Munchkin Fire Ducky Spout Guard

Munchkin Fire Ducky Spout Guard

SOFT, CUSHIONY MATERIAL PROTECTS BABY FROM BUMPS AND BURNSEASILY FITS STANDARD BATHTUB FAUCETSIDEAL FOR 0+ MONTHS Bath time is so much more pleasurable when youâ€TMre not worrying about your baby being bumped by the hard faucet or scalded by a hot spout. And, just pop the top to dispense bubble bath in the water for super sudsy fun. No wonder itâ€TMs Americaâ€TMs #1 selling spout guard! Features: Soft, cushiony material protects baby from bumps and burns Easily fits standard bathtub faucets Ideal from birth & up

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Bad Design

I don’t have this model, but the one with the blue bubble shower cap, and it doesn’t seem to matter when reading the other reviews of this model because the mildew problem is still the same! What were these manufacturers thinking?! The design leaves MANY crevices where mold develops (under the flip top, the spout area, in and around the inside..). I have to clean it out every week if that, and even then, some of the crevices are too small for even a toothbrush to reach, so now I will have to resort to soaking it in a diluted bleach solution.The only positive to say about this spout guard is that, yes, it does protect your child from bumping his head, but when they’re toddlers, you will cringe to see them try to drink water out of the flip top and suck on it if there is MILDEW growing on the duck! All in all, this is a horrible product!

Mai Lacombe, LA

Needs some features, but works fine

This is great for the basic purpose – to protect your little one’s head from the faucet. We have had several direct hits to this and no bumps or bruises resulted. However, it could use some other features. While the “bubble” spot is nice (under the hat), I would trade that for being able to operate my shower without taking the whole thing off. It does take a few times to get the hang of taking this on and off if you have a typical faucet with the shower level at the end. I have not had any issues with mold or mildew, though it does come off everyday inbetween his baths and has time to dry. Now if I can just get him to leave it alone and stop playing with the hat…

Gladys Symsonia, KY


love this. My kids bump their heads on it every bath. They love the fireman ducky, lifting his hat up.

Valeria Rock, WV

Great Idea!

I vividly remember an incident when I was about 4 when I was taking a bath and had my head bent back under the faucet. I managed to sit up and scrape my back on the tub spout. I screamed bloody murder and still remember it to this day. As a result I am a big advocate for these spout guards. Plus it’s also very cute.

Bette Junction City, OH

Son loves it!

I have a 6 month old son that has tried standing while in his tub and is always very determined to stand even more so when I rinse out his tub between washing. I was afraid of his bopping his head so we bought this for our spout. It fit really easily love the hat moves and you can load bubble bath into it and it will slowly leak out into the water as you are filling the tub. We have not used that part yet! That really is just a bonus the duck is great, looks as though it will keep my little guys head safe during bath time. Well constucted also and easy to clean!

May Vermillion, MN

Not soft at all.

This is not soft and baby wants to play with it. If baby hits head on it, it is very hard and will hurt your baby. Returned this and got a blow up one.

Tamara Murrayville, GA

Really Cute Bath Accessory

We’ve had this spout for a bout 3+yrs now and have never had an issue with it. Yes, it does get a bit of mildew inside it, but you can just clean it right off. Anything that was exposed to water over and over, I would expect to get that. Kids love it and it’s super easy to fit to your particular faucet. Also extremely durable. I would definitely re-purchase this if something happened to ours.

Leslie Collinwood, TN