Munchkin Click LockDeluxe Snack Catcher, Blue/Green, 2-Count

Munchkin Click LockDeluxe Snack Catcher, Blue/Green, 2-Count

This set of two 9 ounce snack cups allows you can keep one at home and one in your car, stroller, or diaper bag. This Deluxe version features two different lids. The first is an easy access, flap snack lid that is gentle on toddler’s fingers, while designed to prevent spills. This Click Lock snack lid is 100% mess proof because it turns to lock in position to help prevent toddlers from being able to pull it off. The second lid is a re sealable cap that securely fits on top of the cup to help prevent unfinished snacks from becoming stale. The lid tether acts as a toddler handle and pivots underneath the cup when in use. Great for snacking at home and on the go, this cup will keep up with even the most active of toddlers. BPA free, phthalate free and top rack dishwasher safe. Perfect for kids 12 plus months.

Main features

  • Two 9 ounce snack cups, ideal for dry solid food
  • Click Lock snack lid locks in place for a spill proof seal guaranteed
  • Re sealable cap keeps snacks fresh
  • Lid tether acts as a toddler handle and pivots underneath the cup when in use
  • Ideal for dry, solid snacks like crackers and dry cereal

Verified reviews



I have three kids, and ever since the first I’ve wondered why some company out there couldn’t make a good snack container with that holds the snacks in, but also has a lid. Finally, the skies have opened and out popped these containers.There have always been containers with lids, but I didn’t like them. One Step Ahead carried one brand, but it was very small and I the little triangles that held the snacks in was kind of sharp and inflexible and the snack catcher portion of the lid was easily removed by the child. The prior Munchkin one worked fine, but without a lid it either spilled stuff in the diaper bag, or I was wasting ziploc bag to put it in.This cup is not as big as the other Munchkin cup without a lid, but it’s plenty big for our needs. My son is 15 months and eats the snacks without a problem. I’ve not had the lid pop off like other reviewers have mentioned, but we almost always have the cup attached to the stroller with a sippy cup strap so it hasn’t hit the floor more than once or twice.The stay-fresh lid either attaches to the top, or when in use, flips down and attaches to the bottom. You do have to watch to make sure it is attached on top. It does have a tendency to get loose, but not loose enough where crumbs spill out of the bag. As long as the child is finishing the snacks every couple days they should stay fresh.The other bonus is that the snack catcher part snaps on rather than just slides on. I’m not sure whether this is a good or bad thing in the long run (meaning I’m not sure whether it will take the child a shorter or longer time to figure out how to remove it). But, the prior ones loosened over time and kind of lost their grip. I shouldn’t have to worry about that with this one.On the downside, I wish it had a secure place to attach the sippy strap. Right now I thread it through the finger hole, but for that to work the lid has to be secured to the bottom. Once the kiddo figures out the lid comes off and on I’m sure he’ll be playing with it and my little strategy using the sippy strap won’t be as effective. Regardless, it’s a clever little item that makes progress over other snack cups.

Doreen Tom Bean, TX

A Good Snack Catcher!

I love this snack catcher however my son did not! They are perfect size for my toddler but he didn’t like sticking his hand into the flexible opening. I also loved that it has a resealable cap (that folds under the catcher) to keep the snack fresh! Just wish he would use them! Maybe I keep them and try again when he is a little older.

Leticia Raymondville, TX

This is a great snack cup

This is a great snack cup. I love the locking lid and the built in lid cover. With the other cups we had issues with the lid coming off easily and snacks slipping everywhere. The lid cover also always use to toss the cup in the diaper bag or purse without worrying that food with spill out or debris will get it. Great product and well made.

Terrie Eagle Point, OR

Perfect design, no complaints.

