Munchkin Deluxe Bottle Brush, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Deluxe Bottle Brush, Colors May Vary

Deluxe bottle brush

Main features

  • Non slip Handle Lets You Keep Your Grip When Wet
  • The Durable Nylon Bristles Won’t Scratch Bottles
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: Blue, Pink, Green, Coral and Teal
  • Brush that stands upright with a strong suction base

Verified reviews


ok but sprays everywhere!

I have two brushes, one that is an advent, long and skinny with soft bristles that i love, the nipple part is hard plastic though so im careful with it. Then i got this brush for upstairs, i use it with Born free bottles and although it does do a decent job, it sprays everywhere when you take it out and you really have to scrub around, which sometimes seems to scratch my bottles. i think i prefer the advent softer bristles, also because yo can see what you are cleaning. im always afraid the munchkin nipple brush is going to tear the nipple.

Whitney Froid, MT

Best brush!

This is the best bottle brush! Worth every penny!It has lasted longer than any other one I have ever bought & it does not have the sponge like the other brushes. It works great, stands on its own which I find practical and sanitary. It cleans extremely well and the nipple brush attaching right on the bottom is very convenient. Just love it!

Lillian Delight, AR

HATE this bottle brush!

Would give this zero stars if I could. Every time I wash a bottle, this brush flings soapy water everywhere–all over the sink, counter, and my face! And the nipple brush is way too thick and the bristles are too hard. A double-sponge bottle brush is what I had before (a sponge tip and sponge at base, with bristles in between), and that’s what I’ll be going back to. And by the way, the tip of the nipple brush rusts right away, as other reviewers have mentioned.

Bridgett South Easton, MA

I like the other Munchkin better

One of the good things about this brush is that it can stand on its handle. That means you can avoid the bristles from touching the dirty kitchen counter or worse rolling to the floor.It is sturdier than their other bottle brush because there is no foam at the tip that can get detached. But it is the same reason why I prefer the other cheaper Munchkin product. The foam at the end helps to clean the bottom of the bottle much better. This one is all bristlesAlso the handle is almost at the middle which gets in the way when brushing the taller bottles. The handle scratches the mouth of the bottle.

Lawanda Forman, ND

Too large for standard bottles

Seems to be too large for any of our bottles – Dr. Brown, Medela. Gets soapy water EVERYWHERE. If it came in a slightly smaller size, I’ve give this 5 stars.

Alba Chesterland, OH

Still love this brush 5 years later!

We began using the Munchkin deluxe bottle brush when our daughter was born about 5 years ago, and still use it today even though our kids (5 1/2 and 3 1/2) are out of bottles and sippies. It is still very handy for water bottles, water bottle spouts, etc. As long as you use common sense (don’t leave it standing in water, shake it out, etc.), it is very durable.Pros: Only brush we have used that doesn’t spray when in use (like crazy), tiny nipple brush has many uses for water bottle spouts, etc, suction cup keeps it standing up automatically, attractiveCons: noneI have read a lot of the negative reviews and just don’t agree with them. After having used many bottle brushes for baby bottles (we used mostly Avent and BornFree), we never had an issue with these brushes. They were a life and time saver. All in all, highly recommended!

Iva Grulla, TX

The BEST bottle cleaner I have found!

I have tried SEVERAL bottle brushes since my son was born and this is THE BEST ONE!!!! I have had this one for about 4 months and since it is a strong plastic and not wire, it hasn’t broken and the suction cup keeps it upright to eliminate germs and it has a nipple cleaner brush INSIDE! This thing is awesome!

Helga Jerusalem, OH


This holds up well! Ours has been used every day for the past 6 months and it is in great shape! Fits the ottles and nipples perfectly!

Adelaide Greenbrae, CA

It cleans, but not in hard to reach places

Pros: I like the nipple brush that comes with the bigger brush. It’s helpful to get into small places. The brushes are sturdy, and they last for a long time. They easily stand up, so I can maximize space. Cons: The only con i have with this brush, is that with the rounded tip of the bottle brush, I can’t quite get some of the bottom of the bottle. But the brush cleans really well, and if I have to go behind the brush and clean the little edges at the bottom with a dish rag. I don’t mind.

Kathrine Claunch, NM

Bristles are too stiff to be useful.

I have been pleased with a number of my other Munchkin purchases, so I decided to get this bottle brush to replace one that I have overused. Unfortunately, this brush is not useful for us. The blue bristles are so stiff that they cannot get into the corners of bottles. For some of the bottles, the brush hardly fits into the mouth of the bottle at all (4-5 oz storage bottles from the hospital, and regular Dr. Brown’s bottles). And, there is no way this brush can be used at all on any pump parts. The white bristles are actually more flexible, but since the blue bristles are at the top and bottom, it makes it virtually impossible for the white bristles to get into corners. We have toyed with the idea of cutting off most of the blue bristles, but that is pointless.The "nipple" brush, which is at the base of the brush, is slightly more useful, but there is a bent over piece at the tip of this brush, which makes it slightly too large to fit into some parts. Also, these bristles are also quite stiff, but this part of the brush is still more useful.I would recommend getting another brush, like the Dr. Brown’s bottle brush, instead. They also sell tiny nipple brushes. Both of these items are more useful than this Munchkin one.We have been using this brush to wash vegetables.

