Munchkin Deluxe Drying Rack

Munchkin Deluxe Drying Rack

It holds bottles, nipples, cups, valves, straws and a bottle brush. The built in reservoir keeps countertops dry so they won’t breed germs. The patented design folds flat so you can store it away in a snap. It can hold many items upright for a quick dry. This rounded tip prevents scratching.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Ideal for bottles, nipples, cups and accessories
  • Holds straws and even a bottle and nipple brush upright
  • No assembly required
  • Patented design pegs fold for easy storage
  • Top rack dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


Not great – get the Prince Lionheart instead!

We actually got The First Years rack as well as the Munchkin drying racks, and neither was very useful.This Munchkin Drying Rack holds lots of “snap out” pieces that fit in the Medela bottle lids (to close off breast milk after you pump), but little else. The bottle holders are kind of nice 4-8″ tall stalks you can put the bottle on, but the stalks aren’t much use for nipples. We don’t use the lids with the snap out pieces, so it was pretty useless for us. It might be more helpful for those who use Tri-Flow bottles, since they are also made by Munchkin.Another popular option, the First Years Rack, holds most bottles/accessories in the front, but didn’t hold them very well in some cases. Dr. Brown’s bottles didn’t fit well at all. The back area holds a scrubbing brush (which we liked – keeps it vertical and dry), but wasn’t very good at holding nipples or bottle lids (from Playtex Naturalatch Bottles, in this case). My wife took one look, tried to place a part or two and sent me back with it.The best rack we have found is from Prince Lionheart:;=baby&n;=507846It holds 8 bottles as well as other accessories on those same “projections”… it has places to dry the miscellaneous little parts of a breast pump and can fit the breast pump shields with no problem. A side by side comparison of the three racks makes it no comparison!

Leticia Vancleve, KY

Perfect pop up rack

This rack holds a good amount of bottles and nipples though I wish there were more room for nipples or a more specific spot for them. We have a two month old that we’ve had since he was 2 days old (foster son) and it’s done perfectly well for us. Easy to clean. Good design. Great… especially for the price.

Ruthie Kane, PA

Useful and Inexpensive.

We have a month-old baby boy. He feeds about every three hours. This requires a certain amount of bottles, nipples, etc, etc. Then there’s the stuff associated with my wife’s Modelo Pump. Of course, all of these things have to be washed, dried and sterilized. We have quite a production line going and it tends to overwhelm the kitchen double-sink area, which is still being used for it’s normal duties.My wife picked up the Munchkin Bottle Cleaning/Drying Rack and it has proven to be quite useful. It takes up only a small amount of counter space. We use only lightweight plastic Avent and Modelo bottles, and they’ve presented no problems. Plus it holds all sorts of other stuff, just as shown in the illustration. It’s a very useful rack and is inexpensive. It has greatly improved our little production line.Gary Peterson

Carolina Forest Dale, VT

Not good for Evenflo Glass Bottles; Better alternative out there!

I registered for this drying rack as at the time it was one of the best reviewed drying racks on Amazon. It continues to be fairly well reviewed but its star rating has been dropping.My biggest problem with this rack is the bottle holders. They are not fixed — rather, they can fold down so you can put the drying rack in the dishwasher. While this is a nice feature, it makes the bottle holders quite flimsy and for all intents and purposes useless if you are using glass bottles. We own sets of both the 4oz and 8oz Evenflo glass bottles and we have to play a sort of balancing act game to get these bottles on the drying rack without the posts toppling over.The second biggest problem I have with this drying rack is that there is no removable tray, or even holes to let dripping water drain out. That means you will have stagnant water at the base of the drying rack. Doesn’t sound too ideal to me.So two stars off for the above problems. What this drying rack has going for it is 1) a small footprint on your countertop and 2) its cheap price.Another problem I have (and i didnt take any stars off for this b/c reading other reviews it seemed like it never happened to anyone else) … when i received the drying rack the plastic was nice white color. In about two days (for reasons quite unknown as this has never happened to me with any other pastic product) the drying rack turned a faint purple/pink color (uniformly all over). My wife didnt believe me until I put the drying rack next to a white sheet of paper towel to highlight how pink/purple it really turned. Not quite sure why this happened but I will definitely no longer be using this product.Another reviewer here recommended a Prince Lionheart Drying Station and on that recommendation I ordered one.Prince Lionheart Deluxe Drying Station[…]I could not be happier with this new drying rack. Works perfectly (stable) with my glass bottles and holds way more items efficiently than this Munchkin drying rack. I wish I saw this Prince Lionheart drying rack when I was preparing my registry.

