Munchkin: Fresh Food Feeder Colors vary

Munchkin: Fresh Food Feeder Colors vary

Ideal for fruits and vegetables. 6 months+ Healthy: give baby whole, fresh food safety Safe: reduces risk of choking on large food pieces Easy to use: place food into mesh bag – snap shut to secure Easy grasp handle Ideal for home or travel – the Fresh Food Feeder will become baby’s best friend.  Baby will enjoy the great flavor, nutrition and goodness of whole food – while reducing the risk of choking. This product does not contain PVC with Phthalates. Questions? Call 800-344-BABY

Main features

  • mesh
  • Ideal for home or travel – the Fresh Food Feeder will become babys best friend.
  • Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder reduces risk of choking on large food pieces.
  • Ideal for fruits and vegetables. 6 months.
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Verified reviews


Please don`t give this to your baby!

I know, this product seems great at first sight. If you`ve read other reviews you saw that many parent love it because it helps to cope with teething. Well, although it is true, I really do not recommend this feeder, or any other feeder.As all parents we are terrified with the idea that our babies will choke when eating. Trust me, that under constant supervision and with the type of food appropriate for your baby`s age, the baby will not choke.I believe this feeder creates a bad relationship between babies and food. When your baby is denied to feel the texture of the food and learn different associations of color, texture and flavor, the long term consequences might be disastrous.Eating is a much broader learning experience for the kid than just gain weight. If all the baby knows is flavor and plastic texture, no wonder older kids are more into artificial and concentrated flavors, like my kids I know that “loooove” mango, but deny eating the real thing.

Abbie East Dennis, MA

Love It…Don’t put in Bananas!!

This product is genius and it doubles as a teether. Our baby frequently flips it around and naws on the handle. We use fresh organic pear and frozen organic strawberries, blueberries & raspberries (the cold is great on the gums). It is challenging to clean and would just say mush up your bananas and feed with a spoon – this doesn’t work well with bananas. Pear comes through the mesh very easily along with the berries. Our little one loves this and it’s a treat for her. This is a must have for all new mamas and a very cheap purchase.
• Baby may initially reject because of mesh but express some food out and they will love.
• Great for teething babies.
• Great transition from super pureed foods but before lumpy foods (this makes the food have some texture).
• Can be difficult to clean but just buy a baby tooth brush to get into all the nooks.
• Buy it, it’s wonderful!

Gail Bernhards Bay, NY

Good for teething babies

I bought one of these a while back when my daughter was teething (she is 15 months now, and almost all of her teeth now!) and they worked great with ice cubes. When she started eating more solid foods, we put bananas in there, and even some apple slices. I like how the mesh only allows a small amount of food to come through. The only downside to these, are how messy they are. But kids are already messy, and it’s better than straight handing them a banana. She loved sucking on the ice cubes, and at times, it would be the only thing that would help her teeth. On a side note, make sure you put them in water RIGHT AFTER you are done using it. It will become way too hard to wash them otherwise, and I had to buy a whole new one after I made the mistake of leaving food in it .

Justina Meridian, GA

great idea but hard to clean!

this was great to feed my son fruits but it was so hard to clean I ended up having to throw away after a few uses.

Kristi Evansville, IL

Fun way to feed

Great product. We use it when we go out to eat and it keeps the baby busy. Our favorite thing to use in it is frozen peach slices. You can buy a bag at the grocery store that’s already sliced and frozen- done! We’ve also used ice cubes, frozen apple juice, apple slices, cantaloupe, honeydew, etc.

Marjorie Holbrook, PA

Difficult to open

This is a pretty good product but man is it tough to get open! My baby isnt all that into it so I find myself not using it that often mostly to avoid spending five minutes fiddling with it.

Malinda Bernice, LA

Fresh food feeder Eh ~ so so

Baby hates this thing. Its a PITA to clean. If you are looking to ease the teething process I wouldnt buy this again. However if you are looking to put mashable fruits and veggies in something it works but the mesh pores are a pain to clean.

Aline Fairport, NY

pretty cool

my daughter is still a little to young to use this but it is pretty cool she tries though and its really nice because i really dont have to worry about her choking on something because she decided to put a lot in her mouth or somehting and its nice because i can give her real foods instead of the processed baby foods:)

Elise Carrollton, OH

Daughter loves it

My daughter is happily making a mess of a banana using this feeder as I type this. She LOVES it and we love the fact that it offers some teething relief. Pretty easy to use, although we own two and one seems to be slightly more difficult to open and close. I only gave it 4/5 stars because as others have noted, cleaning it is a pain, although it’s not impossible. We’re going to also try one of the silicone ones to see if those are easier to clean. The happiness this brings her is worth the cleaning hassle however, and I’d still recommend this product.;=UTF8&qid;=1332983943&sr;=1-1

Maxine Talmage, CA

Worth the investment for young babies who are discovering food

I bought this when my son was about 4.5 months old and starting getting into baby food. He always wanted to hold his spoon and chew on it, so i thought i’d give him something healthy to chew on. This is PERFECT! I have put all kinds of fruit in it – grapes, strawberries, oranges, apples, peaches. I don’t usually let him have it anywhere but in a high chair b/c it can make quite a mess. I kind of wish i had bought a two pack so that i could keep one in my diaper bag b/c it’s great for when you are eating out – you can stick something (even a lemon!) in there and the baby has something to keep them occupied.One note – you HAVE to clean it good after the baby uses it. Maybe it’s just my son, but he seriously mashes up the food (especially things like strawberries) and it takes a little work to get all the mush out when he’s done. I could see how it would be kind of gross if you didn’t clean it well. And, i find that cleaning it by hand is the best…i’ve run mine through the dishwasher and i didn’t think it did as good of a job.

Jodie Beattie, KS

Cannot get clean

No matter how to try to clean the mesh. It will NOT. Fresh fruit, especially bananas, will leave food particles in the mesh. Bags are non-replaceable. Great concept, but change the bag to silicone and make it removable.

Bernice Wellman, IA

Great for young babies who can’t quite smush chunky food yet.

Love these things. I would give a 5 star, but they are hard to keep clean. As some reviews noted, bananas are hardest to clean out of these things…but I find if you soak it in a cup of water as soon as you are done with it, they rinse out well and then I clean in the dishwasher. My 6 month old can hold it, and chews/sucks on apple and pear slices. He is a little young to give a whole apple slice to chew on…but this way he gets the same benefit with minimal supervision. Would also work well if you put in the freezer when they are teething.

Elisabeth Groton, SD