Munchkin Deluxe Bottle And Food Warmer With Pacifier Cleaning Basket

Munchkin Deluxe Bottle And Food Warmer With Pacifier Cleaning Basket

The Munchkin Healthflow Deluxe Bottle and Food Warmer makes mealtimes with Baby effortless by using the Quick-Steam warming system that heats milk and food evenly, without any hot spots. This Healthflow warmer heats milk or food in approximately 5 minutes and will not destroy vital nutrients lost during microwaving. Features a larger warming chamber that fits all regular, angled, disposable and wide-mouth bottles. Includes main basket, lift-out basket, adapter ring and measuring cup. LED indicator lets you know it’s on, and an alarm sounds when the bottle is ready. Automatically shuts off once the warming cycle is complete. To clean warmer unit, wipe clean with damp cloth. Measuring cup, basket, lift-out basket and adapter ring are top-rack dishwasher safe. Imported.

Main features

  • Fits all size bottles and jars including regular, angled, disposable and wide mouth
  • Warms in approximately 5 minutes
  • Steam warming system ¿ won’t reduce nutrients like microwaving can
  • Fast, even warming; no hot spots

Verified reviews


It is sort of working for us…

We purchased the Munchkin Deluxe Bottle and Food Warmer with Pacifier Cleaning Basket from our local store.We use the Playtex disposable liner bottles and refrigerated formula. We have had to adjust up and down the amount of water we put in this warmer to get a proper temperature. It often is either too hot, or if it is too cold and we re-run the cycle with a little more water, we wind up too hot.This beats wasting a bunch of water to get it heated up for bottle warming although we were able to get the temp we wanted first time out using that method. This warmer IS safer than dealing with the microwave. I like the auto-off and the finished beeps.I give a lukewarm (pardon the pun) recommendation on this product. You need to have patience to be able to live with it.

Bobby Formoso, KS

Pretty good!

This is actually pretty good! I use it for warming breastmilk & formula. It took a few tries to get it perfect temperature, but I have never had too-hot milk, so my baby didn’t get hurt. There were a few times where the milk wasn’t too warm – but didn’t take long. My measuring cup’s markings did rub off after 2 months, and I contacted Munchkin and they sent me a new one for free.

Carrie Calvin, OK

Works great, nothing wrong

We haven’t had any problems with this, it is much more convenient than warming up a bottle using the stove. I also like that the cord length can be adjusted so you can have just as much as you need on your countertop.

Lynda New Bethlehem, PA


Purchased for the upstairs nursery, it has saved me from stumbling downstairs to the kitchen for late night/early morning feedings. Fits the Avent as well as the thinner bottles. I recommend using the caps that come with your bottles when you warm up junior’s food (repels the condensation).I’d give it five stars, but the beeps are a feature that I wish could be turned off by the user – note to Munchkin.Worth every penny.

Deirdre Lake Luzerne, NY


This was very useful to us and we always got it right the first time. We never had too warm of bottles for our daughter. We use the Avent bottles which are a lot bigger than most bottles (by girth) and they fit perfectly fine in this.

Elaine Kirtland, NM