Munchkin Click Lock 4 Count Trainer Cup, 7 Ounce

Munchkin Click Lock 4 Count Trainer Cup, 7 Ounce

Munchkin’s new line of Click Lock cups are just right because they just click. These cups feature a simple click-and-lock lid to securely close for a leak proof seal, guaranteed. Parents will see, hear and feel the cup lock, so they have triple assurance against dribbles and drips.

Main features

  • Click Lock leak-proof design
  • Easy to clean, one piece spill proof valve
  • It is BPA free
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • For 6 plus months

Verified reviews


Cute design, but one major flaw.

I really love Munchkin products, so I was excited to try these sippy cups. I love the silicone spout–no worrying about plastic breaking down or leaching chemicals. The design is great, too. The cups are obviously colorful, and I like how they mix-and-match. They are incredibly easy and intuitive to use; my one-year old daughter grabbed onto the handles immediately and started drinking….Well, she TRIED to start drinking. Unfortunately, that is one aspect of this product that I don’t like: in order to get any liquid out, you have to bite the spout. I understand that nobody wants a sippy cup that leaks everywhere (and this cup doesn’t leak), but teaching kids to bite in order to “drink” just doesn’t make sense to me–especially while we are still breastfeeding.So, while the cup is cute and clean and easy to use, because of the “bite to drink” design, we won’t be using it.

Tanisha Brandywine, MD

solid locking and good air tight

We were looking for some starter sippy cups for our boy, these were on sale so I said might as well. They lock without a doubt at a half turn, if they don’t click then they aren’t lined up. In the beginning we were stuffing the nipple through the top, that way was a pain, then on a hunch we tried just yanking it through the bottom, easiest way

Shari Perryville, KY

VERY hard to get drink out.

If I can’t get the drink out, my daughter sure can’t. These are spill proof (as much as cups can be) and they’re "trainers" yet they are very hard to drink out of. So many sippy cups on the market, but these aren’t the ones for us.

Joanne Duxbury, MA

Good leakproof cups

These Click Lock cups are nice. We have not had any leaks or spills with them yet. The handles make these cups easy to hold for a young one.While these seem to be leakproof, they also require a good amount of sucking or a slight biting on the top to get liquids out which may take your child a little while to figure out.

Lavonne Tolleson, AZ

The baby likes them so I do too!

My grandson is transitioning from a bottle to sippy cups so when this came up I was excited to be able to get them for him through Amazon’s Vine program in exchange for a review!First you will most likely need a pair of scissors to get them out of the packaging. I don’t know if mine were returned and then regiven to me, but the sides of the plastic packaging holding the cups were closed with some type of tape which was impossible to rip.Now on to the cups.Both the baby and I liked the design of the cup. The handles make it very easy for him to hold and of course throw across the room!The instructions indicate you are to wash the cup in warm soapy water before use (of course) and to separate the silicone spout from the cup. This was really hard to do. I ended up using a dinner knife to pry the side up and then pulling it out. It is also hard to put it back in.Out of the four cups, two of the cups initially were almost impossible for the baby to suck his water or juice through the little slits. After manipulating the silicone and opening them up I didn’t need to resort to poking a larger slit with a knife or something. So be warned if your child’s face is turning red and he is getting frustrated, he may not be able to get much liquid through the top of the cup. Take the silicone piece out and roll it hard between your hands/fingers to try and open the slit up. If that doesn’t work, perhaps a sharp implement will help!Some of the positives include the plastic being BPA free, the secure click-able lock which prevents spills and the handles. The cons as I see them aside from getting them out of the package includes the difficulty in getting the silicone spout in and out of the holder. You definitely can’t hold baby and juggle these!But, as I said in my title, the baby likes these so that makes it a success in my book!

Mayra Turrell, AR

We’ve tried them all, these are our favorites!

The new Munchkin Click Lock sippy cups have quickly become a favorite in our household! We have a 1 year old and a 4 year old who still often uses sippy cups, and it seems like we’ve tried out hundreds of brands! Leaky sippy cups are the bane of every modern parent’s existence. While I don’t think that ANY sippy cup will ever be 100% leak-free no matter what, these have so far come the be the closest to perfect in our home. I feel like we’ve tried them all, the Click Lock is hands down our favorite.These have only leaked on us when the nipple/spout is pressed on. Other than that, it can be held upside down, shaken, left in a car overnight (ugh), but so far, no leaking. The handles are easy enough for our 1 year old to manage, the 7 ounce size is just right for our girls, these cups are easy to clean and durable. We have no complaints. These are the sippy cups we will use and continue to buy from here on out. I’m doubtful any other developments could top this *almost* leak proof cup.

