Munchkin Fresh Food Freezer Cups, Colors May Vary

Munchkin Fresh Food Freezer Cups, Colors May Vary

Freezing baby’s food has never been easier with Munchkin’s Fresh Food Freezer Cups. The 4 silicone cups have brightly colored lids and a convenient storage tray. The durable silicone is food safe, freezer safe, and microwave safe. You can freeze, store and serve from the same container or easily pop out food into a serving dish.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Includes 4 silicone cups with colored lids and 1 storage tray
  • Durable silicone is BPA free, food safe, freezer safe, and microwave safe
  • Colorful cups and interlocking trays make freezer organization easy
  • Freeze, store and serve from the same container easily pop out food
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: blue, pink, or green

Verified reviews


Good for storing, transporting and serving baby purees, but pricey

Pricey for what it does.Storage/space issues: For a cramped freezer or refrigerator, this 4-cup tray is fine. The oz., ml and tsp measurements etched onto the silicone cups could be useful. The uppermost marks etched on the sides of the cup are 2oz., 60ml. and 12tsp. For my 7-month-old who started solids only a month ago, these cups hold more than enough food for each meal; he only stomachs about 1oz of food after having his fill of breastmilk.Storage uses: I’ve used these for defrosting and storing individual servings of pureed food that’s been frozen in cubes. I haven’t tried freezing food with these yet, but it is nice to know that I can. The Munchkin packaging recommends that you “remove lids and fill cups with baby food. Insert cups into tray and place tray in freezer. To thaw, let stand in refrigerator.” It’s not clear that you can screw the lids back on before putting the filled cups into the freezer. Maybe there’s a concern that the expansion of the baby food in the freezer will cause the lids to pop out and wreck the threads. I don’t know.Cleaning/maintenance: For those lucky enough to have a dishwashing machine, these are dishwasher safe, top rack only. The three parts can be washed separately. The silicone cup easily pops out of the white collar, and the lid unscrews. Bits of food that somehow get stuck in the crevices can be cleaned off this way. The cup openings are wide enough for me to clean using bottle brushes, or soft sponges. As for staining issues, I’ve stored pureed avocado, parsnips, and butternut squash, and so far, the silicone, white collar and lids remain clear. When my kid moves onto beets, I’ll update my review on the staining issue.Transporting (i.e., any leakage?): The lids screw on tightly, very tightly if you want. There is an arrow (and the word “close”) on the lid indicating how tightly you can screw the cup shut, but I never screw the lids on that much because I’d have a hard time unscrewing them back open. I’ve stored purees only in these so far. Nothing’s leaked despite being lax about transporting them upright or across smooth roads.However, there is a slight leakage risk: If you fill them with liquid only, the tight lids don’t prevent leaks. I noticed they do leak a little bit when they’re shaken vigorously. It looks like liquid seeps out when the silicone cup is not carefully positioned into the white collar (there are two tiny notches to guide the fitting of these two components). If you squeeze the silicone cups – which is easy to do since the material is so pliable – you could inadvertently cause the cup to detach from the white collar and thus, the liquid to leak.Serving: These cups are about the right size for me to hold in one hand while the other hand spoons the food out or wipes away messes. They’re soft and grip-able too, so if my baby had less of a knack for flinging things across the room, he might be able to hold onto these cups and feed himself without splattering his poor old mom. However, even if he were to fling these cups across the room, nothing would shatter. My heart might shatter at the sight of him throwing away the food I slaved in the kitchen to make, but that doesn’t reflect on this product’s construction.Other notes on materials and construction: BPA free, and although I know the cup is made of silicone, the packaging doesn’t say what the white collar or lid is made of. The silicone cups are clear enough for me to see what’s inside and how much of it is left (or how defrosted the baby food puree is), although it would be nice if the lid had a clear window so I can quickly see the contents from the top. If you care about where this product was manufactured, this product is made in China.Price: Minus one star due to the cost of this product. For this price, I wish these cups were entirely leak-proof or that they’d come in batches of six. Or both! The price is a major factor keeping me from buying another set right now. The other factor is I’m eyeing a similar product that will be released soon by OXO.

Tanisha Tuscaloosa, AL

Great food containers

We bought these with both the pink and the blue lids. We make our own baby food so they get used on a daily basis, and after 4 months of use I am very happy with them. I love that they can go from the freezer to the fridge and I especially love that they’re durable and don’t break if dropped. The size is perfect for the ‘stage 1’ foods since the portions are typically just 2 oz (the same size as these containers) and once our baby bumped up in portion size we just started using 2 of these containers for a single feeding. And the containers are small enough to where having to take multiple containers for a feeding doesn’t cause a problem when traveling since they don’t take up that much more room in the cooler.My only con with this product is the screw on lid – sometimes it doesn’t seem to ‘catch’ properly and I’ll think I’ll have screwed it on tightly, but it turns out that it’s not. I wouldn’t consdier this a huge problem, however. After the first time or two, I just became more aware of it and made extra sure it gets tightened properly and it hasn’t been a problem since.Overall, I really like these containers and have recommended them to some friends as well.

