Munchkin Click Lock Replacement Straws, Blue/Orange, 4-Count

Munchkin Click Lock Replacement Straws, Blue/Orange, 4-Count

Keep extras of our spill proof replacement straws on hand for all of your Munchkin Click Lock straw cups so a loose or lost straw won’t keep your kids from their favorite cups. The soft, flexible silicone straws have a valve that prevents spills, and it fits all Munchkin Click Lock flip style Straw Cup lids. Kids find drinking fun and easy, while mom loves keeping tables and furniture clean. So make sure it isn’t the last straw for you.

Main features

  • Soft, flexible spill-proof straw
  • Fits all Munchkin Click Lock Flip straw cups
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


So thankful!

We are always losing pieces of straws since we take apart the entire straw/lid to wash each time. I have no idea what happens to them (maybe the dishwasher eats them like the dryer eats socks?). 🙂 These are great, easy to replace once you figure it out (when you put the straw into the slider part of the lid, you want it in a partially closed position and you just push REALLY hard and wiggle and it will come right up to the hole…you might have to grab the edge of it to pull it through, but you’ll get the hang of it), and keep those pricy cups useable! I’d much rather buy some replacement straws than new cups. We love the click lock line!

Kelli Osteen, FL

Read the Packaging to Adjust Length

We always manage to loose the straws so these are great. Some reviews complain that the straw is too long. There is a guide on the back of the package that tells guides you to what length to cut the hard plastic part of the straw for any given cup. It’s kind of common sense people!

Darla Ward, CO

Works well

I"m pleased with these replacement straws. The hard straw part is long enough to fit about any sippy cup, you just have to trim it to fit with the guide they provide. The flexible drinking part replacements come in 2 different thicknesses to fit the 2 different thicknesses needed that I have. Overall, I’m satisfied.

Latisha Courtland, MS

perfect fit for clicklock cups!

I accidentally ordered the wrong straws first, because I didn’t read the description well enough. These were pretty colors, and fit the click lock straw cup seamlessly.

Latonya New Trenton, IN

Well, they work. Sort of.

I bought these to replace a chewed-up straw on my daughter’s Hello Kitty Click Lock cup. The upper part fits perfectly, but the lower part is too long. For now, I’m using the bottom part of the old straw (it fits perfectly) and if that is ever lost or damaged, I should be able to cut the new straw to fit.

Francisca Middle Haddam, CT


I had bought these straws for our cups because my son like to chew on them!! They work perfect – the inside straws were a little long but I just trimmed them and they work perfect!!

Georgette Tyngsboro, MA

Quality as expected but straw need to cut

For smaller bottles, I have the Elmo and hello kitty ones, you need to follow the instructions on the packaging to cut the correct length. This straw is intended for both 9 and 10 ounce bottles. I find it a hassle to cut and it will be great if munchkin could just make 2 separate length for their 9 and 10 ounce bottle.

Leann Sugartown, LA

Now I don’t have to buy a new cup everytime my kid chews the straw!

These are great. Not only are the cups the most leak and spill resistant we have found, but you can change the straws out once they are chewed or lost. With most other cups, you must buy a new cup. So thankful for refill straws so I can re-use the cup portion once the straw is useless.

Clara Graettinger, IA

Don’t fit

This did not fit our sippy cups. We have purchased these in the past and they worked just fine. I guess they have changed designs. Better product description is needed. I could not return these either.

Belinda Wolverton, MN

had to cut to size

so glad to find these so i wouldn’t have to buy new cups, as we all know that gets expensive. three stars for having this invention so i can save a ton of money, but sadly the long plastic piece was too long for even the standard taller cups and i had to cut them down.

Doris Concord, MA

They almost fit

These work fine. We can’t seem to close the flip-part of the cup once we’ve installed a replacement straw, but that doesn’t affect our use.

Latonya Lehigh, IA