Munchkin Click Lock 4 Count Flip Straw Cup, 9 Ounce

Munchkin Click Lock 4 Count Flip Straw Cup, 9 Ounce

Munchkin’s new line of Click Lock cups are just right because they just click. These cups feature a simple click-and-lock lid to securely close for a leak proof seal, guaranteed. Parents will see, hear and feel the cup lock, so they have triple assurance against dribbles and drips.

Main features

  • Click Lock leak-proof design
  • Soft, flexible spill proof straw
  • It is BPA free
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • For 12 plus months

Verified reviews


Liked the old style better

I love these cups… However, the style changed slightly with my most recent order. The top doesn’t close as easily and the small plastic lever piece at the top is much harder to remove for cleaning. I still like the cup overall, but think the older style worked better. Wish they’d go back to it!

Joann Algonquin, IL

cheap and leaky

For the price, you get what you expect. But if you are expecting these to not leak, find a different sippy cup. Unless you get the lid on absolutely perfectly, liquid runs out the side. We still use them and they work just fine, but we just have to be extra careful or we have a big mess on our hands.

Mable Bainville, MT

Great items

We chose these because my son does very well with them and they leak much less than cups from other companies. They last a long time as well.

Deena Smicksburg, PA

my daughter adores these

My 14 month old daughter loves these cups. As for me, they are easy to clean with a bottle brush and I use one of the Dr Brown’s small brushes to clean inside the straws but what I don’t like is that they do leak. Not as bad as some cups and not all of the time. So, I’m guessing it’s a combination of operator error on my part and issues with the product.I think a lot of the leaking depends on how much fluid was in the straw when she decided to stop drinking. What is left in the straw tends to leak out onto the floor when she discards it.

Lucia Russells Point, OH

Great, lightweight cups

I bought this cup after having to throw away a leaky Playtex straw cup on vacation. It is a little more difficult to assemble than the Playtex cup, but it works so it’s totally worth the effort! We have not had any leaks or problems so far. It is a good little cup at a great price! My absolute favorite straw cup is theTommee Tippee Explora Easiflow Insulated Boy Cup with Dura Straw BPA Free 9 Oz 2 Pack 12m Colors May Vary. It works similarly to this Munchkin cup, but it’s also insulated!

Annmarie Talbotton, GA

These are okay but I’d look for something different

These cups are nice and my daughter will use them. I gave them 4 stars because once you remove the straw and valve for cleaning it’s almost impossible to put it back together. If you put milk in them, you have to remove the valve otherwise all of the milk won’t wash out.

Iris Prairie Du Rocher, IL

My 9 month old loves these cups!

Our 9 month old loves drinking out of a straw, so when we introduced these cups to her, they were an instant hit. She has no problem holding it or sucking from it.They do leak a little, but not any more than the Playtex sippy cups we tried first ( that she hated!). These have been such a smooth transition. I recommend if you’re going to try these cups, make sure youve taught your baby to properly drink from a straw first and you’ll be more successful.I also like that they’re easy to take apart and clean ( again, compared to the Playtex cups- whew).Highly recommend.

Adeline Land O Lakes, WI