Shauna Williamsburg, NM

Didn’t do it for me

Maybe I just got a defective product, not sure but I could not open two of the lids and had to wait for my husband to come home and do it. Even he struggled to open the lids, it’s almost as if though they were glued to the top of the container. I had to return them. Also, I really didn’t want the blue set but that’s what I got (I have 3 girls). Amazon should allow the buyer to pick the color.

Lynne Kenedy, TX

ehh these are ok

the trays are useless. and the cups are just ok, they are hard to get back together correctly after washing. i would just rather use ball canning jars…

Rosetta Raymond, NE


I live these containers!! They are so easy to eat out of on the go. Easy to store in the fridge. Easy to store in freezer since the steel in so strong. The proportions are perfect for a few feelings at a time.

Rachelle Mount Vernon, OH

Love the twist top

These work so slick for making baby food. The twist top keeps them from spilling or opening on the diaper bag. They come completely apart for easy cleaning and they are dishwasher safe. Trays for the freezer work wonders too.

Clare South Jordan, UT

Great storage

This is great for uneaten baby food that needs to be stored in the frig. If fits great in the storage case.

Alison Bergton, VA

Not as useful as I hoped

I bought these when I was just starting out making baby food for my son. My strategy at the time was to make large batches of food to freeze and then thaw day by day. Eventually I moved away from that strategy, but I gave up on these containers before that.The silicone “bowl” portion of the container sits in a plastic ring, which screws into the blue lid. The silicone bowl has a tiny notch in it that is supposed to keep it from turning in the ring, but it’s not enough to overcome the force of screwing and unscrewing the lid, so the silicone bowl turns and buckles while you’re trying to get the darn thing open. Plus, the ring and lid are both so small that it’s hard to get a real grip on them with your hands while trying to open and close the container. It’s a cuss-fest.I ended up using the OXO tot square containers with the green lids to store purees. They worked great for me.

Nadine Bakersfield, MO

Easy storage of homemade babyfood

I received a few of these containers at my baby shower. Once I started making baby food I found these to be the best of the three types I have so I bought more. The silicone is thinner than some of the other containers I have tried so it is easier to pop the frozen food out for long term storage. I freeze my purees then pop them out and store it in labeled zip top bags. I also like that they are individual cups (unlike ice cube trays) so I can keep some on hand (especially great for leaving the house. They seal tight and I have never had one leak in my insulated bag while on the go. I wish they came in more colors so I could color code a larger assortment of food but masking tape on the trays seem to work just fine. The lids are sometimes hard to get open when fresh from the freezer because of condensation so you have to dry them off and also if you fill them too full (things expand when frozen) and the lids will freeze on. Overall a great product for freezing homemade baby foods and you can use them without lids to make homemade popsicles.

Martina Zebulon, GA

Better luck with regular tupperware

Great idea. But they are not easy to clean, the plastic stains easily and left a funky taste and when you try to screw the lid on, food is usually pushed/stuck around the edge. I’ve found regular BPA free tupperware type things works better (or small glass jars.)

Trisha Chadbourn, NC

Good product!

I like this product. It does what it’s suppose to. I tried to do some research on finding something like this for storing homemade baby food and this seemed to be one of the best. It’s easy to use and I like that you can just push the food out of the container when it’s frozen. The product is of good quality. The stand is nice and convenient for setting it in the fridge or freezer. Overall nice product and useful to have.

Jeanie Crosby, MN

Perfect Size and shape, but does have some cons.

I do like this product because it is the perfect size and shape for our feeding needs. It also is a screw top so it stays on even if you drop it unlike other containers. I use it for packing cherrios on the go and storing pureed baby food in the freezer. What I don’t like is the clear color stains easily and the tray takes up space and isn’t really stackable. If you’re preparing for a baby, I created a comprehensive list of must have baby registry items for the first three months. Just search for “All Moms Are Perfect” in google. It’s in the preparing for baby section.

Madeleine Bolivar, MO

Yep, they stain

I make my own baby food. These work great for portion storing bc of the measuring lines. Not so great for warming up food, even in a cup of warm water. As someone else stated they stain at the first sign of Sweet potatoes, carrots… most babies first foods. I tried everything to get then clean, even washing them in boiling vinegar. For the price of approximately 2.5 a container, I would expect these not to stain.

Ginger Gilbert, IA