Munchkin Gone Fishin’ Bath Toy

Munchkin Gone Fishin’ Bath Toy

Munchkin Gone Fishin’ Bath Toy

Main features

  • Magnetic bobber catches sea squirters
  • Includes two magnetic fish sea squirters that can float and squirt water
  • Magnetic bobber helps develop hand-eye coordination
  • Reel clicks when turned
  • 2 years and up

Verified reviews


One of my son’s favorite bath time toys

My son really loved this toy. I like the quality of the toys which are very durable. Not the standard flimsy plastic. and the price is very reasonable!

Angeline Otisville, MI

magnets don’t work that well

The idea is nice and the design is very cute but the magnet doesn’t work that well, especially in bath water. I think this is because the fish/crab/starfish are too heavy. Our 18 month old boy is not very interested in this toy, and it’s hard to teach him to “fish” because they just don’t stick. We have to hold the fish in one hand, and the fishing pole in the other, and force them to stick together, which isn’t really “fishing”

Mavis Tumwater, WA


I catch the fish and he picks the fish off the magnet and puts it back on and off– loves it– trying to teach him colors/ alot of fun. Keep in mind if you have an old house you may have a metal tub and the toys may stick to your tub :)..

Susan Venturia, ND

Fun but magnet is small

Best of the fishing toys I’ve bought. Only one not broken at least. Fish are nice and big. Downside is that the magnets are small and so difficult to align perfectly the fish with the rod. My kids took to picking up the fish and placing them on the rod and saying "Look, I caught one!"

Jan Cedarhurst, NY

Fun, inexpensive bath toy

I got this for my son this past Christmas and he loves playing with it in the bathtub. I’m sure it’ll make it’s way outside to the kiddie pool this summer though, so I’m thinking about getting another one just in case. Great for eye-hand coordination, especially for toddlers.

Berta Bairoil, WY

Not enough fish, and fish float belly up

So the magnet is on the heads of the fish, which doesn’t work out because my fish always end up belly up. I’m no water specialist or a science geek, and you may have a solution for it – but I obviously don’t know what that solution is. HOWEVER, my 16 month old son loves this toy during bath time and knows exactly what it’s supposed to do… so he will chase all of his toys around the tub with the pole until one of them latches on.My only thing is, I wish there was a way to just buy more fish. I think 6 fish would be better than just 2.I would still recommend this. Just wish I could buy more fish, almost like an expansion pack. HAHA.

Faye Wallace, SC


This is a really cute idea but its not quite there. The magnet isn’t real strong enough to "catch" the fish well. But, my daughters enjoy playing with the fish so overall, its good.

Caitlin Pleasant View, CO

regret purchase

Not a functional toy for a little kid I didn’t like it at all I wish I didn’t buy it

Kristi Salem, IN

How is this even for sale.

This toy is completely useless. The fish have magnets on the top that weight them down and they flip over so they won’t connect with the fishing pole. Not much else to say. It doesn’t work, plain and simple. I don’t understand how this has so many positive ratings or how it even passed testing and went on the market.

Stacey Gloversville, NY

Didn’t work

Magnet barely worked with one fish before we put it in the water & not at all with the other. After first bath- there’s no fishing with the pole!!!Definitely disappointing 🙁

Pat Black Canyon City, AZ

It’s okay, nothing special

I bought this for my 2 year old daughter. She seems to enjoy it for the squirting toys, not so much the fishing pole. It’s still a good buy and a good value but nothing special.

Lakeisha Trenton, TN

Nice toy

Our little guy now gets to pretend he is Daddy fishing. Only 2 fish come with it but really that is enough for a toddler.

Roxie Osceola, WI

Only OK

I bought this fishing set for my 2 yr old daughter and she does really like it a lot. We got this about a week ago and she is still running around with the pole. I do not find it to be as great as I thought it would be for 2 reasons. Whoever said in their review that the little fish/crab/starfish “click” nicely to the hook is not correct, these things barely have enough magnet to attach. It is a cute set, and worth the $8 I suppose. I don’t think I would have bought it if I had to do it over again. Also the other reason I don’t like this is the HUGE worm on the hook. It is bigger than anything else and serves really no purpose. The whole hook piece in general needs to be rethought.

Veronica Strong City, KS

awesome bath toy

Haven’t used it since its a xmas gift for my baby but comes in a nice package and looks like a lot of fun for her when she takes baths.

Deann Arnold, CA

Disappointed in Munchkin

Munchkin usually makes very good, well designed, sturdy products, this is just ok. It is hard for the fish to stay on the "fishing line" the concept is cute and the price is ok, but it doesn’t actually work all that well.

Deena South Ryegate, VT

Fun toy

This toy is nice. but my 2.5 year old got over it very quickly. He plays with the squirt toys, but does not use the Pole anymore!And the magnets for squirt toys are glued on, but the glue is not that good, looks like its already comming off!

Jami Mc Leod, TX

The magnets are weak.

It does work but the magnets are weak. My daughter likes it though, getting her an early start on fishing. It takes a bit of hand eye coordination to get the fish to stick because they need to be aligned perfectly. But hey that’s fishing sometimes it takes a while to land that trophy squirting plastic fish.

Veronica Converse, IN

Magnet in bobber isn’t strong enough to catch fish

That’s pretty much it. I was really excited to get this for my 3 year old but the magnet is so weak it doesn’t pick up or hold on to the fish at all. Very disappointing.

Felicia Kirklin, IN

too cute

I saw these and had to get them for my 1 yr old son and he loves it…its simple enough that he uses it by himself and I’m able to wash him up so its great for me.

Marian Elmira, OR

Fun but didn’t realize they are squirters

I might have missed it as I was just quickly getting a wishlist together for Christmas but these are squirting toys. We’ve thrown all of our squirting toys out because they get moldy no matter what you do. Even the pole has a hole in it to let water in. 🙁 I’ve plugged the holes up with hot glue so we will see how long that lasts. Besides that it’s a fun toy for the bath.

Pat Newland, NC

Way cute

Bought this for my daughters daycare secret santa and was surprised how cute and sturdy this toy is. I like it so much that I am probably going to buy the same toy for my daughter. I know she would have a blast with it.

Jaime Bronx, NY

Not the best option

I wanted something inexpensive to play "going fishing with Grandpa". Well, I got what I paid for. It’s not the best out there. The magnet for the bulb to the fish is not strong at all. My son enjoyed playing with the fish more than the pole. When he does play with the pole, it turns into a weapon as he swings it around. Should’ve thought this through more.

Briana Pickerington, OH