Munchkin Click Lock Fresh Food Freezer Pops, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Click Lock Fresh Food Freezer Pops, Colors May Vary

A tray of freezer pops that make 6 homemade frozen snacks for baby, because, food for thought, why shouldn’t tasty treats also be healthy? Now you can provide your toddler with healthy treats that you can feel good about. Ideal for fresh fruit purees, these pops have easy-to-hold handles and drip-proof trays perfect for little ones. The 6pk fresh food freezer pops are step 3 of an easy-to-use, 3-step process, (1) chop and steam, (2) mash, and (3) store. Munchkin’s fresh feeding line has everything you need to prepare healthy, homemade baby food.

Main features

  • Includes 6 pop molds
  • Click Lock trays separate for easy freezer storage
  • Easy-grip handles
  • Drip catcher helps prevent messes

Verified reviews


So much fun!

These are so wonderful! My daughter loves them! And I really like how they are super small, and not big sized popsicles. I also like that they are small, because the amount of time it takes for my daughter to eat something frozen is a long time. Plus, she doesn’t need to eat a whole large sized popsicle. I’ve filled them with grape fruit juice, real fruit, and even some prune juice. She loved eating the prune juice pop (which is really weird, because she won’t eat prunes any other way) and it helps her poop! Haha. I’ll be starting to venture into combinations soon, like fruits and veggies. I might even make some just veggie ones. It’s another good way to get my daughter to eat her fruits and veggies:]. This is a really good product! Buy it!

Kristy Big Bar, CA

cheap broken

This item broke the very first time i used it! My son was excited to make his own ice pops so we followed the directions to wash it and dry before using. we added juice and froze. once frozen i tried to remove the ice pop which was extremely difficult and the base shattered splitting into sharp pieces. i couldn’t believe it! after once use, really?! i tried to the other side again- broke into sharp pieces and the pops remained firmly suck in place. Right into the garbage! this item isnt cheap either but bc i opened it and discarded the packaging i didnt bother trying to argue with amazon to return it. oh well, money down the drain and a very unhappy 2 year old (and mommy).

Hannah Fayville, MA

Great for little hands and mouths

I used these to make pops out of breastmilk and they work great. They’re just the right size for my 4 month old. He can get it easily in his mouth and hold it himself.

Tommie Crouse, NC


Unfortunatly I wasn’t so thrilled- I found them to be cheap and flimsy, the food doesn’t stick to the stick part.

Jackie Wapakoneta, OH

Perfect of little ones

These freezer pops aren’t overly big so they are perfect for my little man (8 months). The grasper is nice and wide, easy for his hands. I think each pop is only 2 oz which is just right for his appetite right now. I like to use them when his mouth hurts from teething.

Nicole Downers Grove, IL

kids love them!

These are cute and freeze super fast. My 5 yrld and 18 mo old love them. So far we’ve frozen apple sauce, juice and yogurt. All came out great!

Kristy Moreland, GA


These are perfect for my 6 month old! We first made formula pops but have since moved on to fruit. And vegetable pops. Good size for his little hands and good size for amount of food!

Candace Taneytown, MD

Love these! Perfect for baby and toddler! Mommy likes them too! 🙂

I have used this with pureed fruit or pureed fruit and grain pouches. I plan on trying some fruit and yogurt also. It is very easy to use especially with the pouch! Just fill and freeze. Give it a full 48 hours though because it does not work if you try to take them out before then (or it did not for me). It is a good size for little hands to hold.It holds about an ounce of fruit. My little girl has not completely finished one yet so the size is plenty big. The handle warms up quickly so it is comfortable to hold. My little one is teething so I was hoping this might help. It took her a few tries to get the hang of it but she did after seeing mommy demonstrate. 🙂 I really like having a healthy and easy way to make popsicles. I am planning on making some paletas for the whole family to try out with these. Very pleased with this product.

Lakisha Milford, IN

great for teething!

looking for a more natural remedy for the pain of teething? These are it! So easy to just fill them up with a puree of your choice and pop them in the freezer. My son thinks it’s a dessert and special treat!

Janine Theodosia, MO

Great for baby/toddler popsicles & frozen purees!!!

My baby got to the point at around 9 months where he wasn’t ready for anything solid, but no longer wanted me to be feeding him. I simply froze his purees into these so that he could feed himself and soothe his teething pains all at the same time!!

Opal Mylo, ND

My daughter loves it

My daughter and I really enjoy this product. it allows me to make healthy ‘pops’. It really does lock and keep out any freezer smells or unwanted. Good size pop for a 12-20month old

Ila West Orange, NJ

Hard to get out

I got these to make ice pops for my teething 9 month old and she loves them. They are the perfect size and the handle is great for little hands to hold. The only con is they are hard to get out. They seem to click into place when you put them on. Can’t wait to try cantaloupe next.

Zelma Transfer, PA


This is one of the best food related purchases I have made for my daughter thus far in her almost 8 months of life. These molds are the perfect size for little fingers and raise zero choking concerns. I can make her healthy, cold treats that she can eat herself to cool down and help with teething. I seriously recommend this to any parent looking provide your child with something delicious and satisfying and safe!

Sybil Wellsboro, PA

my son loves this

I got these for when my son was teething as he wouldn’t suck on a teething ring. These were a hit. I would dilute apple juice with water in a cup and then pour it in. Home made pops without tons of sugar. Perfect size for little hands. He is 21m and he sometimes eats two at a time depending on how hot the day is.

Deanne Carolina, RI

More momsicles please!

