Munchkin Deluxe Baby Food Organizer

Munchkin Deluxe Baby Food Organizer

Revolving, adjustable shelves allow for easy access and storage of all jar sizes. Holds up to 24 baby food jars. Great for use on countertops or in the pantry. Handy utensil storage. Easy to assemble.

Main features

  • Revolving adjustable shelves allow for easy access and storage of all jar sizes
  • Organizer hold up to 24 baby food jars
  • Handy utensil storage area
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for babies above 3 years

Verified reviews


Munchkin Deluxe Baby Food Organizer

This product is OK. If you turn the tray with bottles in the wrong direction it falls down. Not my fav feature but it keeps my kitchen neater so it’s worth it.

Eleanor Tuxedo Park, NY

Easy Peasy!

Easy to assemble, sturdy, turns easily…can’t go wrong! This is the 3rd one of these I have owned…and the best, by far!

Gay Three Mile Bay, NY

A must have!

This is a fantastic space saving product. I love that you can adjust the shelves to accommodate different height jars and I love that you can tuck it in the cabinet and have all your baby food organized and ready to pluck off the shelf! The only thing potential purchasers should know is that it does not rotate, despite the fact that it is circular. I highly recommend!!

Tabitha South Pasadena, CA

Munchkin Baby Food Organizer

I found this product cheaper at Walmart. The only difference is the middle portion is white. I like that I’m able to turn the shelves to view the baby food. I don’t like it doesn’t allow you to turn each shelf individually. I also wish it would hold more than 24 jars of food. But for less than $9.00, it’s a great deal so I recommend it.

Christa Veedersburg, IN

great product

such a space saver for the cabinet and everything is so much easier to reach now this is my 2nd organizer

Bobbie Cape Porpoise, ME

Great organizer

This is a great organizer and doesn’t take up much space. The one thing I do not like about it is when you spin it and hold onto the top or middle shelf, it comes apart and the shelf falls down.

Gabriela Cathedral City, CA

Wonderful Space Saver

I keep all my baby girl’s food on this, and it takes up half the space it used to take. Now I can stay organized!

Carolina Wentzville, MO

Everyone Needs This in Their Pantry!

I absolutley love this thing and am thinking about ordering a second one. The price is right! The shelves are height adjustable and it spins smoothly. Baby is 8 months old and has stages 1, 2 and 3 jarred foods that all fit on here (stage 3 are twice the size of stage one). And what an awesome idea to store spoons at the top!! Now I don’t have to worry about additional germs getting on the spoons. If you have limited kitchen counter space, this food organizer is IDEAL for you! Get 2!

Jessica Rio Grande City, TX

I love this thing

This item is so helpful. It keeps all my baby food jars nice and organized. So much easier to find the exact food I am looking for. My pantry was a mess before I got this.It was a little tricky at first to put it together (the instructions don’t specify that you should twist the shelves to lock into place). But once I figured it out, it works fine.This item works for jars only, by the way. If you buy the Gerber baby food that comes in plastic tubs, it won’t work on this organizer. I mostly buy Earth’s Best baby food and it fits perfectly. In fact, in the photo on the box it came in, that is exactly what they show it being used with.

Esmeralda Blue Rock, OH

Definitely a space saver, but definitely has drawbacks

This definitely saves space, but definitely has plenty of room for improvement… starting with the how whenever you turn it if it isn’t just so it falls to the lower level. I checked the notches and still happens. You can’t really story anything out of the classic jars. There is no room for pouches and sitting the rectangular Gerber foods is awkward. Overall the product is convenient, but only just.

Allie Blaine, OH

Doesn’t spin

If this product actually spun around like a lazy susan, which I thought it would, it would have a much better rating. But turning this thing doesn’t really work. Would have been better off getting small shelves to fit more baby food in the cabinet.

Georgina Roseglen, ND

works great

this food organizer works great for jars. You can adjust the hight to fit different sizes of baby food jars. that is great. The only reason why I give it four stars and not five is that it doesn’t accomodate the plastic containters (gerber food). We used both, containers and jars and therefore had to have two different stands.

Kimberly Phelan, CA

A little disappointed

It does save space and allow you to better organize the baby food, but because the shelves slide to lock, spinning the contraption from any shelf other than the base results in the shelves dropping onto the one below. Just something to consider before you buy.

Jaclyn Pattonsburg, MO


Holds all of his baby food jars..EARTH’S BEST ORGANICS HAVE BPA..Just something I recently discovered.This thing is awesome, holds all of his foods and it looks really cute.I keep it fully stocked, and it holds all of his munchkin spoons on the top.One negative star because if you turn it the wrong way by the shelf it falls down.. LOL.That could be a messy expensive mistake so I’m really careful with it.Enjoy yours, you’ll love it too!!! <3

Lindsay Brookline, MA


It is a good product for its price, helps pretty well to organize baby food and The base does rotate

Claudette Hawleyville, CT

Great idea, badly executed

This shelf is a great idea, but a badly executed plan. The shelves will fall if you spin the shelf the wrong way. I’ve almost lost all my jars on it to the floor. If flaws fixed, great way to store baby food jars. Until then, I’ll just be stacking the jars in the cabinet.

Gilda Staunton, VA

Works ok for small baby food jars

This shelf works pretty good for the small stage 1 baby food jars, but it’s a little wobbly and doesn’t seem like it will hold up well if you place too many of the larger baby food jars on it (stage 2 foods and up).

Liz Westmorland, CA

love this

Love this looks very nice and works good I was surprised paid $7 for this at walmart and did think it would hold the jars as well as it did! A little wobbly but great for the price would recommend this.

Chasity Pocatello, ID


I purchased this for my son who isn’t born yet but 2 of my friends with 8-10 month olds told me I had to have one. This may not be that practical for me since I plan on making home made baby food but my friends love this thing.

Joyce Pomona, IL


I was excited to get this, but when I got it, it was not that great. Anytime I swirl it to find other foods it drops to another level. Also its very flimsy to me. I wouldnt get it again. I do however like how you can put spoons in the middle.

Kathi Attleboro, MA

OK, but not very sturdy

The middle level can only hold the small bottle, not the stage 3 bottles. I have tried to adjust the top and the bottle level so the middle can have more room. But the maximum space for middle level seem only fit the small bottle. It looks cheap plastic. Overall, it is functiona but not great.

Lois Dassel, MN

Cheap, but functional

One issue that I have with this organizer is that it has to be fully stocked. If you do not place your jars evenly on both sides, it tips over. Also, you cannot put the plastic tubs on it, like the pictures shows. I do not have the same problem as a lot of reviewers, it was easy to set up and it does rotate. Come on, what do you want for something that is so cheap?

Lilia Rantoul, IL

great product

This is a great produst to have if you are using/planning on using jars of baby food. If you use the ones that are in containers (Gerber etc) this probably won’t be much of a help to you as the containers don’t really fit well on the racks.

Margie Randallstown, MD