Munchkin Five Multi Cups

Munchkin Five Multi Cups

Munchkin’s Multi Cups are the perfect tool to help toddlers transition to regular cups. These BPA Free cups have a wide base for extra stability and are designed for small hands. The fun fish design will delight little ones and being able to put them on the top rack of the dishwasher will delight mom it’s the little things.

Main features

  • Easy to grip for small hands
  • Helps transition toddlers to a regular cup
  • Cups are wide based for extra stability
  • BPA free cups
  • Top rack dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


Very lightweight

I purchased these cups to have more unbreakable options around for my 16 month old and 3 year old. I have been mostly pleased with the product, but I wish they were a little thicker/heavier. They spill pretty easy becuase they are so thin and light. I’ve seen thicker paper cups. So: good size, shape for kids- bad heft, tippy, and slightly slippery texture. Not quite as I expected. Next time I will be willing to spend money on a little more quality.

Francis Raleigh, ND

Great Starter Cups

We bought these for our 14 mo old son. We are attempting to teach him to drink from a regular cup, as opposed to his sippy cups. These cups are the perfect size for his hands and the colors and designs are attractive. The first day he had these cups he actually spent his time stacking and unstacking them- inadvertently becoming a toy. He did very well with his first attempts at drinking from a cup. Other reviews have complained about the small size, but for us they are perfect. I think he will use these for quite some time to come. I don’t think a bigger cup would work for such a young child. Besides, do you really want your child cruising around with a huge cup of liquid? If you are looking for a first time cup for your toddler, these are great.

Shelly Brownsville, TN

Ikea cups are better and cheaper. (These Munchkins are just OK.)

After using these Munchkin cups for about a year, I bought a set of similar cups at Ikea (Smland Böna IKEA – KALAS Tumbler, Assorted Colors (2 Sets)) which come 6 to a set for $1.99 at Ikea (you’ll pay a premium if buying online).The two are comparable in size and weight. They both hold 8 ounces when filled to the brim.Of the two, I prefer the Ikea cups. The material is slightly thicker and have withstood constant usage and washing in the dishwasher better than Munchkin. Furthermore, the brim on the Munchkin is somewhat sharper than these Ikea cups. Although neither hurt to drink from, the Ikea cups are a little more pleasant on the lips. The base is also a bit wider than the Munchkin cups.Both are advertised as dishwasher safe, BPA and PVC free. The Ikea cups are also microwave safe.Although I prefer non-plastic, sometimes plastic is just more convenient so I used these Munchkin plastic cups along with Corelle cups for my preschooler and toddler. If you are looking to splurge a little on better quality, look into Melissa & Doug’s cupsMelissa and doug Scootin` Turtle Shaky CupandMelissa & Doug Bella Butterfly Shaky Cup. Although pricier than Munchkin or Ikea, you do get what you pay for. M&D; cups are thicker in construction and more fun for the kids because of the design. If you are a no-frills type or on a budget, these Munchkin cups are OK but if you have an Ikea trip planned, pick up Ikea’s instead.

Wilda Decatur, OH

good cups

Good cups for day to day use… good colors.. perfect size..My toddler like drinking water or juice from them.

Chelsea Simpson, KS

Great cups for toddler/preschooler

I bought these as "big girl" cups for my 3 yr old. She likes them and they are easy for her to hold and drink from.

Jenifer Wells, MI

Great for toddlers and older

I have been looking for cups like these for several months now. They’re perfect for toddlers and older kids. They stack neatly, very colorful, sturdy and most importantly, my toddler loves them! My kitchen pantry is a mess with toddler cups, plates and bowls that don’t stack neatly and tumble out on a daily basis. We’ve had the cups for several days now and haven’t had one spill. Because of the shape it seems difficult to knock over.

Jo Santa Ynez, CA

nice little cups

The main thing people seem to disagree on with these cups is, are they too light or just right? Well, I weighed them and they are a petite 0.9 oz each. They’re slightly lighter than some very similar shaped and sized cups I own that weigh in at 1.05 oz. I am okay with 0.9 oz.The colors are pleasant and the textured design is of fish and bubbles.Overall, I like them.

Elinor Hoolehua, HI

Munchkin Five Multi Cups

My daughter loves the cups. They’re colorful and well sized for her little hands. (2yr) They are well made, easy to clean , they lasted us several months so far and still look like new.

