Munchkin Formula Mixer, Blue

Munchkin Formula Mixer, Blue

Our hand held formula mixer blends away lumps in seconds and fits into any size bottle. We even include a bonus, single serving size formula dispenser for moms on the go. So add this to your mix of indispensable kitchen tools, and mealtime will go a lot smoother.

Main features

  • Blends away lumps in seconds
  • Sleek design fits all bottles
  • Mixer wand is top rack dishwasher safe
  • Single-serve formula dispenser included

Verified reviews



This is needed to reduce gas n it works. I, love mine n its best if put all the way to the bottom n still with it as you press the power button. The only problem is that you will need batteries all tthe time

Gayla Jewell Ridge, VA

great little mixer, but it only lasted a month!

I bought this because my daughter has reflux and spits up and this was the best tool for mixing out all of the clumps in the Similac RS formula. It worked great for a month, however now the button on the top stopped working; even after replacing the batteries. Kind of bummed out. I guess I’ll try the Prince Lionheart brand one or look for latte frother.

Gina Sumava Resorts, IN

Great price but great disappointment…

I bought this mixer to help with mixing my newborn’s formula. It creates bubbles so you have to make sure you set the formula down for a few minutes before feeding. But all in all it was great… but only for a day or two…The button is very hard to press down when mixing. After day two the button stopped working altogether and I was just using the mixer to mix the formula manually. At that point I decided to just return the item and use a knife to mix.I’m going to just find a mini whisk or other item and designate that as my mixer.

Carey Highlandville, IA

love the mixer but some break easily

I loved this mixer so much I purchased a lot and had one at all the grandparent’s houses. My son had reflux pretty bad and spit up all the time. I had him on Enfamil AR for spit up which is very thick. It was also very difficult to mix without it clogging the nipple. The only thing that worked was using a formula mixer, if it malfunctioned the bottle was pretty much ruined because the nipple would constantly get clogged. I had one that didn’t work right out of the packaging but I have another one that still works and I have been usign it for over 6 moths. The one at my mothers quit working after a while. We were able to bend the metal piece that makes contact with the batteries and get a little more use out of it but it quit working after a couple months. Good thing these are fairly cheap. I just kept buying them.

Daphne Kingstree, SC

Mixes well, but is a pain to use

I bought this at a local superstore and was glad to have it (because before this we were using a whisk and a regular spoon to mix formula), but the button that you use to turn it on needs to be constantly pressed down – holding it like that makes your hand hurt after a while. We ended up purchasing the Prince Lionheart one because it has a switch that turns on and keeps it on until you turn the switch off – both my husband and I like that one SO much better.

Rosanne Arthurdale, WV

worked well enough for a month or so

This mixer worked amazingly well… for about a month. Then it just randomly stopped working. No matter how hard we pressed the button, it won’t work. Changed batteries, even tried moving the metal connector inside the top… nothing.

Gretchen Vienna, OH

Worth the price – not perfect but works well.

I bought this one because it came with a tiny formula holder (at Babies R Us)…and I am glad I did. It is very easy to use, although sometimes the battery compartment door does move if you apply too much pressure, but it’s not a big deal at all–and it doesn’t happen that often (I use the mixer probably 6 times a day, 7 days a week and it might slide off 1-2 times). The battery life seems pretty good–we’ve had the mixer a few weeks now and the battery is still going strong. It does create bubbles when used, but you get that with shaking as well–but the mixer doesn’t leave unmixed formula blobs like shaking does. I would recommend this mixer.

Claudia Milfay, OK

Works ok, but short wand

I found that this product works fine, except it only reaches about half way down the tall bottles. It does fit the smaller, standard neck bottles. But I can’t seem to figure out how to pull it apart for cleaning.

Janet Coldiron, KY

A mixer with a mind of its own

Bought this thinking it would make my life easier. But it was a waste of money. The battery connectors dont work well so either its hard to turn the thing on…or impossible to turn it off. sometimes when it’s just sitting there in the cupboard it will have a spasm and turn on and off by itself. I wish I hadnt bought it.

Wilda Jim Falls, WI

Terrible product

Dissapointed in this item. Cheaply made. Stays on all the time so vibrates in your bag. On/off button does not work at all. Most of Muchkin’s products are great – NOT this one! Don’t waste your money. It’s cheap for a reason.

Nan Chelmsford, MA

broken in 2 weeks

I bought the item in spite of the bad reviews. At first, it works well, but it stops working only after 2 weeks. I know it is a cheap item, but still I think it should work more than 2 weeks. My advice: don’t waste money on this mixer.

Noreen Pioneer, LA

Good for the Price

I bought this because shaking a bottle (I use Dr. Brown’s) can make a mess. When I first bought this product, I was using it to mix Earth’s Best Organic Soy Formula. It worked pretty well. Now that I’ve started adding Earth’s Best Organic Oatmeal Cereal to my daughter’s formula, it’s not powerful enough.ProsThe mixer will detach from the handle, which makes cleaning a breeze.Very rarely has formula ever gotten on the handle.It mixes formula very quickly.It’s small enough to easily fit in the diaper bag.ConsIt’s noisy.When I first bought it, it was difficult to press the button.It makes a lot of bubbles. My baby’s formula should not have the consistency of a latte.It does not work very well if you add cereal to your baby’s formula.***Update***This product does not work for 8 oz. bottles.When I mentioned the amount of bubbles, I didn’t clarify how thick the bubbles make the formula. It’s almost like microfoam (that’s why I compared the consistency to that of a latte.)

Lorena Trout, LA

Not all that great….

So, this works but it’s not easy to use. The button is hard to hold down. It often makes the formula very frothy. I wouldn’t buy it again and couldn’t recommend to anyone without warning them that they might really hate it.

Luz Orange Cove, CA

Hit or Miss

I bought two of these gadgets. The first one, like the other reviewer’s experience, had a mind of it’s own. It worked fine at first. When I had to change the batteries out it didn’t want to turn off unless I slid the battery door slightly off. The second one I bought worked fine. I really liked that it came with the mini formula dispenser.

Jordan Virgilina, VA

Great little gadget

I love this thing. At first I was skeptical but after trying it I noticed right away that it eliminated the bubbles shaking would have made in the bottle. Another great feature is that you just have to rinse it under warm water to clean it. It mixes good and leaves no powder.

Dina Wilsonville, OR

Mixer Magic

great deal for the price. Although its not very heavy duty it works well for the powder formula. I also sometimes mix stage one baby food with the milk and it still holds up.

Randi Frankfort, OH