Munchkin Deluxe Potty Seat, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Deluxe Potty Seat, Colors May Vary

This is sure to be the most popular seat in the house. Features: It’s contoured, it’s comfy, and oh so nice for little bottoms. The handles are adjustable for different size kids and offer security when seated. The one-piece cushion with a deflector shield is very easy to clean Has feet for stand up storage. Fits most standard toilet seats Ideal for 12+ months Item # 10046

Main features

  • Adjustable handles ¿ great for multiple-child families
  • Contoured, comfy seat cushion with built-in deflector shield
  • Easy-grip handles for seated stability
  • 12+ months
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: Blue, Pink, Purple or Green

Verified reviews


Not for boys – unless you LOVE to clean pee!

I thought this seemed pretty solid – purchased in a Walmart because I hated, hated, hated the Summer Infant three stage potty/seat/stool (totally useless if you have a boy – the pee guard falls off, won’t stay and pee will spray everywhere). Anyhow, I was sick (really bad flu) and couldn’t bear to clean more pee every time we had a potty break (just about every hour), so I dragged myself and the kid to the nearest store (Walmart) to buy another seat. Slim pickings. Ended up with this seat, but in some sports theme. The package advertised this extra long lip that would prevent pee from getting all over – precisely what I wanted. The seat seemed really soft and cushioned, and it appeared rather high – solid. I even thought the molded area that raised would make a decent pee guard. Obviously, I was wrong.From the first pee, to the last pee (today when I was fed up and threw it away) – not a single pee happened where urine didn’t get trapped between the seat and the guard, essentially soaking the toilet and leaving me a lake to clean every time I lifted off this awfully designed piece of junk. Probably if the seat hugged the toilet, urine wouldn’t get all over – but it doesn’t. I had my kid holding himself down and leaning forward – and still – pee everywhere. It would even spray between the adult lid and the bowl – coming out to soak the backs of my son’s legs, my carpet, and my feet if I was standing too close. Somehow every time I lifted my son off this thing, his butt was wet too.I usually read every review I can before making a purchase, but I was too sick and just grabbed this thing off a shelf spur of the moment. I seriously regret it, not just the $17 down the bowl, but all the time I spent hunched over cleaning pee. Sigh. If you have a boy, spare yourself and move along to the next product.About the only “good” feature of this seat is the handles – which are wide enough to slide onto the metal toilet paper holder that I bought to go under the toilet lid – in essence creating a “hook” for the seat to hang when not in use. But the other seats I have work with this too.

Suzanne Sumner, MS

3-year-old loves it! Comfy and secure. Helps potty training for girls!

This seat is great for girls! My daughter is about 42″ tall and 42 lbs, and this seat fits her perfectly.We just bought this toddler toilet seat in pink and white at Target. It was the comfiest looking one there. My daughter absolutely loves it, and has been using it non-stop since we got it. She was already about 75% potty trained using a stand-alone toddler pottySafety 1St Comfy Cushy 3-in-1 Potty, but I was getting a bit tired of cleaning it out all the time, so I decided to buy this.The only downside is it did not fit on our standard size toilet seat (about 1/2″ too big), so I had to go back to Target and buy a slightly larger adult toilet seat with brushed nickel hardware. (Yes, I could have just bought a smaller toddler seat, but they all looked cheap and uncomfortable.) I am proud to say I took off the old seat and installed the new adult seat all by myslef. The new seat looks the same but the opening is a tiny bit bigger so that the toddler seat fits inside it perfectly. I don’t see how it could move around or slide off. My daughter uses a step stool to get up onto the adult toilet (she’s tall for her age, so this goes smoothly- no adult help needed). She loves her new seat so much that she wipes it down with baby wipes and puts it away in the under-the-sink cupboard after each time she uses it- how great is that!No issues with any pee on the floor so far. We always clean it after each use, even if I don’t see pee on it. I am not sure if it collects pee when boys use it, but for a girl, there have been no issues with it getting soaked in pee or hard to clean off.I am considering getting one for my parents house, too. The only downside is that I wish they had sized the plastic supports to fit all standard toilet seats (or made them adjustable). I had to take the Munchkin seat with me to Target and rip open toilet seats in the store to find one it did fit (sorry, Target!)– the first one I opened it also did not fit. Just a tiny adjustment would have meant it would fit all standard seats, without compromising the security of the overall fit.Also, I wish the color of the seat was pink and/or had a pattern. Being pure white, you know it’s going to get stained and show marks easily. We already have a blue pen mark on it, no idea how, and even bleach wouldn’t remove it.Still, for toddler comfort and feeling secure and not worrying about “falling in,” you can’t beat this seat! 🙂

Joanne Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

It’s a mini toilet seat

How much of a rating can one give to a toilet seat? I think it’d be more convenient something that attaches to the actual toilet so there’s no need to put up and then clean and put away after it’s been used by my daughter. I give it 3 stars because it didn’t wow me and it’s just a mini version of a toilet seat. On the plus side I must say the handles are good for my kid and the seat seems to be comfy. My girl loves it and likes to use it.

