Munchkin Formula Dispenser Combo Pack, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Formula Dispenser Combo Pack, Colors May Vary

The convenient combo pack comes with 1 single serve dispenser and 3 serving dispenser with rotating lid. Both have snap tight lids and easy pour spouts for fast and mess free preparation. So fill them up, stow them away and you’re ready to go. Each compartment in this holds an 8 ounce single serving. This contains lid snaps on and off for easy filling and cleaning.

Main features

  • Ideal for use with all bottle and/or formula brands
  • Single serve holds 8 ounce ideal for quick outings
  • Each chamber of 3 section dispenser holds 8 ounce ideal for home or daycare
  • They are BPA free
  • Ideal for travel; Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: blue or pink
  • Ideal for travel; Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: blue or pink

Verified reviews


Lesson learned: Always read reviews BEFORE purchasing!

Boy, do I wish I had read the reviews on this dispensor BEFORE I added it to my baby registry! I saw that the average reviews were high and I went with it. Unfortunately, when I received this formula dispensor as a gift just before my daughter was born, I made the mistake that several people before me have already made: I boiled it with her bottles to sanitize it. BIG mistake! It looked fine when I took it out of the pot, but I couldn’t get the lid back on. It just kind of sat loosely on top of the container. It was useless at that point so I ended up just throwing it out. It is probably a fine product as long as you follow the directions and don’t try to sanitize it. But my baby’s food was going in it, I wanted it to be cleaner than I could get it with soap and water alone. The only good thing I can say about this product is that I didn’t spend my own money on it!

Toni Mackeyville, PA


I got this initially because it had the single serving dispenser along with the 3 compartment dispenser and I thought it was the best deal.I have used thePhilips Avent Formula Dispenser / Snack Cup, BPA-Free, and this Munchkin one is much nicer. The cap is a bit tighter to open, which can be a pain, but I would call this a pro and not a con because there are less chances of spills in the diaper bag.Another thing that makes this nicer than the Avent, is that it has a funnel shaped lid that allows for ALL of the formula to come out of the compartment and not leave any behind like I found was a frequent problem with the Avent, having to shake, tap and jostle the dispenser to get out the last bit.If you don’t line up the dividers of the compartments with the little grooves in the lid that show you it’s locked in place, you may have formula from one compartment fall into the compartment you are pouring out, but I found this true with the Avent too.Overall I would say this is a great product, and a much better deal since you get the bonus single serving dispenser and it’s pretty much the same price as the Avent.

Jewel Toronto, KS

Bad for formula, great for snacks

I purchased this when my daughter was about 2 months old as she was on formula. I really wanted it to work so I could make fresh bottles on the go or when visiting others. The powder formula always got trapped at the bottom…I was so frustrated I stopped using it. Now that baby is 7 months, I have started using it to store puff snacks in her diaper bag. I LOVE its new use! I can use three different types of snacks and it stores a bit so I don’t have to refill frequently. I saw a snack version, but it seemed to be much larger. This size works well for our over-stuffed-as-it-is bag.

Therese Clarksburg, CA

Formula doesn’t stay in individual compartments

I’m surprised this has so many positive reviews. I must have gotten a defective one. The walls are not secure which allows formula to spill into the other compartments. This worries me because it can affect the measurements. I still use it, but only use one compartment at a time.

Elsa Forks, WA

Great for travel, durable and no spills

We use these for powdered formula. We put the formula in and throw then into our diaper bags.. no leaks or spills.The combo pack came with a single and a three-sectioned dispenser. Both are great and it’s nice to have the single one when going out and we only need to bring one serving of formula. To dispense into the bottle, simply lift up the dispenser cap and dump it into the bottle. For the 3 sectioned one, just spin the lid around to the desired section and then open and dispense.The lids are a bit hard to get off at first (but that’s good, because they don’t leak when tossed about in your bag) but once you get the hang of it, they come off really easily.Ours have been washed many times in the dishwasher (top rack) and they’ve come out fine.

Gayla Canal Fulton, OH

large segregated container spills out into other compartments

The small separate container works great, the tops require some effort to pry off but that works well against spillage.However the larger container where it works very easily to just pour one serving into a bottle, when the container bounced around a bit in my bag, it ended up mixing up all of the formula and I had to re-measure it which defeats the purpose. If you can keep it upright all the time it’s fine but when trying to measure precisely and have it stay that way, this doesn’t work 100%

Johnnie Clitherall, MN

Way better than Sassy On the Go formula dispenser!

