reviews


Can’t drink out of it!

I saw reviews of this nature for these cups but decided to buy the set anyway because there were so many good reviews. However, as others experienced, I personally had a hard time drinking out of the cup and so did my 1yo and 3yo. They came today and they’re already boxed up to be mailed back. I don’t think a cup, for a child learning to drink, should require tiresome sucking.

Eloise Galliano, LA

Finally!! An actual LEAK PROOF sippy cup!

Wow! We’ve used them all, it seems. From Nuk, Nuby, Born Free, Phillips Avent, Munchkin (their other sippys), MAM, generic brands, etc. I felt like we’d tried them all, and all of them leaked.The thing is, I’ve really come to believe that there is no such thing as a 100% leak-proof sippy cup. However, while most of the others have been 60-95% leak-proof, THIS one is 99.9% leak proof. As far as leak-proof goes, this one is the closest to perfection. It “clicks” when you seal it, which is a nice addition and *sounds* reassuring, sure, but we also monitored this sippy cup for actual performance. I put this one through the rigmarole:Turned upside-down: NO leaks.Left on the couch angled down: NO leaks.Over-tightened screw top: NO leaks.Under-tightened screw top: NO leaks!Long road trip in car: NO leaks.In crib during nap: NO leaks.The only leak we were able to spot was when I held it upside-down and used my fingers to pinch the nipple. Yes, THEN it leaked. Thus the 0.5%.Oh, and I’m a crazy mom about these things: if the flow isn’t good, it’s not worth anything. Everyone likes to gulp a refreshing drink–why should your child not be able to chug down their favorite drink? So yes, I filled it and took a swig of my own. And it has mom’s approval because the flow was just fine. I’ve experienced other sippy cups that have barely dripped liquid–that’s hardly refreshing! There are also those which flow too fast and nearly drown your kid–not okay! This one was just right.We’re happy with it! I’ll buy this one again in the future, for sure.

Rowena Faulkner, MD

Hold a fair amount of milk

I am still confused with the instructions but the bottles seem to hold a good amount of milk and leaks very little but leaks when my son turns it upside down

Margo Valmora, NM


I do not recommend these cups the lids are not easy to clean in all the cracks and more importantly I ordered them because they were leak proof, however it is so difficult to drink from them i had to cut the holes larger. I could not even get a drink before then…and now they leak.

Alexandra Oakland, KY

Sippy cups LEAK

I bought these sippy cups thinking that the soft nozzle would be a good transition from a bottle to the normal hard-tipped sippy cups, but I had no idea that these sippy cups would leak. When i say leak, i mean a constant stream of milk runs from the bottom of the lid every time it is tipped. I wouldnt recommend this to anyone. These sippy cups are easy for my 12 month old to hold, however because they leak, I no longer use them.

Charlotte Lake Park, MN

Hard for young babies, perfect for over 12 months!

This is a sturdy, good sized sippy cup, and I like the click and lock feature. This one isn’t going to easily leak. However, the spout is very difficult to remove for washing and put back in for use. I gave it to my 11 month old, and he wasn’t getting any water, I finally picked it up and tried myself. It seems you have to bite down on it to get the liquid to flow. It says 9 months and up, but I would recommend it for older children. I’ll save it and try again when he’s a little older and I guess keep trying until he learns the trick!Update:This is my baby’s favorite sippy cup now! He prefers this over any other cup. I’ve also found the spout is much easier to insert from the top of the cup rather than pulling it up through the bottom. I’m changing this to 5 stars because we like it so much now that my baby is over a year.

Sonja Robbins, CA

It doesn’t leak or spill, but…

The small deep part on the spout will keep whatever ur child doesn’t drink and that will spill on the floor. Other than that, my baby loves this cup!

Shana La Valle, WI

Best Sippy Cup

These are the best sippy cups. My 10 month old son can easily grip them & drink out of them. If he throws them on the floor liquid does not spill out of them. I like to click sound to let you know they are ready to drink from. These are so much better than other complicated sippy cups!!

Beverly Bergman, AR

Exactly what they said: Leakproof

Little man has certainly tried to make things pour out of any cup device we’ve given him and he has yet to get something from these babies. Also, has had no problems drinking from the cups and seems to like the shapes since he can walk around with it easily (not like I really want him to… but he does). I’m sorry I didn’t buy these earlier.

Ines Crosbyton, TX

Decent cups!

These cups are pretty decent, not our favorite, but we do like them. They have a click lock top and do not leak everywhere even when thrown down by a child. Cleaning is super easy and the spout just pops right back into the cap. I would recommend these.

Cleo Mc Leansboro, IL

These are awesome FOR A WHILE and then they suck.