Libby Atwood, OK

Hands down the best sippy cup out there

I have tried sippy cups three times as expensive as these and they are collecting dust while my son uses these. They are easy to clean, the rubber spout comes out and while difficult to get out in the beginning after a few washings its much easier to get out. These cups are really leak proof. I can even throw one of these in my diaper bag and not worry about a mess. My son loves them and finds them easy to use at almost 2 years old. An excellent cup priced affordably!

Rosemary Vernon, AL

Good first sippy-cups for toddlers

These were the first sippy cups we got for our toddler as we began moving her from bottles with nipples. They’re very good.Positives:
• Extremely durable
• They click when properly sealed, so you know you have the top on correctly
• Well sealed–no leakageOne minor negative:
• Silicone mouthpiece difficult to remove/install from lidA couple of other points that I’m not factoring in the score:
• The instructions confused me, but it may have just been me being obtuse. It wasn’t clear to me that the lids screw onto the cups, and I somehow had the idea they just snap into place. It should have been obvious since the cups are threaded, but it took me a while to figure out why the lids seemed so hard to install.
• Since these were our first sippy cups, it was not obvious to my toddler (or to me) that the baby needs to bite down on the silicone dispenser nozzle to get the liquid to flow. Just sucking doesn’t produce flow.

Mariana Williamsville, IL

Love these cups!!

I run a home day care, so we go through cups fast!! These are perfect b/c they are leak proof and they have the soft spout so they are good for older kids and for kids who are transitioning off a bottle. The handles make it easy to hold onto and the kids really seem to like them. They are pretty easy to clean (I just put them in the dishwasher).Worth it!

Lilia Arcola, PA

use these all the time

we use these all the time. they’re easy to close and easy to open. the only issues are when they are thrown on the ground in a rough way, sometimes they leak.

Dixie Bard, CA

Really don’t leak!

These cups are great. They make a great transition cup from the bottle to the cup as they don’t spill, they don’t leak and the rubber sipper top still has that nipple feel.They come apart easily for cleaning and I’ve had the baby throw the thing from a highchair and no leaks whatsoever.Cute and colorful, too. I’d recommend them as a great sippy cup.

Hattie Donner, LA

Good, after breaking in

The suction needed to draw anything from these is immense. Once you have worn them in, however, they are better. My daughter breast feeds only so she is used to working for it, but these take that to a whole new level. A doubt a bottle fed baby would be pleased.

James Ingold, NC

Great Transition from Bottle

These sippy cups are a hit with both my 1 year old and 2 1/2 year old. They are a great cup when making a transition from the bottle (for my 1 year old) to a sippy cup since the spout somewhat resembles a bottle nipple. A particularly great feature is the lock and click feature that lets you know you have securely screwed on the lid, thus preventing leaking hazards and a huge water mess! They are a bit on the smaller side compared to our other sippy cups – they hold 7 ounces of liquid – but, this makes it easier for little ones to hold as they transition from the bottle to a sippy cup.

Lee Center Line, MI

My 13 month old hates them

We used an older virsion of this munchkin sippy cups for my infant son when he was around 8 months old and started drinking from sippy cups. That version had a silicone top just like these, and he liked it just fine. As he was teething, he would chew on the tips, and eventually the tops became so chewed up that they were pretty much useless — the plastic began chipping (it was never a choking hazard, but that is something you may want to think about). So we tossed them, and we started giving him a cup with a straw, just to see how he’d do with that.Now, at 13 months, he regularly uses a straw sippy cup and loves it. It’s not the greatest cup, (there’s something going on with the straw that causes leaks, which I’m pretty sure has something to do with pressure and physics that I don’t fully understand) but he likes it and I just deal witht he mess.Still, I thought, let’s try this one (as they were free to me through the Amazon Vine program) because the click lock function should help prevent spills, and he was fine with the silicone sippy cup before. Well, he tried it once, and threw it across the room in disgust, because it was just too difficult to get the liquid through the spout. So that’s that.That said, if you’re looking for a transitional cup from the bottle, I think they’re worth a try. They are pretty leak proof, and that’s what you probably want most. But, as a cup for a kid that’s a bit more far along in the drinking-from-a-cup stage, these may be too tough for them — it is pretty hard to suck liquid through them (I tried it myself).

Josephine Buckingham, VA

Our favorite sippy cups

These are easy to use and don’t have any weird filters that come loose when "someone" throws them on the floor. My son likes to hold them, it’s a good price for the number of cups you get, it fits in the cup holder of all his strollers and it’s easy for him to handle. Without the "filter" it is a little easier to spill but my son can spill liquids out of anything, so that doesn’t really cost this product any points.

Emilie Sunnyvale, CA