Francine Aquashicola, PA

I like

Nicely done of think to clean a baby bottle.I bought it’d be a good idea to clean after disinfection think I bought

Willa Clifford, VA

Works, although a little loose.

We use this all the time. Have had it for a few months, probably dried nearly 100 bottles. It’s easy to toss in the dish-washer, or sanitize. Only complaint is that the vertical locks are weak (poor QA, and/or poor design: thin locking material), and they sometimes drop down (risking falling glass bottles). It’s usually in a space where it is not at risk of being touched, so it’s usually ok.

Ingrid Daisytown, PA

Munchkin Deluxe Drying Rack

Not once in 1.5 years have not regretted that she had bought it. Very good choice for me. Perfectly clean. Plenty of space for bottles and nipples and other parts of the bottles. Used as was necessary.

Dorthy Carrolls, WA

Useful drying rack

This is a useful drying rack. It holds all the pieces of my Dr. Brown bottles, including the straw part and the brown insert that goes inside it. I don’t like how it doesn’t have drainage holes, but I can do without, I just have to clean it more frequently than if it did have drainage holes.

Audrey Hokah, MN

Works just as advertised

Better than putting it with your normal drying rack. Very organized. And keeps the space for your dishes for dishes.

Adrienne Blanch, NC

Works as intended.

This is very compact compared to other drying racks in the baby section. I am pleased with it, there isn’t much else to say.

Marta Langley, KY

good and practical

PROS:-folds easily for travelling-takes up little space (an essential if you have limited counter space)-sturdy (I place glass bottles on them and haven’t had a problem)-hold many many bottles and pieces-bottle brush fits in perfectlyCONS:-would be nice to have a drainage hole so water doesn’t become stagnant

Lora Topanga, CA

bottle drying rack

i love many munchkin products, this one is pretty decent. i like that it is able to hold a handful of bottles, pacifies, or my manual pump pieces and allow them to dry quickly. the front part has the water pool up there a bit as it drips off the bottles etc and i don’t really like that because it is hard to clean that area. i probably don’t wash it as often as i could, because i only put freshly washed or sterilized items on it, so maybe with more regular washing it wouldn’t get the water/residue build-up that i don’t like. the best thing is that it folds and flattens really nice for storage when not in use and it is pretty well made. i have used it for both of my kids when they are/were bottle feeding age.

Nan Shumway, IL

Necessity if hand washing bottles & pacifiers

If you prefer to hand wash your bottles, pacifiers and other baby/toddler feeding items this is an absolute must. You have the convenience of folding it up and putting it in a cabinet when you aren’t using it. Very easy to setup, just lift the pronged rows when you need it. Very easy to clean, just throw it in the dishwasher. Doesn’t take up a lot of space. Great product.

Clara Lake Ozark, MO

Great Product

This sits on our microwave below our kitchen cabinet. Perfect for conserving space and holds what we need it to. If there’s much water collected then we can dump it out, otherwise it doesn’t leak all over so it doesn’t need to be right next to the sink and in the way. Great product!

Hallie Eunice, MO

doesn’t work for heavier items or smaller pieces

First of all the plastic is very cheap and flimsy which is not reflected in the price. Second, if you have inserts (such as Dr. Browns or Born Free), there is nowhere on the rack to put the smaller pieces. They just fall to the bottom of the drying rack. Which, unless you scrub it frequently, tends to get scummy along the sides and at the bottom. As others have said, doesn’t work well for glass bottles – none have fallen yet for me, but doesn’t seem sturdy. I think that for the price Munchkin needs to stop up the design and the quality of the materials. This and the dishwasher baskets you can easily find used through other venues also.

Shauna Kingston, PA

Perfect rack for baby stuff

This rack is perfect for drying up baby bottles, nipples, caps,, pacifier etc. It is compact and easy to clean.

Maxine Dougherty, IA

handy rack

A handy rack for bottle/breast feeders. I mostly used it for drying my breast-pump parts. Plenty of spots and easy to clean.

