Munchkin Cool Wrap Bottle Bag

Munchkin Cool Wrap Bottle Bag

Munchkin Cool Wrap Bottle Bag Munchkin Cool Wrap Bottle Bag is a multi-functional and chic bag that comes with various compartments to store kids’ bottles and accessories. It comes with removable gel packs that can keep bottles cool for up to 13 hours. With this bottle, you can keep your baby cool whenever you go out. For added convenience, this bag also offers parents the option to easily attach it to a stroller. Why You’ll Love It: It’s a multipurpose bag that’s ideal for keeping food and drinks cool on the go. Age: Newborn and up Comes with detachable strap Has removable gel packs Can remain cool for up to 13 hours Designed to hold multiple bottles and accessories Made using nylon

Main features

  • Nylon
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Cools up to 13 hours
  • Removable gel packs
  • No need to put entire bag into freezer
  • Detachable strap attaches bag to stroller
  • Holds three standard bottles

Verified reviews


Nice until you get a hole in the ice pack

This bottle bag seemed very well made. The main inside pocket keeps things cold for several hours, but I’ve never gotten 13 hours out of it like Munchkin claims. The front mesh pocket is pretty useless. The picture shows spoons but if you actually put your spoons in like that they would fall out. The small middle pocket doesn’t get very cool, so if you want your teether to stay cold it’s not a good place like their picture shows. You can fit 3 standard bottles or 2 Tommee Tippee bottles in the main pocket. There are 2 ice packs. One goes on the backside of the main pocket and the other on the front side of the main pocket. After about 1 months use a hole somehow formed in the seam of the front ice pack and oozed gel all over. Since nothing but bottles have gone in there, I know nothing sharp cut it. I was not to happy to have who-knows-what chemicals in that gel near my baby’s bottles.Pros:- 2 removable ice packs- Fits 3 standard or 2 Tommee Tippee bottles- Keeps bottles in large main pocket cool for hoursCons:- Mesh pocket and small middle pocket useless- Thin plastic over ice packs so they can break easilyIf I knew what I know now when I purchased it, I would have bought something else.

Amparo Coquille, OR


I love the style and shape of this bag but when I forget to put the spill proof cap on the bottles and the bag ends up tipped over milk leaks out of the bottom…. Also, I can’t rely on this product to keep my milk cold if we go on a long day trip and the handle always falls off.I would not recommend this product….

Sheree Rayle, GA

Well Made Bottle Bag

We used a Platex Fridge-To-Go with our first child and decided we needed we needed something with more space for our second child. This bottle bag fits the bill. It will easily accomodate 2-3 of our bottles, depending on width of bottles. It is perfect for running errands or packing baby up for date night. I’ve read a lot of complaints that it doesn’t hold enough for a day at childcare, and while that is true, day care is not the application I bought the bag for. When I return to work, this bag will accompany my breast pump so that I can keep my milk cool.It is a thick, well made, insulated bag. It has a pocket compartment on either side of the bag with a velcroed flap closure. You place the ice packs in these compartments. The ice packs are thin but generously sized. They don’t seem as though they will last the duration of the bag, but given how cheap and readily available ice packs are, I’m not really worried.The bag has a zippered compartment that can hold a small snack or teething ring. The outside pocket made of mesh is not really large enough to hold much.I’m giving this bag 5 stars because I needed a larger bottle bag for trips out. I wasn’t looking for a a lot of bells and whistles. Given the choice between the Fridge-To-Go and this Munchkin bag, I would choose the Munchkin bag.

Stacy Cambridge, IA


This bottle bag is great! It really does keep everything cool for many many hours. I haven’t exactly timed it, but I have left the bag in a hot garage for at least an hour and the bottles have still been cool. I am ordering another one because I have twins. I also make my own baby food, so I will use one to store baby food when we are out and about. Fits perfectly in my diaper bag too, so I don’t have to have 2 bags! Definitely recommend!

Tracie Grosse Pointe, MI

Does the job

It’s a bottle bag, so there’s not a lot of intricacies to this review. It is as pictured, no real disappointments. I wish it were a little less platic-y, but this is sort of what you get with a cooler bag. It has pockets in the front and back of the inside of the bag, along with reusable ice packs that fit in said pockets. I can fit 3 Playtex Drop-ins bottles in here with no trouble. It seems a little expensive for a little plastic zippered bag, thus the 4 stars, rather than 5.

Goldie Barstow, TX

Mandatory accessory for me

My son is about to turn two and I still use it. I use the 5oz gerber bottles and it will hold 3 standing up right and a 4th at an angle. But make sure the one on the angle had the lid on tight. It keeps very cold for about 13 hours. Longer in the winter. In the winter I pull out a bottle for the car ride and toss the cooler in the trunk and it stays colder longer. My only gripe is I wish they made one that was large enough to hold 4 standing upright with a little room at the top for small fruit containers. I would not hesitate to buy another one in the future expecially for long trips.

