Munchkin Deluxe Dishwasher Basket, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Deluxe Dishwasher Basket, Colors May Vary

“Even if you prefer to do your bottle washing routine by hand, running baby bottles and feeding accessories through the dishwasher from time to time ensures an extra deep, hygienic clean. But if you hate digging around to grab fallen nipples, valves and straws, the Munchkin Deluxe Dishwasher Basket is your new best friend. This handy dishwasher caddy can hold up to 14 standard nipples, 4 straws, and a basketful of small bottle parts and accessories, so you don’t have to worry about your little one’s pacifiers going the way of lost socks in the dryer. The Deluxe Dishwasher Basket has a patented straw cleaning rack on the side to hold straws upright and firmly in place for a thorough clean. Flip open the lid to place pacifiers, spoons, valves, bottle sealing discs, caps and other small parts into the basket. Press nipples into the nipple sanitizing lid, snap everything into place, and you’re ready to wash without worry – because your dishwasher digging days are over!”

Main features

  • Baby dishwasher basket fits dishwashers of all sizes and shapes
  • Sturdy catch-all container holds up to 4 straws and 14 standard nipples
  • Keeps bottle accessories upright and secure for easy, hassle-free cleaning
  • BPA free
  • Ships in assorted colors blue, pink or green

Verified reviews



I don’t like this basket. It’s so small.. and, yes, I realize it’s only for baby-sized objects, but it’s just proportioned wrong. In my dishwasher, there really isn’t a good place for this basket to fit, and, if I manage to get it in there, I can’t fill it up with very many things to wash.I also have a microwave steam sterilizer.. I’d go with that instead of this basket.Also, when ordering this from Amazon, I didn’t realize there are different color choices, so make sure you don’t get a pink basket instead of the blue one you really wanted!

Claire Gunnison, UT


nice idea but a waste of time. takes up a lot of room in your dishwasher and you can’t fit that many things in the basket. if you use playtex nurser nipples or wider nipples like the playtex nursers, then don’t expect to use each hole on top for a bottle nipple. you might as well just hand wash your child’s dishes and bottles. this product is a waste of space and more of a hassle than anything.

Opal Highlands, NJ

Too small – not for wide nipples

All wide nipples like Avent or Playtex will not fit the top rack – can only use 1/2 of the holes cause space in b/w too narrow, also very flimsy & awkward to actually load the nipples into it. Bottom is too small as well, can’t even stack 2 caps on top of each other – the basket will not close. Makes it useless to me.They have a bigger version. Get that one instead. Double door open on the top makes it much easier to load the nipples (can actually fit 10 nipples). Bottom is also more spacious.

Esther Conception, MO

Not for us.

Good for the smaller sized nipples but not for the wide mouth bottle nipples. We have tried a variety of bottles for our breastfed baby and those bottles had varying nipple sizes. The flip top has space to put nipples in to wash but with the larger size nipples, we could only fit 2 or 3. But with the “standard” size or smaller nipples, we could get all of them in the flip top area. This is just okay. We’ve just taken to handwashing so this washer basket really is unnecessary for us now.

Deann Lenora, KS

Poor design

The way the nipples fit in the top of this is annoying, especially if you have different size/brand nipples. I have it, so I use it, but I wouldn’t buy it again.

Kendra Brainerd, MN

Works well

Works well, doesn’t take up much space, easy to load and use. Tip: flip the top down and load the nipples upside down, then flip the large bottom basket up on top. It is easier than trying to get the holes lines up on the nipples by flipping the lid down.

Leila Cummings, KS

Serves its purpose

I ordered this basket basket because I needed one and this had good reviews. As I said in the title it severs its purpose, just not as well as I had hoped. We use Playtex dropins nursers and Breastflow bottle both of wich have large based nipples. This basket does its job in the since of holding everything in place in the dish washer but it hard to get the nipples in and get it to close right. I can only get it to hold about 7 nipples, less than a days worth of bottles so I still end up hand washing some or having to run more than one load, Which is irritating.However as I haven’t found anything that will hold more I am ordering a second one of these baskets. For the price you can’t beat it and I’d rather buy 2 at this price than spend more and still have to buy 2.

Coleen Ravine, PA

Great Dishwasher Basket!

I love this basket. I also have a mesh dishwasher basket but it has metal pieces in it that are rusting – after not much use. This just proves, again, that Munchkin products are superior. I’m always happy with anything I get that is Munchkin brand.Since they are tall, they make good use of your space in the dishwasher. The mesh basket lies flat, taking up a lot of space. I can pack these plastic ones pretty full and still feel confident that everything in there will come out as clean as it should and ready for use. Love it!

