Munchkin Easy-Close Extra Tall and Wide Metal Gate, Dark Grey

Munchkin Easy-Close Extra Tall and Wide Metal Gate, Dark Grey

Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Gate Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Gate is great for a home with large pets and active toddlers. It will block staircase openings and doorways to stop them from exploring unwanted areas and prevent impending accidents. The sleek metal gate offers a contemporary, stylish look with a dark grey exterior and three extensions to accommodate Large Openings. Why You’ll Love It: With the extra-wide walkthrough it becomes easy for you to move in and out throughout the day and the double lock system helps in the safety of your children and pets. Features Adjust openings between 29.5-51.5 and has a height of 36″ An extra wide walk-through section with 2 way opening and easy one-handed operation Includes three extensions for flexibility of use Double-locking system on the handle A sleek design made from durable metal U-shaped steel powerframe keeps gate securely in place Pressure mounting system does not damage hardware

Main features

  • Use virtually everyplace in the home – top of stairs, bottom of stairs, between rooms
  • Double-locking system on handle is easy for adults to use, but difficult for a child
  • Optional third lock at base of the gate offers extra safety
  • Door swings open in both directions and locks shut with a simple push
  • Six inches taller than most standard safety gates

Verified reviews


Great gate!!

This is a great gate that I would recommend to anyone with a baby. Not only is it a metal gate but it is extremely sturdy for being a pressure mount gate. Even with me, a 220 pound man pulling on it it doesn’t budge from the wall. The hight makes it perfect for climbing babies as they will not be able to get over it no matter how hard they try. It is easy as heck to open and close. The only thing I would complain about it the hight of the bottom off the floor. Any tired stay at home parent as myself can be sometimes may trip over the bottom when walking through. Other than that though this is a great gate and well worth the money.

Jenifer Furman, SC

Beautiful and worked well with our stairs (wall to spindle).

So we had a really had time finding a gate for our staircase that would extend from wall to spindle (the metal rods that hold up banister). We bought this gate plus the Y-gate spindle attachment or adapter and that helped greatly. It’s very attractive too. We bought 2, one for the top of the stairs, and one for the bottom. Works really well to keep the children corralled upstairs or to keep them from climbing up the stairs.

Margie Cobb, GA

Terrible instructions

Now that we have the gate put up, it seems really secure. But it took me several hours to get it up. The instructions are the worst I’ve ever seen, and I’m good at putting things together. There are no words whatsoever, and the pictures are extremely confusing. Like another reviewer, I eventually had to wing it. Also, a few of the pieces were extremely hard to get in and out. So much so that they’re all torn up from me using different instruments to try to get them out.I’m iffy about whether I recommend this gate or not. I guess if you’re patient.

Liliana Philo, IL

Best Baby Gate!

We originally bought the Wood & Steel Designer Gate by Munchkin at Target. We thought it would look good in our home. I wasn’t impressed with that gate because there was more steel than wood. After a long and frustrating time trying to get the baby gate to fit at the top of our staircase and not succeeding we decided to return it. We came across this Munchkin Easy-Close Tall and Wide Metal Gate and it was perfect. It was the same concept and it fits perfectly. This gate ended up being cheaper and we actually like it more. This gate is an online only item and I was thrilled to find it on Amazon. The extra height is great (we set it on the stair below the top). Our little one stands up at the gate and we never worry that it will fall over. It’s sturdy and fits perfectly. I’d suggest to all parents to buy this gate because it’s wider and you can add and remove pieces to make it fit your opening perfectly. The previous gate we purchased wasn’t worth the money. This Muchkin Easy-Close Extra Tall and Wide Metal Gate, Dark Grey is the perfect baby gate and looks great!

Angelina Akin, IL

After a few tries, installation came together and it …

After a few tries, installation came together and it works quite well in the tension mount position. Do note, however, that it will likely rub the paint off underneath.

Irene South Williamson, KY


The gate is a little harder to install than some but is very easy to open. It is a good buy for the price.

Shelby Hoffman, MN

Perfect gate when you need it to be flush with uneven features on each side

After a horrific time trying to install a Kidco metal gate that allegedly could be installed at an angle, this was a dream. It’s not perfect, but it is so close.The situation: I needed to install a safety gate at the top of a staircase. The opening for the gate has a metal vertical bar and wooden banister top on one side. The other side of the opening is a “half” (stairway) wall with a drywall surface and topped off with a decorative squared off piece of wood trim.How it worked: This gate handled our situation so well! There are four pressure fit knobs (two on each side, one up and one down) and each one can individually be adjusted, so as an example the bottom left one could stick out farther to butt up against the last metal rail of the railing and the top left one could not stick out as far to accommodate the wooden cap that serves as the banister for our stairway. This was key to making a custom fit for an opening that did not have a perfectly straight plane on either side.Functional – yes!: In terms of an operational perspective, this gate is so easy to open with one hand and I was so happy that is did not have the automatic close function that other gates have (not good for little fingers!).Downsides: The only negatives were unacceptable directions (they make IKEA directions look like a tome!) and at first it appears like you need to use a bigger extension piece than you need to, but you can eventually get it to work in most openings since the pressure fit knobs have some much flexibility. The directions could have better articulated this, but again it worked.