Sharlene Saint Georges, DE

great little cups perfect size for teaching baby

we bought these as a first training Cup after we moved our baby off of using bottles.they are the perfect size, our baby is 10 months old and she can hold them easily with her hands.I definitely recommend they’re great item

Sheila Davilla, TX

Munchkin cups

My daughter is 2 and I have been trying to get away from sippy cups and seen that they use this at her daycare so I purchased these. I love them. They are thick and don’t cave in when she holds them to tight like the cheap plastic cups you find at the dollar store during holidays. They have head up well in the dishwasher and they are the perfect size for a 2yr. old. Good cheap starter cups.

Alisha Cuba City, WI

Great for little hands

These are great colors. And they hold just the right amount for little bellies and are the perfect size for little hands. They’re great cups to teach drinking with.

Alyce Gibson City, IL

my son found another fun use to the cups

My son is learning to use cups so we wanted to look for cups that are short enough for him to use. Since this is lightweight, he can hold it with his little hands. He enjoys drinking out of this cup; however, he has learned that there are other fun things to do with the cups.My son decided that he would much rather use this as a stacking toy instead. He would stack up the five cups, carry it to his play area and starts putting them upside down, side by side and then stacking them back up. he is having so much fun with this as this is a much cheaper alternative to the stacking toys. I got another set so he can stack them more.

Geneva Garrison, MN

Great cups!

Better than anything I could find in the stores (ie, Target). Heavy plastic, not cheap-o. Recommended – worked for our twins!

Sabrina Thornburg, IA

Munchkin Five Multi Cups

•Easy to grip for small hands•Helps transition toddlers to a regular cup•Cups are wide based for extra stability•BPA free cups•Top rack dishwasher safe

Alyssa Vulcan, MO

Sturdy, Great Size, Toddler Loves Them!

These cups are the perfect size and my 2.5 year old loves to use them. They are dishwasher safe (top shelf) but I find that they pick up the detergent ‘flavor’ so I easily hand wash them now.

Edythe Overbrook, KS

Perfect size

I replaced all of my kids’ various cups with these. They are the perfect size and easy to stack in the cabinet.

Letitia Glenwood, MD

Perfect Size for Little Hands

We already had a few of the Nuby cups (similar toNuby BPA Free 4 Pack Fun Drinking Cups, 9 Ounce) but they were constantly in the dishwasher, so I wanted some more. These Munchkin ones are lighter in weight and slightly smaller in size (8oz vs 9oz) but they seem to fit my 2 1/2 year old’s hands better, and she loves the design of bubbles and fish. Ours came in orange, pink, green, blue, and purple as shown in the picture. The quality is good and so far they’ve done fine in the dishwasher.

Marissa Lancaster, VA

great for the sippy cup kid

My 5 yr old wanted these cups and i was happy to buy them. She always wants me to buy sippy cups and i feel she is too old. They are cute, colorful, and give her the feel of still being a baby without being a baby cup. She has a baby brother which makes all this growing up stuff even harder. I will allow her and her older sister the Munchkin straw cups as well. I love this colorful set of cups and think they are a great way to make growing up more fun.

Terra Livingston, AL

Colorful and functional

These cups toddler girls like to drink fromFrom water to milk, whatever you can think ofThough there are risks that milk they may spill someBut heck, it’s a growing process, and so give them some patience and loveThese cups being plastic are great because they won’t break. They’re a perfect size for a 2 yr old’s hands, and they hold enough liquid to quench the thirst of those little ankle-biters! Colorful and functional.

Allyson Unadilla, GA

Great cups!!

Use these daily, my 18 month old and 8 year old love ’em!! Very cute. Like the designs and grooves in them.

Adriana Stockton, MD

Good size for little hands

A small, basic, cup for little hands. Easy for my daughter to hold. She loves cups and gets excited when I take one of these out of the cabinet.

