Munchkin Feeding Set, 15 Pack

Munchkin Feeding Set, 15 Pack

Our 15 piece set of BPA free plastic dinnerware makes dining more enjoyable for the little ones. Each set provides great value and includes 5 cups, 5 plates and 5 bowls. This bright and colorful feeding set has a fascinating fish pattern to add delight to any dish you prepare. The cups have a wide base to provide stability, helping to keep drinks in the cup and not on the floor.

Main features

  • Set contains 5 cups, 5 plates and 5 bowls
  • Colorful design lets your child eat with the fishes
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • 18+ months

Verified reviews



This is a cute little set, fantastic value.Two small beefs:1. These aren’t microwave-safe. If you’re not into microwaving plastic then you’re fine, but I’m not a “heat on a stove, use glass, blah blah” kind of person. If it’s BPA-free, I want to just plop something on, heat it up, and be done with it without having to do a ton of dishes. Plus my husband can’t keep track of what’s microwave-safe and what isn’t, so I’ve had ot keep these completely away from the rest of our plates and bowls.2. The corners of the cups are a bit sharp. I won’t let my son use these till he’s a bit older, even for me they kind of cut into my lips.We got a similar set from IKEA that are actually microwave-safe, so we use those for most things and reserve these for sandwiches and cold items.

Rachelle Brooke, VA

It is easy.

My son is very pro-active, and I love it.It is not broken. Just I wonder its safety for kids.Some plastic dishes has the Endocrine disruptor, its manual said it was passed the examination.I realy want to believe that.

Christina Knightsville, IN

great set – lasts a long time and BPA-free

I’ve used these plates and cups for the last 3 years and are wonderful. Little/no change after years of use. Just ordered another set b/c I needed some bowls and the set wasn’t much more than the bowls by themselves. Love it all. Bowls are larger than some other similar plastic ones we have. Good size for snacks or kids ages 2-8.

Beulah Flint Hill, VA

Yes, They ARE Microwave-Safe

There has been some confusion over whether the bowls/plates are microwave safe. When I was trying to decide whether or not to buy these, some reviews said they are NOT microwave-safe, and some said they ARE. I contacted the Munchkin customer service, and was told that the bowls and plates ARE microwave-safe. They’re made of polypropylene. I went ahead and ordered two sets, and both the packaging, as well as the items themselves, clearly state "microwave-safe".I think that in past years, they did not say that anywhere, and that’s where the confusion is coming from. But now, they do state it, and I also have the word straight from the company. So if this is a concern for you, rest easy that at this point, the items are microwave-safe.As for the items themselves, I’m very pleased with them, and so are my boys. Well, the only thing I can complain about is the set of pink items, which are not in any way unisex, but that’s the only thing I don’t like about these items. They’re sturdy, hard plastic that doesn’t "give" easily.The cups hold 8 oz and are the perfect size for my boys- I love the wideness that makes them harder to tip over. They are not toddlers; they’re young school-age children, yet we find them to be perfect for their needs. I don’t like them using my breakable dishes/glasses, but I also don’t want them eating & drinking from potentially harmful plastics that leach into food and drink. I thought these were the perfect solution. They’re big enough to hold portions big enough for their ages. The boys love the colors (save for the pink) and the fish design, and, for now at least, are excited to use them at every meal.

Joan Girard, GA

These are my favorite dishes for baby and toddler

These are my favorite dishes for baby and toddler. They don’t have any goofy dividers and nest well. I feel like baby stuff invaded my cupboards and wanted everything to be one size and able to nest in order to save room for adult dishes too. I got these and threw everything else out.

Mamie Latah, WA

Great dishes and great price

These are the main dishes my sixteen month old uses, and she’s been using them for four months now. They are sturdy and dishwasher safe, so I like them a lot, especially with the great price. They haven’t warped in the dishwasher, and they’re also easy to clean by hand. They’re the perfect size for her. I have one cabinet where I keep all of her dishes, and I allow her to play in that cabinet only, so every time we’re in the kitchen, the first thing she heads for are these dishes. She loves stacking them inside each other. She loves it so much that I actually let her use the cups as stacker toys for now and they stay in her toy bin. She sometimes brings them into her playhouse and uses them to get "water" out of the faucet. When she’s older and using regular cups instead of straw cups, I’ll use her cups, but for now, they’re toys.

