Munchkin Diaper Change Organizer

Munchkin Diaper Change Organizer

10047-10112 Features: -Diaper change organizer. -8 handy storage areas for every cream, lotion, powder and accessory you need, plus, a convenient diaper dispenser that keeps diapers from falling out. -Attaches to dresser, crib, changing table, wall or door. -Hook and loop fasteners have adhesive secure attachment. Product Type: -Diaper Storage. Lifestage: -Baby. Dimensions: Overall Height – Top to Bottom: -3.5 Inches. Overall Width – Side to Side: -10.75 Inches. Overall Depth – Front to Back: -11.75 Inches. Overall Product Weight: -1.78 Pounds.

Main features

  • Diaper changing organizer that attaches to dressers, changing tables or doors
  • 9 storage compartments with sturdy pockets provide easy access to supplies
  • Holds more than 50 diapers at once
  • Sturdy, reinforced construction
  • Gender neutral design blends in with home décor

Verified reviews


An unstable safety hazard! Zero stars!

I purchased this diaper organizer to hang on my Delta Luv changing table, because there was no storage space on top. I had high hopes for it–Munchkin products are usually high in quality. However, the cloth on this organizer sags. When I tried to fill it with my wipes box, baby powder, and lotion–as shown in the picture–the pockets tipped forward and everything fell out. I wouldn’t want a toddler getting near this organizer! A much safer option is the plastic “Diaper Depot” by Prince Lionheart.

Mamie Kinderhook, NY

Best soft organizer available!

If you want a soft-hanging organizer, this is the best you’ll get. It does tip forward a bit, as any hanging fabric organizer will, but it has compensated for that with pocketed shelves (as opposed to open shelves like on theDex Products Ultimate Baby Organizerwhere everything slides right off). I use this Munchkin organizer with thePrince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmerand it fits great right on top in a very convenient place. It fits everything I need in the organizer, whereas with theDex OrganizerI had to use an extra TV table tray to handle the overflow. The pocketed diaper middle section is great! It actually holds the diapers in! It’s tricky to “restock” it, but the fact that the diapers do not tip out more than makes up for it! If you want something sturdier, you’ll have to go with hard plastic, because you won’t find a better fabric organizer.

Janell Bryan, TX

Works well for me

There seem to be a lot of complaints about this organizer. But it works fine for me. It is true that the pockets can sag a little, but it probably all depends on what you put in them and how much you care. The items I have in my organizer are diapers, a tissue box, a small container of cotton swabs, package of wipes, a tube of baby gel and a bottle of baby lotion. It works well for me attached to the changing table. My changing table does consist of slats, so it was easy to install using the velcro tabs. The only part that I did not like was trying to install the organizer to be straight across – it is hard to align both velcro tabs exactly the same height. All in all, I am happy with the product. Mine is a blue color on the trim, not green (I got mine at Target).

Yvonne Matawan, NJ

1st time mom

i haven’t really used this as yet because i haven’t gotten her crib as yet and im using her play yards organizer but i buy her pampers in bulk so i use all the sections to store her pampers and so far i love it it sages a bit but thats ok i dont mind nothing falls out so its great.

Charlene Murtaugh, ID

Items are too heavy

I had to add an extra support because where the wipes and diapers are sort of falls down because it’s too heavy to have it full of diapers and wipes.

Ellen Sligo, PA

Good for the price

You really need to have bars to hang this on or be willing to nail it in. Once you load it up it doesn’t hold well. It is a great organizer though. Holds just what you need

Janis Carter, KY

Lovin it!

Helps keep the changing area much better organized. Can’t imagine not having one of these! However, we did have to secure it with Zip ties, rather than the Velcro ties that it comes with!

Teri Cotter, AR

Helpful for storage

We really like this item because it keeps a bit of everything you need for baby within arms reach. Sturdy and easy to use.

Vicki East Alton, IL

Missing part. No answer from the manufacturer.

Mine came with a missing part. I sent an email and got no answer. This was to months ago. I am desapoinyed with munchkin.

Staci Iron River, MI

Bigger than anticipated

Ended up returning this product without using it because it ended up being ‘deeper’ than I thought it would be. Thought it would hold diapers a different way but the way it’s designed didn’t allow me to put it where I intended. I’m sure it’s a great product … but I would recommend looking at the dimensions before ordering.

Michell Walkerville, MI

Great for the nursery

Its has so much space great product, holds a great amount of items lots of pocket room for organizing made diaper changing pretty easy having everything close bye would defiantly recommend to other moms.

Bobbie Raymond, NH

Love it!

Easy to use and stores are your changing table essentials! Can only about 50 diapers in the side which is so great!

Rachel Port Mansfield, TX

Helpful item

Great item if not using a traditional diaper changing station. We were using the playpen changer for the most part since our son’s nursery was upstairs. One negative: need to make sure you have somewhere to clip the organizer.