Megan Elsa, TX

great bag

Overall this is a great bag that will hold 3 bottles & a few small extras in the front pocket for a day out on the town. I do prefer to use it without the straps, which are detachable, and typically keep 2 bottles for baby & a drink for mommy in the main compartment and her gas drops in the small front pocket. Be advised that you do need to freeze the ice packs completely flat or they will not fit in the bag with your bottles. Once frozen these ice packs will keep your bottles cold almost ALL DAY.

Beverley Westside, IA

A Lifesaver for Pumping Mothers

This bag is a lifesaver for mothers pumping milk at work. When I get to the office in the morning, I put the two freezer packs in the freezer in the break room. As I pump milk throughout the day, I store the containers in the bag in the shared refrigerator in the break room. The bag looks just like a lunch bag, so nobody has to know what I’m storing in the refrigerator. At the end of the day, I slip the (now frozen) freezer packs into the bag and take the whole thing home with me. The freezer packs keep the milk cold for hours, which is a really nice benefit. As any new mother can tell you, when you walk into the house at the end of a long day of work, the baby is often crying and hungry. I usually dump everything by the back door and only get around to moving the milk into the refrigerator hours later. This bag has really reduced the stress associated with pumping and transporting milk every day.

Lucile Hingham, WI

This is my 2nd!

The first one I had I used for a few months and accidentally popped the freeze pouch. Totally my fault. I ordered a new one because I love it! It holds 3 bottles (unless you have very wide bottles like the Dr. Browns Wide Mouth, then it will hold 2 of those and 1 Drop In’s Original). I recently switched my daughter from the Dr. Browns bottles to the Drop In’s Premium and 3 fit with no problems. I love this bag! It really keeps things cool for a long time. Now that my daughter is on solids I tend to put 2 bottles and a jar or 2 of food .The photo shows a teething ring in the zipper pouch. I have that teething ring. I honestly don’t think the pouch is big enough to actually fit much more than spoons. I will have to try this. But my daughter prefers the wooden teethers to the cool ones.

Andrea Kilbourne, LA

Perfect for Traveling

I have been on 2 trips in the past 2 months, and this bag has been a life-saver! My son receives pumped breast milk exclusively, so when I learned we’d be traveling long days, I knew I needed something good to transport bottles in that would keep the breast milk from spoiling. This bag definitely did the trick! It kept the bottles cool for 8 hours easily, and after 10 hours still decently cool. I was able to fit 5 Avent 4oz bottles (3 on the bottom with the sealing caps instead of nipples and 2 laying horizontal on top of them with nipples). The bag is a nice size; it can be fit into a diaper bag (that isn’t full) or it has a Velcro strap on the back that can be strapped onto a diaper bag or stroller. The shoulder strap is sturdy and can be adjusted. I have not used the zipper compartment, but it doesn’t seem to get all that cold in there, so I doubt I’d put anything too important in there. Overall, GREAT product!

Kirsten Hayfork, CA

Pumping at Work!

I use this for pumping at work. It fits both an 11 ounce and 9 ounce Avent bottle and my hand pump. I sometimes take off the lever just to make it easier. The ice packs work pretty good.I had been packing 4 4-ounce bottles but since I only pump at work twice a day this is much easier for me. The bag is pretty inconspicuous and just looks like a lunchbag when I store it in the fridge.

Frieda Robesonia, PA

I used this to transport bags of breast milk while …

I used this to transport bags of breast milk while flying. I think I ended up fitting 15 bags of milk in it, SO much more than I thought. It was 2 full days worth of milk and it kept it all very cold.

Krista Hancocks Bridge, NJ

great for travel

I really like this bottle bag, I can fit either 3 standard size dr. browns bottles with caps or 2 bottles and then 2 5 oz medela bottles with milk in them stacked. I have used this bag several times to fly and from coast to coast my milk was kept cool. I was very impressed at the ability to keep milk cool on longer flights. I often use this for day trips when transporting food and bottles now, it has a lot of uses.

Gail Rockland, MI

Great product!

Keeps contents cool as advertised, easy to carry around and clean. Fits the perfect amount of milk for our baby when we’re out.

Carmen Harper Woods, MI

Sanity saver at 3am

We purchased a second bottle bag after realizing how much use our first was getting. We bring our nighttime supply of bottles upstairs in this each evening and it saves us from having to run downstairs at 3am. This has gotten a lot of use in the past 4 months and I am happy to say both the bag and the “ice pack” parts have held up wonderfully.

Christian Harrisburg, SD

Will NOT fit (3) Avent Natural bottles…

Wish it were a little wider to accomodate (3) Avent bottles. Was only able to fit (2) into the bag and I need to take (3) to day care each day. Went to the store and bought a lunch tote and I use that instead to bring her bottles to day care.

Twila Haddon Heights, NJ

Perfect for Dr. Browns Bottles

I purchased this product to keep Dr. Browns bottles cold when traveling on day trips out of town for Dr. appts, etc. We use standard 8oz Dr. Browns bottles, and based on the reviews I decided to get this cooler rather than the Dr. Browns one. I am happy with my choice. I especially like the removable freezer inserts, as they dont take up as much space in the freezer as the Playtex Fridge to Go (which requires you to put the whole thing in the freezer, as opposed to just the gel packs) and the fact that they are removable, allowing me to use it to store other things if needed. The bottles stayed cool for 8 plus hours in here. Great product, does just what it should!

