Munchkin Dora the Explorer Bath Squirters

Munchkin Dora the Explorer Bath Squirters

Munchkin Dora the Explorer Bath Squirters

Main features

  • Easy for little hands to hold and squeeze
  • Ideal for ages 9 months and above
  • Sucks up water and gives gentle squirt

Verified reviews



My daughter just loves these! The colors are bright. The Dora on the blue animal does not float upright, but my child doesn’t really care. They were great for the price.

Tania Half Moon Bay, CA

Super cute!

These are super cute – my niece loves them! She is always asking for cute bath toys. She even liked playing with them out of the bath because they blow air.

Morgan Sanibel, FL

2-1/2 year old loves them

My daughter loves playing w them in the bathroom. They are a bit small but she doesn’t mind. I’m not giving it 5 stars as they are squirrels but it is extremely hard to squirt all of the water out of them leading to mold. I anticipate that we’ll use them until moldy and then buy new.

Deena Portland, OR

Nice bath set

Very nice bath set for kids whi love dora. I kind of do not like how they float but kids like them anyway.

Debra Chehalis, WA

Too small to actually hold water

My 2 year old loves Dora. These are too small to really even hold water to squirt. Disappointing. She’s completely uninterested.

Harriet Commiskey, IN

Very small

I bought these as a gift and they are pretty little. We do not watch Dora yet in our house but I guess there is a main character missing, swiper. I bought it for a 3 year old and when he opened it the first thing he said is “where is swiper?” I don’t think I would recommend this.

Imogene Jenkins, MN

Very cute

Our kids love these toys and they’re painted very well and extremely colorful. The only issue, as any parent knows with these squirter toys, is that the holes are in really strange places, making it extremely difficult to get the water out.

Lorna Montandon, PA

My daughter loves these bath toys!

Our daughter loves Dora and these do not disappoint her! They are nice for her to hold in her hands. She plays with them in and out of the water. Great little toys 🙂

Trina Saint Johnsbury, VT

It is a OK bath toy

Let me start off by say my daughter loves them because they are Dora. She was so scare of taking a bath, so her Aunt got this as a gift to her…It worked she now loves taking a bath. Mommy is not that happy with the toy because at the price you think you will get something more. But they are very small and not that great. They also made that great…Water gets in them and it will not come not…so in a month they will have to be throwed away because the fear of mold. I would look for other bath toys.

Janine Strum, WI

Don’t Squirt and Hard To Push

We have some other bath toys that our 1 yr old can operate and loves. These on the other hand are no good, they are hard to push and do not squirt water. Our daughter loves Dora so we kept them, but as far as functionality, no beuno.

Adrienne Pompton Lakes, NJ