Heather Madison, MS

This product is cheap

The item came dirty which is weird considering that I purchased it brand new. And it is very very flimsy. I can’t stand ending u with cheap stuff.

Lila Fowler, IL


It was just as described…. I liked a lot, it’s very usefull and the compartiments have plenty of space to organize things!

Lara Hiawatha, KS


This thing annoys me so much. I came on Amazon to find a different brand. The velcro is incredibly weak. I can not fill the thing up with diapers b/c it can’t handle the weight. It is very sloppy looking. It’s made of fabric and sags all over. This thing looks nothing like the picture. I do not recommend.

Rebecca Otis, LA

doesn’t stay up and items fall from shelves and diaper section

I read reviews stating this but thought i’d give it a try anyway.I was hugely disappointing to walk into the room and constantly find things on the floor that had fallen out from their "section" it needs more support to keep the shelves level

Julie Crookston, NE

Velcro doesn’t support very much weight

I found this product nearly unusable. I’m not sure how they took this picture, mine won’t stay up with just a pack of diapers in it. I’m currently using it to hold spare swaddling blankets until I have a chance to sew something to fasten it to the crib more securely.

Jennie Campbellton, FL

Handy for extra storage

We keep this downstairs with our pack and play to store extra onesies, diapers & burp cloths in the living room. It serves the purpose, but it’s a little flimsy. All the shelves tilt downwards instead of laying flat like in the photos.

Jasmin Mizpah, MN

Great idea, poor execution

Love the idea but it just doesn’t work quite as well as the pictures say. The thing sags so much in the shelf/pockets that stuff falls off…even with the plastic supports inserted. The velcro fasteners don’t have enough grip to stay attached, so nails are really the only option and I didn’t want to nail this stupid thing into the side of my convertible changing table.

Maryellen Muscotah, KS


This is a good organizer. The downside to me is that it doesn’t hold its own shape. I’d like it better if the lining was more rigid so that it would retain its shape whether it was full of diapers or not. The velcro fasteners on mine also don’t hold well when its full, so that is a little frustrating. I think I may try to hang it using the loops instead, secured to the changing table, and see if I like it better.

Kelley Cleverdale, NY

Not sturdy.

It serves it purpose, but it sags. It looks great on picture, but its not like that when you hang it. The Velcro wears off. My husband adapted a hanger so it holds the middle, but not the sides. Wipes fall every other time I use it. Material good but wish it was stiffer.

Melva Decker, MT

Mom of 4 loves this!

Love this product! We are a foster family and have babies in and out. Very versatile for different babies needs. Defiantly worth getting.

Diann Tillson, NY

Huge waste of money

This thing is such a joke. You put just a few things on it and it can’t hold it’s own weight, it easily collapses and loses its form. Save your money.

Sydney Walsh, IL

Great organizer!

This diaper organizer has a ton of space for diapers and other changing essentials. It conveniently attaches to the crib or door. I love the color and elegant look!

Lara Chesterhill, OH

not what I thought it would be

I put this on my registry, but after setting it up on our changing table, I realized it was not what I wanted. It’s much larger than I thought from the picture. It took up a lot of space, and I didn’t have enough misc. items to fill it up. Everything was sagging. I tried to put wipes at the top, but they just slid to the front. We folded it up after a month and haven’t tried to use it since.

Margot Walthall, MS

Could Use some adjustments

The picture is very cute how everything is organized. However, the Velcro straps that are supposed to be used to hang it on the side of the crib can barely hold the weight of it empty and I feel that if I even touch it it comes falling down. I’m going to keep it but I am either going to have to get crafty with it and add some better attaching straps or hang it on the wall.

Esther Nipomo, CA

Very sensible organizer for baby

I got this for my daughter for our new grandson’s change table. But she had decided to hang it on the wall which makes more sense.

Antonia Boling, TX

Very practical and usefull product.. You really think in babies and mom !!

When you are changhing a baby you need a lot of things. With this helpfull products, you do not take the risk of leave your chid unattended to reach somethig .I would preffer a more colored material, so it would not be so delicatte.For moms , time is very important . If they have to wash frecuenttly this garments, it is not very convenient, and it would not last very much .Please use some other colors. I would preffer better not solid color. Something with animals or baby atractive stuff, that will like to watch for the baby while you change him or her.

Melba Ripley, OK

Adhesive not very strong

I like this and use it every day but I found it difficult to set up. I tried to use the adhesive instead of the velcro loops and the adhesive couldn’t hold up the weight of the diapers and other things I had in the organizer. I eventually had to abandon the adhesive and hang the diaper organizer by the velcro straps. However, the adhesive straps took off some paint when I removed them. I think this is ok, but I wouldn’t choose it again.

Michael Earlton, NY