Munchkin Click Lock Super Suction Bowl, Yellow/Green

Munchkin Click Lock Super Suction Bowl, Yellow/Green

Munchkin’s Super Suction Bowl is designed to be the ultimate flip proof bowl. With a unique dual suction cup design that is simple to use, but nearly impossible to flip, mealtime will no longer be such a mess. Due to the unique design, you can also use this suction base with other bowls and plates with smooth bottom surfaces, making them just as difficult to flip. And with a leak proof guaranteed Click Lock lid included, make meals on the go less stressful as well. BPA free, phthalate free and top rack dishwasher safe. Ideal for little ones 6 plus months.

Main features

  • The ultimate flip proof bowl; Super suction base means no more spills
  • Leak proof click lock lid included for meals on the go
  • Dual suction base will work with other plates and bowls with smooth bottom surfaces
  • BPA and phthalate free, top rack dishwasher safe
  • 6 plus months

Verified reviews


Sticks good

This brand really does stick to the plastic high chair tray–not like the first brand I tried which did not stick at all. I bought three of these and it took me five minutes each to get the bowl out of its packaging–OMG why on earth do they package things this way. And then after many failed attempts to get the lids off, I was finally able to by dipping the bowls in warm water to loosen the lids. Very frustrating experience but at least they do what the ad says it does–sticks to the surface you put it on.

Aurelia Reddick, FL

works pretty well, love that it has a cover

This bowl suctions pretty well- my 15 month old can get it un-stuck but its just difficult enough he gives up once its filled with food he’s more interested in.The thing I don’t like is that the suction feature on the bottom is a separate unit- the suction cup is not permanently attached to the bowl itself. On the one hand you can use as a regular bowl…but it basically suctions onto the bowl, and on the other side, onto the table…so there are two suctions to break as opposed to just one. Just more opportunity to unstick it in my opinion….The cover is really handy, can pack it and take it to a restaurant.

Norma Mather, CA

Works perfectly

I was surprised how well this bowl sticks, given the poor reviews of many other suction bowls on the market. My 9 month DD tries her best to pull it off her high chair tray but it doesn’t budge!The bonus is that the base works with any plastic dish that has a smooth bottom.

Erma Elsie, MI

Suction cup really works

The suction up on this bowl works well with this bowl. It is supposed to work with other flat bottom plastic bowls but we found that it works best with the bowl in the set.

Katy Rougon, LA

great suction – top sticks

I only gave this bowl 4 stars because the suction is awesome and it’s prevented a lot of messes, but it took me forever to get the lid off initially so we don’t use it to transport food

Gloria Cleves, OH

Works pretty well

It takes a really hard tug to get this off the tray. Once it is on there I really don’t worry about my toddler pulling it off. It sticks to the bowl OK but the part between the rubber and the bowl does come off easier than the part off the tray. If there is any bit of butter or oil, etc on it then it won’t stick at all. The plus side is you can attach the rubber part to other things like plates and suction them to the tray. The bowl is deep so less mess. The lid locks well and twists so no leaking. Too bad it doesn’t come in fun colors.

Elda Elnora, IN

suction cup won’t stay

The bowl is ok, quite big, but the suction cup doesn’t stick to the bowl much… My 1yo removes it so easily and i end up with food all over! I like the other munchkin suction bowls much better.

Lucille Powhatan, AR

They work

The suction cups really work! And the lids are handy. I wish they came in other colors but I am grateful that one of the suction cup bowls out there works and that I found it on the second try.

Annmarie Stinson Beach, CA

So far so good

My daughter is 11 months and just recently able to push and pull really hard to send this bowl flying. The suction is actually pretty good and it does take her a while to be able to pull the bowl away from her tray table. Most of the time, she gives up unless she really doesn’t want to eat he food in her bowl and she wants out.Over all, this Bowl holds up pretty well compare to other bowls I’ve purchased.

Guadalupe Grenada, CA