I bought these primarily to try out momsicles (breast milk pops) on my 5 month old. The pop molds hold about an ounce each, and have handles super easy for an infant or toddler to grasp. My son quickly figured out how to hold and eat his momsicles, and has been loving them for a treat almost daily for a couple months now! To easily remove a frozen pop from the mold I just run one section under hot water a few seconds. They are easy to clean and really fun for baby to eat!

Rachael Oxford, GA

Hit or miss

These produce the perfect size Popsicle for my toddler & preschooler and are easy for them to hold. But, I can only get the Popsicles to come out about 60% of the time… The rest of the time the stick just comes out on its own, even if I try running hot water on the base to loosen the pop up. That’s pretty frustrating (especially when it means the girls don’t end up getting the Popsicles I promised!). I’m going to try a different mold, because we freeze purees often for our picky toddler, and we need them to work. I would probably only suggest these to someone who might only rarely make Popsicles, because the price is good yet the quality lacking a bit.

Stacey Port Gibson, MS

Cool as a popsicle

These are the perfect size for toddlers. Most popsicle molds are too big for my little guys! These are easy to fill, easy to store, easy to clean, easy for little hands to hold, and make perfect pops every time. Great!!

Allyson Denison, TX

So fun!

These are so fun and my son has enjoyed his breastmilk popsicles. He is currently 6 months old but I see us getting a lot of use out of these. They are big enough for a toddler as well and the handle is easy to hold. I haven’t had any issues with my son choking but he is supervised in his high chair while he enjoys one.

Janice Malaga, NJ

Teething Toddler Necessity

These are great for teething kids. We make fruit puree, veggie puree, and even breastmilk popsicles and they are great for little sore gums.

Georgia Saint Joe, AR

Five Stars

Perfect for toddlers. Easy to grip and it is not difficult to remove 1 pop without defrosting the others.

Georgia Carlisle, MA

They are a great size for toddlers

They are a great size for toddlers. They are difficult to remove one at a time, so I remove all three and store in a ziploc. I have made some fun freezer pops with them

James Stonewall, MS

Broke within 2 weeks…..

Tray locking mechanism and end broke within 2 weeks or so of using. Was able to exchange with Amazon. Otherwise happy and easy to use, keep clean etc. Will continue to use.

Lenora Cassville, GA

Difficult to remove!

These are cute, easy to hold, cheap, and in theory, great.Once frozen, however, it’s VERY difficult to remove.Running it under warm water is tricky because it melts the pop next to it.Tugging too hard before it’s melted on the outside makes it crack around the base.I think it’s just okay but if you want less hassle, try another mold.

Ora Ona, WV

so far so good

Good price, and seems like quality plastic that won’t break. Fun for my toddler. I like how there are 6 pops available to freeze.

Betty Greeley, PA

Great for breastfeeding, teething, added nutrition, and hot summer days!

These are so great. I breastfeed and I pump a little milk for these and mix in some chopped strawberries or blueberries. 5 ounces of breast milk is more than enough when you add the fruit to fill these up. It is so nice to use them during the hot summer days and whenever her gums are sore from teething. I will even give them to her after a meal where she isn’t thrilled about the menu (she is 14 months old and eats regular table food) because I know she will eat these without complaint, and she’s getting good nutrition from the breast milk. It’s a big win as far as I’m concerned, and I’m actually thinking of ordering a second set since she goes through them pretty quickly when it is a hot day!

Berta Bowen, IL

awesome product

We are loving these! Perfect size for toddlers/early eaters. Great for teething and sickness. I blended up avocado, mango, spinach, and applesauce and even daddy wanted one! Release easily if you run bottoms under warm water and warm in hand before pulling out. They won’t be able to eat it all bc of drip catcher but I’d rather that then messes (very clean treat).

Jasmine Union Springs, AL

It’s a good pop maker for a younger child

I’m thinking one of these days I’m going to be less than careful and snap this thing right in half. It’s not the worst but it’s not the best.What I like about this pop maker is the ringed handles, they’re very easy for a youngster to hang on to. Each popsicle only requires a small amount of liquid. I plan on making breast milk pops soon for a teething infant. For a toddler, the popsicles are just the right size. Mine never seems to finish a full sized popsicle anyway so this is the pefect snack. And I like being able to use my own ingredients.Our favorite pops around here are lemonade pops and I’ll stick a small piece of stawberry, pineapple or kiwi in each one (they are very pretty when they come out). I also made delicious chocolate milk pops with bits of fresh cherry in them.Older kids aren’t too impressed with it because they end up gobbling it down too fast and wanting another. This is perfect for 0-2 years though. I don’t think I have to worry about a little one choking on it and of course I wouldn’t let them eat it unsupervised anyway.

Stacie Nahma, MI

Perfect Size

I use these to make Popsicles for my daughter (I started when she was about 7 months). I think the frozen concoctions help when she’s teething. The reason I give it 3 stars, though, is because when she gets down to the plastic part, there are little circle cut outs that she chews on and have caused her gums to bleed. She doesn’t have any teeth yet, so maybe it won’t happen once she gets a few.

Bettye Saint Louisville, OH

My daughter loves the pops

I remember my mother making freezer pops when I was little and they would fall apart before I finished them. My daughter has no problem with these pops. They stay intact as she eats them. She is 6 months old and they are easy for her to hold in her hand as she eats it.

Ingrid Blackwater, VA

perfect size/shape for little ones!

I purchased this for my one-year old to make smaller sized healthy fruit pops, but my 2 year old loves this as well! I blended up some cantaloupe and poured it into the molds and my toddler at 3 in one sitting and 1 year old nibbled on the other. the handle is the perfect shape for little ones and it is not too big/cumbersome for them to hold/eat. the popsicles easily come out of the mold, unlike others we have tried before.

Alissa Addison, ME