Munchkin High Speed Bottle Warmer

Munchkin High Speed Bottle Warmer

With Munchkin’s High Speed Bottle Warmer you can make your baby’s bottle and food the perfect temperature every time with no guessing. This unique 2-in-1 design also offers a lift out basket to sanitize pacifiers and small accessories. The gentle steam system warms safely and evenly, with no hot spots. Nutrients stay in and your baby stays happier bottle after bottle, meal after meal. An alarm lets you know when it’s ready and the system automatically shuts off when the cycle is complete. Fits regular or wide-mouth bottles and jars.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Steam warming system heats milk and food quickly and evenly
  • Disinfects pacifiers and small items
  • Helps prevent loss of nutrients
  • Alarm sounds and system automatically shuts off when ready
  • Fast, Ready to serve in 90 seconds

Verified reviews


Overheats the milk

After reading all the reviews, I decided to try the product anyway. The sound of the beep doesn’t bother me at all, but then again my bedroom is fairly removed from the kitchen. The problem I have with this product is that it really overheats the bottle! Even though I followed the guidelines and instructions, the milk was always waaay too hot, and I ended up needing to cool it on ice. In other words, it would have taken just as much time to just float the bottle in a thermos of hot water. I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone.

Joann Boston, VA

LOVE it!

I LOVE this product. The design looks good and it comes with a laminated reference chart that slides in the back of the unit so you know how much water to use each time. It warms my bottles perfectly and I use the NUK 5 oz. and some evenflo’s. I’ve only overheated one bottle and it was my fault (I accidently put double the water in the chamber). The unit does beep when it’s ready…but I’m not sure why some reviewers hate that feature so much, It’s not the least bit annoying to me. In fact…I start the bottle, run in for a diaper change, hear the beep, and know it’s ready! The unit does build up brown gunk in the bottom after several uses, but as long as you clean it per the directions, it’s fine. I highly recommend this product!

Lynn Sheridan, MI

dont understand bad reviews????

i dont get the bad reviews because this bottle warmer works great for me. i just pour in whatever amount of water ( i dont look at the water/direction chart) and the bottle heats up fine. it does take a little time to get the hang of it but once you do it works great! i just make sure to shake the bottle after heating just incase of hot spots-no bottle warmer is perfect. but i have never had problems with hot spots. the alarm for when it is done is not that loud-it nevers wakes my daughter up. the only reason i gave four stars is because it does get a little gunk from water after multiple uses but i just clean it with a clorox wipe or soak it with vinegar. it is expected to get a little dirty due to constant moist-heat build up. the sterilizer for nipples and pacifiers is awesome-i use it all the time. however-i have used this bottle warmer for only two weeks so i dont know how long it will last but it is great so far! definately would recommend or buy again! fyi-i heat up pumped breat milk if that helps anyone and i use many types of bottles (drop ins, 6 oz-9oz bottles) so it works great with variety

Faith Gruver, IA

just throw it in the trash

this is pretty much garbage. we had used this for two weeks when the light went out and the beeping stopped-but it still heated the bottles. now it inconsistently heats bottles, which also wouldn’t be so bad except that it has a feature that keeps you from turning it on again so it doesn’t over heat. it is supposed to be for three minutes according to the manual but it is for anywhere from 3 to 8 minutes. so here is the common scenario-the baby starts to fuss because he is hungry. you put the bottle in the warmer, checking it often because there is no light or beeping to indicate it is done. you check the bottle and it is still cold. baby starts to cry. you add water to the warmer, alas it turned off. now you have to wait for it to be restartable. baby starts to scream. still waiting, up to 8 minutes. now you have to restart the warmer and wait another few minutes for the bottle to warm up. it takes almost as long to heat the bottle as it does to feed him. we are just boiling water now and our son is only 2 months also over heated his pacifiers and made them smell like burnt rubber (sterilization bags never do this).

