Munchkin Cool Wrap Bottle Tote

Munchkin Cool Wrap Bottle Tote

Munchkin Cool Wrap Bottle Tote Munchkin Cool Wrap Bottle Tote helps cool food and bottles. It can cool up to five hours straight. The whole pack does not have to be pushed into the freezer. The freezing gel packs are separate and can be removed from the bottle and placed in the freezer for cooling. There is a removable strap to help fix the bag to a stroller. Why You’ll Love It: It is a great way to preserve or cool baby food or formula for parents who are traveling or are on the go. Features Keeps cool for up to five hours straight Comes with a detachable strap to fix bag to the stroller Gel packs are detachable Can hold 1 standard size bottle

Main features

  • Cools up to 5 hours
  • Removable gel packs
  • No need to put entire bag into freezer
  • Detachable strap attaches bag to stroller
  • Holds one standard bottle

Verified reviews


Love It

Love this. I keep the whole thing in the freezer (as opposed to just the ice packs) and then put a bottle in it when we go to the store, etc. I put the whole thing down in my big purse/bag. We use Dr Brown bottles and they fit.

Phyllis Kokomo, MS

Goes everywhere with us – could be a little bigger

This is a very handy cooler and great for taking a bottle along in the car, or on a stroller. It keeps the bottle cold for a couple of hours. Our only issue is that we use the Dr. Brown’s 8 oz bottles and it is hard to zip the cooler with that size in it. But even with the top slightly unzipped it does a good job.

Ethel Jasper, NY

great little tote!

I absolutely love this little tote! I bought the large (3 bottle sized) one at Target when I couldn’t find the single bottle tote in stores. I was happy with the quality and size of the larger tote, however I wound up buying this one on amazon too because I really wanted a single bottle tote for when I was only going to have 1 bottle. Why take up more space than needed, right? I am very happy with both and have found Munchkin to be reliable in all products I’ve bought so far. This tote does the job and I was happy to find it on amazon after I searched in stores for weeks before buying it online.

Angelica Agoura Hills, CA

cool bottle tote

I received this bottle tote quickly when ordered, and had come in handy on several occasions already when out shopping or just out for the day. Its well made and the bottle stays cool for hours. A very handy item to keep on hand.

Doris Chautauqua, NY

Just what we needed!

This is a GREAT single bottle cooler. It has excellent insulation. Better than three other bottle holders we’ve tried. We started using this primarily in the nursery to keep a bottle handy overnight so we don’t have to run downstairs.

Rita Alviso, CA

Just what I was looking for

I wanted a single bottle holder that would keep a bottle cold for a decent amount of time. This definitely does the job. The ice packs keep a bottle cooler for longer than some of the alternatives on the market. It’s also very trim so it doesn’t take up much room in your diaper bag. It also has a snap thing so you can attach it to a stroller or something if you want to. I don’t find that particularly useful but it’s certainly not a con. You can put just the ice packs or the entire thing in the freezer. I love using this to keep my pumped breast milk cool for my baby when I go on short errands. It doesn’t take up much room (HUGE plus since my diaper bag is already packed full) and it keeps my milk COLD (not just cool) even when it’s really hot out.

Britney Dover Afb, DE

Perfect for quick trips/errands

I used to use one of the bigger tote bottle holders that filled half the diaper bag. I purchased this and am much happier. It’s much more compact and perfect for quick trips to the store. I still use the bigger tote for longer trips if I need more than one bottle. But most times this does the trick and is handy.

Emilie Santa Maria, CA

Great insulation!

This bottle holder is great – it really keeps the bottles cool for a good 4 hours. It’s much better than the Platex one. You can put the whole thing in the freezer or just the ice packs so it is convenient for any situation. Also, the snap is really strong so I can snap it to my diaper bag or to the stroller and I never worry about losing it. We use the bottles with the drop in plastic liners so the milk doesn’t actually touch the bottle (because the milk is in the plastic liner inside the bottle). I was worried that this would prevent the liquid from cooling but it doesn’t! This bottle holder is insulated so well that it cools the milk even in the liner.

Lynn Frenchboro, ME

Great Little Tote

I actually have the larger version of this, as well. They’re really convenient, keep things cool for quite a while, and they’re well made. I use Dr. Brown’s bottles and this fits the largest bottle, with the top. Would highly recommend.

Shanna Garber, IA

So glad I got this

I really like this product. At first I thought it may have been a waste because the hospital gives you one for free at the hospital, but this is much better quality. Keeps bottle cool much longer than others and the material is durable. I like that it attaches to your stroller or diaper bag. Lightweight, great to take on shopping trips. If you are wondering whether or not to add this to your registry, just do it. You will use this.

Sandra Maybell, CO

Mostly perfect.

I like this little tote, but there are a few things that could be easier. The pockets for the ice packets seem too narrow and I find myself trying to shove the ice packs in there. They almost don’t fit. Also, a wide bottle may have difficulty fitting. My 9oz Avent bottle will fit, but again – takes some shoving. But it serves it’s purpose and I use it all the time!

Tonya Emmonak, AK

Exactly what it should be!

This is a simple and convinent baby bottle cooler. It will hold the 8 oz. dr. brown bottle, or two 4 oz bottles, provided one of them does not have the nipple attached (just the travel cap). It comes with two cooler packs. Each pack is composed of about 1 x 1 inch squares. There is a longer cooler pack which is three squares long and a shorter one which is two squares long. The cooler pack has a substantial carrying strap with a good buckle. It straps to my stroller without issue. This is a simple product that works as described.

Aimee Utica, MN

Great for on-the-go

I’ve been using this bottle tote for about a year now, I think it’s great! Keeps a bottle cold for hours, not too big, clips to the diaper bag, and easy to throw the whole thing in the freezer. I’ve had some leaky bottles in it too, and it’s easy to clean, I just rinsed it out and hung it up to dry. I would recommend it!

Dianna Hurley, MS