Every parent with a standard snack container asks me about this one. The lid makes SO much of a difference — keep the food fresh and avoid spills or leaks or cheerio dust from getting all over diaper bag when tot isn’t eating. It’s great that the lid is tethered to the cup, and it’s very clever that the tether becomes a handle for the child when the lid is off and the child is eating. When it’s time to close it up, the handle "disappears" and it’s more compact in your bag.I spent a long time trying to figure out which snack container to buy and I am so glad I found these.

Aurelia Kapaau, HI

Perfect snack cup! Love the lid!

Wed had the other Munchkin snack cups without the lid and really enjoyed them at home but we were happy to discover these. Now we can easily put them in the diaper bag and store leftover snack for later. My little one enjoys feeding herself from this snack cup. I am thrilled to be able to close the lid and save the snack for later. They are easy to wash in the dishwasher. These are a must have for diaper bags and car trips. It is also handy for toddlers who like to graze rather than finish off their snack. I would definitely recommend.

Jocelyn Saint George, KS

Good product.

These work really well. I like that the tops twist into place so my son cannot pull them off. My son really likes that these have a handle.

Rosanna Jerome, AR

I love these!

With having a toddler we are always taking snack to go! This is the best one I’ve seen yet! The lid has a click lock just like their cups and it makes it harder for a child to take it off and spill everything! And the built in lid top is genius! Great item!

Myra Arthurdale, WV

Favorite snack cup!

This is our favorite snack cup! My 16 month old can easily get her snacks through the lid, and it is very good at keeping the snacks in while being tested by a toddler! The lids are easily slid into place and taken off! My favorite part of this cup is an extra lid that is attached to the handle that can be put over the slotted opening lid. This is great for no spills in the diaper bag and since it is attached it can’t get lost!!! Brilliant!!!

Mina Linden, MI

My Son Loves These

I bought these for my 7 Month old son to help him learn to eat on his own without the mess. It took him a little while to learn how to push his hand through but once he did learn, he does great with it now. He is now 18 months old and we still use them everyday and are holding up great!

Sharlene Van Orin, IL

Awesome snack catcher!

I love this snack catcher! It is a perfect size for my toddler, and I love that it has a resealable cap! The best part of the cap is that it folds under the snack catcher and the tether can be used as a handle for my son to hold on to. It’s also very easy for him to get the snacks out. I would definately recomment the product.

Deidre Nitro, WV

Makes life easier

They’ve thought of everything with this one! I used to hate storing the food inside a baggie inside the snack cup to keep them fresh…but with these you can keep the snack cup full and ready to go in the diaper bag without the food getting stale. The clicking lid locks securely and I love that it’s self-storing, as I would constantly be losing the lid if it separated from the cup. My only beef is that the opening (that the kid puts their hand through) allows a lot of food to fall out when they tip/flail it around, but all snack cups seem to do that. I use theBaby Buddy Secure-A-Toy, Orange/Goldto secure cups to the stroller – very handy.

Elvira Circle Pines, MN

Love this snack catcher!

I pre-ordered these when my daughter was almost 10 months old. She began using it right away, but it took her about 1 week to get the hang of putting her hand inside to get her snack. We would practice in her highchair before dinner. These were the only snack catchers I bought based off the reviews of others versions – I like the fact they had a top, in addition to a screw top to refill the container. I knew my daughter would have flipped open the others in no time, so I am very happy I bought these!! We still use them today and she is 25 months!

Shari Newport, KY

Love these!!!

These are great little snack containers and hold a large quantity of puffs. Our son loves that he can carry it around with him and we love that if he doesn’t finish everything in the container that we can flip the lid over and save the snack instead of throwing it out or having to dump it into something else.

