Munchkin Hello Kitty Click Lock Insulated Straw Cup, 9 Ounce

Munchkin Hello Kitty Click Lock Insulated Straw Cup, 9 Ounce

Munchkin’s new line of Click Lock cups are just right because they just click. These cups feature a simple click-and-lock lid to securely close for a leak proof seal, guaranteed. Parents will see, hear and feel the cup lock, so they have triple assurance against dribbles and drips.

Main features

  • Click Lock leak-proof design
  • Soft, flexible spill proof straw removes for easy cleaning
  • Cup won’t leak when the straw is in the open or closed position
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • For 12 plus months

Verified reviews


Cups work well

Cups work well. You have to make sure the top part of the straw is pushed all the way into the lid (from the underneath) to make sure it doesn’t leak. Sometimes liquid comes out — we figured out that when the kid sips on it, she doesn’t suck all the liquid out and it sits in the straw. When she knocks it over that small amount of liquid will leak out because it is already past the seal. This is the best cup we’ve tried so far. It is a hassle to clean, but all baby stuff is a hassle to clean. Great cup!

Nanette Somers, IA

Our favorite sippy cup to date

These cups live true to their name – unlike some other click lock cups, when properly assembled, it is most certainly leak-proof. I am giving this cup 4 out of 5 stars specifically because it’s not always easy to assemble perfectly, which can be frustrating. But the concern of mold from others really isn’t warranted – if you wash the cup correctly and take care of it, you won’t have this problem.My 13 month old daughter loves it – this cup is our preferred brand.

Opal Farber, MO

filled with condensation on the first handwash

The seal on this cup isn’t the same quality as my other cups of the same brand. I was disappointed that it filled up with condensation right away. And I don’t put these cups through the dishwasher, I always handwash them.

Sharron Hawthorne, NV

Happy Camper

Cute cup, my daughter loves it, I however find that it still leaks if left on side or turned upside down. But I’ve learnt its a give and take with sippy cups. I’ve bought the 2 of the exact same cups, where one works perfect and the other doesn’t.

Stacy Columbus, AR

Good straw cup

My daughter refuses to drink out of sippy cups so I went with straw cups instead. I like this one a lot, it’s easy to take apart and put together and washes clean in the dishwasher.. however after it’s not actually leak proof and it doesn’t seem to keep things cold very long even though it claims to be insulated..

Muriel Somers, WI

very cute

this is a very cute cup but my toddler does shake it up and down and it does leak a little. its nice that it goes in the dish washer. the only thing if u dont keep it up right and if were the straw isnt close it will leak

Avis Oxford, NE