Munchkin High Capacity Drying Rack, White

Munchkin High Capacity Drying Rack, White

Keep your countertop and feeding items clean, dry and organized with the high capacity Drying Rack by Munchkin. It holds up to 16 bottles and the height adjusts to fit multiple size bottles and cups. The pegs fold down flat for custom set-up and easy storage. The base features cut-away grips for easy handling and a removable, reversible drip tray which catches water or drains into the sink. All pieces are top rack dishwasher safe. Along with bottles, the high capacity Drying Rack is ideal for use on valves, straws, nipples, pump accessories, pacifiers and more.

Main features

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  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Holds up to 16 bottles and ideal for use on valves, straws, nipples, pump accessories, pacifiers and more
  • Height adjust to fit multiple size bottles and cups
  • Pegs fold down flat for custom set-up and easy storage
  • Base features cut-away grips for easy handling
  • Reversible drip tray can be set to either catch water or drain into sink

Verified reviews



If you’re simply looking for somewhere to dry your baby items without taking up a large amount of space, this will work for you. I have dried 4- 4oz Dr. Brown, 3- 4oz Avent, 2- 5oz Breastflow and 2- 9oz Breastflow bottles with all accessories without a hitch. As long as the weight of the bottles are distributed properly, there’s no chance of it falling over. It says “High Capacity” for a reason. I have also used the bottom rack to dry 6 baby bowls and lids. Both racks still spun with everything on it. There is minimal assembly and the top rack has adjustable heights. It’s better to slide the top rack from the bottom of the pole up when putting into place. Make sure the tabs click, otherwise it isn’t in place and will wobble.

May Westford, MA


I had the First years spinning drying rack and thought that was great, but WOW does this one take the cake!I love the fact the spokes do not come off, they fold down. BIG plus for me.Its very sturdy, and less flimsy than the first years one too. I had to use a piece of electrical tape on the middle post on the first years one so it was thicker so the top rack didnt slide down, but that was no biggie to me and it got a lot of use thats for sure.So i came on here a while back looking to get another, as i just had another baby so i needed a new rack for his bottles and breast pump parts, and i would use the other one for my 2 year old’s sippy cup parts and stuff.Well when i opened this one and set it up i fell in love with it, tossed the first years one and ordered another of these!I have them both sitting on my counter next to each other and could NOT be happier. I put up pictures, if you want to see.Holds a TON of weight, i have 4 to 5 breast pump funnels on the top at a time, along with the diaphragms, duck bills, breast cushions, bottles. Then on the bottom i put more bottles, nipples, collars, you name it. If i wash it for the baby it goes in there and it does its job perfectly!I HIGHLY recommend this drying rack. You will NOT be disappointed!!!

Helena Reydon, OK

Why go for smaller when you can go high capacity for about the same price?

I am exclusively pumping for my son, so I needed a drying rack that could accommodate two sets of pumping supplies in addition to whatever bottles I had gone through for both storage and feeding. This rack holds it all and then some.It sets up very quickly (literally, it took me a minute), and is readily transportable around my kitchen. I love how the water drainage can either collect in a tray or be set to drain directly into the sink. It’s large, but not large enough to make me feel like it takes up an unnecessary amount of space. The footprint is maybe a foot and a half with bottles on it.Simple and works perfectly.

Mariana Greenvale, NY

a godsend

This product has saved us. We were drowning in bottles and breast pump accessories–they were taking over our entire kitchen counter! This product is efficient and well-designed. It holds all our bottles and accessories, they dry quickly, and it takes up far less space than our previous arrangement. The funny thing is that we had hesitated to order it at first because (as anyone who’s had a baby knows) we have had to buy so much *stuff* already, and we’re both people who hate clutter–but in the end this product significantly minimizes clutter. Highly recommended.

