Munchkin Gate Extension, White, 2.75″

Munchkin Gate Extension, White, 2.75″

A customized fit is always better than a standard one, especially when it comes to baby-proofing. If you need to extend your Munchkin safety gate, you can do so with standard gate extensions available in a variety of sizes and colors to give you the perfect fit. These extensions work with pressure-fit safety gates and can be combined to span a variety of opening sizes up to 54″ wide. Available in 2.75″, 5.5″ and 11″ sizes. For use with the Auto-Close Metal Gate (MK0006), Easy Close Metal Gate (MK0002) and Safe Step with TripGuard® Gate (MK0096).

Main features

  • Extends the Auto-Close Metal Gate (MK0006), Easy Close Metal Gate (MK0002) and Safe Step with TripGuard Gate (MK0096)
  • Dimensions: 2.75″ W x 29.5″ H
  • Steel extensions can be combined to span a variety of openings up to 54″
  • Material: Steel

Verified reviews


Did the job

We own the easy close and were disappointed when we spent $50 and it didn’t fit the width as described so we had to spend even more money on an extension. We had to remove the extension already installed on the gate and install this one, it fit perfect and did the job.

Amanda Drewryville, VA

good product

This served the purpose I needed it for with one exception. It would have been great to get the plugs that go in the ends to put the srews in. This did not come with them and the original was stuck, so I now have one of the corners that is loose… I suggest making sure you are careful when removing the plugs. If they are stuck, try using soap or something to loosen them. A loose baby gate does no one any good. Other than that, it was great!

Heather Unionville Center, OH

OK but note width info, not picture

We used this extension with the Easy-Close gate. It is easy enough to add to the gate (or other extensions). Note that the picture currently associated with this item is incorrect. The picture is of the 2.75 inch extension (single vertical bar) but this product is the 5.5 inch extension and has two vertical bars. My only complaint with using it is the lack of width overlap when it comes to adding extensions in this series. Read more about this in my review of the Munchkin Easy-close gate.

Stacey Breeden, WV

Great Product

These extenders worked perfectly. They are so much nicer in appearance, as well as sturdier, than the ones that come in the box with the gate. They are also a little wider than the ones that come in the box.

Fern Waldo, OH

Works well

It does its job which is to extend the gate you already have. Its a little difficult to remove the extender if you no longer need it. But otherwise, it does what it is meant to do.

Rebekah Shohola, PA

small gaps, strong design, protects our baby

I use the Munchkin gate on our stairs to the basement. I have an extension on both ends due to a wider staircase, and although it does make it just a bit more flimsy I’ve never feared it would break or give-way to our daughter despite how she loves to shake the gate. Very strong and forgiving…does not allow a cat through the rungs either.

Deloris Winn, ME

Worked out great!

Didn’t realize the top of our stair case was a little bit wider than the Munchkin Gate by itself. The extension was here in 2 days and was easily installed!

Toni Mallory, WV

Jerry-rigged this to make it work!

I used the Munchkin auto close gate at the bottom of the stairs but needed a third extra extension to make it fit. (the gate comes with two). It was too tight of a fit with the full extension in so I took out the bar and somehow made it work. I have a baseboard I had to leave extra room for at the bottom and I made sure the screws were almost all of the way extended on top, but it works!There aren’t many options of gates that have a wide door and are pressure mounted and are wide enough for my stairs, so I think this was the best option for us.

Laurie Reserve, MT

Work very well and made our Munchkin Self Closing Gate fit perfectly

We bought the Munchkin Self Closing gate that is 38" wide. Our opening at the top of the staircase was more like 41". So we bought two of these extenders and they fit perfectly. We’re very happy with them and recommend them to anyone.

Dixie Maple Hill, NC

Just what I needed!

There is not much to say about a baby gate extension. It came in one piece, instructions, and all the hardware needed. I got this brand/gate because of the good review from my independent research. I’m not sure what others are saying here on Amazon, but I haven’t had any issues with it.

Paula Lehighton, PA

Slides around

Our 7-month old is about to start crawling, so we got the Munchkin babygate to put at the top of the stairs. We needed this extender to help us get about an extra inch more than the basic extender that comes in the gate packaging allows. Here are my findings:1. You may need to remove the small extender that comes with the babygate in order to install this extender. Or, when you measure for your extender, just know that you need to factor in the length of that extender that comes with the babygate.2. However, this extender uses the parts that come with the babygate–it doesn’t have its own additional parts. I don’t believe we could easily use the extender that comes with the packaging along with this one on the same side of the babygate. One extender per side seems to be the rule.3. The babygate itself (including the extender) secures into place using traction…there is outward pressure from the center of the babygate. When installing the babygate, it slid all over the walls, leaving marks. The unit comes with sticky pads and I have no idea why. With that much pressure being exerted, the sticky pads just slid off of the rubber pads and got sticky stuff all over the wall. It’s kind of a joke. I mean–if you can hold the babygate up using stickers, there’s a safety issue.4. Because we were installing this babygate at the top of our stairs, we were putting one side on the railing post and one side on the wall. It was very difficult to install this on my own because the side on the railing kept sliding off and the whole unit would fall apart when that happened. Then the screws would pop out (they’re just dangling into the extender and babygate). It was a mess to install.

Wendi Sauquoit, NY

Easy to add extension

This extension was easy to add to our Easy Close gate and made it the perfect size for the top of our stairs. Very pleased with this gate and extension!

Robbie Campbellsville, KY

It’s an extension. ok.

Does what it’s supposed to do. No complaints. My husband assembled it so I can’t comment on assembly but it looked pretty easy.

Rosemarie Pavillion, WY