Bertha Warwick, ND

A problem-solving solution

I just had to write a review when I saw that this didn’t have five stars yet. I have a variety of containers, including the older version of Munchkin’s containers, which only have a lid that pops off. My son made some serious messes with those ones, and I thought about writing the company that they needed a lid that moms could easily use and kids couldn’t…then I found these in the store! They had already made the product!To address other customer’s issues with it:Yes, the lid will pop off if thrown down. Kids should outgrow the need to throw it off…Meanwhile, it’s sturdy enough that you just have to put it back on when you pick it back up, which you’re going to be doing anyway. It doesn’t break or anything.I don’t see how it’s hard for kids to use. It’s the same soft rubber that keeps snacks in but lets them feed themselves as their other design; because of the lid design, it’s slightly flatter, but that is all. My son has been able to use his easily since I bought them several months ago, I’d guess around 14-16 months old. If you do find that say, an 8 month or 12 month old is having problems, get the other design first (which does work for early ages), then when they figure out how to take that lid off, graduate to this one.Size: Yes, it’s pretty large, but not a great deal larger than any of the other ones out there. The only small one you could have is a stacking container section, in which case, you don’t have a lid. There’s also a balance between too big and too small…you quickly outgrow the need for a very small size.Personally, I love this thing and don’t see a single problem with it. It’s easy to clean, easy to keep the parts together, and it works. It solves a lot of the issues that other snack containers have, and it’s the only one (that I’m aware of) like it currently on the market. My only caveat would be, I can see how it’s perfect for older ages (he is 1 1/2 now), and you might choose something else for the very first snack container. I can’t speak to that, as I didn’t have these right off the bat.Hope this helps someone in their decision-making process!

James New Meadows, ID

It’s adequate

I got these for my 12-month old son after seeing a friend use it. I had not seen the lidded version and was curious to try it out.Good:No spill during use (except the crumbs and dust off certain snacks)The second lid keeps snacks in for travel. It hasn’t popped open on me yet, even though the diaper bag gets tossed aroundLove that the lid doubles as a handle and that it snaps to the bottom to prevent lossBad:The second lid doesn’t keep the snacks fresh. Every snack I’ve put in there were stale by the end of the dayIf you fill it too much, its hard for little hands to reach in, as the snack itself keeps you from reaching in far enough to grab somethingOverall it’s fine for its purpose and isn’t meant for prolonged use anyway. Within a year they’ll be eating out of snack packs directly, right?

Loretta Silverton, TX

Making Mom’s life easier!

These things are absolutely genius. My toddler loves eating her cheerios and cheese crackers out of this and they don’t get all over the place. Brilliant design, less mess in the back of Mom’s car!

Deanne Laurel, IN

Hard to use

My 11 month old grandson refuses to use these because they are hard to get the hand out once you put it in to get your snack. When he is older he can use it with the lid off. I would say an older toddler could use these with no problem.

Kasey Smithfield, KY

A great item for car rides

These work great. I like the lid so the snacks don’t get stale. Easy to use, easy to clean. No complaints here!

Marcia Yawkey, WV

Lid constantly comes off

I hate these snack cups. The lid pops off (spilling snacks everywhere) every time the container is dropped… I appreciate the concept – it’s nice to have a lid attached so that crumbs don’t get everywhere and it’s easy for my 15 month old to hold and get snacks himself. However, these are pricier than other options and the lid constantly comes off – totally defeating the purpose of having a snack cup with a lid in the first place.

Ina Foster, RI

oversized and lid pops off when dropped

I initially liked this snack container even though it was quite large and bulky for a diaper bag. The lid is nice in that it can be folded underneath the container so you don’t have to worry about finding it later. And snacks were relatively easy to get out. On one of the first uses however, my kid threw it from her stroller and all the snacks flew out when the container hit the ground and the lid popped off. I was surprised since the twist on lid seemed secure. However, this has happened a couple more times, so I’m certain that the lid just isn’t that reliable anymore; a screw on lid is probably best. I used aBaby Buddy Secure-A-Toy, Orange/Goldto attach it to the stroller but find that the large size can make it awkward when it’s hanging off the side of the stroller. Also, it doesn’t prevent the lid from popping off if the container hits the side of the stroller just right. So, I’m still looking for a good container. TheOXO Tot Flippy Cup, Aqualooks interesting.

Amber Sanford, VA