Lorene Mt Zion, IL

Wonderful dish set for littles

This set is wonderful. It’s so sturdy and has held up to abuse from my kids and the dishwasher (top rack only). The bowls are nice and deep, the plates and cups are a great size. Excellent purchase.

Monique Cresco, PA

Perfect dining set for little ones

I bought this set in an effort to wean our older girls off sippy cups and still be able to use them for our baby boy when they outgrow them. The girls love the different bright colors, I love not having glasses being slammed down on our glass dining table. My sister has had the same set for the past 5 years so I feel confident about their durability. We use them every day for all meals, I also use them to feed our 5 month old baby food out of. The plates are child size which helps me with my expectations of how much our kids will actually eat and they can always get second helpings if need be. I would recommend the whole set since they all match and stack nicely together and the price isn’t much higher than just the cups by themselves. Never had any complaints, worked fine in the dishwasher and microwave.

Elise Carey, OH

Cute and colorful

This is very colorful and cute. I now have dishes that my sons can use and ones for when my nieces come to visit.

Lucille Hershey, PA

Great Package

Not much to complain about. Easy to clean, they can be microwaved and put in the dish washer, which is a nice benefit. The cups are a little small, but we like to use them at bed time and for teeth brushing anyways, so no big deal for us. Great set and fun colors.

James Pine Hall, NC

Very cute

These are the cutest dishes I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait until my daughter is a bit older so she can use them!

Bridget Blair, OK


These are good dishes. My daughter seems to like them and they are standing up to her playing with them. the only thing is they re very light wieght so it is very easy for her to pick them up and flip them over, but that seems to be an issue with all dishes.

Bette North Hampton, NH

Great value!

This set is perfect! My daughter is only 6 months old, but she refuses a sippy cup. She drinks from a regular cup (with help of course), so these cups are perfect for her. We haven’t used the plates much, but I use the bowls for myself to keep my portions controlled. They have held up in the dishwasher so far. I liked them so much that I bought a second set to keep at grandma and grandpa’s house while I’m at work!

Claudia Stockton, NJ

We use them all the time

Great price for all the pieces you get. They work fine, we like the colors and they wash fine in the dishwasher. I’ve only put them on the top wrack so far.

Georgia Marshes Siding, KY


Great plates, nifty bowls, cups are just right, great color, cute design, easy to clean. My daughter loves her "big girl plates" and they are just what we needed!

Tamika Caplinger Mills, MO

like it.

we are using only bowls for now since my baby started solid food (4 months old). They are good products.

Leona Gilberton, PA

A mom’s “must have”

I have always believed in having separate wares for my kid which will help him recognize when I am preparing his meals and these brightly colored ones are quite the pick for me.Reasonably priced, Perfect size, bright colors, SHATTER PROOF. What more could a parent ask for?I would definitely recommend these to any parent in search of kiddie wares.Note however, the plates aren’t the best for "mashing" in as the bottoms are somewhat curved so they tend to pop/bounce (and I don’t mean pop as in "break") if you were to try crushing stuff on them.

Deidra Perry, MO

Good quality and cute

I just needed something that would last the years with my 1 year old and 4 year old sharing these. They are pretty colors for the girls, and just the right sizes, and fun for them to use as well. just wish they came with utensils, but cant mark down because of that because they do their job and I like them as a mom. and you can wash them in the dishwasher but top rack.

Leanne Alma, WV

just right for a toddler

Love the bowls. I like how they go up on the sides- seems to help when they are learning to get things out of bowls. The cups are perfect for learning to drink out of real cup. The plates are small for dinner, but work fine for smaller meals. Really easy to clean.

Ebony Bartlett, IL

Great little set of dishes, glasses and bowls

I LOVE this set of little plastic dishes. They are BPA free which is what we should all look for nowadays when buying plastics to eat or drink from. They are also dishwasher safe. They say to put them on top shelf but I have actually put them on the bottom and voila! they are just fine. I have grand kids and thought I’d only use them when they are here but I use them almost every day for myself because they are easy to grab and put a sandwich on and the cups are super for a small glass of milk or juice. The bowls are great for a few scoops of ice cream. Wonderful dish set. Highly recommend.