When my son transitioned from bottles to sippy cups, I literally bought one of all the five-star rated sippy cups. I guess at the time these were rated as five-star? Anyway, these are the best, IN THE BEGINNING. My son’s speech therapist likes the soft plastic spout (or whatever it’s called). I love that my son isn’t "painting" with his beverages as he did with other leaky cups. But then, after a few weeks, the tops start to leak, a lot. Suddenly there are puddles. It’s so disappointing. I did a few rounds of returning them to Amazon for replacements but honestly I just don’t have the time anymore so I toss them in recycling and buy more. I wish it didn’t happen but I’m hoping we won’t be in sippy cups for that much longer anyway.

Angelique Trafford, AL

Great product!

We love the Munchkin click lock sippy cups at our house! I don’t have to worry about them leaking all over and you get the added satisfaction of hearing that with a "click!" The size is perfect for my older toddler and he loves the fun color combinations of these cups! The best part is Munchkin guarantees that the cups are leak proof! I would definately recommend these. They are a great product and value!

Hilary Virginia City, NV

love the click

Very easy to open and close and the click let’s you know its sealed. It rarely leaks and my kids don’t have a hard time getting there drinks out of it like they sometimes do with other cups.

Sonja Amboy, IN

Best Yet for Transitioning From Bottle

These have been a hit with our daughter to transition from a bottle. She seems to enjoy drinking out of them, they are easy to clean, and easy for her to hold.

Deanna Whaleyville, MD

No more leaks!

I’ve been using the Munckin Click Lock sippy cups for my 15 month old son and am pretty impressed. These cups have with stood being dropped from a high chair, thrown across the room, and falling out of the car onto asphalt. Other than durability, the features as a mom I love about these sippy cups is the fact they are easy to clean by hand or disherwasher,, are BPA free, and the fact that they haven’t leaked at all!I don’t know about you but most days I am digging through the kids cup cabinet trying to find the inner piece for the sipping valve on the cup. These cups actually have a one-piece spill-proof valve, so there will be no more extra searching and loosing time when we need to head out the door!A neat feature is the Click Lock leak-proof design! I like knowing the cup is completely sealed before giving it to my child or placing it the diaper bag. I’ve had issues before with a cup leaking all over everything in my bag and that was not a pretty picture! This cup now eases my mind in knowing it’s completely sealed!My son has no issue drinking out of this cup. And it’s slender shape and light weightiness makes it easy for him to hold!I would highly recommend this cup to any of my mom friends with babies and toddlers!9 plus months

Karin Hessmer, LA

nicely spill-proof, difficult to clean and assemble

These are a pain for all of the adults involved in my son’s care b/c each cup comes apart in three pieces for washing and they are a tight fit (making it so nicely spill-proof I’m sure).Tough to disassemble, and tough to reassemble. I’ve also noticed the deep grooves in the spout don’t like to come clean in the dishwasher, and instead collect residue and/or soap stains.

June Kimmswick, MO


I put my daughter to bed with a sippy of water every night. She’s able to drink out of this fine (though it is definitely not my favorite spout–very bulky and awkward, even for my adult-sized mouth, much less hers!), but the main reason I no longer use these is they leak from the area between the lid and cup (not around the spout/valve). It’s a slow leak but overnight it’s enough to make a huge wet spot which earns an automatic crib sheet change. Not cool.

Justine Cecil, AR

The best sippy cup!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!

I bought this sippy cup for my 12 month old because of the good reviews and seeing advertisements for it everywhere. I decided to try it out. And it is AMAZING. Absolutely no spilling whatsoever, and yet liquid is able to easily flow through the spout when sucked. I don’t know how they did it. But munchkin definitely has improved. And i recommend to everyone!

Sallie Rufe, OK

kid uses them while laying down

There was a little bit of a learning curve for my almost 2yr old. My kid had been mostly using cups with straws or the small sippie cups with the 2 handles. She saw these cups and wanted it, so I put water in it, she tried to suck on the mouth piece and of course nothing came out. I tried to show her to hold the cup up, but being a 21month old she got mad threw it on the floor and refused to try again.BUT I bought these cups to use in her crib, her water cups all leak until the water is below the straw when laying on their sides making a huge wet mess. So as soon as I had her lay on the sofa and use the cup like a bottle she got it.So far the cups are pretty leak proof, my kid did figure out that she can bend the spout and get water to leak.So as far as a cup that the kid can use while laying down these are good. My kid had to tip them pretty far to get water out especially if the cup is only half full.

Lashonda Bovard, PA

Good and sturdy

Very sturdy and definitely leak proof. One of the best sealed cups I use! Very happy with what I received just wish they cane in prettier colors but I did receive exactly what is pictured.