Carole Lecoma, MO

Works well for us. Fast = what I wanted

We have had this bottle warmer for a week or two, and are very pleased with it. I read other reviews on Amazon before purchasing it, and despite the variability of the reviews, got it and am happy that I did.I don’t get overly concerned about how hot versus warm versus “not cold” it makes the bottle. We are giving our daughter both pumped breastmilk and formula, and I wanted something faster than microwaving water and the setting the breastmilk in it for 3-5 minutes to warm it and re-suspend the fat of the milk. My goal is that it’s not refrigerator cold when I give it to my daughter, although she will take a straight from the fridge bottle of formula when she’s really hungry.I selected this warmer to purchase because of all of the ones I looked at, this one was the fastest – shortest time it advertises is 90 seconds, versus 5+ minutes for some other brands. I purchased it from Amazon because of the great price (and we have Prime so fast & free shipping).As other reviews have said, the beeping is loud. It doesn’t really bother me, nor does it seem to bother her.I have used the pacifier sanitizing feature – I do like that option as my daughter has a talent for spitting her pacifiers pretty far when she is done with them.I will say — we use the Playtex Ventaire Bottles for formula. These bottles have a large plastic disk at the bottom (for the air vent) and the disk does get quite hot from the warmer, even when the milk is just warm. However, since I am wiping the steam off of the bottle with a towel/paper towel anyways, I just avoid handling the very bottom of the bottle and it cools very quickly. We don’t have this issue with the breastmilk in the plastic Medela bottles, as they have plain/normal bottoms.We have not had to descale the warmer yet, but I read the instructions and the vinegar/water rinse seems quite simple.Overall, for what I paid, I got exactly what I expected and I am very happy with the performance of the warmer.

Brianna Nahma, MI

straightforward, simple product

This is a very simple to use warmer/sterilizer. It’s fast, and instructions are clear (and I like the quick reference card in the built-in pocket). The one flaw is that the on/off switch is temp sensitive, so if you’ve recently heated a bottle, you have to wait for the unit to cool off before the machine will heat another one. A drawback if you’ve more than one kid on the bottle.

Doris Big Rapids, MI

Works Extremely Well! Bought 1 for upstairs and 1 for downstairs!

You won’t realize how much you enjoy these until you visit your inlaws and don’t have one! I don’t believe there’s a better alternative to heating up bottles. We bought 2 for in our home. These heat bottles much faster than boiling water on a stove or running hot water over bottles. We have had ours for almost a year and they are still functioning like new. They do have a build up on the heating plate after using for a long time, but it is easily cleaned off by boiling water in them and wiping the off quickly with a towel. The water container has different levels on it for the size/shape of the bottle you are heating, but you’ll learn pretty quickly how much water you need for heating your bottle after doing it so often.Make sure you check the temperature of the bottle before you give it to your baby. These heat bottles so fast that the bottle will continue to heat up if left in the warmer after the beeper goes off.Some other reviewers said that the beeping is too loud. I feel as though the beeping on the 2 that I received is right about where it needs to be. It isn’t so loud that it hurts your ears if you’re close, and it isn’t so quiet that you can’t hear it in the next room.These definitely save a lot of time over warming bottles the traditional ways. Just make sure you leave some room around these, because they get extremely hot. I’ve never had a problem with mine, but would rather be safe than sorry!

Erin Ringold, OK

Smells like it’s burning the bottle!

I read the bad reviews and wish I had listened to them but there were enough good reviews to think maybe I might be lucky. I was wrong! This creates this nasty brown, smelly film in the bottom of the warmer. It also smells like it’s burning the bottle. Just use a coffee mug and water- it works better and smells better too!

Leticia Stetson, ME

Great Bottle Warmer

When I bought this product, I was expecting the same one my daughter bought recently. I was informed that mine was a newer, better version of what my daughter purchased. I haven’t used the food warmer yet or the pacifier cleaning basket so I cannot comment on how well they work. My only complaint with this item is that it does not beep when the bottle is warmed like my daughter’s. The light turns off but if I’m in another room, I can’t see that. The "no beep" is not a deal breaker for me because the warmer does what it’s supposed to. I just needed to alter the multitasking I did when I could hear the beep instead of see the light turn off.

Emilie Whiteville, TN

Late Night Life Saver!

This is a late night life saver. Our little one goes from zero to 100 in no time flat when it comes to wanting to eat. I love how convenient and easy to use this bottle warmer is. I have used it with Dr. Brown, Medela, and Tommee Tippee bottles with no issue. Works great!!

Dora New Kingston, NY

So fast!!!