Fay Hallowell, ME

very useful – some caveats though

This is great for cleaning but there are a couple things to keep in mind:1) The snaps work great, but it’s flimsy plastic.2) If you want the nipples to be spotless, don’t overload the small basket.It fits very well in the top rack of my dishwasher. Not sure why others had a problem.

Mara Wendell, NC

Doesn’t hold very many Tommee Tippee bottle parts

A little disappointed that this didn’t hold Tommee Tippee bottle parts very well. They DO NOT fit in the nipple thing on top. They fit in the basket part though.

Rena Moodus, CT


Needed more room so bought 2. Works great. We have twins and this saves us a ton of cleaning time and we use it all the time.

Queen Conway, MO

works great!

I have 2 of these and fill them both up almost every time I run the dishwasher. If you use wide based nipples, you can only get 5 in because you have to stagger them, but if you do this you can put sippy cup tops in the top too (I use the Nuby ones and they fit). I don’t know anyone that actually uses standard nipples so it’d be nice to have the holes a little further apart to better accomodate both types. Also, the stuff in the basket NEVER gets all the way dry, so I have to shake it when I pull it out of the dishwasher and then let it air dry, but there’s a lot of stuff piled in there so it’s not surprising, although even with the basket mostly empty I have the same problem. Everything else in the DW is dry so who knows why it happens. Highly recommend this though!

Rachel Twin Lakes, WI

Wish the bottom were shallower

Often when we run our dishwasher, the top compartment is full and there is nothing in the bottom of this basket! I cannot put much in the bottom as most things turn over and fill with water. I would have thought that when designing the basket they would have made the bottom compartment the height of bottle caps to keep them from flipping over.My solution to this problem has been to take one of the silverware baskets that came with our dishwasher and turn it on its side. One half is the perfect height for bottle caps, unfortunately, it only holds three. Needless to say, these two baskets take up a lot of real estate on the upper level of my dishwasher. I feel better more efficient use could be made of the space if this basket had been designed better.We have Medela bottles, but I believe the height of bottle caps are fairly universal.

Debbie Bayport, NY

Very useful!

We rarely even use bottles, but I find this to be super useful for washing all those little tiny baby things that need washing now and then. I use it for baby food jars (which I re-use because we make most of our own baby food), and basically anything else that’s too small to let loose in the dishwasher.I really like the two-tier design with the top rack for lids and nipples and the bottom rack for slightly larger pieces. I haven’t used the straw holder yet, but I imagine I might be glad I have it when baby is drinking from a cup.The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it’s just a tiny bit too small to fit my breast pump accessories in it.

Daphne Creighton, MO

i does not close, real dissapointment

when i saw this product i thought it could be a life saver but when it came and we used it, it was a total dissapointment. it is very small. it does not close properly. only 6 avent nipple fits. a company should make durable, basket in which you can also put bottles as well as the nipples and other parts.

Eddie Lexington, TX

Good Product, Good Value

I really like my basket for the dishwasher. The reason I did not give it 5 stars is because there is no way you can fit a nipple in each slot! I used Avent nipples/bottles and I could only put a nipple in every other hole. The product worked great otherwise. The basket stayed latched all through the cycle in the dishwasher and the items got clean each time. The basket fit nicely in the top rack of my dishwasher.

Pearlie Franklinville, NC

It’s Ok

It doesn’t quite fit easily in the top rack of my dishwasher, but I make it work.It can only hold 5Playtex Drop-Ins NaturaLatch Silicone Nipple – Medium Flow – 2 Packat a time.Likewise, it can’t hold very many rings and caps of thePlaytex Original Nurser Newborn Gift Set (Assorted Colors)at a time.It gets the job mostly done and it isn’t worth the effort to find a replacement.

Leann New Bloomington, OH

Item has its Positives and Negatives

I bought several of these from my local Target. Why did I buy “several”? because although there are nipple holes in the top portion of the basket for 10 nipples I cannot get more than 5 nipples to fit properly. I would like to add that I use the Philips AVENT bottles/nipples and they are wide. In addition to not being able to fit more than 5 nipples into the top portion of the basket, I have a hard time getting the other bottle parts (nipple ring and bottle ring) to those 5 bottles to fit into the bottom. Therefore, to make a long explanation even longer – one basket fits at most 5 bottles.PROS:- I like that I put the bottle lids on the dishwasher prongs that surround this basket and they don’t fly up during the rinse cycle (the basket lid keeps them in place).- I like the price of this (less than $5)- The straw holders on the side are great – it takes a little while to get the straws into the holes the first few times but after that they slide in and stay- The basket is small enough that it doesn’t take up too much room in the dishwasherCONS:- Cannot fit more than 5 nipples into the top portion of the basket- I’ve used this in 2 different dishwashers and depending on the design of your dishwasher you may find it hard to find a place where this basket fits properly. Unfortunately, in both dishwashers I’ve used – the “sweet spot” that the basket fits is always in a spot that makes neighboring dishwasher space useless. If this was a little more narrow I think it would fit better (anywhere) in the dishwasher.OVERALL:- I would recommend this basket, because even with its flaws I suspect that most of the dishwasher baskets will have the same issues.