Yvonne Chesterfield, NH

Best bottle brush

I love this brush. The included tiny brush works great on my advent bottle nipples. I love how the nipple brush acts as a stand for my bottle brush so the bottle brush never has to touch my questionably clean counter!The 360 degree cleaning reaches the bottom of the bottles quickly. Tip: Super hot water melts the breast milk off the bottles with ease.

Camille Ashton, IA

Love it!

I use this brush regularly to clean my sons cups with. I love how it has the suction at the bottom that allows the brush to stand up while drying. The built in nipple cleaner brush is also great for cleaning the inside of sippy cup spouts! I’ve never had any issues with this product, love it!

Rebekah Hartington, NE

cool brush

its affordable, cleans well. If it rust just buy another one. I love how it stands up alone . GREAT SUCTION. Wish I had purchased this brush before I shelled out nearly 10.00 on my previous one. This one is cheaper and it still works the same.

Herminia Cuttyhunk, MA

Good for cleaning but very stiff!

I like this brush for cleaning and that it has a separate nipple brush. But the negative part is that it is very stiff and so stiff that I have to push it inside the smaller bottles. And when I take it out, it sprays water all over me! I won’t buy it again. Buy Dr Brown’s instead.

Earlene Baptistown, NJ

Love this bottle brush!

I was given this bottle brush at my baby shower. It is a little wide, so cleaning our bottles (Dr. Brown’s standard) can be slightly difficult, but it gets the job done! I love that it has a suction cup base so that the brush stays clean while not in use. It’s a great product, however, I would not buy it on Amazon. It’s available at Target for less than half of the price listed here! Save your money and make a trip to Target!

Rosalind Ernul, NC

we’re cleaning baby bottles, not last night’s casserole dish

the bristles on this brush are WAY TOO STIFF. it looks well designed and i love the suction on the bottom but the bristles are so stiff that all it does is splatter soap everywhere and doesnt really clean well. the nipple cleaner is really stiff too. it feels like it’s going to rip throught the nipple. you might as well use a brillo pad on a stick.

Pamela Nemo, TX


I actually purchased this from a local retailer after I had worn out a different brand of bottle brush. I was very dissappointed upon using this brush. The bristles are stiff and difficult to fit into the neck of my standard size Dr. Browns bottles. When I pull the brush out of the bottle, soap suds spray everywhere (sometimes forcing me to re-rinse items that I have washed and layed out to dry). This new mom does not appreciate the extra work. I would rather use this to scrub my own cups rather than the baby bottles. I gave it 2 stars. The first star is for sturdy construction… the second star is for the handy suction base. And those are the only good things I can say about this brush. Maybe I will have better use for it when the baby moves on to sippy cups? Or maybe for a Magarita party? But then it shouldn’t be called “BOTTLE” brush, should it?!UPDATE- 1 year later and I still hate this Munchkin brush for bottles. It works very well at scrubbing kids plates though. I took a tour of bottle brushes after this. I recommed the OXO bottle brush. It is so much better at cleaning my baby bottles and is a much better design with the stand and small parts brush!

Vickie Belmont, WA

Great Brush

I have tried several other kinds of bottle brushes & this one works best for me. It fits well into most sippy cups as well as the Playtex Drop in bottles. The nipple brush is great for cleaning the nipples, which I do by hand every day. It only lasts a couple weeks with heavy daily use (the nipple brush is first to go) so it would be awesome if there were replacement nipple brushes.

Brittney Odebolt, IA

Decent, But Not Durable

We’ve been using this brush for about two months. It is used exclusively for cleaning baby bottles/nipples and milk pump accessories (horns/valves, etc). It is a decent brush, but does not seem to hold up, and we’ll need to replace it soon.Having the suction cup bottom is handy, as it allows us to leave it standing next to the sink without worried about it getting contaminated. It seems to work well on the bottles we use (Nuk & Medela 5 oz and straight wall 80cc). The bristles tend to fill the bottles well, and clean them thoroughly. When used on the non-straight-wall bottles, you tend to get sprayed as the bristles flick back to their normal position when pulling the brush out of the bottle. Annoying, but probably going to happen with any bristle-type brush. The smaller brush is handy for getting the inside of the Nuk/Medela nipples, which are too small to fit my fingers into for cleaning.The major downside is that the bristles are already compacting on the larger brush, so it is getting more difficult to use in cleaning the pump horns, and doesn’t get the corners of the normal bottles as well as it used to. We’ll have to replace it soon, and don’t expect the next to last much longer than this one.NOTE: We still have a Munchkin brush similar to this style from about 4 years ago that is still in decent shape (just not something we’d consider clean enough to use for baby), and the bristles are still solid on it, so they may have changed materials at some point between the two purchases. That one has been used for a while to clean all sorts of things, and seems to have a bit of life left in it.