I loved this formula dispenser! You can’t really tell from the picture that the side with the lid is funnel shaped, which makes it easier for the formula to flow out into the bottle. I nursed my daughter at first, so I only needed it for 6 months, but it held up well.WHY IT’S WAY BETTER THAN SASSY ON THE GO FORMULA DISPENSER: At first I bought the Sassy On the Go formula dispenser and hated it. There is no funnel under the lid, it’s just flat, so some of the formula would go into the bottle, and the rest of it was stick inside the container. Why bother premeasuring the exact amount you need if you can only get part of out of the container? Go with the Munchkin dispenser.

Mara West Olive, MI

Combo pack is a really good deal

I already have two Avent formula dispensers but I purchased this combo pack because I specifically wanted the individual (1 bottle) dispenser which is not sold by itself for some reason. When I got this product, I was surprised at how it was actually better than the more expensive Avent version of it. This has a funnel shaped top (unlike the flat top of the Avent version) so when you drop the powder into the bottle, the powder drops easily because of the funnel shape helps the powder drop with ease. It is unnecessary to bang the dispenser over and over just to get every particle of formula into the bottle. The 1 bottle dispenser is also designed with the funnel shape and is really convenient to throw in your purse for quick trips with baby to the market and what not. I actually ordered a second set.

Yolanda Burbank, OK

Very easy to go out with a very convenient, saves a lot of time and save a lot of things, a box of good

Very easy to go out with a very convenient, saves a lot of time and save a lot of things, a box of good

Tonya Burbank, OK

Super handy!

After carrying a huge, honking formula container around with me a couple of times- I invested in this set. I liked the idea of having the option of the single or triple serving containers. Both of my containers were green with blue tops, so the colors do vary. I really love them- although,I have only used the triple dispenser. Yes, the lids are hard to get off- which is a pain when moving the dispensing nozzle on the bigger container to the next full formula compartment, but I don’t mind too much since it keeps the formula from leaking out or making its way into other compartments. I love the funnel shape since it helps get every last drop of powder out. Both sizes are compact and fit easily into a diaper bag, and I don’t worry about them tipping over and making a mess. They are definitely worth the small amount of money that they cost. I highly recommend them!

Margaret Greenough, MT

Does the job, but could be better.

I have the 3 divided formula dispenser, which is great to have when we are going out and about. One space holds enough formula for an 8oz bottle, which is right up to the brim of the container. My only complaint & I will attempt to explain this: The cover is a funnel shape. When you put the cover on, you have to make sure it is snapped in place over one of the 3 sections. If you just put the cover on and it’s not secure in the grooves, the formula will spill over into the space next to it. My husband has done this mulitple times. Basiclly what I’m saying is the dividers inside the container don’t match up with the cover all of the time and there is a small space for the formula/rice to move around throughout the container. we had this problem once and then the formula wasn’t measured out right. It was just a simple mistake, but there should be a better way to avoid this from happening! Other then that, it gets the job done & is a must-have when we’re out and about.

Coleen Glenvil, NE

The best formula holder

I really like this formula holder it’s sturdy there’s not very many pieces easy to wash and it’s nice to look at

Marcy Rocky Ridge, OH

One of my baby must-haves

I love this dispenser! Each compartment holds a lot of powder, and the rotating, locking lid has a big spout, making it super easy to get the formula in the bottle. I use the big container for "meals" and carry a "snack" portion in the single-serve one.

Lorrie Sumner, GA

Great when you’re on the go

This was a life saver. Makes going out with your baby so much more manageable. Compartments don’t leak into each other and the spout is funneled so that all of the powder comes out with no problem.

Camilla Shady Grove, FL

Great for day trips!

Easy to fill, easy to use, and easy to clean. It fits nicely in my diaper bag. Great for daycare too!

Rosella West Paris, ME


I didn’t realize how awesome this was until it got lost with my luggage so I had to buy a new one at the store. The curved top was key. No trouble getting the formula out and in where you wanted it. Never came open on its own either and it got banged around in the diaper bag a lot.

Rhonda Manchester, KY

to go cup

i love it!!! it holds my 3 servings of formula thru the whole day, great for travel, you can also use it for snacks!!!

Patrice Massies Mill, VA

These are great to have!

I would have given it 5 stars but it can be a bit difficult to get all the formula out at times. I used these often for night time feeding. I would prepare spring water in bottles and then premeasure the formula. This way in the middle of the night I can just prepare his bottle in 30 seconds. I don’t think its the products fault that all of the formula might not come out. It could very well be the humidity. Very convenient to have!