Michele Rowlesburg, WV

A Steal For A Family With Toddlers

I originally selected the Munchkin 5 Multi Cups set as a filler for another item I was ordering. I wanted to reach the $25 single order minimum from Amazon’s Baby store so that I could get an additional free month of Amazon Prime shipping as part of the Amazon Mom program. As it turns out, I probably should have ordered these long ago on their own merit.My oldest daughter has graduated to using cups while my youngest still relies mostly on sippy cups. We realized that our cupboard was very disorganized because of all the different types of sippy cups and small kid cups we had. My daughter loved her Disney Princess cups that her awesome auntie would get for her when returning from Disney Land. The problem was they were often different styles and weren’t stackable. Our cupboard was a mess of sippy cups, kid cups, snack cups and water bottles. The Munchkin Cup set allowed us to throw out a few cups and put a few away for special occasions.These BPA Free 8 ounce cups are perfect for toddlers. The fish aquarium design is cute and the different colors allow for easy identification as to who’s cup is who’s. If your kids have the same favorite color though, you might want to consider getting two sets. The quality of the cups are solid. They don’t have a ton of flex on the sides when you squeeze them, like the disposable-style cups and are very easy to wash because of the tapered shape and shallow depth. Of course, they’re also top rack dishwasher safe if you don’t hand wash. Also, it is NOT recommended that you boil or steam sterilize these cups.I long for the day that I no longer have any sippy cups left in our cupboard with those pain the rear valves to clean that always seem to get lost. For the price of a single sippy cup, you get 5 Munchkin cups that toddlers can easily grasp. A great buy and highly recommended.

Judith Pickerington, OH

Easy to use and dishwater safe

My toddler has been using these cups since 10 months. They are easy to hold for small hands, bright colors, plastic (throw-proof!), and dishwasher safe.

Mercedes Coupon, PA

Great cups for smaller hands

I purchased these for my 20 month old daughter. She loves to carry her snacks around (Raisins, cereal,etc) We use these for snacks for now and in a few months for liquids. Heavy duty little cups that are perfect for toddler fingers and hands.

Aisha Singer, LA


The cups are so nice. My son really loved it. I gave four star because I got two color orange cups that supposed to be color purple. I bought it because I want my son to learn matching type of colors like what he sees on you tube. The cups were like a return item already but I didn’t return it coz it’s just a waste of time. But for the item alone I think they are sturdy and colorful.

Lorraine Mabton, WA

good affordable cups

My 7 month old drinks water from these cups, and they are great. I even figured out that halfway up one of the fish’s mouth is exactly 2 ounces of water haha! So i just put 2 ounces of water in there and help him sip water during his meals. Probably not the best for babies who still haven’t mastered the idea of holding the cup and drinking it themselves (like mine), but I’m trying to skip the sippy cup and the wide mouth on these work great.

Sherrie Ochelata, OK

Kind of what I wanted

I was looking for a starter cup for my two year old who has mastered the straw and is ready to move on to a big boy cup. I also needed some drinking cups for my 5 and 7 year old. We are overseas, so going down to WalMart for a set of 4 for $1 isn’t possible. I started to look online and found that most sets were either overpriced or weren’t the size I needed. I finally settled on these. They are probably going to be smaller than you think. I was prepared for this, having read most of the reviews BUT they are small. Perfect for my 2 year old to have maybe 4 oz in his cup since it holds 8 oz to the brim. This means it is too small in my opinion for the 5 and 7 year old. They want to drink more than that. I will fill it twice for now, but will still be looking for a better solution for them! These are cheap enough that the extra sets I purchased can be used outside in the sand box and in the bathtub 🙂 If these were about an inch to an inch and a half taller they would be perfect for a better age range and therefore, usable for much longer, increasing their value.

Kaitlyn Valley City, ND

great little cups

Our son requests these cups by color. They are just the perfect size for his hands, and adults are not tempted to overfill them with liquids. We also use them for snacks like Cheerios when we need to eat without hands touching the foods (like in the car).

Aimee Kingmont, WV

Perfect cup for toddler

This is exactly what I needed for my 3 year old. Small plastic tumbler with a wide base. Inexpensive. Would buy again!

Terry Moran, WY

We’ve used these cups now for several years, every day, through multiple children, and they are still going strong!

These cups are great for toddler and kids! We’ve been using them with our 2 yr old since she was about 18 mos old, as well as our toddlers, preschoolers, and school aged kids…we use them every day and they are in great shape! They hold up well to multiple children using them several times a day, for years…we’ve had no problems using them in the dishwasher, and take them with us to restaurants, on trips, etc. I highly recommend these. I also do not agree with the other reviewer (listed as the top non favourable review) when she states that these are lightweight and slightly slippy. We have never had a problem with our children tipping these over, and they have textured surfaces on the outsides of the cups, so it keeps them from being slippery to hold. For normal, daily use, by kids around 16mos or so and up, I’d say these are pretty perfect. They hold the perfect amount of liquid, although I wouldn’t recommend filling more than halfway for young toddlers…

Ella Richmond, KS