Millicent Harman, WV

Keeps items from flying around

If you use Avent bottles, there is no way you can fit 14 nipples in the top. I can only fit 5 at a time and they don’t snap into place like they are supposed to. Other than that, the basket does what it should. The lower compartment has a removable divider . I find it works great for the screw on nipple holder and ring that goes into the Avent bottles. Don’t think you will also fit the lids in here! Once I put five nipples in the top compartment, five inner rings, five outer nipple ring holders and about four pacifiers my basket is pretty full. I went ahead bought another one so I could sterilize more bottles at one time. The baskets just sit sideways in the top rack of your dishwasher so they are pretty user friendly. Overall, it is cheap and works for not letting all those small parts fly around the dishwasher.Update:Since my earlier review I have switched my bottle to Dr. Browns. I can fit even less into these holders than with the Avent! Once again only five nipples will fit in the top compartment unless I want them overlapping. In the bottom compartment I can put the 5 max of the blue tubes in the larger side and 5 max of the nude colored ring that seals the bottle on the smaller side. I have to put the ring that holds the nipple in the dish washer rack because there is no way I could fit anything else in this holder. I am leaving my rating at 4 stars because it still cleans the majority of the bottle components, I would just like the description to be a little more accurate. I think it says it will hold 14 nipples? Um, is that all they are cleaning in the whole basket because there is NO WAY that is happening! If you are using Dr Brown’s you may want to look at using their holder instead. Since I already had these previously I am making it work 🙂

Carolyn Cambridge, ID

great for little stuff

This basket is great for nipples and pacifiers but also for the rings and discs of bottle lids/ breast milk storage lids. It is too small to put most bottles in it but is great for all the accessories. We use both Medela standard size nipples and Avent nipples. They both fit in the top but you can’t place the Avent nipples too close together because of how wide they are. Better for standard sized nipples and great for pacifiers. When we eventually graduate to cups with straws it will be nice to have the straw holders on the side. I recommend the Munchkin drying rack as well- it folds up easily to get out of the way and has straw holders on it also.

Roberta Grahamsville, NY

Easy way to clean bottles

Inexpensive way to help you clean your bottles and nipples in the dishwasher. Good size basket, fits stuff for at least 5 of my born bottles.

Lucile Bryn Mawr, PA

Dishwasher Basket

I like this product. It hasn’t been as useful so far as I thought it would be. I was a little disappointed that I got a pink one, but it wasn’t worth sending it back. You don’t get to specify which color you get when you order. I probably should have just purchased it locally at Target or somewhere similar.

Chrystal Walnut Shade, MO

Fits small nipples

The basket is great if all the bottle nipples are small. All of our bottles are fat so I can only use every other opening for them to fit well.

Mabel Frederica, DE

Time saver!

Over a year in to washing our son’s bottles by hand, we finally smartened up and got this to make our lives easier. We use the Playtex VentAire bottles so there 2 caps, a nipple, and a lower rubber "gasket" per bottle. This basket will hold all the pieces of at least two days worth of bottles. If you arrange the pieces properly, everything gets washed thoroughly (we also use ‘sanitary’ mode on our dishwasher).My only complaint is that I wish the lid latch would be more secure. It opens a bit too easily.

Charlene Needham, IN

Works just as it’s supposed to!

This is a good product, it keeps everything together in the dishwasher, I would recommend this – however, sometimes I’m lazy, and just put the baby spoons in with all the other silverware…

Cecile Rex, NC

Good but………..

We use this every day when we run the dishwasher but I wish it was bigger. Also noticed that if you fill the bottom of the basket completely like is shown in the picture that the nipples don’t get washed properly. Great idea but would be better if you could actually use the whole thing when filled…..

Harriett Christiansburg, VA


I use Dr. Brown’s vented bottles for my baby and this dishwasher basket is such a timesaver! The Dr. Brown’s bottles have extra parts and handwashing a lot of them was getting too time consuming. Now I throw all the pieces in the basket and the nipples through the top portion and that’s it! Very easy to use!

Vicky Red Wing, MN

As it seems a little small.

Small, I thought I’d buy, but I think small than ..Cute size I’m able to say. Size big … if you want, it’s blood you’re looking for

Olive Clay Center, KS

Four Stars

does the job but got pink instead of green….

Jeannine Edmondson, AR

It’s okay

I really like the idea of this, however the top rack where you put bottle nipples is not super versatile. Unless you are using Medela or Gerber bottles, the nipples don’t fit all that well.

Gabrielle Galloway, OH