Mandy Laneview, VA

just what i needed.

I love this. It worked very well for me. Lid snaps tightly and formula doesn’t slip out or between chambers and pour out perfectly. With my first child trveling with her formula was a pain carrying the individual servings in ziploc bag just didn’t work well hard to pour and formula got everywhere. These are great solved the problems. I would definatly recommend to anyone who has to travel with formula. It will make your life a little easier.

Jaclyn Lavelle, PA

Awesome for on the Go!

I have tried a couple of other formula dispensers and wasn’t super impressed, until I got this one. It’s a great deal for the combo pack, as with most other dispensers, you only get the one dispenser and not a bonus one. The lid pops open easily (which was a problem with a couple of the other ones we tried) and doesn’t seem like the formula mixes in with the other slots. I use it every time I’m on the go and use the single bottle dispenser for a quick trip to the store, or even sometimes at home, when I need a bottle fast. The only thing I wasn’t completely thrilled with was the fact that I got a pink dispenser, wish I had a more gender neutral color, but I wouldn’t rate the product down for that.

Marci Bluffton, OH


I love this thing, it’s handy to me because it’s pre-measured, so just dump it in the bottle, add water and feed baby. Takes up very little space in the diaper bag, we use it pretty regularly.

Imelda Van Dyne, WI

Munchkin Formula Dispenser

Love it! It’s very useful during lengthy road trips or just a walk to the local park. You can use either one, big (3 compartments) or small (1 compartment). Each compartment will hold up to 4 full scoops of formula, so usually it’s enough to make 8oz of milk using 1 compartment. (Example: Similac 1 scoop to 2oz of water). Lead is tight and secure. Easy to clean and store. I’d recommend.

Josie Tucumcari, NM

Great Formula Dispensor!

This product holds formula for easy traveling, I bought the pink & green colored one. I must say that the color is very true to the picture which is great. I don’t have any problems with the formula mixing into the other sections as I did with a previous dispenser. I recommend all mommies that have formula fed babies purchase one because I feel it’s a necessary item to have in the diaper bag.

Eve Onancock, VA

Love it!

Each compartment can hold 8 oz of formula. I love this product because the large lid and the little flip lid are both very tight and secure. The formula of each section don’t mix with one another.For each day, I feed my baby 5 times a day. This package only holds 4 feedings. So, I need to an old small tupperware cup with lid to hold the fifth feeding. In order to avoid spilling the formula on the 5th feeding, I use the tapered lid to help me funnel the powder into the bottle. This product would get 5 stars if there were 5 compartments. Otherwise, this product is nearly perfect.

Deborah Grover, WY

Much needed for parents feeding formula on the go.

This simple product is a reliable, life-saver for parents feeding formula on the go. The 3-compartment container is handy for longer outings, while the smaller, single serve container is perfect for a shorter trip and saves space in your diaper bag. The lid stays secure, but comes off easily to fill or wash the container. It also rotates nicely to easily access the storage chamber you’re after.

Marta Hurtsboro, AL

useful, be careful when closing the lid

if the lid isn’t put on properly formula can move between compartments which will throw off how much you need to put into the bottle but otherwise very solid product

Ola Garita, NM

Can’t live without it!

We bottle feed and this formula dispenser has come in handy so many times! I put pre-measured water in the bottle and cap it. When I’m ready to make a bottle I just use this with the pre-measured formula and dump it into the bottle, shake, and feed. Less than 30 seconds and I have a fresh bottle no matter where I am! Great for the diaper bag, daycare, or just to use at home! I love not having to measure out formula in the middle of the night. I just dump and go! Love it!

Christian Round Top, NY

It’s okay.

I actually didn’t have to use this for formula. I used it to hold different baby bits… I.e. Goldfish in one section, Cheerios in another, and the Gerber baby puffed things in the last. It’s okay but not very airtight. The food got stale. Oh well. It works for an afternoon.

Beatriz Staffordville, CT

Works for an on-the-go mom

I had a bigger, bulkier triple compartment dispenser that would take up too much room in my diaper bag, so I needed something more compact. The single dispenser is perfect for a quick trip and the triple dispenser is great for an all day adventure. The hinged cap means that it wont snap off after multiple openings and closings. Easy to clean and dries quickly.

Bridget Rehrersburg, PA


This makes it easier to make bottles in a rush, you appreciate it when you have a crying baby and no hands to maneuver, the little container is nice to carry in the diaper bag

Tara Warren, VT