Latasha Wilmington, NC

Flakes fall off gate when touched

I was so disappointed in the quality of this gate. Flakes fall of the bottom railing of the gate when touched. There was no way I could keep this in my house with a baby that loves to not only touch everything but put his mouth on everything. Disappointed that a gate made by a manufacturer that specializes in baby products let this one get past quality control.

Wanda Benton, TN

Great Gate!!

Of all our gates this was my favorite. Easy to open and just push it closed. You can hear it snap so you know it latched but no lifting or squeezing. Love how easy it is to open. Looked better than any of my others, including a couple wooden ones, it just blended it. Also the bottom part that you step over is very low and the opening is generous, very easy to live with.

Whitney Hancock, MD

Great Gate

This was the 3rd gate we bought… and the only one that worked for us. Easy to open and quality craftmans ship. Also the width of the opening is the biggest we have found. Would recommend to others.

Madge Port Ewen, NY

Fits a large opening and still feels secure

We have it installed between our kitchen and living room using the tension option. We are able to easily operate it with one hand. Some gates feel like they will fall off in your hand, but not this one.

Isabella Carlton, OR

Works great

This gate as one of the largest that I could find for my opening in to our childs play area. It also has a nice coating that matches well with the dark wood work in the house. Even for the size of the gate it is very sturdy and is holding up great. Gate swings both directions and works wonderfully.

Stacy Osage, MN


this gate is amazing. we have 2 kiddos under 2…and we bought one of these gates for the top of our stairs and one for the bottom. we loooove them!!! we really hesitated since its almost $200 for both gates…but we are so happy with them. very sturdy and they look very streamlined and clean. the hubby put them up and was a little frustrated with the directions…there are no words!! only pictures…kind of silly not to give proper instruction for a baby safety product…but other than that..this is the perfect gate!

Melody Ladera Ranch, CA

Best baby gate

We have 3 staircases and bought 3 different kinds of baby gates. Sadly, the product description by Munchkin is wrong but the Amazon description was right…if this gate could have worked in all our staircases, we would have kept it. It’s awesome. But alas, it was too wide for the servant stairs.We’re tall (6 feet and over) and it’s the perfect height and it’s easy to open for us. It’s sturdy–it definitely doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere. I originally bought a few different gates because this didn’t come in white. I could get over that after seeing other gates!We also purchased the First Steps gate that opens with a foot control. It’s a piece of garbage. I wonder how long it will be before I throw it in the garbage. We’ve used left over optional cups from our Dreambaby gates to more secure it to the wall but we need two more. It’s flimsy and it’s cheap. I’ve knocked this down myself twice now. And it’s at the base of our stairs and is NOT easy to operate a foot pedal either one step up at the bottom of the stairs or coming down with a fraction of stair depth to make the step and push.We purchased two Dreambaby gates–the two pack. For the price, it’s a much better gate than the First Steps and luckily, they are narrow enough to fit in our servant staircase. But they don’t compare to the ease, quality and sturdiness of this gate.The Munchkin name may not signal quality in toys (don’t get me started about the star bath toy that Houdini would have to get batteries in that never worked from day 1 after we threw out the packaging assuming it was just the batteries. Now we can’t return the batteries or the broken toy!) but don’t hesitate in buying this gate. It’s made the foray into a fortress of baby gates in our home much less painful.Now make the same gate narrower and I’ll love you forever, Munchkin!

Sue Tower, MI

sturdy and tall, short-term usefulness

We just installed two of these. It is sturdy, tall and easy to operate. As for the set up – I would not say “easy” but do-able. The second one was easier, after I made all the mistakes on the first one. It really depends on the opening width you are working with. Ours are 44 inches and 47 inches. It took couple attempts to figure out what combination of extensions we needed. Even 1-bar extension was too much for the 44 inches. So we have the screws extended to full capacity on that one. You have to consider the floor moldings on both sides. Putting in a 1-bar extension left no room for the tension screws.One person can do installation, but a second pair of hands would be better. We did not do wall mount, – only the tension. No special tools required. Just a lot of twisting and adjusting the tension screws.The hardest part was trying to keep the gate from swinging around as you are installing it. Lesson learned — keep the zip tie on the gate until you are done with installation. Or install the gate stopper (provided with package) and set it to lock it. I actually like that feature — it’s sort of a hidden lock that the kid will not be able to find/think about for a long time.***Update March 2013We purchased these gates in October 2012 when my son was 18 months. By the time he turned 2, he figured out how to open the gate and ever since that time the gates have been pretty useless and just an obstacle in the hall. He even likes to play with his race car – pretending that the gates are obstacles that he has to get over, so it is a part of fun game for him. I am considering getting a replacement from another brand.

