Munchkin Corner Bath Organizer, Pink

Munchkin Corner Bath Organizer, Pink

If bath toys have overtaken the tub in your household, the Corner Bath Organizer by Munchkin is the perfect solution for today’s parents. The modern design lets kids and parents sneak a peek at their favorite toys while the mildew resistant neoprene material and drain hole at the bottom keeps toys clean and dry.

Main features

  • Drain hole on bottom keeps toys dry
  • Made of soft, mildew resistant neoprene material
  • Four suction cups firmly adhere to tub wall and adjust from left to right

Verified reviews


Does it’s job

I have only used this for about one month, but so far so good. It has stayed suctioned to the tub. Only bad thing is that is has an awful smell to it. I tried to hand wash and clean it, but it still faintly there.

Frankie Ninole, HI

Fits Many Toys and a Great Organizer

We use this for my sons toys and it fits a lot of toys. It keeps our bathroom and bath tub organized and I love the material that it is made out of.

Maureen Wallis, TX

doesn’t stick well

This product came on time and the colors are great. But it doesn’t stay stuck on the tile in the tub well at all

Dale Tomales, CA

Real nice, resilient

Had exactly the same one for three years. Holds very well to the wall with three suction cups, even when it is packed with wet toys. After three years had to replace it because it got moldy… i guess i could have tried to wash it but didn’t want to bother when i can get a new one for such a good price. Very recommended!

Tammi Dimmitt, TX

Cute, but very small child’s bath toy organizer

Attaches well to ceramic tile walls, but appears much smaller than when we visually checked the measurements before ordering.Organizer holds only a few small bath toys; nothing very large or heavy – good for an infant’s or very small child’s starting bath toy collection. Not for the serious bather!

Aline Ohatchee, AL

So so

Not the best that’s toy organizer but it’s doable. Doesn’t hold much but it’s okay size if your child doesn’t have too much toys to put away.

Bernadine Hatfield, MA


I liked this at first – it didn’t stick very well, but I still used it in the corner of the bathtub (attached to the ceramic tub), and at least I could have my daughter collect her foam letters and put them somewhere. I realized last night that it was growing mold. I assumed that it would be made of mold-resistant material, since it’s supposed to be in the bathtub area at all times. We didn’t have it submerged, it just didn’t drain well, I guess. I tried to wash it with cold water like the tag says, but the mold doesn’t wash away. I’m throwing this away.

Sasha Alberton, MT

Poorly made

Even though I love this product for it’s storage capabilities, the suction cups are the worst! I called Munchkin and they kindly replaced my organizer, but even the new one won’t stick. (And I followed the directions to the letter) I read somewhere else on Amazon to use Command Strips on the suction cups, and that works GREAT! I hope just one other person reads this review so they can try the Command Strips as well. You cannot even see the strips, I placed them right on the suction cups. Great trick!

Madeline South China, ME