We switched from a traditional bath warmer that heats up a plate to this turbo warmer. It’s true it makes a loud beep but we avoided the other issue of the smell by using water filtered from a ProPur water filter. This warmer is so handy when your son is acting as if he does not get that bottle in 1 minute he’s going to perish for lack of sustenance. Seriously though, maybe 90 seconds it takes….priceless when the world is crumbling around you at 2a.m.

Jeanine Blackwater, VA

adiri bottles

this product did not work for us i was very disappointed we are using the adiri bottles and it didnt even make the bottle warm i tried every thing.

Iris Sullivan, KY

Just OK.

This bottle warmer is OK. For the money, I was expecting something better, but I was obviously expecting too much. I would call the temperature barely warm at best when heating just a few ounces. My son is only eating 3 ounces right now and I can’t imagine how long it is going to take to warm an entire bottle. This is even with filling the premeasured cup past what is suggested. I end up adding a little more water just to get it to warm. The other significant drawback is the super loud beeping signal to tell you the process is finished. My house is not that big and I am always crossing my fingers in the middle of the night that my 3 year old doesn’t wake up to the long and loud beeps. I wish there was a way to turn off the beeps!

Lenora Polkton, NC

Quick heating!

I like this product because it heats very quickly. Yes, the beep is quite loud, especially in the middle of the night. (Fortunately, we didn’t have many middle of the night bottles since nursing was an option as long as I was home.) It does get scale in the bottom, even when using filtered water, but there are cleaning instructions that worked well. My biggest concern was it sometimes worked too well. As long as you are responsible and test the food or liquid before giving it to baby, the only problem is waiting for things to cool.The other warning concerns bottles. Some bottles will melt under the heat of this tool. ThesePlaytex 3 Pack Baby Drop Ins Nurser Holder 4 Ounce, Colors May Varymelted. ThesePlaytex Drop-Ins Original BPA Free Nurser Newborn Starter Setdidn’t.

Molly Ohiowa, NE

Good Little Warmer

This warmer is good. I don’t have anything to compare it to because I don’t have any experience with any of the other warmers on the market. You have to figure out how much water to use for your specific bottle – be it glass or plastic, and how many ounces you are warming up….and how warm/cool the liquid is to begin with. There are variables to get it just right but it does have a waterproof “quick reference guide” that sits in a little slot in the back.I’ve used this machine for several months now. I’ve warmed bottles, baby food and have sterilized nipples, pacifiers and other small bottle parts in it. It is quite the multi-tasker! You do need to clean it with vinegar, for limescale/hard water buildup. But, so far, so good.

Naomi Marshall, AK

Works quickly & efficiently.

I have been using this bottle warmer for close to four months now. I have had no issues. The insert tells you how much water to put in for the size of the bottle you’re warming. I have never had a problem with it being too hot to give to my son. The bottom does get brown gunk in it, but it’s not terribly hard to clean out and it hasn’t effected how the bottle warmer works.We use Dr. Brown’s plastic bottles and have no issues.

Lilia Gonzales, CA

Super easy to use

This warmer is not only easy to use, its small and doesn’t take up a lot of room. Its also very fast at heating bottles from the fridge

Doretha Iola, IL

Read directions carefully

Once I read the directions carefully, it was easy to use. We are past the bottle warming phase right now, but still using pacifiers and chew toys, great for sterilizing.

Carolyn Otoe, NE

Inconsistent warming, difficult water levels

From crazzeto’s wife:We had horrible problems with inconsistent warming with this thing, with it either making bottles painfully and dangerously hot or still ice cold about 2/3 of the time. Another pain with this thing was that every time you warm a bottle you have to put in a tablespoon or so of water along with it. But, the measuring container that came with it had water level lines that faded within a week of use so we had to redraw the lines with a sharpie, but that faded too. It was also kind of annoying that the measuring cup was shaped so that it couldn’t stand up on its own but had to be slid back in its little docking spot on the front of the contraption. We edned up ditching this thing after a couple of months and getting a much better one from baby pro.

Kaye Litchfield, CT

Love it!

Very fast and easy to use! The beep, as per the previous feedbacks, is quite loud but it doesn’t bother me as it is in the Kitchen, it doesn’t bother the baby either. I am glad I bought it, especially when I need to get the bottle warmed up fast at 3 or 4 in the morning.You do need to clean up the bottom from time to time but it is fast ans easy to do.Great purchase and I will definitely recommend it.