Earline Ophelia, VA

Great for kids and dogs.

About the same time our toddler learned how to scale shorter gates, so did our St. Bernard. This gate keeps both of them out of the kitchen. The only thing I would change about it is to make it an auto close gate. We have a second extra tall gate by a different manufacturer that is an auto close gate and it is awesome.

Guadalupe Friendswood, TX

Works very well and is secure

This gate is great. it is very secure and yet easy to use. We have pressure mounted it and it holds in baby as well as holding out 2 70 lb dogs who have knocked other pressure gates out before.the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that our gate came with 2 part Gs and no part H. We didn’t need that part for awhile so I don’t know if the company will replace the part at this point or not. So even if you don’t plan on using all the parts at first check for them all cause you may change what you want to use later.

Alexandra Sumrall, MS

Great gate

We are baby proofing now that our daughter is mobile and this gate is wonderful. We got two, one for the top of our stairs and one for the arch into our kitchen. They are really easy to install, the door is pretty wide so you can actually move through it without feeling restricted, and the latch mechanism is really easy for an adult to operate one handed. You can also pressure mount the gate or hardware mount it, which makes this a really versitile gate.

Gay Milford, CA

NOT very sturdy

Maybe this would be sturdy if I had used all the extensions but I only need 2 of he 3 extensions. I have a 4 ft opening, and the three extensions wouldn’t fit the opening, I had a hard time finding a gate to fit the opening. It shakes A LOT with my kids leaning on it. I wanted something sturdy and this is not it. But I think I’ll keep it and just tell my kids not to lean on the gate. (yeah right, with three kids under three) it was also kind of a pain to install. No words, only pictures. Took me an hour and a half. I am truly disappointed by this product but I doubt I’ll find anything better. At least it’s metal and if my kids do knock it over and get into the kitchen it’ll make a loud sound and alert me :-/

Selena Eleele, HI

Great Baby Gate

I previously purchased this exact gate in the regular width size. Knowing what a sturdy, well-made gate that was, I went ahead and ordered this one for the bottom of my stairs. I still think that it requires a great deal of exertion to close (would prefer that I could just push it as I walked by) but it opens easily, is very sturdy, and looks good. I wasn’t sure I would like the gray color, but it does look nice. I really recommend the Munchkin gates.

Lacey Frost, MN

Couldn’t give a five.

To start this is a pain to get assembled. The directions are created by an engineer for a rocket scientist to be honest. (I am a rocket scientist at Johnson Space Center)Pros:It’s tall, I am 5′ 8" and it comes to my waistTo open and close the gate you have to use the palm and two fingers to open it. (Good security to ensure the baby doesn’t get to open it so easy)It’s dark grey so it goes with most has a stopper that you can choose how the gate door opens.You can mount it with the hardware, or just with pressure. (Recommend using the hardware if you know your kid is going to lean on it.Cons:The hardware is cheap plastic that breaks easily while trying to add extensions.The instructions are good as useless.Customer support is like talking in a foreign language.This really needs two people to put up the gate correctly.The plastic hardware seems flaky on the joints.Overall, it’s a good gate, just with the hardware was made a bit stronger and the plastic wasn’t so flimsy.

Ines Mansfield, GA

Great gate!!

We have an older dog that we needed to prevent from climbing the stairs and after reading many reviews, decided on this gate. It is absolutely wonderful! My husband said it was a pain to put together with very little instructions, but we are very happy with our decision! Easy open latch, a wide opening and sturdy frame are just a few of the things we love. We will be buying the same gate for the top of the stairs once our child is born.

Carly Mound City, KS

Trickier install and doesn’t stay put

I installed this and a North States Supergate the same night. This one was more difficult to install. I installed it using the sticky cups on the wall and the pressure never seemed right. There was no middle ground between it being too tight so that the swinging gate rubbed against the stationary frame, and it being too loose so that the latch would barely catch. Over time the little cups keep sliding along the wall too and it’s crooked. I do like that the door swings both ways, but we leave it open most of the time unless we need to keep my daughter in the living room for a minute or two while we run to another part of the house. It is sturdy enough at least that my 23 lb daughter can pull herself up on it and lean against it, but if she really wanted to pull it down it I’m not sure it would hold up.

Irma Armuchee, GA