Munchkin Diaper Change Travel Kit

Munchkin Diaper Change Travel Kit

A stylish, compact diaper changing kit for home or on the go. Kit includes everything you need to comfortably and hygienically change your baby a changing pad with comfy headrest, expandable mesh pocket that holds 4 large diapers, a wipes case that holds standard wipes, and a zippered outer pocket for moms personal items. A strap with a snap allows you to easily attach to strollers, carriers, purses, and more.

Main features

  • Polypropylene, Polyester
  • Imported
  • Compact diaper changing kit for home or on-the-go
  • Expandable mesh pocket holds up to 4 large diapers
  • Padded changing mat can be detached for separate use
  • Handy outside pocket holds your keys, baby items and other essentials
  • Wipes case included

Verified reviews


Nice & Handy!

Compact with head cushion. Easy to clean. I got black one with blue color inside though I wish I got a pink one.

Effie Munson, PA

great item

Great item for the paranoid mom who does not want baby to touch any dirty space. My only suggestion is to check the store first. After I bought this item, I saw it at walmart for a dollar cheaper. I could have got this for less and wouldn’t have to wait for it to be shipped to my house.

Bridgette Elwood, IN

Very convenient

I use this every day. It is much easier than carrying around a diaper bag now that my baby is a little bit older (10 months) and I don’t need to carry as much stuff around all the time. I carry my debit cards, lip stick, gum, etc., in the outside zippered pocket. Inside I have just what I need for baby, diapers and wipes. I don’t always bring the changing pad so it is nice that it is removable.Only things I wish were different: The changing pad really has no cushion. The wipes container doesn’t hold a ton of wipes, if you have a BIG diaper change you really don’t have much extra after you clean up (although, I do tend to use a lot of wipes so this may not apply to everyone).I originally purchased this for a cross country trip to use on the airplane, it worked great!! I didn’t want to have to carry my whole diaper bag to the tiny airplane bathroom.

