Munchkin Formula Dispenser, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Formula Dispenser, Colors May Vary

Munchkin’s convenient 3 section formula dispenser is ideal for use with all bottle and/or formula brands. Each chamber holds a 9 ounce serving. It features a unique design with grips to help open and close the lid. BPA free and ships in assorted colors.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Each chamber of 3 section dispenser holds powdered formula for 9 ounce serving
  • Unique design, with grips to help open and close the lid
  • Ideal for use with all bottle and/or formula brands
  • BPA free
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: blue, pink, or green

Verified reviews



I’ve been using this formula dispenser for a couple of months now, and while it isn’t amazing, I’m not sure it warrants all of the negative reviews. True, a little bit of formula does get left behind on occasion, but it hasn’t been so much as to bother me. And I’m not sure why anyone would think this would hold three 9-ounce servings of liquid formula. This is clearly for powdered formula (or snacks). I’ve used this every night for feedings when I don’t feel like getting up and going to the kitchen; with pre-measured portions, I can just mix the formula into bottles of water that I keep by my bedside and this eliminates a lot of hassle for me. Once I’m done with the formula feeds this will be handy for holding Cheerios and the like. This is not a bad product for the price point, and I’d probably buy it again.

Tara Edgecomb, ME

Never had a problem with this container

I honestly have NEVER had a problem with this container. It’s a must have for all parents with small babies that are on formula. I love how the lid locks in place so I can pour the formula into the bottle, and the container makes traveling so much easier than taking the whole formula can with me. I personally haven’t had the formula spill into other sections, but I bought mine from Target. I would 100% recommend getting one of these. I have to stress again how much easier it is to carry around this, instead of the whole formula container, especially if you are in a pinch and your kid is screaming at you for food!

Belinda Amidon, ND

Formula dispenser

The formula leaks from one area to the other but at least it doesn’t like out into the diaper bag. Also 4 scoops only fills each one about half way and it would have been nice to have 4 spots instead of 3 for those long days since there is enough room for it.

Alma Brownville, ME

doesn’t do the job

it has one main job that it fails at: holding formula. the lid never seemed to properly close for me and powder would get stuck along the top seam. one day it fell out of the diaper bag and dumped the contents (luckily it mostly landed in the lid). I then went home and threw the stupid thing away. can’t depend on it even holding the formula (let alone dispensing the formula) and I don’t want to end up somewhere with a hungry baby and formula powder on the ground or the bottom of the diaper bag.

Jesse Busby, MT

Eh it’s ok

Formula would spill into other compartments. Great idea though. Could use the improvement to stop formula from going into other compartments

Colleen Milbridge, ME

The older version is much better

I’ve found that with this version of the munchkins formula dispenser, the formula is much harder to completely get out and it’s bulkier than the original.

Lucinda Evans Mills, NY

Not so great

I have to agree with other reviewers. I like the concept but the compartments do leak. I often find some of the formula in one compartment has spilled over into one of the empty compartments. It’s important to get the formula mixed to the right concentration so this worries me. I’m going to try a different dispenser.

Cathleen Justin, TX

leaks! horrible 🙁

Compared to the previous design here is my opinion about this product:Pros:1. Lid snaps into place to keep it open as long as you need.2. Material will not break upon impact from fall, etc.Cons:1. Formula leaks from one compartment to the other.Not useful at all. Item does not serve its purpose.

Tricia Belen, NM

New but NOT improved!

I have the older version of this dispenser which is still for sale here on Amazon ( I received this new version as a gift at my baby shower and its terrible! I thought it was just me but seeing the reviews here, I totally agree with the bad reviews. It’s much bulkier and takes up more room in the diaper bag than the older version. Powder leaks into the other chambers. Its nearly impossible to get all the powder out and the lid does not stay on very securely.The final straw was when I dropped the container (on carpet mind you! and not from a height of 2 feet maybe?) and this container basically exploded. Lid went flying off in one direction, the container went the other and there was formula everywhere! So here I am with a huge mess while I am frantically trying to prepare a bottle for a screaming baby. This thing is a huge piece of junk. i have no clue why Munchkin would use this new design when the old one worked perfectly fine. I would highly recommend buying the old version of this container. It works great! I’ll tossing this one and using my older one.

Dessie Poneto, IN

Formula clings to sides, not good as a formula dispenser

The static cling is so bad with these containers that a good amount of formula gets stuck to the sides and is impossible to pour out. We purchased two and they both had the same problem. We set them aside for when out child becomes old enough for snacks. Very disappointed.

Maxine Bethelridge, KY

not worth it.

Clumsy to handle/open, doesn’t pour out all of the formula in a chamber, leaks powder between chambers and outside of the container, and is more frustrating than useful.

Elaine Catawba, NC