Amalia Lacey, WA

Great kitchen staple for kiddos

For new moms just getting into solids this set is worth it for the bowls alone! I watch a toddler during the week and use the plates and bowls for meals and the cups are perfect for snacks. Quality is good and the colors are bright and cheery!

Lavonne Stanley, VA

Honestly, I’m not impressed…

Had pretty high hopes for this set, thought it might good for the kids.. But to be honest, it’s just plastic plates, which I could have grabbed anyplace else.

Mari Bedford, MI

Great Bowls

I mostly use only the bowls in this set so far. My baby is just over a year. The cups are just too large for her at this point. She’s not really using open cups yet, so that’s fine, but I think they should be smaller. The are MUCH larger than the cups they have at my child’s daycare. The plates are OK, too, but a little advanced for the stage my baby is at. I suppose for an older child, this set is nice. The items hold up in the dishwasher and seem of high quality and sturdy. I’m keeping everything, but if I had it to do over I would just get the bowls.

Erika Newburgh, NY

Watch out for rough edges

My toddler really likes this product. Dishwasher safe and eye-pleasing. I had to send back the first set though because the edges on the glasses were very rough and could have cut the baby’s lips. I received a prompt replacement. Must have been a defective set. Just look out and feel them before giving to the little one.

Pearl Richmond, MO

love these

Absolutely love these! They are adorable and durable. They last long and my son loves them. couldn’t be any happier.

Lesley Mountain View, AR

Great product for the money!

This is a great product and value for the money! My daughter LOVES the fish design on the product. I would make two changes: the plates are a little on the small side so I would make them bigger and include dividers. Other than that, the set is great. We are debating about getting a second set since they are so useful.

Ruby Laceys Spring, AL

Bright colors, good quality.

These are a very nice starter set for a toddler. They are bright and durable and come out of the dishwasher, top or bottom with extra heat, just fine. The microwave does not damage them like saucy foods do with most plastics. My 15 month old has not used the cups to drink out of yet, but we put snacks in them for now.Edit: A year later, I am still using these but they are showing some wear, mostly bubbling or whitening of the plastic probably from microwaving. My toddler is more interested in her food when served on a plate with the dividers, and she is proud to eat from each section and points and tells me what is what. I will keep five stars as they are a good first set but I would not buy them again. We never even used the cups, since she has special cups. Really consider your child’s needs for now and the future to get your monies worth.

Kerry Geneseo, NY

Great Set!

Great colors, great patterns, easy for little hands to use, and Excellent value! A 5 piece set of just the bowls, or just the plates, or just the cups is $4-6 in stores, so to get all three for only $8.50…wonderful. And they’re made of a pretty sturdy plastic as far as kids’ sets go.

Gayla West Wareham, MA

Microwave safe, but not recommended.

While this says it’s microwave safe that likely refers to the fact that it will not leak harmful chemicals into your food (don’t get me wrong, this is a very good and very important thing). However, actually microwaving food in these has left marks in the plastic around the edges or "hot spots" (which really is not that hot, as I’m merely warming meals for a 2 year old). It’s a good cheap set though, and I would buy it again. Just wish that they didn’t claim microwave safe if you can’t do so without ruining the dish.

Vicky Ashippun, WI

Cute and a great value

For just a few bucks more than theirMunchkin 5 Pack Multi Bowl, you also get matching 5 cups and 5 plates. Although we haven’t used the cups nor the plates for our 8-months old yet, the bowls are being used multiple times daily for mixing different types of food (e.g., carrots & peas), heating for ~15 seconds in the microwave, and serving.The colors are cute, the pattern designs are pleasant, and the bowl rims have a wave-like curve (one side is gradually taller than the other when viewed from the side) to add some panache. This upper curvature also makes the bowl easy to carry with just forefinger and thumb, and it additionally helps the bowl air dry faster while upside-down.The bowls don’t haven’t had any food residue upon washing nor color fading/clouding.But for the love of your sanity, do NOT buy theirMunchkin 6 Pack Soft-Tip Infant Spoonto go with it. Especially when used with these same-brand bowls’ curved rims, the spoons–when rested on or placed in the bowls–will spin, topple, and splatter food all over the place. Although more expensive, opt for theOXO Tot Feeding Spoon Set, Greeninstead.

Marietta Spalding, ID