Matilda Dadeville, MO

bristles are way too rigid

tried this bottle brush under a friends recommendation and my wife and I both hated it. the bristles are so rigid even after using numerous times that soap is shot everywhere and its a struggle to get this brush into the bottle. tried the dr brown which I liked but it wasn’t the most durable and the oxo brush and settled on the oxo brush in the end as my wife preferred it and I like it fine too.

Bernice Minden, IA

Even a toilet brush has softer bristles!

The brush bristles are SO HARD! I was using this and in my mind I’m just going, I feel like I’m using a toilet brush not a baby bottle brush. Even my dad asked me if I bought the wrong one! And I have to tell him, I got this off the baby section!S*** I think a toilet brush may even be softer!I can’t even get the whole brush in with out using full force to force it in. And then pulling the brush out causes the soap suds to fly all over the sink, counter and on me!HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!Def. going back to the OXO Tot baby brush!

Sallie South Beloit, IL

small brush is too hard!

I bought this solely for the nipple brush since I couldn’t find one sold by itself easily. I think the nipple brush is unusable. The bristles are so hard and sharp I’m not willing to use it on the nipples because it might damage them. In fact, I think I see scratches on the pump parts that I’ve cleaned it with. You can see in the picture the bristles don’t go all the way to the top which also reduces its usefulness.

Pauline Spottsville, KY

Okay Brush but Not Great for Dr. Brown’s Bottles

This bottle brush is decent, and the suction cup on the bottom makes it convenient to place on the counter. The brush doesn’t have a sponge part on it, so it seems like it would last much longer than other brushes from this same company, however, the center wand portion is pretty large and bulky, which makes it somewhat difficult to get into a normal size bottle. Also, the center wand is too big to adequately clean the insert portion of Dr. Brown’s bottles so if you use those bottles I would encourage you to look atMunchkin Bottle and Nipple Brush,Colors Varyinstead. You’ll probably have to replace that brush more often, but at least you can clean the Dr. Brown’s bottles properly with it.

Sybil Central City, NE

Not as cheap

I like it to clean bottles, but when I went to Wal Mart it was much cheaper than what was sold here.

Rebekah Colfax, LA

Works quite well for tight spaces inside cups, vases, etc.

I bought this for my son’s sippy cups because the large brush came with the small brush to get inside spouts, straws, etc. I didn’t realize that the small brush fits up into the base but at least it keeps them both together. The suction cup is a nice idea too. This is a nice thing to have even without kids. I find myself using both brushes all the time. I often have a vase with fresh flowers and can’t reach my hand inside my favorite vase. I used to shove a dish rag down inside the vase with a long handled spoon but this works better. And sometimes I will use the brush to scrub the bottom of pots and the little brush to get into crevices. The little brush is really great at getting inside the newer silicone spouts on toddler cups and under the silicone lip where dirt collects. And we live in a humid climate where mold can start growing very fast. So this is good to have and it isn’t too expensive.

Edwina Bogue Chitto, MS

Too messy to use

Pros:The nipple brush works great and it’s nice that there is a suction cup on the bottom of the bottle so it can be stood up to dry.Cons:The bristles on this bottle brush are very hard so it’s a huge mess when trying to scrub bottles. Soap/water gets sprayed all over when trying to remove the brush from a bottle. VERY annoying. Also since the tip is all stiff bristles I don’t feel the botte gets as clean. I prefer the bottle brush that has a sponge on top – it just seems to clean better.Note:I wouldn’t buy this brush again but if you choose to; I suggest you use a little dish underneath to catch all the run-off, Otherwise you’ll have a little puddle on your counter each time you use it.

Earlene Deputy, IN

great brush

I love this brush and am about to buy another one. I’ve been using it for almost 3 months now and the only reason I’m getting another is that I’ve read you shouldn’t use them for too long because of bacteria build up. I haven’t had any issues with rust or anything breaking and I use them solely on plastic bottles and it has done just fine. I haven’t had any problems with it scratching the bottles. Also, I saw someone complaining about it not getting out breastmilk and I don’t have that problem at all. I like that it doesn’t have a sponge because to me, sponges are just bacteria and germ magnets. Yuck. Would definitely recommend this brush.

Marguerite Trego, WI

Great brush and great price!

Great bottle brush! Even includes a micro cleaning brush in the handle for little hard to reach crevices in bottles.I love that the brush head is so stiff as it really scrubs the bottom of the bottles well.Definite must have for any parent who is bottle feeding!

Lakesha Floral, AR

Doesn’t work as well as others

We didn’t like this bottle brush…it doesn’t work as well as the brushes with the “sponge” top…it’s difficult to insert into the bottles and difficult for the soap to adhere to it…it’s been sitting unused for months…

Dixie Defuniak Springs, FL

OXO brush is better!

We have the OXO bottle brush at home, but my mom purchased the Munchkin brush for her house. We were visiting her for a week and I could not wait to get home to my own brush. The bristles are tough on the Munchkin brush. The softer bristles on the OXO brush allowed me to get into the crevices of the nipple, thus more effectively cleaning the bottles and nipples.OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner and Stand, Orange

Jillian Goodwin, AR