Raquel Blue, AZ


I bought these sippy cups for my, then, 9 month old son. He started using them immediately and little by little transitioned from a bottle to sippy cup without trouble. I threw away his last baby bottle when he was 10 1/2 months old and he only uses these sippy cups for his milk and other liquids. I have 6 of these now. It is great designed, it does not leak even when thrown across the room. Easy to clean, I throw them in the dishwasher. Overall, I am very happy with this product!

Caitlin Bagdad, KY

Best Sippy For the Price

These sippy cups are GREAT!Pros:+ Inexpensive+ Our 8-month old (exclusively breastfed baby) picked one up and drank out of it first try. Our 4-year-old loves it!+ No internal valves to clean+ lid locks+ doesn’t leak much at all (itbecame the bedside sippy for our 4-year-old because we have never owned a sippy that leaks less).Cons:-leaks a teeny amount-have to line the lid up in order for it to go on and lock well-plastic is a little thin, but better than the “disposable cups.

Celeste Kermit, TX

They’re ok

I like these but unfortunately they start leaking after a couple months which kind of defeats the purpose. If you only need for short term use then these are great!

Bethany Cornelius, NC

Not for my baby but maybe it would be good for yours!

This sippy cups was giving to me. I like the colors and the idea of no plugs to keep up with but my son doesn’t like the nipple. The nipple is too big for his mouth and a little harder than he is use to… all he does is chew on them. He is stuck on the Playtex brand (soft nipple type) but you have to wash their plugs and keep up with them which can be a pain in my back side. These cups are at a fair price and they don’t leak… just wish my boy would drink from them.

Betsy New Ulm, TX

The best

Our lil guy like to chug, he is able to sip on a straw but chugging is best. The lock tops are a must, don’t be fooled and buy another brand without it.

Irene Knapp, WI

Can still be a bit of a mess

We have 6 different brands of sippy cups in our cupboard. The Munchkin click lock is in the top 2 of out favorites. I like the one top piece, no little parts to lose in the dishwasher. The cup itself really is leakproof and the click and lock top gives me peace of mind. The only flaw which at times can be a huge flaw is the plastic mouthpiece. It has grooves on top that catches the liquid my toddler does not swallow. Then when my toddler slams his cup down or sets it to fall over on the couch, the liquid in tthese grooves splatters all over the table or aforementioned sofa. A it can really annoy me on an exhausting day. The flow from this sippy cup is fantastic

Tessa Delmont, NJ

good enough

this product was vitually leak free it was hard to suck thru so i made the holes bigger. it would be great if they had covers!! i like that it is 9 oz for older toddlers…. could be bigger some toddlers need alot!

Kathy Bagley, MN

3.5 stars, decent sippy cup with less leaking

My 11-month-old has tried out a few different sippy cups. He is just now really getting into wanting to drink water all the time. These cups work just fine. He gets a good flow and doesn’t get frustrated with it (he will get upset if he doesn’t get it fast enough). He can easily hold it and throw it on the floor, too. It isn’t completely leak-proof, though. When he is finished with a sip, a little liquid is left in the nipple and I have found little water spots on the floor (hardwood). If it were grape juice (as in the video), that would be a stain on carpet.As for cleaning and putting it back together. The nipple is a pain. You have to pull it through the opening on the top, but it isn’t simple by any means. I have to pull it fairly hard, but not too hard or it will go right through. Then I have to push on the bottom in all the corners to make sure it is sealed. I missed doing this once and it leaked all over. The “click” when it is closed is nice, but nothing special–I haven’t had problems with any of the other cup lid being on properly.Overall, a decent cup. I like the that the bottom easily fits into a cup holder (some of the sippys have handles the prevent it from fitting). My son had no problems with it and can easily drink from it.

Suzanne Key Colony Beach, FL

Love these!

We have tried many, many, many sippy cups, and it has been a challenge to find one that is perfect for us. I’ve listened to friends review their ‘favorite’ cup and immediately went out to purchase one to find that it was not a good fit for us. These on the other hand have been a great cup for my little one! We didn’t start using these till she was about 12 months old and were using other ones that had handles on them prior to using this one.Pros:Easy to grasp for my 12 month old.Has a twist and lock top, which ‘clicks’ in and I haven’t had any problems with leaking.Doesn’t leak from the spout.Easy to cleanCons:We haven’t experienced anything negative with these cups.If she throws them down really hard, then they might spill a few drops from the top but I’ve come to the conclusion that every cup will do that. Overall, we have had great success with these cups. If I offer her a choice of two cups she always chooses this one and carries it around and will look for it. For the price of two of these it would be worth a try if you have tried many others that you don’t like. I know I have gone through so many cups trying to find the ‘right’ one.

Janell Rimforest, CA

Makes my 1 year old happy

My son loves these cups. We also have the ones with handles. They leak a little if he throws them, but no near as much as most of the other options out there and I love how easy they are to clean.

Trisha Dagsboro, DE