Rosario Rising Star, TX

Pretty good, but leaks

I must admit, this is the first potty seat that my son can sit on where the pee doesn’t fly over the top the seat. I was really happy with the seat up until I picked it up…The seat, unfortunately, catches all the pee on the underside, causing the toilet seat to be pee covered, the potty seat underside to be pee covered, and the seat to leak out pee once you pick the thing up. While I’m happy that the seat works – I hate it because I still need to clean things up when my kid gets off the seat.In comparison to the other seats I’ve purchased, this seat is the best because less pee gets on the floor – I might just have to try putting silicon around the base to keep it from filling with pee though…UPDATE: I sealed all the edges of the seat with some silicon caulking (got it from Lowes for $3) and now the pee goes where it’s supposed to go – into the toilet! Just because of that, I would actually raise it a star for use, but it’s a DIY star. If you’re willing to go that extra mile, this seat works great.

Rosetta Norton, WV

Okay – IF it fits your toilet seat

I would rate this seat at 5 stars IF it would have fit all the seats in my house. Luckily, the most important seat we needed this for it fits perfectly. We have twin girls and needed two. Both are made the same, however out of three toilets we’ve put these on, only ONE works with this seat. 🙁 The holes on the toilet seat are too small for the rim for the seat to sit on. Not sure why this seat isn’t universal!

Kerry Boiling Springs, PA

Perfect seat for a girl with sensory issues

I’ve been through so many potty seats, and this is the hands-down winner for my daughter’s comfort and my ease of use. Sounds like there are some issues for boys about which I cannot comment, but I’ve had zero trouble with it for my daughter.I’ve tried other insert-types like this oneThe First Years Soft Trainer Seat, convertible models like this oneSummer Infant Step-By-Step Potty Trainer and Step Stool, Blue/ Green, and Dr. Merry’s Potty Pal actual toilet seat (that you replace your existing toilet seat with) which has an adult seat, a child seat, and lid, and which they no longer sell on Amazon. Others too. This one is the best.Pro’s:–built like a uber-padded geriatric toilet seat – THICK and cushy, without being “squishy,” or too soft/collapsing. Vinyl-type (don’t know actual material) covering.–Top surface is rounded, not flat: this seems to make a big difference for an SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) child, as it provides more support and no “pinch points.”–Feature I’d no idea I needed, but LOVE about this seat: the colored plastic “collar,” which extends down into the rim of the adult toilet seat serves not only to kept the seat in place, BUT ALSO keeps the urine from shooting out the front, between the adult seat and the rim of the toilet bowl itself. In particular, this problem exists with theSummer Infant Step-By-Step Potty Trainer and Step Stool, Blue/ Green, though this one you insert into the toilet bowl itself, not the adult seat. The urine stream of some girls shoots forward – like a boy’s, I imagine – not down. So imagine my surprise when I’m sitting in front of my daughter, who is using the Summer Infant seat on the adult toilet, and I get hit by a horizontal, shooting spray of urine, coming between the bowl and the seat: not pleasant. No such problems here – LOVE it.–The handles extend and retract. They are not the sturdiest feeling when held in the air, but when braced against the adult toilet seat, my daughter applies extensive downward pressure, and wiggles herself up there without a stool (her preference). Ergo, when in used as intended? Very sturdy.–Handle(s) serve as a hook for hanging.–When handles are retracted, it saves space.–Easy to clean: I just pick it up, hold it over the toilet, wipe off the urine underneath against the “collar,” and hang it up to store it. Cleans easily with spray cleaner and paper towels. No icky grooves for gunk to catch in.Cons:–None from my perspective. For the record, we have a white, painted wooden toilet seat, not a plastic one as is so common these days. Standard round from Home Depot. This insert fits it perfectly without a wiggle.Thank goodness for this product!

Marlene Parker, CO