Avis Orchard Park, NY

Munchkin Travel Diaper Kit vs. First Years Deluxe Fold & Go Diapering Kit

I was looking for a replacement changing pad and came across the First Years Deluxe Fold & Go Diapering Kit and the Munchkin Travel Diaper Kit. They cost about the same as a changing pad, but boasted the additional feature of being a diaper kit (meaning they contain the pad, diapers, and wipes). Both had similar features, though the Munchkin Kit cost twice as much as the Deluxe Fold & Go Kit. I couldn’t find a store that carried both, so I picked up one of each. Here are my comparisons on certain features.Folded Size: Winner – tieThe Deluxe Fold & Go, when folded, is the same width, but about 2″ shorter in length than the Munchkin Kit. However, because of this, it is also bulkier when folded. Both of them would be cumbersome to carry by hand or have dangling from your stroller.Changing pad: Winner – Deluxe Fold & GoThe measured size of the changing pads for both kits is the same. The Munchkin Kit’s pad is removable (it is attached by velcro), which is a really nice feature. It allows you to use the pad w/o having the diapers/wipes right by the baby’s head for easier access. However, the Fold & Go Kit’s pad is lightly padded throughout, while the Munchkin Kit only has padding for the baby’s head; no padding anywhere else. Also, the more oval shape of the Fold & Go Kit’s pad covers more area than the rectangular wings of the Munchkin Kit.Mesh pockets: Winner – Munchkin Travel Kit (by alot)Mesh pockets are really important because that is what makes these items “diapering kits” vs. just a changing pad. Both kits feature two mesh pockets, one to hold the included wipes case, and the other to hold diapers. Because it is actually larger, the Munchkin Kit’s mesh pockets are also larger. The allows for more room to hold a small tube of cream or Vaseline. The wipes cases fit fine in both kits in their dedicated mesh pocket, but 4 newborn diapers are squished in 2nd pocket of the Fold & Go Kit, while the 2nd pocket of the Munchkin Kit not only holds the 4 newborn diapers, it is gusseted to put more bulkier/larger diapers inside. The Munchkin Kit’s mesh pockets are attached to the same rip stop material as the rest of the kit, while the Fold & Go Kit’s mesh pockets are mesh on both sides. This makes the Fold & Go Kit’s pockets less structural, which is really not an issue with something stiff like a wipes case, but is a pain with soft squishy things like diapers. The wipes mesh pocket opens along the inside of the Munchkin Kit, and there is Velcro securing the contents of the other mesh pocket. Contents are very secure in the Munchkin Kit. The Fold & Go Kit’s mesh pockets both open sideways. This isn’t a problem while the kit is closed, but when opening the kit, the wipes case very easily (and does) fall out of its mesh pocket. Lastly, the openings of the Munchkin Kit’s mesh pockets are elastic on one side, which makes reaching into them very easy. The Fold & Go Kit’s openings are not elastic – which is ok since they aren’t stiff at all, but is a really nice touch on the Munchkin Kit.Velcro closure: Winner – Deluxe Fold & Go KitThe Deluxe Fold & Go Kit wins this round because it has more Velcro. This allows you to stuff more into it, and keeps the overall kit closed better. But as a result, it isn’t as attractive as the Munchkin Kit. The Deluxe Fold & Go Kit looks like a pencil case gone bad, while the Munchkin Kit looks like a nice day planner.Exterior zippered pocket: Winner – Munchkin Travel KitThe zippered pocket on the Munchkin Kit is considerably larger and its contents are easier to access. One downer about it, though is that the interior is not moisture resistant; you can see the lining. I wouldn’t put leaky pens in this pocket.Stroller strap/carrying strap: Winner – Munchkin Travel KitThe Munchkin Kit’s stroller strap is longer and has more Velcro so the length can be varied. The Deluxe Fold & Go Kit’s stroller strap has only a small patch of Velcro, so its length is fixed. The Munchkin Kit features a carrying strap along its top, which is a very nice feature because it makes the kit easier to pick up and carry. The Deluxe Fold & Go Kit doesn’t have a carrying strap at all.Overall fit and finish: Winner – Munchkin Travel KitThe Munchkin Kit is an overall nicer kit – nicer to hold, construction seems more sturdy with rip stop fabric and double stitching throughout. The kit also has decorative accents sewn in. The Fold & Go Kit feels like alot of vinyl, very plasticky. Ok for inside a diaper bag, which is our intended use, but not very pretty to carry in public by itself. The trim on the Munchkin Kit seems solid, like what a good backpack is constructed with, while the Fold & Go Kit features more vinyl, probably better vinyl than the body, but not nearly the quality that the Munchkin Kit features.Price: Winner – Deluxe Fold & GoUnless you beat this product up or use it as your primary diapering travel system, I don’t see how the Munchkin Kit is worth twice as much as the Deluxe Fold & Go Kit. The mesh pockets are better on the Munchkin Kit, but twice as good? I don’t think so. And if you’re using this inside a diaper bag like I am, a lot of the features that make the Munchkin Kit more desirable aren’t even necessary.Overall, we are keeping both of these bags, though we have no intention of using them as a diaper kit on their own. They will be used as changing pads with a little extra.They have no room for other things like pacifiers, change of clothes, or a cell phone. Sure, you can carry these items in other ways, but then it shows that these kits really can’t replace a typical diaper bag. These aren’t hands free, either, so I recommend only using these if you have a stroller to put these in, or they will be a pain to carry around. If you need something this small, you might want to look into a smaller diaper bag instead.UPDATE 8/22/11: The Munchkin case keeps its shape even when the wipes case is removed, while the Fold N Go turns into a big burrito. When we hike, we will use the Munchkin case because its slim form factor fits better in our hiking carrier, the Deuter Kid Comfort III. Great carrier, by the way….

Kitty Mineville, NY

love it!

I would be lost without this changing wallet! Large enough to hold 2 diapers, wipes, baby powder, and scented bags. It’s great on planes, in public restrooms, on the floor, on a tailgate…anywhere and everywhere. I do wish that the strap was more of a wrist strap instead of a velcro strap though. But small beans – it’s a great item!

Christine Woodstock, AL

Poor quality

We initially really liked the changing pad, but after about a week’s worth of regular use (5-8 times a day) the outside ripped where the velcro is sewn in. We also found that the plastic that the baby is changed on stains very easily. It’s a good size, but poor quality, someone didn’t think the design through

Sherrie Careywood, ID

Great change kit

This is an amazing changing pad. Sturdy, big, and I love the pockets, and it even has a zipper pocket the front. You can just take this to the bathroom instead of your whole bag.

Hannah Green, OH

Great for Travel!

This diaper changing kit is excellent for when you’re on the go. There are pockets to hold the necessities in. This gives you a nice clean surface no matter where you are. While in theory changing stations are supposed to be regularly wiped down, this lets you change your baby without worrying what they’re lying on. Plus it folds nicely for carrying.

Virginia Nicktown, PA


I always carry this around, even now (after 18 months)for my kid. Convenient and light. Even for my hubby if he wants to change her.

Mamie Fruitland, IA


Using it for baby #2 now. Has held up over time, stuff fits in it, can separate into two parts even. Great design.

Ivy Caret, VA