Bridget Bluebell, UT

Warms a bottle in 30 seconds or so! Awesome!

We’ve used this for 3 kids now. Yes, the beep is loud but so what? It turns itself off so there’s no worry for fire hazards. The ease of use is excellent, just dump in the water, press the button, put on the bottle. Wait and pull it out, either at the beep or slightly before (you’ll know what your baby prefers quickly enough (how hot the milk should be depends on what baby prefers, of course). It’s easy enough to clean. The price is great. I bought an Avent brand bottle warmer while pregnant with this third baby, thinking it would be better since it was new and different. 4 minutes or more to heat a bottle? Whoever designed that has never held one of my children, especially this one who literally, at 3 months old, will scream and thrash while waiting the 30 seconds for that bottle to warm. 4 minutes and we’d both be done for! Get this and pat yourself on the back for making one more thing into something easy and manageable for yourself and your baby. Even when sleep deprived, this one makes life a lot easier.

Ina Clifton, KS

Not for Tommee Tippee Bottles

Though my Tommee Tippee Bottles did fit in the Warmer, I was unable to secure the "lid" that goes around the bottle. I would not suggest this warmer for people using these Bottles

Camille North Jay, ME

worked for 3 weeks, and also had other issues.

I really wish I still saved the box. This thing died after 3 weeks- and it now turns itself on without any reason that I can see- completely random. Not great, because in the middle of the night, it’ll go off (with no water in it) stink up the room, then beep incredibly loud. It’s smelly, hard to clean, over or underheats according to the instructions- has warped my medela bottle, and the beep is ridiculously loud. It wakes up the baby randomly throughout the night now. I’m gonna toss it and get something better. What a shame!

Jeannie Newberry, MI

Works Very Well!

I’ve been using this for a little over two months now & don’t think I could do without it.It warms bottles very quickly & does so very evenly, no need to worry about hot spots burning your baby.Two things:-I do not follow the instructions on how much water to add.. I just add what I believe looks good & if it seems to be taking a long time, pull it out before it finishes as to not over heat the bottle.-Remember to clean this out every few days. Mine ends up with some brown-ish build up even though I use distilled water in it.

Sue Westport, TN

Scalding hot bottle every time…completely worthless

We stopped using this thing about 2 weeks after we got it. No matter what amount of water we used in it, the bottle came out scalding hot every time. Then you had a 15-minute wait for the bottle to cool down enough to give to baby–which is the very last thing you want when you have an urgently hungry baby on the verge of a meltdown. We quickly learned that it was faster/safer to just warm the bottle in a container of warm water than to wait for the boiling bottle to cool down to a safe temperature. We use Dr. Brown glass bottles, and I wondered if that had anything to do with it–but the chart included with the bottle warmer showed necessary water amounts for glass as well as plastic, so no excuses. A worthless lump of plastic on our counter…

Monica Solen, ND

very hard to get the right temp

its not as easy as i would like, and its hard to come up with the right temp, its too hot or cold and hard to navigate.

Leta Twain, CA

Quick warming

This bottle warmer works great. Easy to measure water gauge so always use just the right amount of water. Bottle is warm and not over heated in less than two minutes.

Chris Metcalf, IL

Works good and fast

I Like this to sterilize a pacifier fast, I can’t use this for the bottle warmer as the bottles we use are the Playtex Nursers with the liners and it heats way too hot even on the lowest setting. Very easy to use my 6 and 8 year old have no problems helping me out with the sterilizing and I look forward to using it as a food warmer.

Robyn Lake Alfred, FL

love it

I got this for my daughter but lost it while moving…. it heats evenly and fast.. so I bought another for my son..

Caroline Raccoon, KY

New Model

My original munchkin warmer had green accents and beeped when finished. I bought another and took my original one to the babysitter. The newer model (the one pictured) doesn’t beep when it’s finished. I really liked that feature, highly disappointed the newer model doesn’t have it. Besides that it heats well and quick. All bottle warmers are the same there is really no need to spend a ton of money on one. You can also find this much cheaper than what it’s listed for on amazon.

Fannie Sutton, MA