Christy Totowa, NJ

Munchkin drying rack

This rack is one of the best baby items I’ve purchased. When not in use, it folds down and takes up very little cabinet space. When in use, it unfolds and easily holds 5-6 bottles & paraphernalia! It’s a must have for grandmas or others who keep those darlings on a regular basis!

Betsy Broadwater, NE

Holds the most bottles, great for glass too

We used Dr. Brown’s glass bottles when our baby was super young, then switched to Avent once he was older. There was just no other drying rack that can hold as many bottles and bottle pieces as this one. Some of the others look super fancy, but you can only fit 4-5 bottles. Impractical, as I tend to wait to wash the bottles until there are 7-8 and then wash them up in one go.Previous reviewer said she had trouble using glass bottles on these…my racks (I have two side-by-side) have never collapsed or had any problems with heavy glass bottles. I’ve had both racks full of the large glass bottles and no problems! We use them for sippy cups, pacifiers, and toys that we handwash. Easy to wash the rack itself (which has to be done periodically). I always recommend this one to pregnant friends. Even though there are some more “fancy” drying racks out there, they have to be practical!I also love that this rack folds flat for storage. In-between our second and third babies, I folded the drying racks and put them at the top of our cupboard. It took hardly any room. They’re also so portable that we fold them up and put them in the suitcase for vacations — so convenient! We just had baby #3 and we still love the Munchkin racks. Our little one is using Dr. Brown’s right now and we love that all the many, many Dr. Brown’s pieces fit

Alexis Frankfort, IL

Does its job

This is a no-frills product that does its job well. I use this on a daily basis and have no issues with it. It is a no-frills product that simply works.

Lorene Woodville, MA

really help full

for its price it is great and I am using it everyday . it is easy to clean . I use it for bottles and my breast pump accessories

Katherine South Fork, PA

Great drying rack

This drying rack is small, yet holds all of the bottles and breastpump parts that I need it to. I love that it doesn’t take up much counter space, and can handle the weight of many plastic bottles and parts.The only drawback is how water collects on the bottom, so I keep a folded up paper towel in the little section where the water pools, and change it every day. This takes care of the water problem completely.

Bonnie Mulberry, IN

Ok, not the best

The only reason why this rack does not receive four stars is the bottom tray. When you wash bottles the water collects towards the front and has to always be wiped out. We keep a rolled paper towel in here to collect the water and change that every 24 hours. I am not putting the parts in soaked but when the water does drain it collects there.I have two side by side that holds six Dr. Brown’s bottles and all of their pieces, they wouldn’t fit on one.

Kerri Hardesty, OK

Very useful.

Great product. Does exactly what it is supposed to do. I really liked it. You just have to clean every other day because water collects at the bottom. I highly recommend it!

Estelle Ridgewood, NJ

Just What I Needed.

This is a good size for grandma’s house. All of the poles fold down for easy storage. I would like to see a drain hole at the bottom but not a lot of water gathers there so its ok.

Cindy Beaver Dams, NY

Would be nice for more space between the posts, but this drying rack works well

Already had one, but ordered another for use with the twins. Of all the racks, we felt this one was the most useful with the 16 posts of varying length. Could use a little more space between posts, but works well.We have no clue what to put in the front slots, but it’s not a bad place to put the lids, etc.

Cathleen Shelbyville, IN

used this for my son 4 years ago and purchased a new one for our daughter

great value, for something that you will use daily!we bought this exact model 4 years ago and only replaced it because as a mom of a newborn I wanted something fresh and clean.washes great, folds completely flat for storageand a great price for the related products that do the same thing at a much higher price tag

Shelly Woodson, IL

Definitely pass on this

I’ve tried four different drying racks, and this was definitely the worst one. The bottle spikes are so close together you can’t even put two bottles next to each other. We use Dr Browns standard bottles, which are very skinny and still had a problem fitting two next to each other. Also all the water just collects at the bottom and crusts over. I threw mine away after a couple weeks.

Bridget Hutto, TX

Inexpensive, useful rack

I use glass bottles, and can put 6 easily on this rack. When I put 4 on a row, it will bend, but not fall over. Have not had problems with anything breaking or falling off. Like that it is small and easily stored. The drainage situation is not ideal, but for the price, this is a good drying rack.

Kari Blue Ball, PA

Nice drying rack

This drying rack does its job perfectly. It folds for easy storage and is lightweight. It has just enough slots for every piece of the bottle and I havent found anything wrong with it.

Adele Alco, AR