Stephanie Vallejo, CA

works great

Love this cooler! 2 gel packs keep food/bottles cold for hours and hours. Extra zip compartment for utensils is nice. I only wish it fit better in my diaper bag. It’s bulky, but has it’s own carrying strap so I usually just keep it separate outside the main bag. Worth it!

Luann Currie, MN

Good product

I purchased this bottle bag to keep my bottles cold and it definitely does it’s job well. There are two removable, reusable ice packs that are placed into pockets in the front and back of the bag. The bag strap is long enough to go over your shoulder or to fit inside of a diaper bag. The bag has several zipper pockets for storage. I am happy with this purchase and happy that I paid a little less than what I saw it sold for at WalMart and Target.

Susana Rentz, GA

Nice Bottle Bag!

We use this bag with Medela bottles and it has worked great. Typically, we fit three across the bottom, but have laid a fourth across the top. We have also put three baby food jars on top of each of the bottles before. The front pouch is great to hold a mum-mum and a spoon. Love the shoulder strap. The freezer packs fit great and keep the bag slender. Haven’t tested how many hours it will stay cold, nor do we just leave it in the car and expect it to stay cold. Items have always felt just as cold as out coming out of the refrigerator. Also, it fits well into our diaper bag (which is actually a computer bag). It has certainly been a great bag to use!

Maryanne Williams, OR

Perfect for bottles, but nothing else

This bag is perfect for bottles! It holds 3 large bottles and has two seperate ice packs to keep the bottles chilled. The pocket on the front is a bit deceiving though. I thought I would be able to store a small toy, pacifiers, or a burp cloth in here but the pocket is really small and flat.

Thelma O Fallon, MO

Stays cool for HOURS!

These have been a life saver! I breastfeed, but work. So I have to take the bottles back and forth to the nanny, and they work amazing!

Leonor Hazlehurst, MS

Munchkin Cool Wrap Bottle Bag is a Quality Product

It is a quality product for sure. I purchased this for my son and daughter who are expecting their first child. My daughter in law works in a factory setting and will be pumping breast milk when she returns to work after the baby is born. I’m sure this will be something she can use for that purpose – in addition to when she and my son take day trips with the baby and need something to keep the formula nice and cool. I’ll post more once they actually use it… but I expect this will work very nicely.The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is I’m not sure what purpose the front netted organizer serves. It shows spoons placed there, but they’d fall out… maybe you could place baggies there if you didn’t mind having them on display. But this wouldn’t stop me from recommending this.

Dessie West End, NC

Doesn’t fit 3 Playtex Nurser Drop-Ins

I had high hopes for this cooler but ended up returning it. I was disappointed that it wouldn’t hold 3 Playtex Nurser Drop-In 8-10oz bottles with the nipples and caps on. I tried to put three bottles in with the flat caps on and I was barely able to zip it shut, but for this price I’d like to be able to fit the nipples and caps on the bottles to save a step. It will fit three Dr. Browns bottles across and two Tommee Tippe bottles. It seems to be well made, but I wish it was a bit larger.

Michell Rutland, ND

small, holds a couple glass bottles

This snug little cooler works well, holding a few bottles. We use glass and it seems to hold 2 pretty well.The ice packs fit inside small pockets within the pouch for the bottles. While mine is new and in good condition, I am concerned that the ice packs would be hard to replace since they are a specific size designed just for this bag.

Juana Maxatawny, PA

Great for 8 ounce Dr. Brown bottles

Great cooler for 8 oz Dr. Brown bottles. Did a lot of research before purchasing. The ice bags that came with it seemed to keep the cooler nice and cold as needed with breastmilk. Mainly had 2 bottles when traveling with this bottle bag, 3 might have been a little tight but can’t fully comment on that.

Patti Lambrook, AR

Nice Idea

I got this as a baby gift 3 years ago when my son was born. Sadly to say, I never used it because I got a diaper backpack from my parents that had basically the same thing inside one of the pockets. I hung onto it because I was hoping to use it as my son got older but I never did. I like it though. It comes with a pack to keep things cool and it seems well made and has extra pockets but that’s about all I can really say sadly.

Annie Tuckahoe, NJ


Fits 3 even flow eight ounce glass bottles side by side. This is my favorite bag to take to work for pumping.

Flossie Reidsville, GA

Love it!

I’m able to fit two bottles, 3 jars of baby food (stacked on eachother), a spoon, bib, small bowl, and the two ice packs it comes with. That’s all I needed it to hold. I love the product, the zippers are fine but the clasp was a little wider, so with rough tugging it would come off, not the zipper itself, but the item that “pulls” the zipper. That’s easily fixed with a pair of pliers. I’m a fan of Munchkin and will continue to buy their products and I would buy another one of these for the diaper bag for any upcoming children I may have.

Cynthia Conover, OH

Cooler for EBM

I actually bought this bag to travel with my frozen EBM in bags. The photo on seemed to be a lot bigger so I was a bit disappointed when I saw the size. I bought extra ice packs though and my milk remained 90% frozen for 3 hours of travel. Was definitely happy about that!

Leanna Potosi, MO