Dina Ganado, TX

Great product

Easy to assemble, love the adjustable levels, fits all different types of juice cups & bottles short & tall. Doesn’t take up a lot of space. Easy to clean. I wish the bottom level would spin more easily, but that’s my only complaint.

Katherine Hamilton, AL

I have twins and bought 2 of these racks from …

I have twins and bought 2 of these racks from Amazon. They really are "high capacity" and I am able to fit all my medela pump parts, bottles, nipples and other accessories to dry after sanitizing them.I keep these on my kitchen counter over a water absorbing mat.

Deana Elysian Fields, TX

Saves space.

Love it. We use the Avent sterilizer and dry them on this. works great.

Katina Wawarsing, NY

Simple and Easy to Use

We stll use this drying rack. I lvoe that you can dry many many bottles/nipples and it’s the best one I’ve seen

Teri Forest Lakes, AZ

Great product

We have only had this drying rack for a few days, but so far, I love it. It was very easy to assemble and holds all of our bottles (usually around 10-12)and the bottle accessories. The rack spins easily which allows me to keep putting bottles on the rack while I am washing without dripping a bunch of water all over the counter. The rack has the option to either catch the water to drain later or drain right into your sink. It does take up a bit of counter space, but it is worth it to me to be able to fit all of my bottles and accessories on the rack at the same time.

Trisha Pinon Hills, CA

Made for Dr. Brown’s bottles

We use this to dry our Dr. Brown’s bottles, and it works well for the bottle itself and the blue stems. There’s even holes in the top rack that fit the blue stems so they can hang vertically to dry.We dry the yellow gaskets and nipples in the normal dish rack, since once you line the outside of both racks with bottles it makes it super hard to reach in and grab those small parts. Also the top seems wobbly a lot of the time, though that doesn’t really affect its performance or anything like that.

Ila Swartz Creek, MI

Strong enough for glass bottles

Easy to setup, easy to clean. It is strong enough to hold glass baby bottles, which is really a plus for me. It has sufficient room to hold all parts of the baby bottle and other baby things. Great little purchase.

Georgia Sutersville, PA


It has been hard trying to find the right kind of rack for all this baby stuff, finally I found it. This thing is easy to use, holds a ton of stuff if you need it too, looks nice, and fits perfect under the cupboards on the counter. FINALLY!!!

Casandra Wolcott, VT

Best Choice

When making a decision to buy a drying rack, I had to put into perspective that there are going to be A Lot of Bottles and pump parts. I chose this product because of its high capcity. It holds 4 more bottles than most other competitors, and offers to retain excess water in a tray at the bottom or run off into the sink. Also, this is very easy to maintain cleanliness compared to other products. This is a win…

Theresa Knippa, TX

Wonderful drying rack

My daughter-in-law and son loved this for their 2 month old baby, so convenient compared to laying out all the bottles, nipples, binkies, and breast pump stuff on a kitchen towels to dry. It can fit 16 bottles inverted, with nipples, bottle tops, and binkies laying on the surface of the 2 shelves inside the bottles. Sits vertically so no sprawled out look, it saves kitchen counter space.

Flora Monterey Park, CA

Love this!

This rack has made my life so much easier! It easily holds the 8 bottles, parts and all. Easy to wash and allows air flow so they all dry quickly and completely. Love it!

Corina Gilroy, CA

Great drying rack

It’s pretty sturdy and just as the name indicates it can hold quite a lot of items that need to dry up. I use it to dry baby bottles, formula dispensers, pacifiers and toys.The try at the bottom is a plus; all the water accumulates into the tray making it easy to dispose of it. Great product!

Suzanne Litchville, ND

Good sized drying rack, holds glass bottles

This drying rack is exactly what I need. Hold lots (16) of bottles (glass included), nipples, pump flanges etc. without being bulky. Easily rotates, the height of the lower rack is adjustable. There is a lot of surface area on the ‘shelf’ part for bottle caps, etc. and ‘holes’ where other stuff like Dr. Brown bottle inserts can dry. It fits easily under our cabinet in a corner of our kitchen countertop. It is an excellent value for the price.

