Munchkin Foam Bath Learning Toy Pack, Boys, 60 Count

Munchkin Foam Bath Learning Toy Pack, Boys, 60 Count

Kids love to learn everywhere, so why not in the tub? The Munchkin Foam Bath Learning Toy Pack for Boys – 60 pieces includes 26 floating letters, 10 numbers and 24 splash cards to provide endless opportunities for a delightful learning experience. The splash cards show pictures and words – match the letters and objects up for extra learning. When the shapes are wet, they stick to the tub wall to spell names and places or add numbers. The foam is soft, durable and non-toxic. So splish, splash, when they’re taking a bath, throw in a little learning, too.

Main features

  • Set includes 26 floating letters (A Z), 10 floating numbers and 24 floating splash cards
  • Made of safe, non toxic foam that sticks to the wall when wet
  • Foam floats
  • 3 years and above

Verified reviews


Ridiculous perpetuation of dated gender roles

There is just no reason to make these items gendered. They are sexist and offensive (to both genders). Totally lame.

Pam Monessen, PA

Love it

My son loves these. We played memory games and will soon learn the numbers and letter during tubby time.

Shauna Mud Butte, SD

So Fun For the Tub

I bought these for my son and they’re the perfect little toy. We spend a LONG time looking at these in the bath tub. He has already learned lion, book, dog and a few others in only a couple weeks and he is only one. They’re so fun for him to put on the wall and then to take down. They’re bright, education and a lot of fun. I would highly recommend these

Anastasia Neeses, SC

Great for bath!

My daughter loves playing with these in the bath. She stacks them, sticks them to the tub, throws them and has a ball.

Carolina Copeland, FL

Smell a little bad, but float and stick great

These smell pretty awful. The only reason I kept this after dealing with the awful smell was that my daughter really loved them. However, she started chewing on the number/letter ones, so I threw them away. She did great with naming all the pictures on the square toys. The smell has gone away significantly. But I still will not allow her to chew on them. They do float and stick great.

Corine Colfax, IL

Good Educational Bath Toy

This is a good educational bath toy for toddlers learning new words, alphabet or numbers. The tiles are made of a soft foam that sticks well to the tub when wet. My 22 month old toddler likes to take the tiles and line them up on the tub walls. He will tell me the names of the ones he knows and asks what the others are. It helps with building vocabulary and word recognition. I would not recommend this for toddlers that still want to chew on everything or put things in their mouths though since they could bite off pieces of the tiles.

Sonia San Ysidro, CA

Fun Learning Tool

Pros-fun way to learn words/letters both in and out of the tub-relatively durable, colorful, bright, good quality for the price-there was a smell when the package was first opened, but it dissipated after 5minCons-ages 3 and up seems to be a stretch, I would say 18mos and up. A lot of the words are very simple, I would say even most 2 year-olds would probably know ALL the words.-Not for babies/toddlers who are still at the mouthing or teething stage. The foam pieces will tear off or indent if your child bites in to them. We had a playdate with some kids still in the mouthing-teething stage, and now some of the pieces have bite marks!-does take up space, you will need a basket/etc to hold them allMy 20 month-old loves bath time again and showing off all the letters/numbers he knows. With him being in the tub, he is able to focus on the letters/numbers better than during the day when he is too busy roaming around. With this, we’re (hopefully) on our way to knowing all the alphabet letters before 2!

Estela Dillonvale, OH

Love these

Nice color, fun floating toys. The kids love finding the picture, and catching them in a net (doesnt come with a net, just a game I made up) encourages talking, identifying, and eye/hand coordination

Natalie Bethel, PA


Nice and big. Bought the "boys" colors for our two year old daughter because I wanted primary colors, not pastels.

Rachel Harts, WV

Very cute

I love these and I hope that someday soon my daughter will too. Right now, she thinks they’re great for teething!

Lauren Williamsburg, KY

Very vibrant, is as advertised

Shipping was fast, was as advertised. The only reason why I took a star off is because the flash cards do not stay affixed to the tub walls as well as they should.

Josephine Coleraine, MN

Fun for play

My son loves to play with these in or OUT of the tub. Easy for babies to turn over when they are perfecting their pincer grasp.

Selma Antonito, CO

Great bath product

This set is great. Numbers, letters and squares with pictures and word descriptions. They easy stick to the bathroom walls when wet, but fall off when dry, which is fine for me. Very good quality.

Annette Cambridgeport, VT

Not only fun but a great learning tool!

My 2 year old son with Down syndrome used these in therapy and loved them so much we got them for our house. It’s a great way for him to reach and pick them up off the floor when we play with them on a mirror. He also is able to learn his colors, alphabet, and names of objects because of all that is covered in this tool. I would recommend them to my friends for bath time, play time, and so much more!Melissa Gallagher[…]

Shelley Fort Davis, TX

Great learning disguised as fun

I love these! As a mom and teacher I think these are great for so many early stages to play with!! It grows with your kid, is educational, AND they have fun with them;- letter, number, and word recognition- letter sounds and word building- enhance creativity by having them tell stories with pictures- spell the words on the pictures with the letters then use them to find new rhyming words- simple math problems – can even use the pictures for these too (2 animals plus 1 food = __)- sorting the pictures ( by color, subject, etc.)- practice spelling their namesso many ways to use them, it’s not boring during bath time 🙂

Corrine Newcastle, TX

Great for bath time.

My son loves these letters. He’s 3 yrs. old and we are trying to get him to recognize the alphabet better. He’s getting the hang of it. Yesterday he spelt his own name 🙂 (of course they only give 1 letter of each). We have yet to open up the picture tiles.

Jeannie Beaver, OR

great set for the bath time

great set for the bath time. They get a little wet and stick to the tub and even the marble tile we have around the tub. My daughter loves playing with them. She’s 1.5ys old so we are just starting letters and numbers so this is great. The only gripe I have is that they are sold in "boy" and "girl" sets and the picture cards are different in each which is a little biased in my opinion. I bought the boy set because she loves cars and trucks and those words were only in the boy set. She still puts toys in her mouth and these are made of foam so they do have teeth marks on them. On the plus side- they did not tear when she bit it.

Maura Stony Point, NY

These are fantastic!

My son loves playing with these during bath time. We put them up on the wall, take them down, talk about what the picture is, what color they are etc. Tons of learning and playing. I’m speaking only on the squares with the pictures. We haven’t opened the package of letters yet, simply because we have other bath toys as well and I didn’t need 60 pieces of foam to clean up or put away. These are fantastic, durable and worth the price.

Lea Turton, SD


My 9 month old son loves these. I use them as a training tool even though I know he can’t understand now. I think they will be helpful once we are working on words and letters as well/ for now they keep him entertained.

Juliet Galva, IA

Kids love them

Wanted something else for the kids to play with in the bath instead of the squirty toys that eventually fill with horrible black crap. These work great and the kids have fun with them stickign them to the wall.

Clarissa South Londonderry, VT

My daughter loves these

She is super into letters and numbers, and she loves that they stick to the wall while she is in the bathtub. I like the pictures that go with the words, too, as she works on her phonetics.

Karin Oaks, OK