Janelle Swansea, MA

Very well designed

This is the second drying rack I’ve purchased; what sets this one apart is the pop-up posts – much better than the ones you have to "mount"The only thing holding this back from 5 stars is the fact that the bottom rack does not spin nearly as smoothly as the top rack does.

Randi Ludlow Falls, OH

Perfect For Dr. Brown Bottles

We own 12 Dr. Brown bottles and this rack has worked out very well for all of them. The carousel turns easily, I have not had any issues with tipping.

Evangelina Camino, CA

Use every day and love it – a must have!

This is one of the best baby items we have. Hold all bottles and accessories well and takes up minimal counter space. Cannot recommend enough.

Sophie Leburn, KY

Best Bottle Drying Rack!!!

Just wanted to say I love this bottle rack. Have had it and used the same one for 3 years now and is still like it was when I first opened it.The design is great as it allows for drying up to 16 bottles and all of the little intricate parts that can be included with bottles these days.Fabulous product and great as a baby shower gift!! I have given one to all of my mom to be friends! They all love theirs as well!

Janie Seth, WV

Does the job, still not big enough

This drying rack does the job just fine. Despite being "high capacity", it is still not big enough for all the stuff we go through in one day between feeding twin babies and me pumping and having pump parts I dry on this. But it’s still the best one we found.

Rhea Gilbertville, IA

Huge drying rack and gives you the necessary drying space you need if you’re bottle feeding!

I actually had bought the smaller version of the Munchkin Sprout Drying Rack and it worked well but I started to realize that I needed more drying space so I ordered this high capacity one and gave the other one away! This rack has a great option too having a pull out section that drains right into the sink or you can use it as a collection tray. There are quite a # of holders that you can put nipples or bottles on (16 to be exact). Overall this is a great bottle drying rack for the kitchen counter!

Yesenia Amherst, OH

Easy to use!

It holds all the bottles and items needed to dry after washing or sterilizing. I also used this for a trip I took out of state and it is easy to take apart and collapse.

Colleen Tigerville, SC

Love this drying rack!

We love this drying rack. We began using it to hold our Medela 5 oz bottles, parts, and breastpump accessories and it was great! Now we are exclusively formula feeding and using Dr. Brown’s 8 oz bottles. There are many more parts and I they all fit perfectly on this rack. I set the blue air tubes into the little holes on the top rack so that they remain upright and water drains from them.Pros- Plenty of space for all types of bottles- Spins making it easy to access everything- The drip tray can be used to run the water off into the sink or it can be turned around to collect the water in the tray.- You can adjust the top shelf to different heights based on your needs.- The spindles can be put down. I keep about half down on the top shelf to make it easier to access nipples and parts.Con- I would like to be able to tilt nipples more easily. They do fit in the groves but you have to work to make them stand up. This isn’t a deal breaker though because it isn’t difficult and they do stand up.

Eula Young Harris, GA

wish we found this sooner!

great drying rack, holds much more than the other munchkin racks and is very convenient in the kitchen since it has two tiers and rotates… GREAT item

Elda Sparland, IL

Works well

I use this drying rack daily. There is plenty of space to fit all of my bottles and pump parts without taking up too much counter space.

Jimmie Leon, KS


holds everything I need. a little rocky, but that is ok. I can get all my shields, bottles, and pacifiers on this contraption.

Angelica Duncan, OK

Great choice – hold lots of bottles and parts

Wife and I use this 100% of the time.After looking at many of these on Amazon and in store, picked this one for the design and value.No complaints at all.

Harriett East Freedom, PA


LOVE this item!!! This rack holds so many bottles and pump pieces I love it. I pump, supplement with formula and make baby food. This rack holds all the pieces for the pump, bowls, spoons, bottles and baby bullet.

Elsie Beallsville, OH